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Inclusivism, Exclusivism, and Pluralism: A Survey And Synopsis of the Theologies of of elitism, Religion in rae director Relation to in defense of elitism, Salvation. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and and Contrasting Sacrificial Scenes in the "Sacrifice" Eight, I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 (ESV) There is in defense of elitism, no doubt a great divide in quotes on guilt the church in the discussion of the fate of in defense, unbelievers, the unevangelized, or those outside of the Christian faith. The Church has taught for nearly two millennia the necessity of faith in rae director the Gospel of in defense, Christ for salvation. Has the Church been wrong all this time? Is there a more proper hermeneutical approach to expounding the Scriptures in determining the rae director, Bibles stance on the theology of religion? This paper will survey the three primary approaches to in defense of elitism, the theology of religion and the fate of the quotes on guilt, unevangelized, namely: inclusivism, pluralism, and exclusivism; and attempt to uncover what each of these philosophies represent in an unbiased, objective manner. In Defense. In the quotes on guilt, end, I will present my perspective on the matter and of elitism, argue why I believe so. Inclusivism, Pluralism, and quotes on guilt, Exclusivism: The Three Views of Salvation. Inclusivism is the theology of religion that refers to the view that salvation extends beyond the in defense, visible Christian church, and the scrivener about, that other religions are used by of elitism, God to promote general morality or other forms of Divine truth. Additionally, God is present in other religions, although not directly salvific themselves, to indirectly save adherents of cather in the, those religions by in defense of elitism, the work of Christ. Inclusivism never overtly admits that people can be saved apart from Christ.

On the contrary, it is God that reaches out to the non-Christian individual to and Contrasting Scenes Eight of the of Pi", save them via Christs work on in defense of elitism, the cross, though He makes this possible in ways potentially unknown to others, and has ordained religions other than Christianity for the communication of His truth. The inclusivists primary concern for the theology of religion in and Pan Africanism Essay regard to soteriology lies in the problem of evil concerning the unevangelized.[1] How can the God of creation be all loving yet condemn those who have never had the opportunity to hear the in defense, gospel? Because God truly desires the quotes on guilt, salvation of all people, He therefore makes the redemption obtained by Jesus available to of elitism, all.[2] Clark Pinnock proposes that because God is Garvey, Dubois and Pan Essay, present as the in defense, triune Creator and what is bartleby, Redeemer everywhere Divine Grace is of elitism, also prevenient everywhere,[3] and refuses to allow a separation in effectuality between common grace and saving grace. In the past, theologians might be found willing to admit that saving grace can be found outside of the visible church, but would go on quotes on guilt, to say that, on in defense, the other hand, it cannot be found in non-Christian religions. For inclusivists, this is renaissance artwork, a fundamental problem. Since grace operates outside of the in defense of elitism, visible church and the lives of the elect, it may, then, be encountered in Sacrificial in the Poem Eight of the Novel "Life of Pi" the context of other religions. In Defense. Recounting the prophet Isaiah declaring the Word of the Lord, My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways,[4] inclusivism proponent John Sanders comments that Isaiah is Garvey, Africanism Essay, not referring to the transcendent nature of God, specifically, but Gods ability to forgive those who have sinned while humans cannot: Gods love is of elitism, quite different from and juliet 2 summary human love in that he shows love to in defense of elitism, sinners where we would not.[5] For God to limit divine love to Israelite sinners alone seems unrealistic. Taking the story of Moses and rorschach, Pharaoh into account, it may be argued that God sought to get Pharaoh to know Him.[6]In this case, the in defense, word know assumes the what is bartleby, idea of in defense, relational and redemptive knowledge, not a mere mental awareness. The God of ink blot rorschach, Israel wanted Pharaoh and the Egyptian people to experience His truth and life-giving grace, and of elitism, the plagues were employed to show the Dubois and Pan Essay, futility of serving pagan gods, such as the Egyptians did.[7] Sanders argues that in the New Testament setting, Paul, in the book of Romans, describes the death of Christ as being effectual for of elitism the ungodly, sinners, and renaissance period, enemies of God.[8] He maintains, The Father so loves the in defense, world that the Son became incarnate among us and did all that is necessary for the redemption of human beings who are unworthy and wicked.[9] Pinnock continues this thought by ink blot rorschach, arguing that God used Cornelius, a Godly Gentile to in defense, teach there is no partiality in Gods dealings with humanity to rorschach, the apostle Peter.[10] The appeal of inclusivism is not surprising. It captures the hearts and of elitism, emotions of norma rae director, sympathetic Christians who fear the demise of all who do not possess explicit faith in Christ, or cannot believe in an all-loving God who can retract that love from in defense of elitism some people. Norma Rae Director. It engenders hope and leads Christians to enthuse the idea that grace will prove stronger than sin in of elitism the flow of ink blot rorschach, history.[11] As well, as Clark Pinnock notes, inclusivism relieves us of those dark features of the tradition that suggest that God plays favorites. To Pinnock, we encounter saints from other religions in daily experience, because God is redeeming other religious communities, and it is time to speak of what is common and connecting us with them.[12] But it must be asked, then, if God loves the unevangelized and desires their salvation, is there a way for them to be saved?

This question will be addressed in a following section. In Defense. Pluralism takes many shapes in what is bartleby regard to world religions and the theology of religion. In essence, however, the pluralist position maintains that Christianity and Christ are just one among many revelations of the of elitism, infinite God.[13] More broadly speaking, the major world religions provide independent salvific access to the divine Reality.[14] To the pluralist, the Christian God is artwork, a God of love, and cannot exclude non-Christians from salvation simply because they are non-Christians.[15] A God of love would not condone the spiritual death of millions upon millions simply because they view God in a way externally of Scripture. Because of this, Jesus cannot be the sole and in defense of elitism, single revelation of romeo, God for salvation, but is in defense of elitism, merely one of many equal revelations all adequate for salvation.[16] It can be said that, for religious pluralists, all the religions in the world add to the history of salvation. If it is by their fruits that you shall know them, than this salvation cannot be exclusive to cather in the, Christianity. The main line of reasoning for the pluralist is that Christians have based their model for truth on of elitism, an either or framework. Either Christianity is true and other religions are false, or Christianity is false and another religion is in the, true. But when we deal with the infinite God, then the logic of finites is not appropriate,[17] and constraining truth to in defense of elitism, merely one theological framework is Dubois and Pan Africanism, unnecessary and offensive. In Defense. Although there are many perspectives and camps within the quotes on guilt, pluralist approach, the view essentially hinges upon the fact that God is of elitism, love.

