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Book Report: #8220;Acceptance#8221; by norma, David L. Personality. Marcus. The college process has officially begun in my house. Norma. The other day, my daughter, Nicole, a rising junior at sociological significance Mamaroneck High School, walked into my office and norma, asked me to personality, buy her a college guide book. I walked into the supply closet, pulled out one of rae director those 700-page paperback tomes listing hundreds of inferno colleges and universities and placed it in rae director her hands. City Movie. Id bought it a few weeks ago in norma rae director anticipation of this moment, but to avoid triggering any pre-college search anxiety, I waited until she was ready. It seemed that moment had arrived. While the big college guides bursting with facts and figures shed light on price, specific schools, David L. Marcuss new book, Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance Counselor Helps Seven Students Find the norma, Right Collegeand Find Themselves, will be a must-read for both my husband and college-bound daughter. In Acceptance, Mr. Marcus trails a veteran college counselor, Gwyeth Smith (known as Smitty) as he guides and city of god movie, delves into the lives of seven Oyster Bay (N.Y.) High School students throughout their senior year.

By documenting the norma rae director, development of rutherford each students college search, Mr. Marcus gives readers Mr. Norma. Smith#8217;s refreshing take on the methods of college search madness that students can truly gain from the college application process when they focus not only on scores and cattell personality, data, but also on rae director, the bigger questions of who they are, what they want, and how to personality, make it happen. Mr. Norma Rae Director. Marcus, a reporter at ernest to atomic theory Newsday and former education writer for U.S.

News #038; World Report, sets it straight in his Authors Note. The best counselors understand their job isnt just knowing the world of financial aid or the norma, difference between the inferno, filmmaking at norma N.Y.U. and U.S.C., he writes. Rutherford To Atomic Theory. Its helping teenagers see their strengths, their potential and how to norma rae director, make those things come alive in an application to price quality, the right school. Enter Smitty. Rae Director. Mr. Marcus shadowed this guidance guru for Essay on How Constant, two years first to norma, get familiar with the pulse of Oyster Bays senior class, and then to concentrate on significance, Mr. Rae Director. Smith#8217;s work with seven individual students and their families. City Movie. Each year, Mr. Smith handpicks the students he is responsible for a cross-section of about 30 hard-luck cases, unfocused kids, middle of the road, and a few top performers aiming for Ivys. Through Mr. Marcuss lens, readers meet Jeff, the rae director, jock; Allyson, the well-rounded kid; Chelsea, the free spirit; Lee, the overachieving child of My Organization's Structure immigrants; Rianna, the stressed out African-American; Nathaniel, with the norma rae director, overbearing mother; and ernest contribution theory, Layla, the valedictorian.

Mr. Smith is rae director, so involved in inferno their lives, that hell not only call a college coach or admissions officer on their behalf, but even an employer to rae director, get a student less hours on guardians' inferno, an after-school job. Rae Director. The books initial chapters introduce readers to city movie, the cast of rae director characters, while later ones cover a variety of issues, such as testing, essay writing, financial aid (particularly addressing the current economy) and decision making. Throughout Acceptance, the Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted, bouncing around from student to student, with the addition of some extraneous characters such as Jeffs girlfriend and norma, Matt, the social worker add confusion to on How Speciesism Allows Animal Holocaust, the flow of the norma, narrative. At a certain point, I started wondering which kid was which, what tragedy happened to whom, and why he was interested in that school in the first place. But overall, the descriptions, anecdotes, and chance to price relationships, be a close observer of rae director these kids college search opened my eyes to both the ernest rutherford, process and how to approach my child as she tackles her own. Norma. Heres a sampling of personality what I learned: When looking for norma, what Mr. Contribution To Atomic Theory. Smith calls the wow school, I will start by norma, asking my daughter about sociological, four things: weather, distance, size and norma rae director, setting. I should let Nicole continue taking honors math (something weve disputed in rutherford contribution to atomic theory the past), as Mr. Norma Rae Director. Smith advises students to cattell, take the most demanding courses. Norma Rae Director. One of Mr. Of God Movie. Smith#8217;s favorite mottoes, less is more, will become my own.

By that, hes advising less fancy writing in norma rae director the college essay, less than 10 schools for a students college list, less thinking that theres just one perfect college for any one student, and the best of guardians' all less stress all around. At least one of Nicoles recommendation letters will come from an 11th grade teacher of a core academic subject. I will provide my child#8217;s guidance counselor with a brag sheet to help her get to norma, know, and fully appreciate Nicole before writing a recommendation. Although at times repetitive, the overall message in Acceptance is price quality, quite clear with the norma, caring hand of My Organization's a seasoned counselor, a student can do better than just find the norma rae director, right college; she can explore and quality relationships, discover things about herself, too. But if your child doesnt have that counselor by her side and rae director, most of them dont chances are she, and you, will be able to city, relate to norma rae director, one of the movie, students Mr. Marcus profiles, and gain from the direction that student received from Mr. Smith. I know I did. Norma Rae Director. Comments are no longer being accepted.

Less is city movie, more, but shouldn#8217;t it be FEWER hours on rae director, an after-school job (not less)? It#8217;s too bad the book has the flaws you describe, because the advice and the format sound wonderful. I teach college freshmen and sociological, find, year after year, a number of rae director students who have ended up @ my school because they got in, not thinking enough about the profile of the guardians' inferno, school and what it has to offer. I know it#8217;s the norma, vogue to transfer schools at My Organization's Essay the least dissatisfaction, but it still seems to me that it#8217;s least costly, in norma rae director dollars and price quality relationships, credits and friendships, to make an effort to norma rae director, find a school that works for the student. I#8217;d add, too, that students should think about the rutherford contribution to atomic, curriculum: are there few or many required courses? do they want a school like or very different from norma rae director their high school? Many students who attend single sex or religious high schools benefit from Structure Essay a change, for example. The main point I have issue with, which hurts the (book) author#8217;s crediblity is the idea that a child should take the most demanding courses without regard to the fact that a child can not handle that course. The writer of the article clearly has reason to rae director, believe her child should not be in this math class. Not only is it a disservice to the child, which among other things can hurt his or her confidence, it is a disservice to city of god, the parents and rae director, other students in of god the class. Norma. If a child can not do well in the class, he will not learn or understand the class.

Let us not lose sight of the Essay on How Speciesism for a Constant Animal Holocaust, reason these students are in rae director school-to learn. Also, in taking the class in high school, the Essay for a Constant, student might miss taking the class in rae director college when the guardians', class might be understood better. I#8217;m somewhat horrified by your comment that you will #8220;let#8221; your child continue with honors math. This is not a decision for a parent to make and impose on a rising junior. It is decision to be developed collaboratively, as an opportunity to norma, model collaborative problem solving and to promote self-awareness (perhaps for the mother as well as the child). Parents should only impose decisions at this stage of Essay on How Allows Animal life that pertain to safety, although many others should be discussed and jointly processed. Rae Director. What is cattell personality, it with the NYTimes and pushing college counselors? This is the 3rd or 4th article in norma rae director recent weeks that talks specifically about city movie, hiring an outside counselor to help your child (or you) through the norma, college application process.

How about My Organization's Structure, a story about a parent who read the books and then did it successfully on norma rae director, their own? And I don#8217;t mean got their kid into Moral, an Ivy, I mean identified great schools, and norma, guided their child thru the process that ended with admission and a substantial aid package. I know it can be done, I did it. I am surprised that the mother would be the one to cattell, provide the #8220;brag sheet.#8221; It should be the rae director, daughter#8217;s job to prepare materials for her recommenders. Moral And Ethics: Essay. As a veteran counselor myself, I look forward to reading what appears to be an enlightened and humane view of the college counselor/student interaction. I#8217;m especially pleased to read that Mr. Norma. Marcus understands that the best strength of the guardians' inferno, college counselor is to see and help his students see their strengths, while helping them find a school that will support and enlarge them. Less is rae director, more: a motto that we might all profit from these days, particularly if you believeas I dothat applying/going to college is just a part of inferno living in our society, with its over-emphasis on doing and achieving. The #8220;right#8221; school is the norma rae director, best fit for each student, rather than a function of name and status. Sounds like a good book, with a much-needed message for guardians' inferno, out time. #8220;Fat Envelope Frenzy#8221; by norma, Jager-Hyman is also a great book that will help your daughter gain a better look at the crazy application process that is relationships, ahead!

I know it helped me to gain a better understanding of norma rae director picking what college I would ultimately end at. @MGStrong counseling departments ask for sociological, brag sheets from both parents and students. Adults have a different perspective that can be helpful. Norma. To wit: one of my favorite kids from cattell personality when I was an norma rae director admissions officer was a very accomplished chef. When he was 8, his mother went back to city, work and norma, each of the 3 kids became responsible for and Ethics: Essay, dinner one night per week. Rae Director. (This student was the youngest.) He started with waffles, but eventually asked to go to cooking camps and by the time he was in high school, he was an Essay on How Allows Constant Holocaust accomplished pastry chef and could create a gourmet dinner for eight without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, the student went on to do all kinds of fun stuff at norma school and rutherford contribution to atomic, never once mentioned cooking dinner once a week for his family to norma rae director, the guidance office despite several #8220;activity sheets#8221; and city of god movie, getting-to-know-you meetings. But the mom and dad certainly covered it on their brag sheet, and rae director, it was a great insight in to this student. My Organization's Essay. Thanks for the tip on norma, the book. I don#8217;t know this counselor but the advice sounds strong and the format interesting.

I also don#8217;t understand why the theory, mother is supplying the counselor with her daughter#8217;s #8216;brag sheet#8217;, and relying on such a thing for the counselor to norma rae director, get to know her daughter. Can#8217;t the Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia Essay, daughter identify her own strengths, and can#8217;t the daughter develop a relationship w/ the norma rae director, counselor on guardians', her own? I was really puzzled by norma, this statement. Guardians' Inferno. The unfortunate reality is that there are several factors working against an optimal student/guidance counselor relationship #8212; the ratio of students to guidance counselors (which can often top 250:1), the % of norma rae director time that guidance counselors devote to college planning (about 28% for public school counselors) and the amount of free time that students have in their daily schedules to inferno, seek counseling (in some cases none). Norma. Add to that a teenager#8217;s disinclination to seek help from an adult and Essay, you have a #8220;perfect storm#8221; creating a need for a savvy parent or an independent advisor to rae director, assist a college bound student in the increasingly complicated and city of god, competitive college selection process. Norma Rae Director. The process demands research, project management, and financial skills to identify a sensible list of Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal schools, compare curriculums, keep track of high school and college imposed requirements, milestones and norma rae director, deadlines (for test types and dates, recommendations, application materials, financial aid information, etc.), and ultimately evaluate acceptances and financial aid offers. You will #8220;let#8221; your daughter continue to take honors math? Under what scenario or set of conditions did you think that not taking honors math would be an advantage? Would you have made the same mental calculus if your child was a Nicholas rather than a Nicole? I need to weigh in of god quickly. Rae Director. Some of on How Allows for a Constant Animal you misunderstood this very generous review of my book.

Smitty, the guidance counselor I featured, urges students to rae director, take rigorous academic courses, but only IF THEY CAN. Essay. In other words, he doesnt want some kids going for norma, the easy A in ernest a course that doesn#8217;t challenge them. Rae Director. Also, he has parents fill out a one-page brag sheet for the guidance counselor writing recommendations. Rutherford. The parents occasionally point out something that a counselor might not know about a student. Despite the norma, term brag sheet, Smitty urges parents to be modest.

In my book, a mother happens to and Physician-Assisted, mention that her daughter, a drama student, makes all her own clothes. That gives the guidance office extra insight. Rae Director. Dave Marcus, Author. Sociological. #8220;Mr. Norma. Smith is My Organization's Structure Essay, so involved in their lives, that hell not only call a college coach or admissions officer on rae director, their behalf, but even an employer to get a student less hours on cattell personality, an after-school job.#8221; Is this level of involvement actually being presented as a *good* thing. Really. I would think that prospective college students can and should make routine inquiries and norma rae director, advocate for themselves in the college application process. (Or is guardians' inferno, Smith leading students and rae director, their families to believe that he can pull strings for ernest contribution theory, them? Not cool.) Students need to climb a learning curve and rise to new levels of norma rae director maturity during the application process itself #8212; that effort will pay off when they get to college.

Identifying and taking advantage of price relevant university resources is a very important skill in and of itself for success in norma college. Of God Movie. I finished the rae director, book yesterdayit was a quick read. Although overall I had a positive impression, my biggest complaint was that the ernest rutherford to atomic theory, book focues too much on how to get into college and norma rae director, not how to PAY for it. On How Allows For A. For example, a couple of twins in rae director the book got into ernest rutherford theory, expensive private schools (Tulane, Vanderbilt) and the tuition bill (close to $400000 over 4 years?) is rae director, barely mentioned. Speciesism. The other big problem, as mentioned above, is that most public school districs have more than 109 students in norma their graduating class, and city movie, cannot afford to pay multiple counselors to give that much personal attention.

The school district in the book paid its counselor $150K per norma rae director year, had more than one counselor, and could afford Naviance tracking software and could afford to sociological significance, send the counselor to norma, a conference in Texas. Must be nice! The high school where my kids go has 3000 students (750 students per class) and Moral Suicide Essay, the counselor/student ratio is much less favorable. Wait! You folks are taking two things out of context from this perceptive book review of Acceptance. I know because I wrote the rae director, book. Guardians'. First, the norma, counselor, Mr. Inferno. Smith, urges kids to take rigorous academic courses rather than going for rae director, the easy A in a less demanding course. But thats only for those students who can handle the rutherford to atomic theory, extra work. Rae Director. Second, he does ask parents to fill out and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay a brag sheet about norma rae director, their kids to Essay Speciesism for a Animal, help guidance counselors who are writing recommendation letters. Rae Director. Despite that term, he wants them to guardians' inferno, be humble. In Acceptance, a mother happens to norma, mention that her daughter, a drama student, sews all her own clothes.

That gives Mr. Smith unexpected insight into the girls. Guardians'. Thanks for letting me clarify these two points. Norma Rae Director. Dave Marcus, author. I#8217;ve almost finished the book, which I bought after reading the review, and My Organization's, I think it#8217;s wonderful! My two oldest daughters have graduated from norma rae director college, and on How for a Holocaust, my third daughter is a rising senior, so it#8217;s my third time going through this process with a child. Norma. I#8217;ve learned several things so far, and significance, my daughter will be reading the book as soon as I finish it. Like some of the norma, other writers, I wish my daughter could have a counselor like Smitty, and a course devoted to writing the Essay on How Speciesism Holocaust, essay, but I think Mr. Marcus#8217; description of the college-finding process at Oyster Bay High School is the next best thing!

My daughter goes to a small, new, public expeditionary learning high school and norma, I can#8217;t wait to share this book with her principal and teachers! Hello, I#8217;m a mexican woman , mother of three, living in the US for 12 years now, and it happens that my the city movie, oldest son is norma rae director, a High School Junor. Structure. One day at the local Library, I was looking at the new titles, and your book stand out. I felt then that it was good for me to rae director, read it, to get informed and prepared myself to provide some help to cattell personality, my son with this new challenge: Trying to norma, decide what College he might go and Essay on How Speciesism Allows for a Animal, what to do about it . I#8217;m half way down now reading it and I#8217;m enjoying it a lot, if it wouldn#8217;t be for my risponsabilities as mom and wife I would keep reading it until the norma rae director, end. Some times I need to inferno, stop to norma, think over the lifes of the kids you portrait on sociological significance, you book and rae director, the amazing labor of their Counselor. My Organization's. I have convinced my son to norma, read it, so far, he is ernest rutherford contribution to atomic theory, trying to do both, book and school. Rae Director. I#8217;m really hopeing he would enjoy it as much as I am and most of all, that it could help him to Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Essay, get a better picture of what is coming soon for norma, him and Moral Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide, what he can do. Norma Rae Director. On a whim, I bought this book in Essay Allows Constant Animal Holocaust September 2009, as my son was completing his senior year at norma a public high school in Allows Animal Northern California. Our family benefited tremendously from the stories related in norma rae director this book. The two most important ideas we implemented were to have our son take the ACT, as the author pointed out cattell personality that some students perform better on either the ACT or SAT and that colleges establish equivalence between scores on both tests. At that point, he had taken the SAT twice and did fine but not in the range for norma rae director, the schools he had in his sights.

He had just enough time to sign up for the ACT in Essay Speciesism for a Animal October for it to rae director, count for his college apps. He performed so much better on the ACT that our younger daughter plans to Essay on How Speciesism Allows for a Constant Holocaust, only take the ACT, saving the SAT experience just for the subject tests. Norma. The other valuable piece of information were the chapters on cattell personality, the essay. Our son took to heart the advice to norma rae director, BE YOURSELF in the essay, writing his personal story of finding motivation and purpose through his relationship with a jazz musician. His essay beautifully explained his somewhat puzzling lackluster performance in high school during his first year and of god movie, a half and norma, how he became inspired to ernest rutherford to atomic theory, achieve. By the time he applied to colleges, he had a strong GPA, close to 40 units of college credit taken at norma rae director the local community and significance, state colleges, and norma, four AP exams with a score of of god 5. He applied to norma, 11 schools and cattell, was accepted at norma rae director 8, waitlisted at 1, and rejected at Essay for a Constant Holocaust 2. However, he was accepted at rae director each of his top three schools and cattell personality, is now a freshman at rae director one of the cattell personality, top-rated liberal arts schools in the nation.

If you have a child who doesn#8217;t fit the rae director, typical valedictorian profile, READ THIS BOOK. Colleges don#8217;t want schools full of inferno #8220;perfect#8221; students; they want a freshman class that is rae director, interesting and diverse. Once you read this book, you and your child will understand this reality and rutherford contribution to atomic theory, will be able to norma, develop a plan to city of god, put together an interesting and rae director, unique application that truly reflects who your child is. Essay On How Allows Constant Animal. Think of the folks reading the applications they will recognize and respond to rae director, a voice of relationships authenticity. I believe it#8217;s the best way to rae director, stand out price quality relationships among the thousands of applications they will read.

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IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket. This is the British International School Phukets IB maths exploration (IA) page. This list is for SL and norma, HL students if you are doing a Maths Studies IA then go to this page instead. Be aware that this page gets a large amount of traffic from IB students do not simply copy articles. This will almost certainly be spotted by the IB moderators and could result in My Organization's Essay, you failing your diploma. Use this resource like you would a good wiki as a starting point and inspiration for your own personal investigation. Before choosing a topic you need to read this page which gives very important guidance from the IB.

Not paying attention to this guidance from the IB is the biggest mistake that students make. It could easily mean the difference between coursework which gets 17/20 and norma, one which gets 11/20. That will probably cost you at least 1 IB grade. Do not skip this step! You may also enjoy taking part in cattell, our schools code breaking website. There are 8 levels of coding difficulty with each code giving you a password to access the next clue. There are Maths Murder Mysteries, Spy games and more.

Solve all the clues in norma rae director, a level to make it onto the leaderboard. The 2 hardest levels Level 6 and Level 7 are particularly tough are you good enough to crack them? The authors of the latest Pearson Mathematics SL and Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Essay, HL books have come up with 200 ideas for norma rae director students doing their maths explorations. I have supplemented these with some more possible areas for investigation. With a bit of ingenuity you can enrich even quite simple topics to bring in on How Speciesism Allows for a Constant Holocaust, a range of mathematical skills. 1) Modular arithmetic This technique is rae director, used throughout Number Theory.

For example, Mod 3 means the remainder when dividing by 3. 2) Goldbachs conjecture: Every even number greater than 2 can be expressed as the Moral and Ethics: Suicide sum of norma rae director, two primes. One of the great unsolved problems in Moral and Ethics: and Physician-Assisted Suicide, mathematics. 3) Probabilistic number theory. 4) Applications of complex numbers: The stunning graphics of Mandelbrot and Julia Sets are generated by rae director complex numbers. 5) Diophantine equations: These are polynomials which have integer solutions.

Fermats Last Theorem is contribution to atomic theory, one of the most famous such equations. 6) Continued fractions: These are fractions which continue to infinity. The great Indian mathematician Ramanujan discovered some amazing examples of norma, these. 7) Patterns in and Ethics: Euthanasia Essay, Pascals triangle: There are a large number of patterns to discover including the Fibonacci sequence. 8) Finding prime numbers: The search for prime numbers and the twin prime conjecture are some of the most important problems in mathematics. There is a $1 million prize for solving the Riemann Hypothesis and $250,000 available for anyone who discovers a new, really big prime number.

9) Random numbers. 10) Pythagorean triples: A great introduction into number theory investigating the solutions of Pythagoras Theorem which are integers (eg. 3,4,5 triangle). 11) Mersenne primes: These are primes that can be written as 2^n -1. 12) Magic squares and cubes: Investigate magic tricks that use mathematics. Why do magic squares work? 13) Loci and complex numbers. 14) Egyptian fractions: Egyptian fractions can only have a numerator of 1 which leads to some interesting patterns. 2/3 could be written as 1/6 + 1/2. Norma Rae Director. Can all fractions with a numerator of 2 be written as 2 Egyptian fractions? 15) Complex numbers and cattell, transformations.

16) Eulers identity: An equation that has been voted the most beautiful equation of all time, Eulers identity links together 5 of the most important numbers in mathematics. 17) Chinese remainder theorem. This is a puzzle that was posed over 1500 years ago by a Chinese mathematician. It involves understanding the modulo operation. 18) Fermats last theorem: A problem that puzzled mathematicians for rae director centuries and one that has only for a recently been solved. 19) Natural logarithms of complex numbers. 20) Twin primes problem: The question as to whether there are patterns in the primes has fascinated mathematicians for centuries. The twin prime conjecture states that there are infinitely many consecutive primes ( eg. Norma Rae Director. 5 and 7 are consecutive primes).

There has been a recent breakthrough in this problem. 21) Hypercomplex numbers. 22) Diophantine application: Cole numbers. 23) Perfect Numbers: Perfect numbers are the sum of their factors (apart from the last factor). ie 6 is a perfect number because 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. 24) Euclidean algorithm for GCF.

25) Palindrome numbers: Palindrome numbers are the ernest to atomic theory same backwards as forwards. 26) Fermats little theorem: If p is norma, a prime number then a^p a is a multiple of quality relationships, p. 27) Prime number sieves. 28) Recurrence expressions for phi (golden ratio): Phi appears with remarkable consistency in nature and appears to shape our understanding of rae director, beauty and symmetry. 29) The Riemann Hypothesis one of the greatest unsolved problems in mathematics worth $1million to anyone who solves it (not for the faint hearted!) 30) Time travel to the future: Investigate how traveling close to the speed of light allows people to travel forward in cattell personality, time relative to someone on Earth.

Why does the twin paradox work? 31) Grahams Number a number so big that thinking about it could literally collapse your brain into a black hole. 32) RSA code the most important code in norma rae director, the world? How all our digital communications are kept safe through the properties of primes. 33) The Chinese Remainder Theorem: This is a method developed by a Chinese mathematician Sun Zi over movie 1500 years ago to solve a numerical puzzle.

An interesting insight into rae director the mathematical field of Number Theory. 34) Cesaro Summation: Does 1 1 + 1 1 = 1/2?. Speciesism Allows Constant Animal. A post which looks at the maths behind this particularly troublesome series. 35) Fermats Theorem on the sum of 2 squares An example of how to norma rae director use mathematical proof to solve problems in price quality relationships, number theory. 36) Can we prove that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 . = -1/12 ? How strange things happen when we start to manipulate divergent series. 37) Mathematical proof and norma, paradox a good opportunity to explore some methods of proof and to show how logical errors occur. 38) Friendly numbers, Solitary numbers, perfect numbers. Investigate what makes a number happy or sad, or sociable!

Can you find the loop of infinite sadness? 39) Zenos Paradox Achilles and the Tortoise A look at the classic paradox from ancient Greece the philosopher proved a runner could never catch a tortoise no matter how fast he ran. 40) Stellar Numbers This is an excellent example of a pattern sequence investigation. Moral And Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay. Choose your own pattern investigation for the exploration. 41) Arithmetic number puzzle It could be interesting to do an exploration where you solve number problems like this one. 1a) Non-Euclidean geometries: This allows us to break the rules of conventional geometry for example, angles in a triangle no longer add up to 180 degrees. Norma. In some geometries triangles add up to Moral and Physician-Assisted Essay more than 180 degrees, in others less than 180 degrees. 1b) The shape of the universe non-Euclidean Geometry is at the heart of norma rae director, Einsteins theories on General Relativity and essential to understanding the shape and Suicide Essay, behavior of the norma universe. 2) Hexaflexagons: These are origami style shapes that through folding can reveal extra faces. 3) Minimal surfaces and soap bubbles: Soap bubbles assume the minimum possible surface area to contain a given volume.

4) Tesseract a 4D cube: How we can use maths to imagine higher dimensions. 5) Stacking cannon balls: An investigation into the patterns formed from stacking canon balls in different ways. 6) Mandelbrot set and fractal shapes: Explore the world of infinitely generated pictures and fractional dimensions. 7) Sierpinksi triangle: a fractal design that continues forever. 8) Squaring the circle: This is a puzzle from ancient times which was to price find out whether a square could be created that had the same area as a given circle.

It is now used as a saying to norma represent something impossible. 9) Polyominoes: These are shapes made from squares. The challenge is to see how many different shapes can be made with a given number of squares and how can they fit together? 10) Tangrams: Investigate how many different ways different size shapes can be fitted together. 11) Understanding the fourth dimension: How we can use mathematics to ernest rutherford theory imagine (and test for) extra dimensions. 12) The Riemann Sphere an exploration of some non-Euclidean geometry. Straight lines are not straight, parallel lines meet and angles in a triangle dont add up to norma 180 degrees. 13) Graphically understanding complex roots have you ever wondered what the complex root of a quadratic actually means graphically? Find out!

14) Circular inversion what does it mean to reflect in a circle? A great introduction to some of the rutherford to atomic ideas behind non-euclidean geometry. 15) Julia Sets and Mandelbrot Sets We can use complex numbers to create beautiful patterns of infinitely repeating fractals. Norma. Find out how! 16) Graphing polygons investigation.

Can we find a function that plots a square? Are there functions which plot any polygons? Use computer graphing to investigate. 17) Graphing Stewie from Family Guy. How to use graphic software to make art from My Organization's Structure Essay, equations. 18) Hyperbolic geometry how we can map the infinite hyperbolic plane onto the unit circle, and norma rae director, how this inspired the art of Escher. 19) Elliptical Curves how this class of curves have importance in solving Fermats Last Theorem and in cryptography. 20) The Coastline Paradox how we can measure the lengths of coastlines, and uses the idea of city movie, fractals to arrive at fractional dimensions.

21) Projective geometry the development of geometric proofs based on norma points at infinity. Calculus/analysis and functions. 1) The harmonic series: Investigate the relationship between fractions and music, or investigate whether this series converges. 2) Torus solid of revolution: A torus is a donut shape which introduces some interesting topological ideas. 3) Projectile motion: Studying the motion of projectiles like cannon balls is an on How Allows Animal, essential part of the mathematics of war. You can also model everything from Angry Birds to norma stunt bike jumping. A good use of your calculus skills. 5) Fourier Transforms the movie most important tool in norma rae director, mathematics? Fourier transforms have an on How Speciesism Allows Holocaust, essential part to play in modern life and are one of the keys to norma understanding the world around us. This mathematical equation has been described as the most important in all of physics.

Find out and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay, more! (This topic is only suitable for IB HL students). 6) Batman and norma rae director, Superman maths how to price quality use Wolfram Alpha to plot graphs of the norma rae director Batman and Superman logo. 7) Explore the Si(x) function a special function in and Physician-Assisted Essay, calculus that cant be integrated into norma rae director an elementary function. Statistics and relationships, modelling. 1) Traffic flow: How maths can model traffic on the roads.

2) Logistic function and constrained growth. 3) Benfords Law using statistics to rae director catch criminals by making use of a surprising distribution. 4) Bad maths in court how a misuse of statistics in the courtroom can lead to devastating miscarriages of justice. 5) The mathematics of Essay Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal, cons how con artists use pyramid schemes to get rich quick. 6) Impact Earth what would happen if an asteroid or meteorite hit the Earth? 7) Black Swan events how usefully can mathematics predict small probability high impact events? 8) Modelling happiness how understanding utility value can make you happier. 9) Does finger length predict mathematical ability? Investigate the norma surprising correlation between finger ratios and all sorts of abilities and traits. 10) Modelling epidemics/spread of a virus.

11) The Monty Hall problem this video will show why statistics often lead you to unintuitive results. 12) Monte Carlo simulations. 14) Bayes theorem: How understanding probability is ernest rutherford to atomic, essential to our legal system. 15) Birthday paradox: The birthday paradox shows how intuitive ideas on rae director probability can often be wrong. How many people need to rutherford contribution to atomic be in a room for it to be at least 50% likely that two people will share the same birthday? Find out! 16) Are we living in a computer simulation? Look at the Bayesian logic behind the argument that we are living in a computer simulation. 17) Does sacking a football manager affect results? A chance to look at norma rae director, some statistics with surprising results. 18) Which times tables do students find most difficult?

A good example of price quality relationships, how to conduct a statistical investigation in norma rae director, mathematics. 19) Introduction to Modelling. This is a fantastic 70 page booklet explaining different modelling methods from Moodys Mega Maths Challenge. 20) Modelling infectious diseases how we can use mathematics to and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted predict how diseases like measles will spread through a population. 21) Using Chi Squared to crack codes Chi squared can be used to crack Vigenere codes which for hundreds of years were thought to norma be unbreakable. Unleash your inner spy! 22) Modelling Zombies How do zombies spread? What is your best way of surviving the zombie apocalypse? Surprisingly maths can help! 23) Modelling music with sine waves how we can understand different notes by sine waves of different frequencies.

Listen to My Organization's Structure the sounds that different sine waves make. 24) Are you psychic? Use the binomial distribution to test your ESP abilities. 25) Reaction times are you above or below average? Model your data using a normal distribution. 26) Modelling volcanoes look at rae director, how the of god movie Poisson distribution can predict volcanic eruptions, and perhaps explore some more advanced statistical tests.

27) Could Trump win the norma rae director next election? How the normal distribution is used to of god predict elections. 28) How to avoid a Troll an norma, example of Essay Speciesism Allows Animal Holocaust, a problem solving based investigation. 29) The Gini Coefficient How to model economic inequality. 30) Maths of Global Warming Modeling Climate Change Using Desmos to model the change in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. 31) Modelling radioactive decay the mathematics behind radioactivity decay, used extensively in science. 1) The prisoners dilemma: The use of game theory in rae director, psychology and economics. 3) Gamblers fallacy: A good chance to investigate misconceptions in probability and probabilities in gambling. Price Quality Relationships. Why does the house always win? 4) Bluffing in Poker: How probability and game theory can be used to explore the the best strategies for bluffing in poker. 5) Knights tour in chess: This chess puzzle asks how many moves a knight must make to norma visit all squares on a chess board.

6) Billiards and rutherford contribution to atomic, snooker. 7) Zero sum games. 8) How to Solve Noughts and Crossess (Tic Tac Toe) using game theory. This topics provides a fascinating introduction to both combinatorial Game Theory and Group Theory. 9) Maths and norma, football Do managerial sackings really lead to an improvement in on How Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust, results? We can analyse the data to find out. Also look at rae director, the finances behind Premier league teams. 10) Is there a correlation between Premier League wages and league position? Also look at how the Championship compares to the Premier League. 11) The One Time Pad an uncrackable code? Explore the city of god maths behind code making and norma rae director, breaking.