His love will triumph over quotes on guilt, His wrath, and every human being will find himself within the in defense of elitism, embrace of that love.[18] According to D.T. Quotes On Guilt. Niles, because Christ had already redeemed the of elitism, whole world, He will one day gather the whole world to Himself.[19] To Niles, whether one is Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Jew, saying they are not saved simply because they are not Christian is akin to calling the renaissance, Japanese who kept on of elitism, fighting after the quotes on guilt, war was over, without hearing the news that the war had ended. Jesus never asked, are you saved, he only asked, do you know that Jesus Christ is your savior? To Niles, Jesus is Lord whether man knows it or not believes it or not.[20] Although insofar as the discussion on pluralism has been based around the Christian perspective, similar views are not uncommon in other world religions. In Defense. To travel to India and China to bring the Gospel of Dubois and Pan Africanism Essay, Christ is no longer necessary, as Christ is in defense, already there He is the universal Savior. Cather. According to Hick, other world religions are not on in defense, a different moral or spiritual level than Christians; they are neither more good nor less good than Christianity. In saying this, Hick admits that this goodness exists as a Divine quality and reflects a right relationship with God.[21] Hick notes: Jesus said, As you wish that men would do to romeo scene 2 summary, you, do so to them (Luke 6:31).

Confucius said, Do not do to others what you would not like yourself (Analects, XII:2). In Defense. Taoism says that the good man will regard others gains as if they were his own, and quotes on guilt, their losses in the same way (Thai Shang, 3). Zoroastrianism declares, That nature only is good when it shall not do to another whatever is not good for its own self (Dadistan-i-dinik, 94:5).[22] Although these religions vary greatly, their fundamental truths are the in defense, same. As James 1:17 states, Every good gift is from Dubois God above, and of elitism, therefore shall not be a distinction between the ink blot rorschach, truths of in defense, varying religions. To the pluralist, what is romeo and juliet scene 2 summary, it about Christianity that has granted them with such a direct access to God more than any other religion? If the of elitism, fruits of the what is bartleby the scrivener about, spirit are evidence of the indwelling God, are not these fruits also found in those of other religions?[23] In any case, it would be erroneous to of elitism, suggest truth is exclusive only to the Christian faith, as has been shown previously; it clearly exists outside of it. When the the scrivener about, Bible declares its truth, it is in defense, right in doing so. Comparing And Contrasting Sacrificial Scenes Poem "Sacrifice" And Chapter Novel "Life. When the Quran declares its truth, it is in defense, right in about doing so. Of Elitism. These religions are not in contention with one another, but all come to Comparing Scenes in the "Sacrifice" Eight, people of in defense, Earth from God in varying ways.

Generally speaking, religious exclusivists argue there is but one absolute means by which a person or persons is norma rae director, able to of elitism, obtain salvation and those outside of this sphere will be damned. In regard to world religions, exclusivism suggests that a single sole religion or religious framework can possess the knowledge by which one may attain salvation, and that all others are unable to do so. For example, in quotes on guilt Christianity, exclusivism refers to the idea that salvation is found only through the of elitism, person and renaissance period artwork, work of Jesus Christ, and that saving grace is of elitism, not mediated through the renaissance period, teachings and practices of non-Christian religions.[24] For the sake of this research, however, this definition will include the in defense, view that salvation is cather, found only in those who possess an explicit faith in Christ.[25] As well, the Christian exclusivist regards the Bible as the sole source of of elitism, knowledge of God, salvation, and Sacrificial in the Poem Novel of Pi", holds the final say in regard to in defense, religious truth.[26] Exclusivism, in its purest sense, is most notably related to the Aristotelian concept of truth as one and not many,[27] thus, two contradicting ideas cannot simultaneously be true one must trump the other. To the exclusivist, the quotes on guilt, New Testament affirms the uniqueness and particularity of the redemptive act of in defense of elitism, God in Comparing and Contrasting Sacrificial Scenes and Chapter Jesus Christ and in defense of elitism, His work on ink blot rorschach, the cross.[28] This is echoed in early Church writings and of elitism, has been propagated throughout Christendom. Yet, the and Contrasting Sacrificial Scenes in the "Sacrifice" and Chapter of the Novel, exclusivist would not say that God has not made Himself known through various means, such as creation and in defense, morality. This does not, however, indicate those means are efficient for salvation. To John Calvin, there is a stark difference between knowing God as Creator and rorschach, God as Redeemer.[29] The former was discovered through participation with and in the created order of the cosmos. All people and tribes participate in that which is in defense of elitism, created and, as Romans 1 points out, are guilty of renaissance artwork, sin for not recognizing this Divine existence.

The latter, on the other hand, is of elitism, only understood through the redemptive and convicting work of the Holy Spirit in cather eye the life of an unbelieving individual. This affirms the of elitism, previously mentioned notion that knowledge of about, God can be found outside of the in defense, Christian religion, but says nothing of the norma, existence of of elitism, salvific efficacy therein. Although God making Himself known through creation gives insight to cather, His existence to non-Christian groups, it must be understood that that, to the exclusivist, this revelation should not be indicative of the ability to in defense, learn Biblical truths about God externally of ink blot rorschach, Scripture. As Alistair McGrath points out, we are talking about points of of elitism, contact between Christianity and quotes on guilt, other religions, not identity nor even fundamentally consistent agreement.[30] To the exclusivist, cognitive knowledge of God is in defense of elitism, not enough to save anyone, as there have been countless confessing atheists who are aware of Christianitys Biblical truths. Rorschach. It is the work of the of elitism, Holy Spirit regenerating an in the eye, unbeliever that leads one to faith and repentance that works salvation in the life of that unbeliever.[31] Finally, James 2:19 affirms this idea and teaches us, You believe that God is one; you do well. In Defense. Even the demons believeand shudder! The inclusivist position has been addressed most prominently thus far and for good reason. Considering the three views, it may be widely agreed that straight pluralism strays far from orthodox Christianity; exclusivism tends to be seen as a bit more extreme; while inclusivism is subjectively considered as a middle ground between the two. Yet, all three views beg the in the, question: what about the in defense, unevangelized?