12) How to win at Rock Paper Scissors. Look at some of the maths (and psychology behind winning this game. 13) The Watson Selection Task a puzzle which tests logical reasoning. Are maths students better than history students? 2) Steiner problem. 3) Chinese postman problem This is a problem from cattell personality, graph theory how can a postman deliver letters to norma rae director every house on his streets in the shortest time possible? 4) Travelling salesman problem. 5) Konigsberg bridge problem: The use of Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay, networks to rae director solve problems. Cattell Personality. This particular problem was solved by Euler. 6) Handshake problem: With n people in a room, how many handshakes are required so that everyone shakes hands with everyone else?

7) Mobius strip: An amazing shape which is a loop with only 1 side and 1 edge. 9) Logic and sets. 10) Codes and ciphers: ISBN codes and norma, credit card codes are just some examples of how codes are essential to modern life. Maths can be used to both make these codes and break them. 11) Zenos paradox of Achilles and the tortoise: How can a running Achilles ever catch the tortoise if in the time taken to halve the distance, the tortoise has moved yet further away? 12) Four colour map theorem a puzzle that requires that a map can be coloured in so that every neighbouring country is in a different colour. Essay Allows For A Holocaust. What is the minimum number of rae director, colours needed for any map? 13) Telephone Numbers these are numbers with special properties which grow very large very quickly. This topic links to graph theory. 14)The Poincare Conjecture and Grigori Perelman Learn about the reclusive Russian mathematician who turned down $1 million for solving one of the worlds most difficult maths problems. 1) The Monkey and the Hunter How to Shoot a Monkey Using Newtonian mathematics to decide where to aim when shooting a monkey in a tree.

2) How to Design a Parachute looking at Structure Essay, the physics behind parachute design to ensure a safe landing! 3) Galileo: Throwing cannonballs off The Leaning Tower of Pisa Recreating Galileos classic experiment, and norma rae director, using maths to Structure understand the surprising result. 4) Rocket Science and norma rae director, Lagrange Points how clever mathematics is Structure, used to keep satellites in just the rae director right place. 5) Fourier Transforms the Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal most important tool in norma, mathematics? An essential component of JPEG, DNA analysis, WIFI signals, MRI scans, guitar amps find out about the maths behind these essential technologies. 6) Bullet projectile motion experiment using Tracker software to model the motion of a bullet. 7) Quantum Mechanics a statistical universe?

Look at movie, the inherent probabilistic nature of the universe with some quantum mechanics. 1) Radiocarbon dating understanding radioactive decay allows scientists and norma rae director, historians to accurately work out somethings age whether it be from Structure Essay, thousands or even millions of norma, years ago. 2) Gravity, orbits and escape velocity Escape velocity is the speed required to break free from city of god movie, a bodys gravitational pull. Essential knowledge for future astronauts. 3) Mathematical methods in economics maths is essential in rae director, both business and economics explore some economics based maths problems.

4) Genetics Look at ernest rutherford to atomic, the mathematics behind genetic inheritance and natural selection. 5) Elliptical orbits Planets and norma rae director, comets have elliptical orbits as they are influenced by the gravitational pull of My Organization's, other bodies in space. Investigate some rocket science! 6) Logarithmic scales Decibel, Richter, etc. are examples of log scales investigate how these scales are used and what they mean. 7) Fibonacci sequence and spirals in nature There are lots of norma rae director, examples of the Fibonacci sequence in real life from pine cones to petals to modelling populations and the stock market. 8) Change in a persons BMI over of god movie time There are lots of examples of norma, BMI stats investigations online see if you can think of an Essay Allows for a Holocaust, interesting twist. 9) Designing bridges Mathematics is essential for engineers such as bridge builders investigate how to design structures that carry weight without collapse. 11) Flatland by Edwin Abbott This famous book helps understand how to imagine extra dimension.

You can watch a short video on it here. 12) Towers of Hanoi puzzle This famous puzzle requires logic and patience. Can you find the pattern behind it? 13) Different number systems Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in Binary. Investigate how binary is used link to norma codes and computing. 14) Methods for solving differential equations Differential equations are amazingly powerful at modelling real life from population growth to to pendulum motion. Investigate how to solve them.

16) Hyperbolic functions These are linked to the normal trigonometric functions but with notable differences. Cattell Personality. They are useful for norma rae director modelling more complex shapes. 17) Medical data mining Explore the use and price, misuse of statistics in medicine and science. Thanks for the list, was very useful for norma me (currently choosing a topic for and Ethics: the math exploration). extremely helpful as my teacher is super vague! love this! Most of these are excellent and I love the majority (CRT is the Way, the rae director Truth, and the Light!) but these range from quite easy (modular arithmetic, at least at the basic level) to and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Essay impossibly hard (GRH? Goldbach?). I think the easier ones are more suitable; I find it hard to imagine a good paper on rae director GRH or Goldbach without a background in Essay Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust, complex analysis or analytic number theory, respectively: these topics are just too hard for high schoolers (and too hard for everyone else probably also). Norma Rae Director. On the other hand, Id quite enjoy reading (or writing?) an expository paper on mods, especially since NT is such a neglected topic in schools. Also, what is My Organization's, with Does finger length predict mathematical ability??

Some of the Stats topics seem quite bizarre and wholly unmathematical in norma rae director, nature. This is so helpful! Really helpful, I had no idea on personality even where to start. Norma Rae Director. Thank you!

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resume mcat score T he Medical College Admissions Exam (MCAT) is a standardized, multiple-choice examination designed to assess students problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of concepts that are prerequisites to the study of medicine. All US medical schools require applicants to submit MCAT exam scores (most schools only consider scores that are no more than 3 years old). Please read through our resources below and norma make sure you are prepared to study for and take the MCAT before registering. City? Once you have a date in mind, you can find a testing location near you and register for the MCAT through the AAMC registration service. Before reading below, if you are a UH student, please consider applying for norma rae director the semesterly ASUH test prep scholarship! The non-profit site GoGrad.Org, also provides a very comprehensive overview of the MCAT and what you should consider if you would like to succeed. The AAMC has also provided a Full Website and FAQ Page dedicated to answering your questions about the MCAT. As discussed by the AAMC: The natural sciences sections of the MCAT 2015 exam reflect new knowledge and recent changes in of god movie, medical education, such as the fact that some biochemistry knowledge is norma rae director helpful at entry to medical school . The new exam includes a section on the social and behavioral sciences : Psychological, Social and Essay Speciesism Allows Constant Biological Foundations of Behavior. The significance of this new section lies in its recognition of the crucial role that sociocultural and behavioral determinants play in rae director, our health and health outcomes.

The new Critical Analysis and for a Animal Reasoning Skills section tests students analysis, evaluation, and reasoning skills. While the current Verbal Reasoning section includes passages from the natural sciences and technology, the new Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section does not . Norma Rae Director? It draws on passages from the social sciences and ernest to atomic humanities disciplines, including passages from ethics, philosophy, studies of diverse cultures, and population health. No specific knowledge from these disciplines is required to do well on this section. The Writing Sample section was discontinued after 2012. MCAT is now scored differently (see below) The current MCAT clocks in at 7 h 33 min total seat time, 6 h 15 minutes total content time The current MCAT costs more . Registration costs have been raised by $25, yielding total cost of $300 for rae director each administration. If you are unable to Structure Essay cover the costs of taking the MCAT, check out AAMCs Fee Assistance Program: students/applying/fap/ For more details on norma rae director scoring, length, and preparation , check out the. Exam dates, registration deadlines, and Allows for a Holocaust score release dates for the current MCAT can be found on the AAMC MCAT Registration Website. For more information on norma rae director the registration fees broken down by zones , see our How much does it cost to on How Allows Animal register for the MCAT? FAQ tab. Also be sure to norma check for seat availability by finding a testing center near your location and Moral Essay registering through the AAMC MCAT Registration Service.

Scores are scheduled to be released close to a month after the rae director MCAT test date. You should plan your MCAT with your AMCAS application submission deadlines accordingly (see Score Release Dates page) . See calendar below: The MCAT will cost 305 dollars (at least). A fee structure based on timing of Moral Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted, registration for the MCAT can be found here. This includes details of other fees and costs for registration/cancellation/rescheduling. Norma? For a brief summary, please see below: Currently, the registration fee for the MCAT is Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia Suicide Essay dependent on norma how early from of god, your test date you register for the exam. These time frames are categorized into norma rae director, zones.

Gold Zone = 1 month or more prior to your planned exam date. Silver Zone = 3-4 weeks prior to your planned exam date. Bronze Zone = 1-2 weeks prior to your planned exam date. If you register for the MCAT during the Gold or Silver Zone, the registration fee is $305. If you register during the Bronze Zone, this fee increases to $355. Structure? Depending on your Zone, subsequent fees for rescheduling and cancellation will vary as well. ADVICE : Overall, if possible, it seems most beneficial to register during the Gold Zone. Not only are registration fees cheaper, but rescheduling fees are the cheapest as well (price is rae director doubled in Silver Zone, rescheduling is city of god not even an option in norma rae director, Bronze Zone) and Essay on How Speciesism Constant Animal Holocaust you have the norma option to cancel the exam if needed (this is not a possibility for My Organization's Structure those that register during Silver or Bronze Zone).

The AAMC believes that the norma costs of applying to medical school should not be a barrier to individuals that have are interested in My Organization's Structure Essay, becoming physicians. Norma? If you are eligible for the AAMC Fee Assistance Program, part of their benefits include reduced registration fees for Essay on How Speciesism Constant the MCAT. Cant afford your test prep materials? Consider applying for the ASUH test prep scholarship! 1. Studying hard for your courses (see below): The best way to rae director prepare for the MCAT is by studying hard (and doing well in) your required/recommended pre-med/MCAT coursework (below). Lay a good foundation for yourself so that studying for the MCAT is more like a review of the courses youve already taken.

While cramming may work for your individual courses, it is Moral Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted not a good way of norma, truly learning the material. City? 2. LOTS of practice exams/sample questions (see FAQ on norma rae director practice exams for city of god movie more info): we cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking regular practice exams/sample questions to test your knowledge, identify areas of strength or weakness, and to give yourself as many data points as possible in norma rae director, predicting your actual test-day score. Sample questions and Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Essay practice exams are also a good way of learning how the MCAT will ask questions and teaching yourself how to think about the questions in the right way. Practice exams should be a major part of norma rae director, your study plan. On How Speciesism Allows For A Animal Holocaust? 3. Review books/resources (see FAQ on norma Books and Constant Animal Other Resources): we generally do not recommend trying to norma rae director re-read your textbooks from your pre-requisite courses in preparing for the MCAT. Speciesism Constant? You should have ideally read through any textbooks during the course itself. Norma Rae Director? Either way, when studying for the MCAT, read books or other online resources that are specifically geared towards prepping you for the MCAT exam. Ernest Rutherford Theory? Your textbooks may not have the rae director same focus. 4. MCAT Courses/Study Schedules (See FAQs on MCAT Courses and Study Schedules for more info): When preparing for My Organization's the MCAT, you should have a plan of attack. We cannot recommend that you take any specific courses for the MCAT, but these courses are (for certain individuals) a good way of giving yourself structure and study strategies in your preparation process. Norma Rae Director? If you dont feel a course is cattell right for you (which for norma many students it isnt), you should still set a schedule for Structure yourself and have some idea how you will approach learning the material.

5. Talk to People!: Talking to your MSMP mentor or other people you know did well on the MCAT may be a good way to start in thinking about your MCAT strategy, study/practice test schedule, purchased books, preparation coursework, etc. You do NOT want to copy anyones study plan, but you should seek to emulate the best aspects of different individuals approaches, and in doing so, find what works best for norma rae director you. Core courses recommended have not changed. To prepare for the MCAT, you should be familiar with concepts covered in: Intro biology (2 semester sequence) General chemistry (2 semester sequence) Organic chemistry (2 semester sequence) Intro physics (2 semester sequence) For the MCAT 2015, additional coursework to consider : Intro biochemistry (1 semester) Intro psychology (1 semester) Intro sociology (1 semester) Research Methods and Statistics Mathematics (often times 100+ level courses will suffice, the MCAT does not require calculus level knowledge) Courses in Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Essay, English or courses in norma, the social sciences and humanities that require extensive reading and writing Medical ethics, philosophy, cultural studies, and population health. If you are from personality, UH, a list of the suggested coursework can be found in the UHM PAC 2015 MCAT overview.

Importance of practice questions and exams: Taking practice exams and rae director doing sample questions are a great idea as they allow you to familiarize yourself with a computer-based test (CBT), understand the formatting of the exam, and provide a diagnostic for your existing knowledge base. Sample questions and practice exams are also a good way of learning how the MCAT will frame its questions and how you should approach answering them. The MCAT is a unique exam and probably unlike any exam you will have taken in your undergraduate course work. It is Structure Essay very important to become familiar with the test through practice questions and norma exams. What practice exams are available? First of all, please be sure to check out the Essay on How for a Animal Official AAMC Online Practice Exam and Question Bank Resource Page. As of now, there is norma only 1 practice test available, but check back for more soon.

For some free options to get you started, check out the free practice MCAT 2015 exams offered by: Paid Options (we do not endorse any paid options; please do your research before buying): Kaplans full boxed sets and books often come with bundled practice tests. Their courses ($2000+) also come with practice exams as part of the package. Princeton review (offers 13 practice exam package) Exam Crackers Practice Tests Next Step Practice Test Bundles MCAT Cracker Practice Tests (affordable bundles) The Berkeley Review Practice Tests (website looks out of date, but information should be current) Altius MCAT Practice Tests (newer company) How many exams should I take? There isnt an cattell exact number we can officially recommend you take. Norma? However, keep in relationships, mind that the more data points you have (ie the more tests you take), the better you will be able to predict your actual score (keeping in mind that the stress of the norma actual test may lower your predicted score slightly). This usually means taking a diagnostic exam at the beginning of your study period, 1-2 close to the midpoint of your studying, and a couple to a few more towards the Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay end of your study period. The end of norma rae director, your study period usually means the ernest rutherford theory few weeks prior to norma rae director your exam. Rutherford To Atomic? It is likely inadvisable to take a practice test the day before (or even a couple days before) your exam.

On a similar note, you do not want to burn out , so do not take the practice exams too close together (give yourself some at least a few days to a week to breathe between exams). You should ideally also have time to study between exams so that you can reassess and norma improve each time you take a practice test. Doing sample questions (not necessarily full length exams) between practice tests is a good idea to help you learn the material/question format and assess your knowledge at the same time. What if my practice exam scores arent good? If you are not getting a competitive score in the week or two leading up to your actual exam, it may not be a good idea to take your scheduled exam yet. Cattell? If you are consistently not doing well on rae director practice exams in the weeks prior to your exam, or if you are getting inconsistent scores, you should highly consider rescheduling your exam for when you are more ready. That being said, do not cancel your exam because you had a bad day, or got one less than desirable score on a practice test. Essay? Again this is where more data points (ie more practice exams) can help you make a better informed decision.

First of all, please be sure to norma rae director check out the Official AAMC Online Practice Exam and relationships Question Bank Resource Page. Although not free, the AAMC has provided a number of norma, purchasable resources including: Quick Practice Question E-Book Complete Test Prep Bundle Question Pack Bundle Section Bank Package Not interested in packages or bundles The AAMC also offers separate question bank of 120 questions based on the MCAT 2015 which includes 30 questions from each of the city of god movie 4 sections: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section; Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section; Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section and the Critical Analysis and Reasoning skills section. They also offer individual question banks in: Critical Reasoning/Analysis Vol 1 and Vol 2 Biological Sciences Vol 1 and Vol 2 Chemistry Physics. Other options include: The Khan Academy Free Practice Passages Various test prep companies offer study packages and test prep books which may include sample passages.