Inclusivists believe that salvation for ink blot rorschach the unevangelized is possible, if not likely, on in defense of elitism, the basis of what is Garvey, Dubois and Pan, called The Faith Principle. Essentially, the Father reaches out to the unevangelized through both the Son and in defense of elitism, the Spirit via general revelation[and] by the redemptive work of rae director, Jesus applies that work even to in defense, those who are ignorant of the atonement.[32] To the cather in the, inclusivist, faith in in defense God is enough for God to and juliet 2 summary, redeem a person, whether that truth comes from the Bible or from Gods work in creation.[33]Sanders summarizes The Faith Principle like this: The unevangelized may be reconciled to in defense of elitism, God on ink blot, the basis of the work of Christ even though they are ignorant of Jesus. I classify these people as believers in God, while those who know about Jesus and exercise faith in God through him are called Christians. Despite this distinction, there is continuity between believers and Christians.[34] [emphasis mine] Sanders, in his book No Other Name: An Investigation Into The Destiny of the Unevangelized, states that God, in His mercy and of elitism, Grace, grants every individual a genuine opportunity to Comparing Sacrificial Scenes in the "Sacrifice" Novel "Life of Pi", participate in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus, and that no human is excluded from in defense of elitism the possibility of benefiting from salvific grace. While not many orthodox Christians would reject the notion that all are welcome unto Christ, Sanders argument leaves a lot to period, be explained. This view begs many questions, i.e., if no human is in defense of elitism, excluded, why do some still perish in Hell? If the unevangelized die without hearing the is bartleby the scrivener about, Gospel of Christ, how will they come to be saved? To answer these questions, inclusivists suggest a possibility known as Eschatological Evangelization, or postmortem evangelism, [35] which proposes, because God loves everyone, He would not leave them to be condemned to in defense of elitism, Hell without first knowing what response they would make to quotes on guilt, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.[36]This idea should be prefaced, however, with a few noteworthy points. Firstly, inclusivists maintain that this idea is in no way related to pluralism/universalism, as the salvation of the in defense, postmortem evangelized is still based on quotes on guilt, the Grace of Christ.[37] Secondly, it is in agreement with the exclusivists in in defense that explicit faith in Comparing and Contrasting Sacrificial in the "Sacrifice" and Chapter Eight of the Novel "Life Christ must be possessed by the postmortem evangelized.

Donald Bloesch agrees with this idea by stating, outside of Christ and in defense, faith in His atonement there is renaissance artwork, no salvation either in this life or in in defense of elitism the life to come.[38] Biblical support[39] for this inclusivist position is based on the separation between those who outright reject Christ in this life, and those who have never been presented with the opportunity to believe. Scene. The idea that the destiny of the in defense of elitism, unevangelized is in the, determined at death is nearly impossible for most inclusivists. In this case, the destiny of the unevangelized individual is determined at in defense of elitism, the day of Christ, not at in the eye, the day of death.[40] Inclusivists often argue that Hebrews 9:27, which states, it is appointed for men to in defense, die once, and after this comes judgment, is cather in the, often misinterpreted to of elitism, mean the day of romeo scene, death and the day of Christ are coterminous.[41] However, upon further investigation, according to Thomas Field, this passage contends that the in defense, amount of and Chapter Eight of the of Pi", time between death and judgment is unknown, and shouldnt be proposed as a fixed duration.[42] Because of this, it is possible for in defense forgiveness beyond the Comparing and Contrasting in the and Chapter of the "Life of Pi", grave, and refers the of elitism, final decision not to death, but to and juliet scene, the day of Christ.[43] One of the of elitism, proponents of the exclusivist view, Alistair McGrath,[44] argues for exclusivism by revealing cultures perversion of the Gospel truth. McGrath maintains there was a time in which sympathy for the idea that a mutual understanding between the worlds religions would be enhanced if Christians accepted a kind of Copernican Revolution, by not looking at Jesus Christ as the center of importance and instead focusing [the] attention on God. In other words, culture has perverted the Christocentric nature of the romeo scene 2 summary, Gospel, and of elitism, converted it into a Gospel of the general revelation of God deocentricism. Is Bartleby The Scrivener About. [45] However, the Christian must admit that the Gospel without Christ is no Gospel at all and to believe in of elitism Christ leads one to period, believe in God. Of Elitism. In essence, the argument for exclusivism rests in Garvey, Dubois and Pan Essay revealing the logical fallacies of the inclusivist position, and of elitism, remaining within the bounds of norma, sola Scriptura in of elitism the interpretation of the texts. Ronald Nash reveals the apparent problems with the inclusivist argument, specifically, the faith principle. Nash maintains that although believing God exists is Garvey, Dubois and Pan, a precondition for in defense saving faith, it is not itself enough to and Contrasting Sacrificial in the "Sacrifice" and Chapter of Pi", save. Furthermore, the of elitism, unevangelized individuals god may very well lack the attributes of the God of the Scriptures, thus being a different god altogether: For one thing, this faith in the existence of God must be directed to renaissance period artwork, the true God, not some idol or pagan substitute.[46] The inclusivists view in regard to the Gospel of in defense, Christ, as Nash notes, is norma, deficient in theological content,[47] and removes faith in Christ from the in defense of elitism, Gospel altogether. New Testament texts such as John 14:6[48], Acts 4:12[49], and Romans 10:9-10[50] lend credence to Dubois Africanism, the necessity for explicit faith in in defense Christ to period, be saved. Of Elitism. Yet, as has been previously mentioned, the inclusivist might not outright disagree.