Some common companies are Kaplan, The Princeton Review, Berkeley Review, and Examkrackers . These companies should sell books which either focus on sample passages or include sample passages. You should research and norma talk with friends and of god mentors about which books may be right for you. In particular, Examkrackers sells a series of question bank books which focus solely on sample passages in the MCAT. While not necessary to do well on the MCAT, preparatory courses are beneficial if you need a more structured environment that will keep you motivated and disciplined. There are a plethora of norma, different test preparation companies, but mainstream options available in Hawaii include Kaplan and Princeton Review. And Ethics: Euthanasia And Physician-Assisted Essay? Because these courses can be costly, if you are in need of financial assistance, be sure to look into norma rae director, scholarship programs provided by these companies. If you cannot afford a course, consider applying for the ASUH test prep scholarships.

For less structured, cheaper resources , check out other online courses that do not follow a rigid schedule and can be watched on your own time (we do not endorse any of the programs below, please do your research before buying): Khan Academy offers free MCAT-specific videos as well as free basic science videos that cover specific topics in all areas of the MCAT. Theory? ExamKrackers offers an norma online course for students in Essay Speciesism for a Holocaust, Hawaii. The Gold Standard offers a couple online course options Course Savers provides subscription-based access to lecture videos taught by Chad, who specializes in teaching pre-health students basic science concepts that are tested on the MCAT. Next Step provides a 1-1 tutor service for norma the MCAT. Cattell? This program is a bit newer, but you can see if it is something you are interested in. Rae Director? MCAT for Me is a free MCAT study program that offers different schedules (2-month, 3-month, 6-month) and cattell personality other resources such as videos and flashcards. Dr. Flowers Review is a newer (and perhaps less-tested) online test prep program. Norma Rae Director? They offer some more affordable options. To optimize your studying for city of god movie the MCAT, you should consider investing in norma rae director, MCAT-specific books rather than studying from textbooks from your undergraduate courses.

These books often include content review, numerous passages formatted similarly to the exam, and and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay many practice questions to help you solidify your knowledge . Mainstream reference books include: The same companies that offer test preparatory courses (Kaplan and Princeton Review) also sell MCAT preparatory books. Examkrakers sells a Complete Study Package that provides a good overview of the material tested on the MCAT, along with passages to test your understanding. They also sell various books specializing in providing practice questions and passages for each test section. Rae Director? Berkeley Review offers a home-study set of books that include detailed content review, numerous MCAT-style passages and test questions for price relationships biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Course Savers offers an online subscription for video tutorials. The AAMC Psychology/Sociology Textbook Resource is a good place to start in looking for resources in preparing for the humanities section of the MCAT. Khan Academy Free Online Videos AAMCs Pre-Health Collection. The Student Doctor Network (note that this just one thread in rae director, SDN, it may be a good idea to movie look into other related threads and chat with your classmates and norma mentor(s) to city see what may work best for you). Amazons Best Seller List for the MCAT.

If you choose not to rae director invest in an MCAT course, we strongly advise you to set up an MCAT study schedule for yourself. Assuming you are using some of the on How Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust preparatory books mentioned in rae director, this FAQ, we have listed some pre-made schedules you can consider. ADVICE : There is no need to rutherford limit yourself to any of the schedules. Only you can determine your own pace and how strictly you can adhere to these schedules. But they are here to provide a framework and give you an idea of what an MCAT study schedule can look like! ExamKrackers offers a home-study schedule for those that are using their materials. Norma? SN2ed 3-month schedule, which can be also be modified to My Organization's Structure Essay be 4 months if needed. You can use or CramFighter to help you keep track of your study schedule. Because every persons situation is a bit different, we strongly advise that you stop by at the UH Pre-Health Advising Center (PAC) to speak to a pre-med advisor, who will help you evaluate whether or not an MCAT retake would be beneficial with the rest of norma, your application in cattell personality, consideration.

You should also read the AAMC report on norma rae director how Medical Schools across the country use the MCAT in making their acceptance decisions. If you would like some general advice, you can read the following resources: To determine how much you can change your score, you need to take some time to self-reflect and consider areas that you could possibly improve on. Were you using the appropriate materials to study for the MCAT? Did you follow a study schedule? Did you give yourself enough time to study and prepare for the exam? Did your scores reflect a weakness in your understanding of cattell, certain material?

These are all important questions you should be asking yourself so that you can determine what you should change and improve, if you were to consider retaking the MCAT. With that being said, if you are looking for some solid data, the AAMC collected statistics on rae director MCAT retakers between 2008-2010 (they havent updated their data since). This data includes: These statistics only city, provide an average distribution of how much retakers improved their scores. Norma? Ultimately, it will be up to on How Speciesism Allows the changes you make in norma, your approach to studying for the MCAT that can lead to significant improvements in of god movie, your score.

Copyright of The Medical Student Mentorship Program, 2014.

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andalou essay . I'd felt increasingly seduced by that passion for the irrational which was so characteristic of surrealism.1 So writes Luis Buñuel in his autobiography, My Last Sigh, and thus offers a quite useful starting point from which to begin analyzing his films, here Un Chien Andalou (1929) in particular. If we are to take his word that [in] the working out norma of the plot every idea of a rational, esthetic or other preoccupation with technical matters was rejected as irrelevant,2 that he and Dali employed a process similar to automatic writing in personality, composing the script, the film represents a product born more or less from the workings of the unconscious, a wonderous sort of resource for those irrational things which he was so drawn to. One way to approach such a film is to treat it as a manifestation of psychological processes, or perhaps as a work which consciously plays with perceived psychological processes. A psychoanalysis of that sort would no doubt be justified both by norma rae director, the writings of Buñuel as well as by Euthanasia, the content and style of the film which appear to rae director, be laden with Freudian (or perhaps Lacanian) meaning. But perhaps we can also consider the emotional value of a surrealist film like Un Chien Andalou , experiencing it on a more visceral level. After all, Buñuel himself was seduced by that passion for the irrational. Are we as viewers seduced by ernest rutherford contribution theory, that passion as well? And if so, how is rae director that emotional impact conveyed?

Here it may help to recall a comment by André Breton: the Surrealist atmosphere created by and Physician-Assisted Suicide, automatic writing, which I have wanted to put within the reach of everyone, is especially conducive to the production of the most beautiful images.3 For Breton, the value and beauty of an image is contingent on the spark created by the clash between two opposing elements, like the norma, man cut in two by cattell, the window.4 One of the norma rae director, key strengths of Surrealism, then, if not the definition of it, is Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide a kind of dialectic process whereby a conflict or paradox yields a new type of reality, a surreality. In Buñuel's films, some of the most striking and beautiful images occur precisely where such a paradox exists, but what gives them their distinct emotional impact is the fact that they are often conflicts of desires. A sequence from Un Chien Andalou can serve as an example. Norma Rae Director. The extract sequence begins after the stranger in a suit and hat enters the cyclist's room, pulls off the cyclist's drag garb and box and cattell personality throws them out the window, then orders him to stand facing the wall with his arms up as if on rae director a crucifix: An intertitle reads, Seize ans avant (Sixteen years ago), and as the stranger turns to leave, we find that he is a spitting image of the cyclist. He spots some books scribbled upon by ink, walks over, closes the books, and holds them to his chest with an air of disapproval. He returns to the cyclist, still standing by the wall, and hands him the books, shaking his head as if in disappointment. Moral And Ethics:. After he turns once again to leave, the cyclist suddenly spins around with a glower on his face, and the books in his hands become guns.

The doppelganger turns to face the cyclist with a hurt look, but the cyclist mercilessly fires several shots. The doppelganger's eyes roll back and he begins his slow-motion collapse, but falls in a meadow by a gentle lake, next to a nude woman who sits with her back facing the camera. He reaches out and tries to clasp her, but his fingers claw down her bare back, and he falls as the norma rae director, woman vanishes. We can certainly study this excerpt here in terms of psychoanalysis, and it would yield a very convincing model for understanding the sequence. The cyclist, finally fed up with the constraining effects of the super-ego, lashes back and retaliates by turning the objects leveled against price quality relationships him, the books, into the weapons of vengeance, the guns. The killing of the doppelganger, who acts almost like a father figure, seems to be open to oedipal readings as well. However, the affective power of the sequence resides not so much in the acting out of this id impulse (or perhaps the norma, ego) but rather in of god, the surreal way in which these emotions are played out. Here it is important to note that one quality which distinguishes Surrealism from other styles of art that intentionally distort reality is that it must establish a picture that is mostly realistic. Whereas an Expressionist film like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari would manipulate the mise-en-scene to create a visibly stylistic manifestation of the feeling to rae director, be expressed, Surrealism depends upon the believability of most key elements in ernest rutherford to atomic, the frame to highlight the norma rae director, element that doesn't quite fit into the picture. In this way, much of the on How for a, initial action of the extract can be seen as establishing that realism.

The geometric integrity of the room is rae director intact, the objects and characters appear as they would in real life. However, as the crescendo of the Structure Essay, soundtrack nears a climax, the cyclist's books turn into guns, the norma, first subversion of reality in this extract. Ernest Rutherford To Atomic Theory. Then, in the key moments, the violent death of the doppelganger, and thus the liberation of the cyclist's impulse, is immediately followed by the sublime lyricism of the norma rae director, man reaching for the woman in the meadow. Just as in Breton's suggestion, the Structure, beauty of the image occurs somewhere in rae director, the clash, the juxtaposition between the brutality and the serenity, the fulfilled desire and the unquenched longing. Whether Buñuel's surrealism really comes from his unconscious or from Essay on How Constant Animal Holocaust, his calculated efforts to imitate what the norma, unconscious might look like on film, its effectiveness in creating such lively and emotional images is due in large part to the stylistic fusion of reality and price quality relationships paradox.

UC Berkeley - Film 151, Spring 1998. Copyright (C) 1998 Taro Goto. Copyright (C) 1996 by the Library, University of California, Berkeley. All rights reserved. Document maintained on server: by. Last update 3/13/98.

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Create your free Business Plan now. Make an investment-worthy business plan easily with our free template. Select a Industry Fill in the Form. Complete your Business Plan. Print and Download For Free.

Business Plans: Writing Guides, Downloadable Templates, and norma, Samples. Updated February 15, 2017 by Legal Templates. 1. Free Business Plan Template Download. Are you an entrepreneur looking to download a free business plan? If so, you have come to cattell personality the right place. Legal Templates is happy to provide you with a hassle-free document downloads. Click the norma, buttons below to download (1) a blank document, and (2) a document that is filled in for city of god you to reference. Related Business Documents: Click to View. Whats included in norma rae director the blank template:

In the personality, first download, you will find documents with all of the chapters, section titles, and section subtitles that you will need to successfully complete your plan. Our first plan contains the 8 chapters of a basic business plan including: Chapter 1: Executive Summary: The executive summary provides investors with a general layout of your company. This chapter is essentially your hook to convince potential financiers that your model is worthy of their investment. Norma Rae Director. Chapter 2: Company and Financing: In this chapter, the goal is to outline the legal and Essay on How Speciesism for a, operational structure of your company, financing requirements, the history behind the company, mission statement and the management team. If you are forming a corporation, be sure to include your Articles of Incorporation here. Chapter 3: Products and Services: This section describes what products and/or services your business will sell (now and in the future), and rae director, how you will build, assemble and deliver them.

It also offers a comparison of your company and your direct and price, indirect competitors. Chapter 4: Customers and Market Analysis: The customers and market analysis page indicates your target customer segments, what needs you are filling for them , and the latest trends among these consumers in terms of growth and behavior. Norma. Chapter 5: Marketing and Sales: The marketing and sales chapter allows you to describe how you will sell your product/service. Particularly what are your companys strategies for positioning, pricing, promotion and distribution. Chapter 6: Strategy and Implementation: This chapter will give you an opportunity to set the key milestones that help establish a timeline of progress towards your goals. Additionally, it includes subsections like SWOT analysis, competitive edge, and strategic alliances. Chapters 7 + 8: Financial Plan, Sales Forecast, Financial Statements: In the final two chapters, entrepreneurs must define and My Organization's, calculate the financial variables that will go into the creation/expansion of your idea, including its expenses, your anticipated sales forecast, personnel plan, cash flow assumptions, and norma rae director, more. If you are purchasing an existing company, you should also include the business purchase agreement in your plan. Whats included in the template with sample text:

In the Moral, second download, we give you a completed ice cream shop plan to reference. Norma Rae Director. Each section gives an example of what you should write. Our guide also includes example graphs and charts, so that you are aware of the types of price quality relationships financial calculations, plans, and rae director, forecasts that a plan should offer to attract investment. For guidance on what you should include in your plan, and why, please reference our How to Write a Business Plan set of articles below. Downloading this small business plan comes at no cost, so feel free to start your download and get started. However, you should be aware that there are some pros and cons to using free business templates, rather than using professional software or an experienced writer. Writing a business plan is a prerequisite to your companys success.

A solid plan is necessary to help found your company and ensure that your goals remain on track over time. Your plan can and will change as you encounter the unpredictable variables that come with starting your own company. If you have an Essay existing company, crafting a solid plan is equally important if youre hoping to attract investment and expand your company beyond the limits youve already reached. Your business strategy should account for the next 3-5 years in advance, and rae director, cover every aspect of quality relationships your industry, including the critical relation between marketing and sales to your companys finances. Your plan should include the following sections before you submit it to investors. Click each accordion to read a how-to guide for each chapter: How to norma rae director Write a Business Plan Table of My Organization's Contents: How to norma rae director Write the Executive Summary. The executive summary contains all of the cattell, essential information about what makes your business strong and worthy of investment . It covers the major highlights of the rest of norma your plans chapters.

The goal is to briefly tell your reader what your company will do, where you want to take it, and why your business idea will be successful. If you are seeking financing, the executive summary is your first opportunity to Moral and Ethics: and Physician-Assisted Suicide grab a potential investors interest. The executive summary will be the first chapter of your business plan, though its actually the last section that you should write . First, youll need to norma do heavy research to ensure that your plan is sound before you can write the executive summary. This section will be different depending on if you are an Essay for a Constant Holocaust established business or a new startup. A startup companys executive summary will need to be interesting and convincing to capture the attention of norma rae director investors.

Your company will lack the Structure Essay, historical data and trends that existing companies are able to provide, but there are strategies to mitigate these factors. First, youll need to briefly explain who you are, the background of your management team, and your reasoning behind starting a business in your chosen niche. Secondly, youll need to norma rae director demonstrate that youve done quality research that supports how youve conceptualized your business. Investors know that talk is cheap do you have the personality, data and analysis to back up your claims? Even in a standard plan, the executive summary for an existing business has no set template, although there are several suggested guidelines that you can find around the norma, web. Moral And Ethics: And Physician-Assisted Suicide. We suggest the following basic template feel free to add or subtract sections according to your own needs:

Summary Management Team Products and Services Customers Marketing and Sales Financial Forecast Financing Requirements (optional) Describe the purpose of the plan (e.g.; to norma rae director raise a specific amount of debt financing to expand a store location) as well an overview of the company (name, location, company type, products sold, founder(s) and founding date). Describe the key milestones or objectives that you want to Essay Speciesism Allows Constant Holocaust achieve with this business (these are the tangible results in which you use to rae director prove success of the venture). This statement should be concise and to the point. Summarize the members of the management team, including highlights of their expertise and experience . Describe how each member contributes to the success of the organization. Keep this section brief, as you will go into more detail in the Products and Services section. Products and Services. Describe the products and Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia Suicide Essay, services you are providing and who the competitors are within the industry . Keep this section brief, as you will go into more detail in the Products and Services section. Describe whom your customer groups are and whom your key customers are , as well as how you will market to them. Keep this section brief, as you will go into more detail in the Market section. Describe briefly how you will market your product or service.

Summarize the major points in the Marketing and Sales chapter, which may include market positioning, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Summarize the most important points from the Financial Plan section here. Norma Rae Director. This should include your sales forecasts and on How Allows Constant Animal, projected expenses as well as the norma rae director, logic behind the projections. If you are a new company, describe when you expect to turn a profit . If you are an existing company, highlight past financial performance. 7. Financing Requirements (Optional) Summarize the amount of equity and/or debt financing that you are seeking, when you need it, the of god movie, use of the norma, funds, and when you expect to reach your next milestone event and/or start paying back the loan. Keep this at city movie, an overview level , as you will go into more detail later on in other chapters. Note: This is norma rae director a complex question that you cannot answer until you complete your plan, so it is highly recommended you work your way through the entire writing process first . In particular, complete the financial planning process before attacking this section. Only then will you be able to identify the amount of money you will need to raise.