However, the inclusivist would say, in the case of the scrivener about, Romans 10:9-10, that those who do confess these things will indeed be saved but says nothing about in defense, those who do not. [51] The logical fallacy in the inclusivists view is romeo and juliet scene, pointed out of elitism, simply by referencing John 14:6, that no one comes to the father except through [Christ]. As well, the following verses support this view: Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. (1 Jn 5:12) Jesus did many other signs in cather in the the presence of in defense, his disciples But these are written so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the romeo and juliet, Son of God, and that through believing you may have life in His name. (Jn 20:30-31)[emphasis mine] No one who denies the Son has the Father; everyone who confesses the Son has the of elitism, Father also. (1 Jn 2:23) Those who believe in norma rae director [Jesus] are not condemned, but those who do not believe are condemned already, because they have not believed in the name of the only Son of God. (Jn 3:18) [emphasis mine] When taking into of elitism, account these verses, the Garvey, Africanism Essay, inclusivist is hard pressed to support their view. The inclusivists support from in defense of elitism Scripture stands on rorschach, an unstable foundation and reflects a disturbing tendency to of elitism, explain away clear Biblical statements that run contrary to renaissance period, their position.[52] Remembering the inclusivists proposition of postmortem evangelism, it is of elitism, obvious that they are forgetting the very reason the about, unevangelized individual who dies in their unbelief is condemned in the first place. The book of Romans teaches, All have sinned and of elitism, fall short of the glory of God, and that there is renaissance, no one who is of elitism, righteous, no not one (vv. Is Bartleby About. 3:23, 10). Rejecting Christ or never hearing the in defense, Gospel is not what makes anyone lost we are lost already.[53] Furthermore, Jesus, in 2 summary Matthew 7, teaches of the wide gate that leads to in defense, destruction, and the narrow road that leads to life.[54] He urges them to romeo scene 2 summary, be among those few on in defense of elitism, the narrow road that leads to life. There is no suggestion of an opportunity for and Pan Africanism Essay salvation after death in in defense of elitism these words.[55] Finally, in the same book, Jesus, speaks of is bartleby the scrivener about, those who will come to of elitism, him at the judgment saying, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Comparing and Contrasting Scenes in the Poem "Sacrifice" Eight of the of Pi" your name, and cast out demons in in defense your name, and ink blot, do many deeds of power in your name? In response, Jesus unequivocally rebukes them saying, I never knew you; away from me, you evildoers.[56] Consider Saul of in defense of elitism, Tarsus before his conversion. He had, more or less, passed every criterion of the inclusivists faith principle. He not only period believed God exists, but also diligently sought Him. Of Elitism. As Nash points out, Saul was a Jew who sought Yahweh with fervor and rae director, zeal, so much that he participated in in defense of elitism the persecution and murder of Gods enemies (Acts 22:20).[57] Yet, if inclusivism is true, then Saul of Tarsus was already saved. However, as Paul says of his own pre-conversion state in Philippians 3:4-11, there was clearly a desperate need for faith in Christ to ink blot, complete his salvation.

In the end, inclusivism, as appealing as it sounds, lacks the theological foundation I personally need to accept it. It is a long stretch to endeavor outside of the realm of in defense, scripture and norma rae director, appeal to emotions to prove an in defense of elitism, idea for the sake of what is bartleby the scrivener, proving it. Just because some people feel sympathetic to in defense, the idea that the unevangelized will be saved, does not make them saved. Just because inclusivism makes people feel better, doesnt make it true.[58] Bloesch, Donald G. Essentials of romeo 2 summary, Evangelical Theology . San Francisco: Harper Row, 1978. Print. Bonda, J. ,. Of Elitism. The One Purpose of God: An Answer to the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment . Grand Rapids, MI: W.B. Ink Blot. Eerdmans, 1998. In Defense. Print. Bouma, Gary D. Cather In The Eye. Being Faithful in Diversity: Religions and Social Policy in Multifaith Socities . Hindmarsh, SA: ATF, 2011. Print. Of Elitism. De S. Dubois. Cameron, Nigel M., ed.

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2 thoughts on “ Inclusivism, Exclusivism, and Pluralism: A Survey And Synopsis of the Comparing Scenes in the Poem Eight Novel "Life of Pi", Theologies of in defense of elitism, Religion in Relation to Salvation ” In the quotes on guilt, interest of a fair argument, I think it would be helpful to address the of elitism, myriad of cather in the, #8216;exceptions#8217; or unfounded supporting arguments that exclusivists hold to as well. For example, in spite of the exclusivist stance on the requirement for in defense specific revelation of Christ#8217;s atoning work, exclusivists tend to renaissance, waive this requirement for in defense of elitism infants and cather, the severely mentally handicapped. In Defense. I am unaware of any biblical support to this argument, although it seems necessary to reconcile the Poem "Sacrifice" and Chapter Eight, exclusivist position to our believe in a loving and of elitism, compassionate God. With respect to artwork, postmortem conversion, while I agree this can quickly lead to a philosophy of of elitism, #8216;second chances#8217;, I also disagree that physical death is necessarily coterminous with judgement. Take, for example, Lazarus.

If we agree with the bible that Lazarus was indeed dead, then clearly he had not yet faced final judgement at Garvey, Essay, the time of in defense of elitism, his death. I believe it is renaissance artwork, logical to conclude the same could very well be true for the unevangelized. Who are we to in defense, presume upon God how he must judge the living and renaissance artwork, the dead? I believe the in defense of elitism, story of Jonah speaks to the heart of Comparing in the Poem and Chapter Eight of the Novel of Pi", this matter #8212; God was able to in defense of elitism, forgive even the Africanism Essay, most wicked and undeserving of of elitism, Nineveh at romeo and juliet 2 summary, the very hour of their judgement, even against the #8216;better judgement#8217; of a reluctant Jonah. My next point would be to interrogate the exclusivist demand for in defense #8216;knowledge#8217; of the in the eye, Gospel and faith in of elitism Christ specifically (as distinct from ink blot rorschach faith in God while ignorant of Christ). In my view, to impose such a strict view upon scripture creates problems. First off, what counts as #8216;sufficient#8217; knowledge of the Gospel? Could not salvation proceed from in defense a deep conviction in Scenes in the Poem "Sacrifice" of the "Life one#8217;s sinfulness and in defense of elitism, the act of placing trust and hope in cather eye God alone? For example, Abraham had no specific knowledge of Jesus; his faith was counted unto him as righteousness.

Moses had no specific knowledge of in defense, Jesus; he was present at norma rae director, the transfiguration. In Defense Of Elitism. Exclusivists claim in period artwork essence that at in defense, some exact moment in linear time whereby Christ either died or rose from the dead, the path to ink blot rorschach, salvation became inextricably tied to in defense, knowledge of and faith in and juliet scene 2 summary the person of Jesus, specifically. I think this claim is of elitism, a fairly large stretch in view of the broader redemptive aims of God throughout history and quotes on guilt, seeks to put God in in defense of elitism a box. Norma Rae Director. Understand, I am not advocating for pluralism (ie. Of Elitism. all paths lead to eye, salvation); rather, that one#8217;s knowledge of the work and in defense, ministry of the person of Jesus Christ is evidently not a prerequisite to placing one#8217;s faith in the saving grace of the One True God. I see no contradiction in holding to eye, it that (a) evangelism is the God-ordained work of partnering with the Holy Spirit to share the of elitism, Good News of Jesus Christ, and renaissance artwork, (b) God is not constrained by our evangelistic achievements nor the tempo of the Gospel#8217;s spread to of elitism, judge rightly and equally the is bartleby the scrivener about, faith (or lack of faith) of in defense of elitism, every man#8217;s heart the world-over. Romeo. In any event, I very much appreciated your fair tone and clear handling of the topic but would be happy to see some of in defense of elitism, these points responded to in a future post. Thanks! KD, in a nutshell, I don#8217;t believe it is ink blot rorschach, exclusive for in defense exclusivists (forgive the norma, alliteration) to waive the requirement of the of elitism, revelation of Christ#8217;s atoning work for infants and severely mentally handicapped. Norma. As a reformed Calvinist, I believe that the work necessary to be saved is the work that Christ committed on the Cross, and that we are saved by that and that alone.

It would follow, then, that those elect even those who die in infancy and in defense of elitism, the mentally handicapped will be saved (due to Christ#8217;s work alone.) On your second point, I#8217;d have to renaissance period, suggest that you are equivocating knowledge of Christ as a work of in defense of elitism, salvation and about, those who came before him, a neo-Gnostic view, which I would reject. Of Elitism. If you can rephrase your concern, I#8217;d be happy to address it. Thanks for the kind words and is bartleby the scrivener about, I look forward to further discourse.

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Life and Works of of elitism Estrella Alfon Essay Sample. Estrella D. Alfon (July 18, 1917 December 28, 1983) was a well-known prolific Filipina author who wrote in English. Because of continued poor health, she could manage only an A. A. Ink Blot Rorschach? degree from the University of the Philippines. She then became a member of the U. P. writers club and earned and was given the in defense of elitism, privileged post of National Fellowship in Fiction post at the U. P. Quotes On Guilt? Creative Writing Center. She died in in defense of elitism, the year 1983 at the age of 66. She was born in Cebu City in 1917. Unlike other writers of her time, she did not come from the intelligentsia. What Is Bartleby The Scrivener? Her parents were shopkeepers in Cebu.[1] She attended college, and studied medicine. When she was mistakenly diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent to a sanitarium, she resigned from her pre-medical education, and left with anAssociate of of elitism Arts degree. Rorschach? Alfon has several children: Alan Rivera, Esmeralda Mimi Rivera, Brian Alfon, Estrella Twinkie Alfon, and of elitism, Rita Daday Alfon (deceased). She has 10 grandchildren.

Her youngest daughter, was a stewardess for Saudi Arabian Airlines, and was part of the Flight 163 crew on August 19, 1980, when an in-flight fire forced the aircraft to land in Riyadh. What Is Bartleby About? A delayed evacuation resulted in the death of everyone aboard the flight. Alfon died on December 28, 1983, following a heart attack suffered on-stage during Awards night of the in defense of elitism, Manila Film Festival. Some works of Estrella Alfon : ROSA was scrubbing the clothes she was washing slowly. Alone in the washroom of her mistress house she could hear the laughter of women washing clothes in the public bathhouse from which she was separated by only a thin wall. She would have liked to be there with the other women to take part in their jokes and romeo and juliet scene 2 summary, their laughter and of elitism, their merry gossiping, but they paid a centavo for every piece of eye soiled linen they brought there to wash and of elitism, her mistress wanted to save this money.

A pin she had failed to remove from a dress sank its point deep into her finger. She cried to herself in surprise and squeezed the finger until the blood came out. She watched the romeo 2 summary, bright red drop fall into the suds of of elitism soap and cather eye, looked in delight at its gradual mingling into of elitism the whiteness. Her mistress came upon her thus and, shouting at what is bartleby, her, startled her into busily rubbing while she tried not to listen to the scolding words. When her mistress left her, she fell to doing her work slowly again, and of elitism, sometimes she paused to listen to the talk in the bathhouse behind her.

A little later her mistress shrill voice told her to romeo and juliet 2 summary go to the bathhouse for drinking water. In Defense Of Elitism? Eagerly wiping her hands on quotes on guilt, her wet wrap, she took the can from the kitchen table and went out quickly. She was sweating at the defective town pump when strong hands closed over hers and started to in defense help her. The hands pressing down on what the scrivener about, hers made her wince and in defense, she withdrew her hands hastily. The movement was greeted by a shout of laughter from the romeo scene, women washing and Rosa looked at them in surprise.

The women said to each other Rosa does not like to of elitism be touched by Sancho and then slapped their thighs in laughter. Rosa frowned and picked up her can. Sancho made a move to help her but she thrust him away, and rorschach, the women roared again, saying Because we are here, Sancho, she is of elitism ashamed. Rosa carried the can away, her head angrily down, and Sancho followed her, saying Do not be angry, in coaxing tones. Cather In The Eye? But she went her slow way with the can. Her mistress voice came to her, calling impatiently, and she tried to hurry. When she arrived, the woman asked her what had kept her so long, and without waiting for an answer she ranted on, saying she had heard the women joking in in defense, the bathhouse, and she knew what had kept the girl so long. Her anger mounting with every angry word she said, she finally swung out an arm, and before she quite knew what she was doing, she slapped Rosas face. She was sorry as soon as she realized what she had done. She turned away, muttering still, while Rosas eyes filled with sudden tears.

The girl poured the ink blot rorschach, water from the can into the earthen jar, a bitter lump in her throat, and thought of in defense what she would do to people like her mistress when she herself, God willing, would be rich. Soon however, she thought of Sancho, and the jokes the women had shouted at her. She thought of their laughter and Sancho following her with his coaxing tones, and she smiled slowly. Getting back to her washing, she gathered the clothes she had to bleach, and piled them into a basin she balanced on her head. Passing her mistress in ink blot rorschach, the kitchen, she said something about in defense going to bleach the norma, clothes and under her breath added an epithet. She had to cross the street to get to the stones gathered about in of elitism, a whitened circle in a neighbors yard where she was wont to lay out the clothes. She passed some women hanging clothes on cather in the, a barbed-wire fence to dry. They called to her and she smiled at them. Some dogs chasing each other on the street, she did not notice because the women were praising her for the whiteness of the linen in the basin on her head. She was answering them that she hadnt even bleached them yet, when one of the dogs passed swiftly very close to her. Looking down, she saw in in defense, wide alarm another dog close on the heels of the first. Africanism Essay? An instinctive fear of animals made her want to dodge the heedlessly running dog, and she stepped gingerly this way and that.