With these sections fleshed out, youve finished your executive summary. How to Write the Company and cattell, Financing Chapter. The company and finance section of your plan is important, because introducing the rae director, management team is critical for both start-ups and established companies alike. Investors will use this information to gauge the future likelihood of My Organization's Essay success. Company and Financing Sections. Company Overview Management Team Required Funds (optional) Exit Strategy (optional) Mission Statement (optional) Company History (optional) Location and Facilities (optional)

There are many variations and approaches on how to lay out the various components of a business plan. Our approach for the company overview section is to provide the reader with the companys legal information, address and a brief description of the companys history. Since there are follow up sections in rae director this chapter that over go the companys location and history in more detail, you will want to keep this short (2-3 sentences). A BRIEF PRIMER ON COMPANY TYPES. The optimal company type is best determined by a credible Attorney. The primer below is meant only to explain the broad differences between the most common company types. A sole proprietorship, according to the IRS: A sole proprietor is someone who owns an unincorporated business by him or herself.

While the most simple to set up and the most common, there is a significant drawback: you will be personally liable for any obligations. So for example, if you sell someone a cupcake and they sue you because they found a hair in cattell personality it, and you lose in court, the rae director, creditors can legally go after your personal possessions such as the roof over your head. A partnership, according to the IRS: A partnership is the relationship existing between two or more persons who join to personality carry on a trade or business. Each person contributes money, property, labor or skill, and expects to share in the profits and losses of the company. A partnership has certain advantages compared to norma a LLC, such as not needing to personality file formation documents when setting up a partnership, and not needing to file dissolution documents if dissolving the partnership. However, similar to sole proprietorships, partners in a partnership have unlimited liability for the companys debts and norma, liabilities. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) LLPs are different from traditional partnerships in that there are two classes of partners: (1) General partners that have full management and control but also full personal liability and (2) Limited partners that have no personal liability beyond their investment in the partnership interest. Limited partners are often times silent partners that wish to invest in the venture but limit their exposure to liability. A corporation is Structure Essay a separate legal entity owned by shareholders. Rae Director. A corporation is commonplace for businesses that anticipate seeking venture capital financing.

The downside to Essay Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust a corporation is the problem of double taxation since the rae director, corporations profits is price quality relationships taxed at the corporate level, and then any dividends distributed to norma rae director shareholders are then taxed again at the personal level. You can elect a special tax status with the IRS to have your corporation not be taxed at the corporate level (instead, it would be taxed as a pass-through entity). Some of the drawbacks include not being able to and Ethics: have more than 100 shareholders , and not being able to norma have non-US citizens/residents. A popular choice among many small businesses , a LLC limits the members personal liability and only taxes profits at the individual level (acts as a pass-through entity). Describe the type of company you plan to open, along with the registered name you plan to use. Explain your rationale for Structure example, if you are starting a company where you plan on seeking venture capital financing, then you will want to start a C-Corporation as majority of VCs will insist on this legal structure. If you have a home office/no dedicated business address. Include your current office setup and norma, your future office plans once your company expands, if applicable. For start-ups, and especially those seeking financing, the Management Team section is and Ethics: and Physician-Assisted Suicide especially critical. With the lack of history, there is little investors can go by to gauge the rae director, future success of a venture. The question lenders and investors will ask: Why should we trust your team with our money?

You must demonstrate your teams ability to execute on the stated goals. To accomplish this, you should highlight: Background of each member of the Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted, management team (education, relevant work experience, etc.) Roles and responsibilities within the company. Tip: Dont include details about norma members of the Management Team that are not relevant to cattell the reader. Everything presented should reinforce why your team is the right team to execute on the companys vision. If you have an established business the information you want to present is the same.

Keep in mind, however, that you also want to demonstrate that your team has the capability to norma rae director manage growth of the company. As a company grows from start-up to established business, the management team must also change. They must be able to manage employees, institute standardized systems, and and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay, ensure the norma rae director, businesss ability to Essay Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust scale operations while keeping profitability stable. If you already have a Board of norma Directors and/or Advisory Board, list these individuals and a brief description. In a publically trading company the Board of ernest rutherford to atomic Directors is elected by the shareholders and is the norma, highest authority in ernest rutherford the management of the company. For our purposes (context of a private company that is most likely a startup or small but growing business), a Board of Directors is comprised of investor(s), founder(s), CEO and norma rae director, independent board member(s) who have substantial business and industry experience. A Board of Directors typical responsibility is to set broad policies for the company, determine compensation for company management, and approve annual budgets. An advisory board is a group of business leaders that can help guide your company and ernest rutherford contribution theory, provides it with assistance when needed. Choose individuals with knowledge in your industry and are willing to play a role in rae director your company . Ernest Rutherford. While some advisors are compensated, it comes down to a case-by-case basis, frequently depending on how much time the rae director, member is committed to your company. Tips on building your Advisory Board: Choose a well-respected and well-known individual as the Essay on How Speciesism Constant Holocaust, first member of your Advisory Board.

This will help you to norma recruit other members of the Board. Choose individuals that have strengths and relationships your business will need. As your business evolves, so will the My Organization's Structure, members of your Advisory Board. Feel free to norma shake up the line up over time. In this section you will tell the Essay on How for a Constant, reader how much money you need to raise, what you are going to use it for, and how you got to the requested amount. Important note: This is a complex question that you cannot answer until you complete your plan, so it is highly recommended you work your way through the entire writing process and in particular, complete the financial planning process. Only then will you be able to identify the amount of money you will need to norma raise.

There are two primary financing options: equity and debt. The primary difference between equity and debt financing is that debt financing is essentially a loan that is backed by rutherford contribution to atomic theory, your assets or via a personal guarantee. Rae Director. If your company is rutherford contribution to atomic already in existence and has trading history, then you may also secure a loan off of your receivables. In contrast, equity financing is essentially you exchanging a stake in your company for norma a specific sum of money from an and Ethics: Euthanasia Suicide investor . Therefore, the amount you are able to norma rae director raise from investors comes down to how much they value your company. Personality. There are three fundamental questions every savvy investor will ask you: Cool idea, how do you make money with it? How much money do you need, and why and when? What do you think your company is worth? If you are seeking financing (regardless of rae director its equity or debt), that most likely means that your financial model shows your company taking a loss in the initial stages, followed by break-even and subsequent profitability. Essay Speciesism. The money you are seeking to raise will simply allow you to have enough cash to norma cover the initial period where you will be taking a loss so that you can eventually make a profit. This is a simplification; you may be raising money to further grow your company, which may already be profitable.

Or you might use the Structure Essay, financing to rae director get your product to the next stage in to atomic its product development lifecycle (i.e.; milestone event). But the general concept is the same; the investment you are seeking bolsters your companys cash position , allowing it to grow revenue and/or profitability. Cool idea, how do you make money with it? / How much money do you need, and why and when? The financial statements provide the answer to the first two questions (which is why we recommend you complete your plan first). To answer how much money you need, analyze the norma rae director, cash flow statement to Constant Animal determine the rae director, cumulative cash flow.

The lowest point on this curve will tell you what your maximum financing needs are , and at what point in relationships time. What do you think your company is norma worth? The third question is much harder to answer, especially for a new company. My Organization's Essay. At the rae director, end of the Structure Essay, day it really comes down to what an rae director investor thinks your company is worth (which is more art than science). However, there are three popular methods of valuing a company that can help you come up with a valuation to facilitate the negotiation. Cost approach (asset based approach) The cost approach seeks to cattell determine a companys value by analyzing the norma rae director, market value of its assets. In other words, in this approach the company is Essay Speciesism Holocaust worth the sum of all its assets if they were to norma be liquidated . This approach may be appropriate for some industries such as real estate where the cattell personality, asset value may actually be worth more than the going concern value (present value of future cash flows generated by the asset). However, for many companies the value of its branding and reputation, along with its ability to generate profits, will exceed the value of its assets. The market approach seeks to determine a companys value by analyzing recent sales of similar assets, with the norma, theory that valuations of similar companies can serve as a good proxy.

This is a common approach in the real estate industry. The income approach seeks to determine a companys value by Structure Essay, using its expected profit over time and then placing a value on that future stream of income in todays terms . Since there is inherent uncertainty with a future stream of norma rae director income, there are numerous ways to discount that expected income to account for risk. Now you have all the pieces to complete the equation. Moral And Physician-Assisted Suicide. You have the rae director, amount of of god movie money you need by looking at cumulative cash flow. You also have an idea of how much money your company will be worth.

Equation to determine how much equity you should offer: Equity to offer = Company Valuation / Money needed. If raising debt, you are not exchanging equity for norma rae director cash. Instead, you should focus on the loans interest rate and Allows for a Animal Holocaust, payment schedule. Make sure you will be turning a profit that is both large enough and soon enough to ensure there is no delinquency on servicing the loan. For equity financing, answer the following: Investment amount needed When you need it How much time it will buy you / When you expect to turn a profit or get to norma rae director the next milestone event % of equity offered and at what company valuation (you may wish to keep exact figures vague in order to further negotiate) Exit strategy.

For debt financing, answer the following: Loan amount needed When you need it When you will be able to pay back the loan The amount and personality, frequency of loan payments. In addition to the information above, you should also summarize how you plan to norma use the funds. Personality. The level of detail should be at a high level ; if the investor or lender wants to see expenses in norma rae director more detail that will be available in the Appendix within the Profit/Loss statement. Construction of new kitchen: Kitchen remodeling, March 1, 2014, $25,000 Kitchen hardware, April 1, 2014, $50,000 Total Loan Amount: $75,000. If based on ernest rutherford to atomic your financial model you anticipate relatively small yet variable expenses month to month, a line of credit may be a good choice.

With a line of credit you draw upon it when you require the funds and pay interest immediately on the money as it is borrowed. It works very similarly to norma a credit card in that you typically have a pre-set limit to how much you can borrow, the major exception that since you may be able to secure the line of credit with assets, you may be able to get better terms. In the Quick Start Guide we briefly went over the different strategies available and how thinking about your companys eventual exit will help shape your business model. Its recommended you review the Quick Start guide and Essay Speciesism Animal Holocaust, practice that exercise. Depending on your company, there are various exit strategies available, including: Selling your business Passing it down through the family Taking the norma, company public (IPO) Liquidation. If you are seeking equity financing, then your investors will pay close attention to Moral and Ethics: Suicide this section. Angel investors and VCs demand a large return on their investment since they are taking a large risk by investing into your company.

Therefore, you need to include detailed information on how you intend to sell the company or take it public. Demonstrating a large market opportunity. If investors are going to norma take a big risk, they demand a big return. You need to demonstrate your business has the potential to either take substantial market share from an incumbent competitor, or create a new market. Investors like to be in hot, growing industries such as biotechnology, mobile e-commerce and healthcare. These are all industries that have huge upside growth potential and ones that investors are more inclined to invest in. Solving a larger companys problem.

If your exit strategy is to sell your company to a larger company, then identify how your companys product solves that larger companys stated problems and/or goals. For example, Apples mapping software is playing catch-up to Google Maps. If your company can help Apple improve its software, your company would become an attractive acquisition target. The mission statement reflects the core purpose and vision of the company. Its a statement your employees and customers can get behind. Some tips on writing a well-crafted mission statement: Keep it short. City Movie. 1-2 sentences max. Dont use fluff words.

Make the statement mean something. A mission statement, if done well, should encapsulate both what the norma rae director, company does (what it sells) as well as the culture/vision/purpose. Examples of Fortune 500 firms that really get it right: A. BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY (PHARMACEUTICALS) Mission Statement: To discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. Why its great: The keywords discover, develop and quality, deliver demonstrate the companys capability to rae director in delivering an end-to-end solution. Ernest Contribution To Atomic Theory. By using the words innovate and prevail over serious diseases it serves as a rallying call for rae director their thousands of employees that what they are doing is (1) cutting edge and (2) has a higher purpose then themselves.

Mission statement: We will be the easiest pharmacy retailer for customers to use. Why its great: In one short sentence, the company has managed to Suicide (1) describe what it sells (2) how it will win in the marketplace. Norma Rae Director. It is a pharmacy retailer and it will solely focus on making itself easier for rutherford to atomic theory the customer to use (that could mean so many things, such as innovating online to fulfill prescriptions to norma rae director improved customer service within their stores). Example of of god movie poorly written mission statements. A. Norma. FORTUNE 500 FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMPANY. Mission statement: The Companys primary objective is to maximize long-term stockholder value, while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates and at all times observing the highest ethical standards. Why its horrible: It does not serve as a rallying call for employees, suppliers, or partners.

Its objectives are obvious (what company does not want to maximize value) and borderline absurd (are there companies that do not want to ernest rutherford to atomic adhere to local and federal laws)? Lastly, it does not mention what the company actually does. B. FORTUNE 500 VEHICLE PARTS SUPPLIER. Mission Statement: We are committed to attracting, developing, and keeping a diverse work force that reflects the nature of our global business. Why its horrible: While a diverse workforce is certainly not a bad thing, only norma rae director stating that as the companys mission statement is ineffective, lacks direction or focus, and completely misses the point of having a mission statement. This is predominately for businesses that have previous trading history, but can also be used by new companies that want to cattell personality highlight relevant history on how the norma, company came to existence, work completed to and Ethics: Euthanasia Suicide date, milestones achieved, etc. Some information you may want to include: Start date First location First product/service Significant milestones/events. Reminder: keep in mind that there is no set rule as to the level of detail you want to include. This is norma rae director dictated by the relevancy of the information to the reader and how this information helps strengthen your plans ability to build credibility for your company. Every company is made of milestones.

Milestones for a business are achievements that demonstrate the of god movie, business is on norma the right track. My Organization's Essay. They are best when quantifiable and measureable. Norma Rae Director. For example, achieving a working prototype of your product, or getting to break-even, are both huge milestones that showcase your ability to execute and reduces subsequent risk of your company. Key concept: The more uncertainty that you can take off from the table, the Structure, better valuation you can get for norma rae director your business. For businesses that have a retail or manufacturing component, this is an important section of your plan. Information you may want to include: Size (e.g.; in sq. ft.) Location/Address Other notable facts, such as equipment at the facility.

Location is important for price a large number of retail businesses, whether you are a restaurant or purveyor of norma consumer products. Structure. If possible, provide statistics about the retail location you have chosen or are planning to choose. Describe the norma rae director, lease terms you are able to Essay secure, and if there are any laws that protect the lessee from unreasonable price increases. Rae Director. You can read a detailed article about what to cattell personality look for in a lease agreement here. Provide detailed information on norma the manufacturing facilities. For example, your operation may require a reliable source of electricity and water. Describe how the facility provides the business with these resources. If the facility is pre-existing equipment or structures that can be leveraged, make mention of that. Location can be an contribution important aspect of rae director your business even if you are not in retail or manufacturing.

For example, you might want to open your software company in Silicon Valley as that provides a competitive advantage from an employee recruitment and My Organization's Structure Essay, fundraising perspective. If you operate out of rae director a home office. Describe your future expansion plans, including expected date of expansion. Upon completing these sections, you will then be finished with the cattell, company and financing section of your business plan. Writing the Products and Services Chapter. The products and services chapter of rae director your business plan should be written clearly and descriptively, to help give investors a comprehensive understanding of the bread and butter of ernest theory your business. Your products and norma, services section should include the following sections. Products and Services Chapter Sections. Products and rutherford contribution, Services Competitors Sourcing and Fulfillment (optional) Technology (optional) Intellectual Property (optional) Future Products and Services (optional) Your products and services are the lifeblood of your business its what your customers need, and if you get this right, everything else will follow . Commonly referred to as product lift, which essentially means getting the secret sauce working.

It means that customers want to buy your product/service, and you are filling a need that was previously not satisfied. Thinking in terms of norma benefits vs. Of God Movie. features. What is the consumer really buying? For example, a person buying a Rolex watch is not only buying a device to norma rae director tell time, but the prestige and status that comes with a luxury product. Think about city of god what end benefit your product/service delivers. Of course, the functional aspects of your product/service are also important. Depending on what you are going to sell, think through the features it will provide, packaging, design, branding, quality, and norma, other aspects that help position and/or differentiate it from competing products/services.

You may have heard the business adage that acquiring a new customer is indefinitely more expensive then keeping an existing customer. One of the reasons this is true is the cattell, potential to sell additional add-ons, upgrades and norma rae director, substitute products/services to existing customers . Think about how you can drive incremental revenue. Whether its via subscriptions, repeat business, or annual contracts, you may be providing products/services that generate a recurring revenue stream. This is a good thing, because (1) your revenue can be more predictable and stable (2) you are maximizing earning potential . Think how you can generate recurring revenue, which is expressed with a metric called Lifetime Value per customer. You will complete the price you want to set your products/services in city of god the Financial Plan chapter, and we also have a section for rae director you to describe your pricing strategy; however it is advisable to start thinking about and Ethics: how you want to price your products/services. Competitive analysis is an extremely useful tool and one that should be revisited often as the competitive landscape changes over time. It starts with competitive analysis. Background (location, history, ownership) Financials (revenue, profitability) Products (product line, services, patents, licenses) Marketing (channels used and budget, pricing, alliances/affiliates) Personnel (headcount, notable executives, compensation, job openings) Market share Strengths, Weaknesses.

Tips on how to perform competitive analysis. The Internet makes this much easier then in days past. Some ideas: Google search using keywords that your customers would use to find you Look up industry association websites Look up directories such as Yahoo or Crunchbase Use to norma find your competitors job openings Competitors websites Find your competitors management team members on LinkedIn. Not only do you have to worry about current competitors you can see, but you have to be vigilant and be on Moral the lookout for new entrants. For example, a company that already sells to norma rae director your customer base may see your industry as a logical next step.

You should consider the likelihood of new entrants high if: The industry sees high margins (its super profitable) There is unmet demand (more customers then suppliers) There are no major barriers to entry (does not take much to My Organization's Essay start competing) There is future growth potential (such as mobile apps) Much of this is common sense if you see a market opportunity that no one is competing in yet, dont expect that you will be alone for long. Sourcing is simply the rae director, process of procuring goods and services from movie suppliers that are required for your company to make its products or deliver its service. Some things to consider when choosing and managing your suppliers: Cost: This is an obvious one the lower the price, the norma, higher your profit margins will be.

Payment terms: The longer you have to price relationships pay your suppliers, the more working capital you have on hand. Reliability: You must consider how reliable your suppliers are and what would happen to your ability to rae director operate if they cannot deliver. Scalability: As your business expands, will your suppliers be able to My Organization's Structure meet your needs? Fulfillment is simply the norma rae director, process of how your company delivers its products/services, from point of rutherford to atomic sale to delivery. There are several popular fulfillment options: Engineer to order: the product is designed and built to customer specifications (e.g.; large construction projects) Build to order: the norma, products design is standardized but manufacture of final product is based off of customer specifications (e.g.; aircraft and yachts) Assemble to order: the product is assembled to the customers specifications using pre-fabricated components (e.g.; Chipotles burritos, Dell computers) Make to Essay for a Constant stock: the product is manufactured in norma quantity based on expected sales of the product (e.g.; retailers) If you are going to be selling physical products and expect to hold inventory, then you should pay very close attention to Structure how you forecast the amount of inventory you need to meet your projected sales. Too little inventory and you may not be able to norma rae director meet demand. Too much inventory and city movie, you tie up all of your cash on excess inventory.

Some key points: Have accurate sales forecasts. Use historical sales data if you have it, and norma rae director, make sure you account for seasonality. Have accurate inventory tracking. Essay Allows For A Holocaust. Use bar code scanning or equivalent to rae director ensure there are no data entry errors.

Utilize inventory management software. QuickBooks, Sage, and a plethora of city of god movie other vendors provide a cloud-based solution for you to manage and maximize your inventory levels. Technology in todays business environment is becoming more and norma rae director, more important and serves as a source of competitive advantage. Take Wal-Mart or FedEx as two examples of companies that provide services (low-cost products and shipping), but utilize technology as a critical means of delivering those services. Wal-Mart uses a sophisticated supply chain management IT system to ensure its low prices.

FedEx uses technology to optimize delivery routes and times, which enables it to ship to practically every corner of the globe, seamlessly and with very low error rates. Think about how technology plays a part in your business and if it is critical to your business operations. If technology is on How Speciesism Allows for a Constant critical to your business operations, then you must think about your disaster preparedness and contingency planning . Depending on your business, you may want to create back-up copies of data and software, routine security checks, and securing physical assets. What would happen if you lost access to the technology? Think about alternatives that you could utilize. For example, if you license a piece of software and later down the road decide that the cost is too high, is there a competitor who can license you an rae director alternative? If you have exclusive rights to ernest rutherford contribution to atomic a technology, either through a patent or through an exclusive license agreement, this is norma rae director a great competitive advantage and relationships, one that you will want to describe in detail.

There are two types of intellectual property that may be applicable to a business: industrial property (such as patents and trademarks), and copyright (such as novels and rae director, movies). Ernest Rutherford To Atomic. If you have intellectual property that you want to protect, it is advisable that you seek the professional advice of a good Patent/IP Attorney , since this is a great way to provide a barrier to entry for your business. Intellectual property type 1: Industry property. These include inventions (patents), trademarks and industrial designs (trade secrets, trade dress). Norma. If you have any proprietary process or technology then it is recommended that you apply for a patent to protect your invention. You should apply for a trademark for on How Speciesism Allows for a your company name and logo as well. Intellectual property type 2: copyright. These include literary and norma, artistic works such as novels, poems and plays, films, musical works, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and architectural designs. In 2011, counterfeit copyrighted and Structure, trademarked goods were a $600 billion dollar industry worldwide. Enforcing your intellectual property may be feasible from a legal point of view, but many times is not practical in practice.

For example, Microsoft cannot possibly prosecute every single instance where its popular operating systems are copied and norma, downloaded. IP and My Organization's Structure Essay, your employees and contractors. It is just as important to secure your intellectual property in relation to your employees and contractors. Everyone should be required to sign an norma rae director invention assignment agreement, which basically states that the company owns all works produced while contracted by the company. In addition, you may consider handing out serialized notebooks for employees to use , so that if there is ever a conflict as to Essay Allows for a Animal Holocaust whom owns a piece of intellectual property, there is a physical record. If you have future products and rae director, services planned, it is a good idea to describe the product roadmap and strategy behind it . A key concept is Essay on How Speciesism for a Animal Holocaust that of product lifecycle, which describes the stages of the life of a product. During this phase, your product will incur heavy promotional costs as you get the word out. Norma. You may discount the Essay Speciesism Allows for a Holocaust, price of the product to encourage new customers. During this phase, you may focus on expanding your product to new segments in the marketplace, and expand the rae director, product line (for example, with new colors or other variations). During this phase, you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. You may add new features to your product to stay competitive and to further differentiate your product from competitors.

Marketing spend for your product starts to dissipate as sales of your product are in steady decline. After including all of this information, youll have completed the products and price quality relationships, services chapter. Writing the Customers and norma rae director, Market Analysis Chapter. The customers and market analysis chapter will give you an opportunity to describe what your customer segments are, what needs you are filling for them, and how these groups of Essay on How Speciesism Animal Holocaust customers are trending in norma rae director terms of growth and behavior. This chapter also includes any regulatory restrictions specific to your industry. Customers and Market Analysis Sections. Market Overview Market Needs Market Trends (optional) Market Growth (optional) Industry Analysis (optional) Key Customers (optional) In the market overview section you are going to calculate the total market (referred to as Total Addressable Market) for your products, and then the segment of that market your business can capture. Total addressable market can be thought of in several distinct levels. Structure Essay. At the highest level is an norma rae director estimate of the total market given 100% saturation.

Another way of looking at this is what would be the total market if one company had 100% market share. Once you have the total addressable market, then you can estimate what percentage of Essay Speciesism Allows Animal Holocaust this you can realistically capture. This, of course, is much harder to norma rae director predict with accuracy. So the important thing to remember is to utilize strong sources for your assumptions. For example, lets say you plan to open a high-end steakhouse in downtown Miami.

To calculate your total addressable market, you might count how many high-end restaurants are in the downtown area and research the average annual sales for each restaurant. Then multiply the two to get the total sales for all high-end restaurants. This would be your total addressable market. Using the example above, we can then drill down to the next level and determine what percentage of the market you can realistically capture. You might assume that you will take an equal share of the price, market, thereby decreasing all other competitors shares in norma rae director the market. Or you might offer cheaper prices, which you assume would take a larger percent of the Essay, market. Whatever your assumption, make sure it is well documented and logical. To obtain jaw-dropping product-lift you must solve a difficult and painful problem for the customer.

And if there are competitors, you must solve the problem better than them, and enough so that customers are willing to switch to your company. Describe what problem your product is norma rae director solving. If you are targeting multiple customer segments, make sure you go into price detail on how your product serves each customer segment. Describe how your solution better solves customers pain points then your competitors. We as consumers are inherently lazy. We do not want to go through the time and cost of switching from one companys product/services unless it is norma rae director compelling enough, which is dependent on the switching cost. For example, there is virtually no cost to switch from Coke to personality Pepsi. On the norma, other hand, there is high switching cost associated with migrating from a Mac to Constant Animal Holocaust a PC. To overcome this problem, describe how your product either is able to norma overcome customers inherent adversity towards switching products, or if your product is personality able to reach new customers and bypass switching costs altogether (in other words, instead of taking customers away from your competitors, you are creating a new market for your products).

Understanding market trends at the macro level is norma rae director critical for various aspects of your business. Cattell Personality. A growing or shrinking market is described in more detail in the market growth section. Below are some of the other factors that will affect market trends: The overall economy has a disproportionate effect on some businesses. For example, dog-walking services usually see a decline in sales as households reduce spending on non-essential purchases. Government regulations and policies can completely alter an industry, so it is imperative that you are up to date on upcoming changes.

For example, the Jobs Act of 2012 allowed for norma rae director the first time non-accredited investors to participate in private placement of securities. This in My Organization's Essay turn has created a new market for crowd-funding websites to rae director emerge to connect startups with all types of investors. You may be in an industry where political conditions have an impact on the bottom line. For example, if you count the Dept. of Defense as one of your clients, then the cattell personality, across-the-board budget cuts (i.e.; Sequestration in the Budget Control Act of norma 2011) would surely have a negative effect on your business. If you build your business on top of a technology platform that will soon be replaced with a more cost affordable, powerful, and easier to use technology, then that will surely put you in cattell a less advantageous position.

Knowing technology trends is rae director valuable in price quality ensuring you are gaining a competitive advantage through the use of technology. Your customers may change their sensitivity to rae director price depending on a variety of factors, including competition, macroeconomic conditions, and Moral and Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted, changing consumer tastes. Keeping an eye on this trend will ensure you optimize your pricing strategy. Market growth, mathematically, is simply measuring the change in market size from one time period to the next (usually in years). So if the market in rae director the first year was $100 million and $150 million the second year, then the market can be said to have grown by 50%. You will find that measuring market growth using historical market size data is much easier then forecasting market growth. Utilize publically available data sources, trade publications, market research firms, and government agencies to ernest to atomic find much of this research.

Being able to demonstrate a market is growing is obviously important for example, the market for Blackberry accessories is clearly a declining market. Most investors and lenders will not want to rae director see a new business chase after dwindling customers. On the other hand, the market for Apple and Samsung phone accessories have seen great growth and will continue to grow as those companies continue to add new customers. Your industry is defined as the group of companies that are related to you in terms of what you sell/how you derive your revenue. For example, Ford and Nissan are both in the automotive industry. Ford and Nissans market (i.e.; customers) would be the end consumers who buy their cars. You will want to describe your industry name/classification (SIC/NAICS Code), which can be found on the Dept. of Labor website. Understanding your industrys dynamics is imperative to knowing its profit potential and attractiveness. Moral And Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay. A popular framework for conducting industry analysis is Porters five forces analysis, which analyzes an industrys competitiveness (and therefore attractiveness).

By performing this analysis you will have a clear picture of your competitors and rae director, how your company fits within the competitive landscape. If your industry has low barriers to entry and low switching costs, then expect increased competition, as there is little standing in the way for new entrants to enter the market and Structure Essay, compete. If your industry is supplied by very few suppliers with little alternative but to norma rae director source from those suppliers, then expect downward pressure on your margins. If your industry only has a small number of ernest rutherford contribution theory buyers, or there are many alternative products to rae director choose from, then expect downward pressure on your margins. If there are many substitute products in your industry and the switching costs between them are low, then expect substantial competition. An industry is very competitive if there are many competitors about the price, same size, there is rae director little differentiation between competitors products, and it is mature with little growth (so the only way to grow is to take a competitors market share). Although your product may cater to many different sets of customers, you want to focus on a select group that will be the most likely to cattell personality purchase your product/service and account for the lions share of rae director your companys revenue. For many businesses, you will soon realize that a large portion of your revenue comes from city of god movie a small percentage of your customers. Norma Rae Director. For example, Starbucks may realize their key customers are white-collar business types that purchase a cup of coffee every day, versus the student type that comes in once a month. When you can name your key customers. If you are in a business where volumes are low and movie, prices are high, then you should be able to name your key customers individually.

In this case, you should describe in detail your relationship with each of norma them separately. If youve filled out Structure, this chapter, congratulations. Doing market research and customer analysis is a complicated and rae director, time consuming task. Time to on How Allows for a Constant Animal move on to the next chapter! Writing the rae director, Marketing and Sales Chapter. The marketing and Structure, sales chapter gives you an opportunity to describe how you will manage your sales force and norma rae director, what sales activities they will conduct in order to cattell close sales. Overview Positioning Pricing Promotion Distribution.

In this section, summarize your marketing plan, being sure to include: Positioning: Are you going to be the norma rae director, lowest cost provider or provide a differentiated product? Pricing: How will you price your products/services? Promotion: How will your market your products/services? Distribution: Where will your product/services be available? Tip: It will be easier to write this section after you complete the subsequent sections as the overview section summarizes key findings from the other section. Keep this section at the summary-level, as you will go into further detail in the subsequent sections. Describe how you position your company within the competitive landscape. And Ethics: Euthanasia And Physician-Assisted. Will you compete on price, or will you differentiate your offering and stand out from your peers?

For example, Wal-Mart positions itself as the low-cost provider in norma rae director an industry, while Apple designs premium products to Essay on How Allows for a Constant Animal reach the luxury end of the market. Provide your product/service at the cheapest price point in the marketplace. There are three primary ways to achieve this: Economies of Scale: For example, being able to turn more tables in a restaurant or produce more widgets in norma rae director a factory. The more you are able to produce from your asset, the cheaper it becomes. It will also be harder for your competitors to on How Speciesism Allows for a Constant enter the market since you have fixed assets and experience that requires a large investment. Low operating costs: Keeping costs down across all aspects of the business, including: Standardization: Limited customization Outsourcing: Outsourcing labor to low cost production centers Thrift: Limiting advertising and RD spend Optimized supply-chain: By lowering inventory and negotiating with suppliers, companies can substantially improve their profitability and cash flow. Making your product/service unique by targeting a specific segment of the norma, market is a compelling strategy, especially if:

Your customers are not price sensitive The market is competitive Your are targeting a specific niche You can provide a product/service that is not easily copied. You can also achieve differentiation through branding and marketing for personality example, Starbucks sells premium coffee at rae director, a premium price point, primarily through the strength of their branding and not through the ernest contribution theory, taste of their coffee. Determining the optimal price for your products/services will require you to think through several factors: If you are going shooting for rae director the low cost provider strategy, then you will want to price yourself accordingly. Likewise, if you are going for Moral Euthanasia Suicide the luxury end of the market, then a higher price is rae director often times a proxy for quality. How price sensitive are your customers? If your customers are making their purchase decision primarily based on price, then you will want to be sensitive to this.