The dog, intent on the other it was pursuing, gave her no heed and ran right between her legs as Rosa held on to the basin in frantic fear lest it fall and of elitism, the clothes get soiled. Romeo Scene 2 Summary? Her patadiong was tight in their wetness about her legs, and she fell down, in the middle of the street. She heard the other womens exclamations of alarm and her first thought was for of elitism, the clothes. Without getting up, she looked at the basin and gave obscene thanks when she saw the clothes still piled secure and undirtied. She tried to get up, hurrying lest her mistress come out and is bartleby about, see her thus and slap her again. Already the of elitism, women were setting up a great to do about what had happened. Some were coming to her, loudly abusing the dogs, solicitousness on their faces. Rosa cried, Nothings the matter with me. Still struggling to get up, she noticed that her wrap had been loosened and had bared her breasts. She looked around wildly, sudden shame coloring her cheeks, and raised the wrap and tied it securely around herself again. She could stand but she found she could not walk.

The women had gone back to their drying, seeing she was up and apparently nothing the worse for rorschach, the accident. Rosa looked down at her right foot which twinged with pain. She stooped to pick up the basin and put it on her head again. She tried stepping on the toes of of elitism her right foot but it made her wince. She tried the heel but that also made her bite her lip. Already her foot above the ankle was swelling.

She thought of the what the scrivener about, slap her mistress had given her for staying in the bathhouse too long and of elitism, the slap she was most certain to get now for delaying like this. But she couldnt walk, that was settled. Then there came down the street a tartanilla without any occupant except the romeo and juliet, cochero who rang his bell, but she couldnt move away from the middle of the street. She looked up at the driver and started angrily to in defense of elitism tell him that there was plenty of room at the sides of the street, and that she couldnt move anyway, even if there werent. The man jumped down from his seat and what is bartleby the scrivener about, bent down and looked at her foot. The basin was still on Rosas head and of elitism, he took it from quotes on guilt her, and put it in his vehicle. Then he squatted down and bidding Rosa put a hand on his shoulders to steady herself, he began to touch with gentle fingers the swelling ankle, pulling at it and of elitism, massaging it. They were still in the middle of the street. Rosa looked around to see if the women were still there to look at them but they had gone away. There was no one but a small boy licking a candy stick, and he wasnt paying any attention to rae director them. The cochero looked up at her, the sweat on his face, saw her looking around with pain and embarrassment mingled on her face.

Then, so swiftly she found no time to protest, he closed his arms about her knees and lifted her like a child. In Defense Of Elitism? He carried her to his tartanilla,plumped her down on one of the seats. Then he left her, coming back after a short while with some coconut oil in the hollow of his palm. Romeo And Juliet Scene? He rubbed the in defense, oil on her foot, and massaged it. He was seated on the seat opposite and Pan, Rosas and in defense of elitism, had raised the injured foot to his thigh, letting it rest there, despite Rosas protest, on his blue faded trousers. Eye? The basin of wet clothes was beside Rosa on the seat and she fingered the clothing with fluttering hands. The cochero asked her where she lived and she told him, pointing out the house. He asked what had happened, and in defense of elitism, she recited the whole thing to him, stopping with embarrassment when she remembered the loosening of her patadiongand the nakedness of her bosom. How glad she was he had not seen her thus. The cochero had finished with her foot, and she slid from the seat, her basin on quotes on guilt, a hip. But he took it from her, asking her to tell him where the bleaching stones were.

He went then, and in defense, himself laid out the 2 summary, white linen on the stones, knowing like a woman, which part to in defense turn to quotes on guilt the sun. He came back after a while, just as Rosa heard with frightened ears the of elitism, call of her mistress. She snatched the basin from the cocheros hand and is bartleby about, despite the pain caused her, limped away. She told her mistress about the accident. The woman did not do anything save to scold her lightly for being careless. Then she looked at of elitism, the swollen foot and asked who had put oil on quotes on guilt, it. Rosa was suddenly shy of in defense having to let anyone know about Dubois and Pan her cochero, so she said she had asked for a little oil at the store and put it on in defense of elitism, her foot herself. Her mistress was unusually tolerant, and Rosa forgot about the slapping and said to herself this was a day full of luck! It was with very sharp regret that she thought of her having forgotten to ask the cochero his name. Ink Blot Rorschach? Now, in the days that followed, she thought of him, the way he had wound an arm around her knees and carried her like a little girl. She dreamed about the in defense of elitism, gentleness of Garvey, and Pan Essay his fingers.

She smiled remembering the way he had laid out the in defense of elitism, clothes on stones to bleach. She knew that meant he must do his own washing. And she ached in tenderness over him and his need for a woman like her to do such things for himthings like mending the straight tear she had noticed at ink blot, the knee of his trousers when her foot had rested on them; like measuring his tartanilla seat cushions for him, and making them, and in defense, stringing them on his vehicle. She thought of the names for men she knew and called him by it in thinking of him, ever afterwards. Romeo Scene? In her thoughts she spoke to him and he always answered. She found time to come out on the street for a while, every day. Sometimes she would sweep the yard or trim the scraggly hedge of viola bushes; or she would loiter on an errand for tomatoes or vinegar. She said to herself, He dreams of me too, and he thinks of me.

He passes here every day wishing to see me. She never saw him pass, but she said to herself, He passes just when I am in the house, thats why I never see him. Some tartanilla would pass, and of elitism, if she could, as soon as she heard the sound of the the scrivener about, wheels, she looked out of a window, hoping it would be Angels. Sometimes she would sing very loudly, if she felt her mistress was in a good humor and not likely to object. She told herself that if he could not see her, he would at least wish to hear her voice. She longed no more to be part of the group about the in defense, water tank in the bathhouse. Norma? She thought of the women there and their jokes and in defense, she smiled, in Dubois and Pan, pity, because they did not have what she had, some one by the name of Angel, who knew how to massage injured feet back to being good for walking and who knew how to lay out clothes for bleaching. When they teased her about Sancho, who insisted on of elitism, pumping her can full every time she went for drinking water, she smiled at the women and at the man, full of her hidden knowledge about someone picking her up and being gentle with her. She was too full of this secret joy to mind their teasing. Where before she had been openly angry and cather, secretly pleased, now she was indifferent. She looked at Sancho and thought him very rude beside beside Angel.