The price you set must be high enough to over your costs so you can turn a profit. City Of God. There are, of course, exceptions. For example, you might want to achieve economies of scale by maximizing units sold, or you might be maximizing revenue to achieve dominant market share. There may be regulatory/legal constraints on how much you can charge. For example, payday loan vendors are restricted in how much they can charge their customers. Looking at what your competitors charge can give you a understanding of what current customers are accustomed to paying and rae director, will likely be willing to pay for your products/services. There are price points that consumers are psychologically more accustomed to, such as amounts ending in .99 or .95. In this section, you move from describing your marketing plan onto how you will convey your marketing message to your intended audience. What marketing channels will you utilize to reach your target customers?

Depending on your business, traditional media may be an important component of your complete marketing toolbox. Quality Relationships. These would include television, radio, billboards, flyers, etc. In todays environment few companies can afford not to have a strong online presence. Norma Rae Director. There are a myriad of options available. Each marketing channel must be carefully measured for effectiveness, as online marketing can quickly add up and consume a small businesss entire marketing budget. A website is a key component of your digital marketing efforts as it will be the destination in which your online leads will first visit. Some online marketing options include: Search engines (i.e.; Google, Bing) Directories (Yelp, Angies List) Daily deals (Groupon) Email marketing Social media (Facebook, Twitter) Word of mouth marketing is by far the most profitable and powerful marketing channel available to any business. New customers that are referred to your business are more likely to purchase and city movie, more likely to continue referring your company.

There are ways to rae director boost word of mouth marketing, especially with the advent of social media. For example, asking a satisfied customer to rutherford to atomic theory like your business on Yelp and Facebook will potentially reach hundreds of their contacts, all with one click. Integrating social media into your word of mouth marketing strategy is norma invaluable for cattell every business. Blogging/Becoming a subject matter expert. Having a leading voice in your industry will help your business gain credibility from customers, suppliers, partners and norma, competitors. You can start by participating on public forums and price relationships, blogs related to rae director your business and adapting the adage give more to get more.

How will your products be available? On one end of the spectrum is direct marketing, whereby you sell directly to your customers. Or if you manufacture your products, you might sell through distributors, who in on How Allows Animal turn sell to rae director retailers, who in turn sell to consumers. Three common models: Product is stocked in mass-market distribution channels. Of God Movie. Examples include soft drinks, magazines, etc. Product is specialized and sold through specialized channels. Examples include nautical computers and tooling/machinery.

Product is rae director only sold through an exclusive channel. Examples include luxury products such as high-end motorcycles or designer handbags. The Internet presents an on How Speciesism Allows for a Animal unparalleled opportunity to reach customers directly, as well as working with online channel partners to norma reach and sell to customers. Writing the Strategy and Implementation Chapter. The strategy and implementation chapter will give you an opportunity to define the key milestones that mark meaningful progress towards your goals. It also includes sections that further elaborate on your competitors. Strategy and Implementation Sections. Milestones SWOT Analysis (optional) Competitive Edge (optional) Strategic Alliances (optional)

Milestones are the key events that demonstrate progress is being made , such as completing the companys first prototype or breaking even. These provide a tangible way to measure the success of the business venture. Milestones are so incredibly important to My Organization's Essay a business yet are one of those things that can be easily overlooked. Why are milestones so important? Because they are a way to measure meaningful progress of a company that in effect, makes that company less risky (and therefore more valuable). A new company has an extremely high-risk profile but as it meets tangible milestones, such as completing a prototype or breaking even, the companys risk decreases. Norma. It becomes more apparent that the venture will succeed.

Investors and lenders will be looking at what milestones your company has reached in order to create a fair valuation. Milestones might include: Assembling company team First working prototype Filing/receiving patent or other IP Securing physical location for store First paying customer Breaking even Turning a profit* *If you can demonstrate not only turning a profit, but also sustaining that profit, then that is a huge milestone. SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your companys strengths and weaknesses , while identifying both the opportunities open to your business and the threats it faces. Strengths and Suicide, Weaknesses refer to internal factors in norma your company, such as: Employees and My Organization's Essay, staff Physical assets such as equipment and facilities Financial assets. Opportunities and Threats refer to external factors facing your company, such as:

Market trends Regulatory and legal Macroeconomic conditions Competitors. Competitive edge can be bucketed into four primary areas: cost, differentiation, innovation and operational effectiveness. Are you providing a product/service at a lower cost then your competitors? This is a straightforward competitive edge that is very difficult to deliver. Providing the lowest cost may require operating on razor thin profit margins or heavy investment in fixed costs in order to achieve economies of scale. Are you providing a product/service that your competitors are not offering or cannot offer? This is rae director a common strategy whereby you provide differentiated value in of god order to better serve customers and/or reach a portion of the market that may be under-served.

Are you leapfrogging your competition and providing a notably superior or new product/service? Popularized by the book Blue Ocean Strategy, creating new demand in an uncontested market space is a powerful business strategy. Do you provide superior time to market or customer service? For example, your customers may be willing to pay a higher price for rae director better customer service . Nordstroms is an example of a company that uses superior customer service as a competitive advantage. Forging strategic alliances is a commonplace occurrence in business. There are a wide variety of alliances you might encounter, with various parties in which you do business. Even if you do not have any alliances, there may be an price opportunity for a partnership in the future and that should be included in norma rae director this section. You might have a supplier who has a disproportionate amount of influence and power of your business.

Striking a partnership in personality this case may decrease those risk factors and provide a competitive advantage over your competitors. You might have a large portion of your revenue coming from several key customers. Inking an exclusive agreement to lock in norma revenue would, for instance, give you predictable cash flow. It is personality not uncommon to partner with competitors under certain circumstances for example, to set standards for the industry or to help further adoption of a technology. For example, Sony and Panasonic partnered together to increase the adoption of Blu-ray DVDs. Aligning your brand with another company is norma frequently used, especially if both brands are targeting the same demographic. For example, Samsung is the official sponsor of the Olympic games and will provide free mobile phones to all Olympic athletes. Upon completing these sections, your strategy and implementation chapter will be finished. Writing the Financial Plan, Statements, and Sales Forecast Chapters.

Writing the financial plan, financial statements, and sales forecast will be the most difficult part of your entire plan. Moral And Ethics: Euthanasia And Physician-Assisted. It requires making a large number of intelligent assumptions about the size of the market you can realistically target, and the costs associated with making your product or rendering your services. These sections are the rae director, red meat of your plan these are the Essay on How Animal Holocaust, chapters that any seasoned angel investor or venture capitalist will dig into to make sure they know theyre making a solid financial investment. Chapter 7: Financial Plan and Sales Forecast Sections. Sales Forecast Personnel Plan Budget Cash Flow Assumptions Loans and Investments Starting Balances Historical Financials Key Metrics for Success. Define the price in which you will sell your products and services, the cost it will take to produce or sell the product/service, and norma rae director, the number of units you will sell. Be conservative when making your estimates on the number of units you will sell, ensuring you have a reasonable methodology when making your forecast. It is highly recommended that you first complete the following sections as they lay the foundation for city of god defining the sales forecast. Products/Services section: Defines what you will sell and at what price point; also seeks to define the norma rae director, production cost Target Market section: Defines the size of your target market and what quantities you can sell. Tip: Your sales forecast should sync with your Sales and Marketing plan.

For example, if you plan on hiring several sales people nine months from the start of your business, you should forecast an price quality relationships increase in sales thereafter. This is the price you will sell your products/services. Fixed price: Suitable for norma most sales forecast modeling Price changes over time: The price of your product/service may increase/decrease in and Ethics: Euthanasia Suicide price over norma rae director, time for several reasons: Keep up with inflation Keep up with increased cost of raw materials or components Seasonal product discount to offload excess inventory Promote new product discount upfront to My Organization's Structure encourage sales, then increase later. This is the direct cost of producing your product/service (at the unit level). Otherwise known as cost of goods sold (COGS). Fixed costs: Suitable for most sales forecast modeling % of sales: A good way to forecast costs; as sales increase you can set the norma rae director, cost as a % of sales on a sliding scale. Costs vary each month: The cost of your product/service may increase/decrease in price over on How Speciesism for a Animal, time for norma rae director several reasons: Economy of of god scale: the more units you produce, the norma rae director, cheaper it becomes to produce them Bargaining power: the more units you buy from your supplies, the cheaper they become Seasonality: cost of raw materials may fluctuate based on movie time of year.

This is the norma, expected number of units you will sell. My units are constant: Not particularly suitable as most businesses will expect to have some growth over time. Units sold changes over time: The quantity sold of your product/service may increase over time for quality relationships several reasons: Growing market share Finding new markets. Sales tax requirements vary by country and by products/services sold. In the United States, there is no sales tax at norma rae director, the federal level; however, many states levy selective sales tax on particular goods or services. Check with your state department of price relationships taxation if you are required to collect sales tax. If yes, you collect the sales tax from your customers and then remit the norma rae director, tax to the state each year. If the individual assumptions used for each component of the sales forecast is accurate, so will the overall sales forecast.

You should be able to explain where each number comes from, citing studies/research that validates your assumptions. The costs of hiring personnel are often the largest expense of any business. In this section, you will enter forecasted employees and contractors you plan to hire. The number of personnel you plan to hire and at what time is more of an art then a science. Too much staff too soon and youll burn through your working capital. City Movie. Too few staff and youll run the risk of alienating your customers and partners when you cant deliver. A good way to norma think about your personnel plan is to think about the cattell personality, milestones you want your business to accomplish and what personnel are required to get your business there.

You can always revise your estimates, so start off with your best estimate and come back to this section later. Tweak as needed so that your business model demonstrates profitability within your target time frame. The type of company you are building and the financing required also makes a big difference in your staffing plan. For example, if you are seeking venture capital that mean you are going to want to hire and scale quickly in norma rae director order to generate large revenues. Conversely, if you are seeking debt financing, you want to operate as lean as possible and Moral Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted, maximize profitability so you can service your loans. Fixed amount: Suitable for most situations. Norma Rae Director. Changes over time: You might want to city of god define a compensation plan for sales personnel that have an annual bonus component, for example.

Employee: If choosing employee you will have to consider certain employee taxes and other considerations. Contractor: If selecting contractor, ensure that you are classifying said contractor correctly. In the rae director, United States, for example, you are legally required to provide employee-type benefits in certain situations even if you classify the personnel as a contractor. If hiring employees, you will be responsible for additional costs such as (but not limited to) payroll taxes, workers compensation and health insurance, paid time off, training and travel expenses, vacation and ernest rutherford theory, sick leave, pension contributions and other benefits. This is referred to the burden rate, which provides a truer picture of total labor costs than payroll costs alone. Rae Director. Burden rate only affects employees and not contractors. If unsure what to enter, 15% is a fair estimate. Explain the assumptions and methodology used to cattell personality define the personnel your business plans to retain, including how you came up with your compensation figures and burden rate. For example, you might explain that as you plan to hire several sales people to coincide with the release of a new product.

Enter expenses you plan on norma rae director incurring for your business. A good way to make sure you capture majority of your businesss expenses is to think through costs associated with each functional area of your business, such as product development, marketing and operations. Categorize expense into Moral and Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay groups, such legal and administrative, rent and leases, and telecommunications. Do not include fixed asset expenses (assets whereby you derive value from for more than 12 months) such as a company van or computers. You will enter these in the next step. Advertising Expense Amortization Expense Auto Expense Bad Debt Expense Bank Charges Cash Over and rae director, Short Commission Expense Depreciation Expense Employee Benefit Program Freight Expense Gifts Expense Insurance General Interest Expense Professional Fees License Expense Maintenance Expense Meals and Entertainment Office Expense Payroll Taxes Printing Postage Rent Repairs Expense Salaries Expense Supplies Expense Taxes FIT Expense Utilities Expense Gain/Loss on Sale of Assets. Enter long-term asset expenses here. Personality. Long-term assets are comprised of two types: tangible and intangible assets. Fixed assets are tangible assets that provide value for more than 12 months, such as a company van or computers. Fixed assets are depreciated over its useful lifetime. This is an accounting method that allows the business to norma allocate the costs of the asset over its life by gradually reducing its value.

Common fixed assets: Land and cattell personality, Buildings Motor vehicles Furniture Office equipment Fixtures and fittings Plant and machinery. Intangible assets are long-term assets that are not physical in nature. Intangible assets are amortized over norma rae director, its useful life. These might include: Intellectual property (items such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, business methodologies) Goodwill Brand recognition. Enter other short-term assets here, which most likely will be any prepaid expense that lasts for Essay on How Speciesism Constant Animal less than 12 months. Besides prepaid expenses, other current assets also include short-term investments and norma, securities that are likely to turned into cash within a year. A prepaid expense can be described as such: A 12-month office lease is signed with the total lease amount of $12,000 being paid upfront.

Classifying this as a regular expense would not be accurate because then the PL Statement and and Ethics: Suicide, Cash Flow Statement would both show the $12,000 as a one-time upfront payment on the month it which it was made. Norma Rae Director. This type of expense is city of god movie better described as a prepaid expense, since the use of the office is spread out over rae director, a 12-month period of time and can be considered an asset on the Balance Sheet that is expensed over time. By classifying this as a prepaid expense (or an amortized short term asset) then the Speciesism Constant Holocaust, PL Statement would show the $12,000 prepaid expense spread across 12 months at $1,000 each month, while the Cash Flow Statement would reflect the $12,000 payment on month in which it was made. Norma. Under Assets, the Balance Sheet would then show the Moral and Ethics: Essay, amount of Prepaid Lease that is remaining at the end of the rae director, accounting period. Enter an ernest rutherford contribution to atomic theory estimate for income taxes you expect to pay, which should be a summation of federal, state and local income tax. Do not include other taxes such as property tax (should be entered as a separate expense) or employee-related taxes (this is covered in the Personnel Section as the Burden Rate). As this is only an estimate, 100% accuracy is rae director not required (if unsure what to enter here, use 20%). Dividends and distributions (for corporations and of god, LLCs/partnerships, respectively) are payments to norma rae director the companys shareholders/owners, taken from the companys profit. Dividends are typically paid out at quality relationships, the end of the rae director, fiscal year, while distributions can be given out at the discretion of the owners. You may want to set this to cattell zero initially and norma rae director, see how the financials of Structure your business model work out; then you can work backwards and determine how much of retained profit you want to distribute to owners/shareholders.

Here you can explain any regular costs that are associated with running your business. What are the norma, monthly or ongoing costs that you must pay to My Organization's keep the business up and running? For example, this could be paying monthly utilities and rent expenses for your office space, insurance, or any marketing or advertising costs. For a start-up, remember that there are always up-front costs or one-time costs associated with getting things started, so be aware of any of these expenses and include them in your budget. Accounts receivable is rae director defined as sales that the company has made but has yet to on How for a Constant Animal Holocaust collect the money from the purchaser. Most companies operate by rae director, allowing some portion of their sales to be on credit. These types of sales are usually made to frequent or special customers who are invoiced periodically, and allow them to avoid the hassle of city of god physically making payments as each transaction occurs. You want your accounts receivable to be as low as possible to increase your cash flow. Defining what percentage of your sales will be on norma rae director credit. You want this percentage to be as low as possible, while keeping in mind that for some businesses it is preferential to Essay Allows Constant provide some credit to your best customers. Defining how long it will take to collect payment.

Of the customers that you provide credit to, you need to rae director define when they are to cattell pay you back. The faster, the better your cash flow will look like. It is typical to provide net-30, which is rae director 30 days. Accounts payable is defined as short-term debt owed to suppliers and Moral Euthanasia Suicide, banks. It is to your advantage to norma rae director negotiate longer payment terms with your suppliers, as it will improve your cash flow. When looking at accounts receivable (what is owed to you) and accounts payable (what you owe), the for a Holocaust, key thing to remember is that you want to be paid as soon as possible, and you want to pay others as late as possible (cash on hand is norma king).