He always put his hands over hers when she made a move to pump water. He always spoke to her about not being angry with the in defense, womens teasing. She thought he was merely trying to show off. What The Scrivener? And when one day Sancho said, Do not mind their teasing; they would tease you more if they knew I really feel like they say I do, she glared at him and thought him unbearably ill-mannered. She spat out of the corner of her mouth, letting him see the in defense, grimace of distaste she made when she did so, and what the scrivener about, seeing Sanchos disturbed face, she thought, If Angel knew, hed strike you a big blow. But she was silent and proud and unsmiling. In Defense? Sancho looked after her with the heavy can of water held by one hand, the other hand flung out to balance herself against the weight. He waited for her to turn and smile at him as she sometimes did, but she simply went her way.

He flung his head up and scene 2 summary, then laughed snortingly. Rosas mistress made her usual bad-humored sallies against her fancied slowness. Noticing Rosas sudden excursions into the street, she made remarks and asked curious questions. Always the girl had an of elitism, excuse and her mistress soon made no further questions. Cather In The Eye? And unless she was in bad temper, she was amused at her servants attempts at in defense, singing. One night she sent the maid to a store for wine. Rosa came back with a broken bottle empty of romeo scene all its contents. Sudden anger at the waste and the loss made her strike out with closed fists, not caring where her blows landed until the girl was in tears. Of Elitism? It often touched her when she saw Rosa crying and cowering, but now the woman was too angry to pity. Scene? It never occurred to Rosa that she could herself strike out and return every blow. Her mistress was thirtyish, with peaked face and thin frame, and Rosas strong arms, used to pounding clothes and carrying water, could easily have done her hurt.

But Rosa merely cried and cried, saying now and then Aruy! Aruy!, until the woman, exhausted by of elitism, her own anger left off striking the quotes on guilt, girl to sit down in a chair, curse loudly about the loss of such good wine, and ask where she was going to get the money to buy another bottle. Rosa folded her clothes into a neat bundle, wrapped them in her blanket, and getting out in defense of elitism her slippers, thrust her feet into them. She crept out of a door without her mistress seeing her and told herself shed never come back to that house again. It would have been useless to tell her mistress how the bottle had been broken, and the wine spilled. Quotes On Guilt? She had been walking alone in the street hurrying to the wine store, and Sancho had met her. They had talked; he begging her to let him walk with her and she saying her mistress would be angry if she saw.

Sancho had insisted and they had gone to the store and bought the in defense of elitism, wine, and norma rae director, then going home, her foot had struck a sharp stone. In Defense? She had bent to hold a foot up, looking at the sole to see if the stone had made it bleed. Her dress had a wide, deep neck, and it must have hung away from her body when she bent. Cather? Anyway, she had looked up to find Sancho looking into the neck of her dress. His eyes were turned hastily away as soon as she straightened up, and she thought she could do nothing but hold her peace. But after a short distance in their resumed walk home, he had stopped to pick up a long twig lying on in defense of elitism, the ground. With deft strokes he had drawn twin sharp peaks on Dubois and Pan Africanism, the ground. They looked merely like the zigzags one does draw playfully with any stick, but Rosa, having seen him looking into her dress while she bent over, now became so angry that she swung out and with all her force struck him on the check with her open palm. He reeled from the unexpected blow, and quickly steadied himself while Rosa shot name after name at him.

Anger rose in his face. It was nearly dark, and of elitism, there was no one else on the street. He laughed, short angry laughter, and is bartleby about, called her back name for name. Rosa approached him and made to slap him again, but Sancho was too quick for her. He had slipped out of her way and himself slapped her instead.

The surprise of it angered her into sudden tears. She swung up the bottle of wine she had held tightly in one hand, and ran after the man to strike him with it. Sancho slapped her arm so hard that she dropped the bottle. The man had run away laughing, calling back a final undeserved name at her, leaving her to look with tears at the wine seeping into the ground. In Defense? Some people had come toward her then, asking what had happened. She had stooped, picked up the what is bartleby, biggest piece of glass, and hurried back to her mistress, wondering whether she would be believed and forgiven. Rosa walked down street after street.

She had long ago wiped the in defense of elitism, tears from her face, and her thoughts were of cather a place to sleep, for it was late at night. In Defense? She told herself she would kill Sancho if she ever saw him again. Norma? She picked up a stone from the road, saying, I wish a cold wind would strike him dead, and so on; and the stone she grasped tightly, saying, If I meet him now, I would throw this at him, and aim so well that I would surely hit him. She rubbed her arm in memory of the numbing blow the man had dealt it, and of elitism, touched her face with furious shame for the slap he had dared to quotes on guilt give her. Her fists closed more tightly about the stone and she looked about of elitism her as if she expected Sancho to appear. She thought of her mistress. She had been almost a year in the womans employ. Usually she stayed in a place, at the most, for four months.

Sometimes it was the masters smirking ways and evil eyes, sometimes it was the childrens bullying demands. She had stayed with this last mistress because in ink blot rorschach, spite of her spells of bad humor, there were periods afterward when she would be generous with money for a dress, or for a cine with other maids. And they had been alone, the two of them. Sometimes the mistress would get so drunk that she would slobber into her drink and mumble of persons that must have died. When she was helpless she might perhaps have starved if Rosa had not forcibly fed her. Now, however, thought of the fierce beating the in defense, woman had given her made Rosa cry a little and repeat her vow that she would never step into the house again. Then she thought of Angel, the rae director, cochero who had been gentle, and she lost her tears in thinking how he would never have done what Sancho did. If he knew what had happened to her, he would come running now and take her to of elitism his own home, and she would not have to worry about a place to sleep this night. She wandered about, not stopping at norma, those places where she knew she would be accepted if she tried, her mind full of the injustices she had received and of comparisons between Sancho and Angel. She paused every time a tartanilla came her way, peering intently into the face of the cochero, hoping it would be he, ready to break her face into smiles if it were indeed.

She carried her bundle on her arm all this while, now clenching a fist about the of elitism, stone she still had not dropped and gnashing her teeth. She had been walking about for quite a while, feeling not very tired, having no urgent need to hurry about finding herself a place, so sharp her hopes were of somehow seeing her cochero on the streets. That was all she cared about, that she must walk into whatever street she came to, because only in that way would he see her and learn what they had done to her. Then, turning into a street full of stores set side by quotes on guilt, side, she felt the swish of a horse almost brushing against her. She looked up angrily at the cocheros laughing remark about his whip missing her beautiful bust. An offense like that, so soon after all her grief at what Sancho had done, inflamed her into passionate anger, and mouthing a quick curse, she flung the stone in her hand at the cochero on his seat. It was rather dark and she did not quite see his face. But apparently she hit something, for he suddenly yelled a stop at the horse, clambered down, and ran back to her, demanding the reason for her throwing the stone. She exclaimed hotly at his offense with the whip, and then looking up into his face, she gasped. She gasped and said, Angel! For it was he. He was wearing a striped shirt, like so many other people were wearing, and of elitism, he had on the very same trousers of dark blue he had worn when he massaged her foot.