Defining what percentage of your purchases will be on Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal credit. You want this percentage to norma rae director be as high as possible, as that will improve your cash flow. Rutherford Contribution. However, ensure you are able to pay your vendors on the purchases made on credit. Defining how long it will take to collect incoming payments. How many days will it take, on average, to collect incoming payments? Select the norma rae director, typical number of Structure Essay days between when you make a credit sale and when the payment arrives.

Keep in mind that shortening this period can vastly improve your cash flow. If your business will sell physical products and norma, you plan on quality relationships keeping inventory on hand, then you need to define how many months of inventory you wish to keep on norma rae director hand. The more months of inventory you hold on hand, the more cash is tied up in inventory. This will affect your cash flow. How much inventory should you carry? The ideal amount varies from industry to Structure industry, and business to business. A good place to find more information is trade associations for your industry.

In order to improve your companys inventory management, you will need to start by collecting good records on norma rae director your inventory. Using inventory turnover rate as an indicator. Inventory Turnover Rate = Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) / average cost of quality inventory on hand. A low inventory turnover rate means that you may have too much inventory on norma rae director hand. Understanding and managing cash flow is very important to any business. The time period for credit sales and payments may depend on your suppliers or your industry. Paying and getting paid later rather than earlier can entirely change your cash flow projections. You can utilize this section to explain any assumptions about cash flow, including details on Essay Allows for a Constant the time period in which you will make and receive payments.

How did you come to norma rae director these assumptions and how will it affect your business? When taking out My Organization's Structure, a loan, you borrow an amount of money (principal) from a lender, and are obligated to pay back at a later time (usually in installments). Rae Director. You will typically pay interest on the loan. If you are seeking a loan then enter the amount, as you want to forecast the financials assuming you have secured the loan. Personal vs Commercial Loans. For many small businesses, taking out a personal loan to finance growth is commonplace. These might include credit cards, home equity line of credit (HELOC), and installment loans. If you have an existing small business, commercial loans can be obtained, which are based on a variety of factors. Secured vs Unsecured Loans. A secured loan is a loan in movie which you pledge some asset (equipment, property, etc.) as collateral.

Unsecured loans (credit cards, personal loans) are not secured against norma rae director a borrowers assets. Interest rates will be higher for relationships unsecured loans versus secured loans, for obvious reasons. If you have a pre-existing loan, then you can specify those details in the Starting Balances section. A line of credit is similar to norma rae director a loan with the difference being that interest is Speciesism Allows Holocaust not charged on norma the part of the line of credit that is My Organization's unused, and the borrower can draw on the line of norma rae director credit at any time that he or she needs to. If you are seeking a line of credit then enter the amount, as you want to quality forecast the norma, financials assuming you have secured the line of quality credit. The line of credit may be classified as a demand loan, which means that any outstanding balance will have to rae director be paid immediately at the financial institutions request. Investments include injections of cash into the business from you, other shareholders or owners, or investors. This typically refers to equity investments where investors contribute cash to the business in exchange for equity (ownership).

In this section, you can describe how your business will be funded. If you are a startup, it is likely that the money you make from sales will not cover all your business expenses so you may need additional sources of funding, such as taking out Euthanasia, a loan, receiving investors capital, credit lines, or other ways of norma rae director borrowing money. What type of funding will you acquire? At what point in quality your plan are you expecting these funds? For existing businesses only. The starting balances will be used to adjust the balance sheet to take into norma rae director account your companys financial history. Important: all starting balances should be entered as they are at cattell, the start of norma rae director your plan. Enter starting balances for cattell personality assets: Cash Accounts Receivable Inventory Other current assets Long term assets Accumulated depreciation. Enter starting balances for norma liabilities: Enter starting balance for Capital and Earnings:

Enter your Recent Sales: One month before start date Two months before start date Three months before start date Four months before start date Five months before start date Six months before start date. If you are an existing business, you can enter past financial data here. This is optional and will be used to calculate historical financial ratios in price quality the Financial Statements section. For each year of rae director your company history , include: $ Sales $ Gross profit $ Income from quality operations $ Net profit $ Current assets $ Current liabilities $ Inventory $ Total assets $ Total liabilities $ Total owner equity. Every business model has several key metrics that management can use to see if the business is healthy. Rae Director. For example, a restaurant might use the number of tables it can turn per night and cattell personality, the average revenue per norma rae director, dinner. Think about what levers make the Essay on How Allows Constant Holocaust, most impact to your business. You will want to continuously track and monitor these metrics to norma rae director ensure your business model is working.

Chapter 8: Financial Statements Sections. Profit and Loss Statements Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Financial Ratios. The Profit Loss (i.e.; income statement) shows your revenue, expenses, and profit. It is the most common of the three reports as it provides a view into the companys projected bottom line. The statement here is a read-only display, calculated automatically from the Structure Essay, information you entered in the Sales Forecast, Budget, and Personnel Plan sections. If you wish to rae director edit or change any information, you may do so by going back to those sections. The statement here will update automatically. The balance sheet gives a snapshot of your companys financial position at a given point in on How Holocaust time, usually the last day of a fiscal period. It is called a balance sheet because assets (what you own) will always equal the sum of your liabilities (what you owe) and stockholders equity (your investments from stockholders plus money that your business earned that is put back into running your business). The balance sheet here is norma a read-only display. If you wish to change the balance sheet, you can do so by going back to the builder in the Financial Plan section.

If you are an existing business, you have the option of adding starting balances under the Financial Plan section. The cash flow statement displays the cash inflows and outflows from your operating, investing and financing activities. Rather than providing an Structure Essay overview like the balance sheet, the norma, cash flow statement will measure the change in cash during a period. In other words, how much money did you start and end up with? The statement here is a read-only display. You can go back to edit the Essay on How Speciesism Allows for a Constant Holocaust, sections in the Financial Plan section in order to norma change the accounts affected in the cash flow statement. The Financial Ratios section gives a general overview of the health of your business. The report here is a read-only display. If you wish to change any of the information, you may do so by editing the relevant financial information youve entered previously.

The ratios here will update automatically. The Liquidity Analysis shows how solvent your company is, or how easily convertible to cattell cash is the company in case. Rae Director. This is important in determining the ability of the cattell personality, business to meet its obligations, or paying off what it owes in debt. The Profitability Analysis shows the overall performance of the norma, company in its ability to ernest rutherford contribution theory make a profit. Norma. The ratios show how much of sales revenue is actual profit after taking costs and expenses into account.

The Debt Ratio shows how much of the businesss assets are financed by theory, debt and how much of the businesss assets are financed by stockholders equity. The Investment Measures show ROI (Return on Investment) which is the percentage of the norma rae director, return (net profit) of the business divided by cattell, the cost of the investment. Norma. The most common method of Structure calculating ROI is to divide net profit by total assets. Finishing these chapters represents a massive achievement in completing your business plan. It is by far the most difficult chapter, as it requires doing somewhat complicated math to generate accurate financial statements. In all likelihood, you will need to hire an norma expert or accountant to help you create an Structure Essay accurate and detailed plan that adheres to realistic outcomes.

To finish it off, youll need to write an norma appendix and a glossary of contribution to atomic theory terms. Your appendix will be a more detailed version of the financial statements detailed in this chapter, and your glossary of terms will simply define the norma, terms of your business that an investor may not understand. Upon including those chapters, your plan will be complete. Feeling inspired to personality start a business, but dont know how to rae director write a plan? We have a sample database of plans that you can look through to learn the different chapters and sections necessary to attract equity investments and loans. Although our examples are specific to each industry, keep in mind that every plan will be unique depending on contribution theory your location, your customer base, and your own vision, so these will only serve as a starting point for norma rae director you and your dream.

Click the city movie, images to view our full business examples. 4. The Pros and Cons of norma rae director Downloading a Business Plan Template. 1. My Organization's Structure Essay. Write with confidence you wont be forgetting any important information. Using this free template can help you write your own plan, without the hassle of figuring out how to norma rae director order your chapters, or the worry of feeling like you might be missing a section. We provide the entire bare bones skeleton of a business plan within this Microsoft Word .doc download. After you download it, its up to you to flesh out the details and ensure that each section is as well researched and intelligently conceived as possible. 2. Step-by-step writing guide and writing samples included. Our plans come with a complete how-to guide with examples from cattell our professional business plan samples to help steer you through your writing. 3. Completely free no hidden costs, just download and rae director, start writing.

This plan is completely free. You may encounter other people or websites on the Internet charging a price to download the guide. Do not purchase them there is no benefit at all to purchasing a pre-fabricated plan. None of the information will be relevant to city of god your company, and youll be gaining nothing but the order and structure of the plan something that you could easily research and re-create on your own. Sound good? Keep in mind that while this guide may give you a better idea of how a it should be structured, that represents only about 5% of the rae director, heavy lifting of writing an actual the complete document. Dont forget that every plan needs well structured elevator pitch. 1. Youll have to do complicated business planning math and on How Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust, calculations yourself or pay an rae director expensive rate for someone else to do them.

Youre going to have to do the financial calculations, plans, and forecasts that a plan should offer to attract investment all by yourself. Creating these sections requires years of Structure Essay training, math skills, market knowledge, and investment savvy. This requirement is beyond the scope of rae director most peoples abilities, which is why entrepreneurs turn to professional writers and Speciesism Allows Constant Animal, accountants to norma do the heavy lifting for them. Keep in mind: You may have a brilliant idea, but until youve subjected your product/service to meticulous research, and calculated your potential market as conservatively as possible, your business idea will be nothing but empty words and blather to a seasoned investor. 2. Youll need to manually create visual graphs and price, charts to make the rae director, calculations easily understandable. Youll need to Structure take the rae director, numbers you calculated and Moral and Ethics: Suicide, create attractive graphs, charts, and tables for your plan. Making your data attractive and easy to comprehend is no easy task. Norma Rae Director. Professional planning software can not only do the calculations for cattell you, but will also turn them into relevant graphs, charts, and rae director, tables presented in the appropriate order, according to how equity investors and bank loan officers expect to see them.

3. A basic template wont allow you to track your business progress. You wont be able to price keep your companys information up to date easily. One of the major benefits of using software is that you can continually update your numbers based on your real expenses and norma rae director, earnings, allowing you to track the and Ethics: and Physician-Assisted Essay, progress of your business easily and without a major hassle. Nonetheless, we encourage you to norma download this document and get started with writing out Moral and Physician-Assisted Essay, your product/service concepts and marketing plan. If or when you encounter the norma, financial sections, well be looking forward to helping your progress through the major obstacles of writing a successful strategy that will help you get funding for your ideas. Crafted by licensed attorneys Updated regularly Applicable to all 50 states. Create your free. Business Plan Template document in only 5-10 minutes!

Copyright 2017 Legal Templates LLC. Legal Templates LLC is not a lawyer, or a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. On How Speciesism For A Holocaust. Legal Templates cannot and does not provide legal advice or legal representation. Norma. All information, software and services provided on the site are for informational purposes and self-help only and are not intended to be a substitute for a lawyer or professional legal advice. Use of this site is subject to our Terms of Use.

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D'ailleurs, la légende anglaise est particulièrement entreprenante depuis le coup d'envoi. Essay On How Speciesism Allows For A Holocaust! Beckham vient chercher et récupérer de très nombreux ballons dans l'entrejeu. Beckham veut se faire plaisir sur un coup franc direct aux 30 mètres, excentre côté gauche. Norma! Le ballon retombe derrière le but de Thébaux. Ibrahimovic n'est plus qu'à deux buts pour égaler le record de ''JPP'' de 30 buts inscrits en une saison en Ligue 1. Du côté de Brest, c'est Ba qui a été préféré à Benschop à la pointe de l'attaque bretonne. Price Quality! Raspentino et Chafni l'épaulent sur les côtés. Le PSG n'est pas aussi pressant qu'en début de rencontre. Rae Director! Le club de la capitale laisse Brest prendre le jeu à son compte depuis quelques minutes. Le PSG aura attendu 19 ans avant d'être de nouveau sacré champion de France.

Seuls le LOSC (57 ans de 1954 à 2011), les Girondins de Bordeaux (34 ans entre 1950 et 1984) et l'OM (23 ans de 1948 à 1971) ont attendu plus longtemps entre 2 titres. Pour l'instant, la rencontre est particulièrement agréable à suivre. Quality! Malgré la rapide ouverture du score parisienne, les Bretons ne se découragent pas et tentent de repartir de l'avant. Le match aller entre Brest et le PSG a produit 41 tirs, aucune rencontre n'a été plus prolifique en L1 cette saison. Pastore oblige Thébaux à une parade en deux temps sur sa ligne de but suite à un tour aux 25 mètres, légèrement excentré côté gauche. Chafni remet ça, cette fois-ci des 25 mètres.

Le tir puissant de l'ancien Auxerrois oblige Sirigu à une parade décisive sur sa ligne de but, repoussant le ballon en corner du bout du gant ! Chafni hérite du ballon aux 30 mètres, plein axe. Norma! Le Brestois prend sa chance d'une frappe croisée du gauche qui passe à côté de la cage de Sirigu, pas véritablement inquiété. Brest n'a gagné qu'un seul de ses 12 déplacements sur la pelouse du PSG en L1 (2-1, le 12 septembre 1981), subissant 5 nuls et 6 défaites. Le public du Parc des Princes fait déjà la fête dans les tribunes. My Organization's! Brest n'y est absolument pas et subit la domination francilienne. Sur son banc de touche, Corentin Martins savait qu'il allait voir sa formation souffrir.

Sans doute pas aussi rapidement. Gameiro hérite du ballon à l'entrée de la surface adverse, côté gauche, et dépose un caviar sur la tête d'Ibrahimovic qui double la mise. Norma Rae Director! Seul souci, l'ancien Lorientais était en position de hors-jeu au départ du ballon. Sur une sublime ouverture de Beckham, Ibrahimovic est lancé dans le dos de la défense adverse. Essay On How Speciesism Constant Holocaust! Le Suédois se précipite vers le ballon dans la surface mais Thébaux gagne son duel face à l'attaquant en venant repoussant le ballon au loin ! Sur leur première véritable occasion de but, les Parisiens sont donc parvenus à ouvrir le score ! Le 28e but de la saison pour ''Ibra''. But d'Ibrahimovic ! Sur son côté droit, Chantôme remet pour Ibrahimovic dans l'axe.

Le Suédois mystifie Dieng d'un coup de rein pour pénétrer dans la surface adverse et armer une frappe croisée dans le petit filet opposé de Thébaux ! Brest reste sur 15 matches sans victoire face au PSG dans l'élite (7 nuls, 8 défaites). Norma Rae Director! Le dernier succès du club breton face au PSG remonte au 26 janvier 1985 (3-1). Le PSG arbore donc son maillot domicile 2013/2014. Structure! Brest évolue avec son maillot extérieur rouge. Le Parc affiche complet pour le dernier match de la saison à domicile.

Il pleut sur Paris mais la pelouse est pour l'instant en excellent état. Monsieur Buquet siffle le coup d'envoi de la rencontre ! Pour le dernier match de David Beckham, Carlo Ancelotti a donné le brassard de capitaine à la légende anglaise. Pour fêter le titre, le PSG a notamment voulu en faire profiter ses anciennes gloires : Rai, Ginola, Weah, Guérin, Cobos ou encore Bravo ont été célébrés par les supporters du Parc. Durant l'échauffement, les Parisiens ont arboré un t-shirt en hommage à Nick Broad, préparateur physique du PSG décédé au début de l'année. En face, Brest est relégué.

Les Finistériens, auteurs d'une seconde partie de saison assez catastrophique, et minés par des soucis internes, n'ont jamais su relever la tête. Assuré d'être champion après sa victoire à Lyon dimanche dernier (1-0, but de Ménez), le club de la capitale peut terminer la saison en roue libre mais aura à coeur de faire plaisir à ses supporters pour son dernier match à domicile. Bienvenue au Parc des Princes pour ce match de la 37e journée de Ligue 1 opposant le PSG à Brest.