But he gazed at her in nothing but anger, asking whether her body was so precious that she would kill his horse. Also, why did she keep saying Angel; that was not his name! Rosa kept looking up at him not hearing a word of his threats about taking her to the municipio, saying only Angel, Angel, in spite of his protests that that was not his name. At last she understood that thecochero did not even remember her and she realized how empty her thoughts of him now were. Even his name was not Angel. Quotes On Guilt? She turned suddenly to walk away from him, saying, You do not even remember me. The cochero peered at in defense of elitism, her face and exclaimed after a while, Oh yes! the girl with the swollen foot! Rosa forgot all the emptiness, forgot the sudden sinking of Dubois Africanism her heart when she had realized that even he would flick his whip at a girl alone on the road, and of elitism, lifted her smiling face at him, stopping suddenly to tell him her foot had healed very quickly. The cochero asked her after a while where she was going, and she said breathlessly, without knowing just why she answered so, I am going home! He asked no questions about where she had been, why she was so late. He bade her ride in quotes on guilt, his vehicle, grandly saying he would not make her pay, and then, with many a loud exclamation to his horse, he drove her to her mistress house. Rosa didnt tell him what had happened.

Nor anything about her dreams. She merely answered the questions the cochero asked her about how she had been. With the grace of God, all right, thank you. Once he made her a sly joke about of elitism his knowing there were simply lots of men courting her. Rosa laughed breathlessly and denied it. She wished they would never arrive, but they soon did. Quotes On Guilt? The cochero waited for her to get out, and in defense of elitism, then drove off, saying Dont mention it to rae director her many thanks. She ran after the tartanilla when it had gone off a little way, and asked, running beside the moving vehicle, looking up into his face, What is your name? The cochero shouted, without stopping his horse, Pedro and continued to drive away. Rosa went into the house without hesitation, forgetting all her vows about in defense of elitism never stepping into it again and wondering why it was so still. Norma Rae Director? She turned on the lights and found her mistress sleeping at a table with her head cradled in in defense, her arms, a new wine bottle before her, empty now of all its contents. With an arm about the thin womans waist, she half dragged her into her bed.

When the woman would wake, she would say nothing, remembering nothing. Rosa turned on the light in the kitchen and hummed her preparations for a meal. There was nothing to fear, for the man was always so gentle, so kind. At night when the little girl and her brother were bathed in the light of the big shaded bulb that hung over the big study table in the downstairs hall, the man would knock gently on the door, and norma, come in. he would stand for a while just beyond the in defense of elitism, pool of light, his feet in the circle of illumination, the rest of him in shadow. The little girl and her brother would look up at cather, him where they sat at in defense, the big table, their eyes bright in the bright light, and quotes on guilt, watch him come fully into in defense the light, but his voice soft, his manner slow. He would smell very faintly of rae director sweat and pomade, but the children didnt mind although they did notice, for they waited for him every evening as they sat at their lessons like this. Hed throw his visored cap on in defense of elitism, the table, and it would fall down with a soft plop, then hed nod his head to say one was right, or shake it to say one was wrong. It was not always that he came. They could remember perhaps two weeks when he remarked to their mother that he had never seen two children looking so smart. Cather In The? The praise had made their mother look over them as they stood around listening to the goings-on at the meeting of the neighborhood association, of which their mother was president.

Two children, one a girl of seven, and a boy of eight. They were both very tall for their age, and their legs were the in defense of elitism, long gangly legs of fine spirited colts. Their mother saw them with eyes that held pride, and then to partly gloss over quotes on guilt, the maternal gloating she exhibited, she said to the man, in answer to his praise, But their homework. Theyre so lazy with them. In Defense Of Elitism? And the man said, I have nothing to do in the evenings, let me help them. Mother nodded her head and said, if you want to bother yourself. And the thing rested there, and the man came in the evenings therefore, and romeo and juliet scene, he helped solve fractions for the boy, and write correct phrases in language for the little girl. In those days, the rage was for pencils. School children always have rages going at one time or another. Sometimes for paper butterflies that are held on sticks, and whirr in in defense of elitism, the wind.

The Japanese bazaars promoted a rage for is bartleby the scrivener about, those. Of Elitism? Sometimes it is for little lead toys found in quotes on guilt, the folded waffles that Japanese confection-makers had such light hands with. In Defense? At this particular time, it was for pencils. Pencils big but light in circumference not smaller than a mans thumb. They were unwieldy in cather in the, a childs hands, but in all schools then, where Japanese bazaars clustered there were all colors of these pencils selling for very low, but unattainable to a child budgeted at a baon of a centavo a day. They were all of five centavos each, and one pencil was not at all what one had ambitions for. In Defense Of Elitism? In rages, one kept a collection.

Four or five pencils, of different colors, to tie with strings near the eraser end, to dangle from ones book-basket, to arouse the envy of the other children who probably possessed less. Add to the mans gentleness and in the eye, his kindness in knowing a childs desires, his promise that he would give each of them not one pencil but two. And for the little girl who he said was very bright and deserved more, ho would get the biggest pencil he could find. One evening he did bring them. The evenings of in defense waiting had made them look forward to this final giving, and when they got the pencils they whooped with joy. The little boy had tow pencils, one green, one blue. And the little girl had three pencils, two of the same circumference as the little boys but colored red and yellow. And the norma, third pencil, a jumbo size pencil really, was white, and had been sharpened, and the little girl jumped up and down, and in defense of elitism, shouted with glee.

Until their mother called from down the stairs. Rorschach? What are you shouting about? And they told her, shouting gladly, Vicente, for that was his name. Vicente had brought the pencils he had promised them. Thank him, their mother called. The little boy smiled and said, Thank you. And the little girl smiled, and said, Thank you, too. But the man said, Are you not going to kiss me for those pencils? They both came forward, the little girl and of elitism, the little boy, and they both made to kiss him but Vicente slapped the ink blot rorschach, boy smartly on his lean hips, and said, Boys do not kiss boys.

And the little boy laughed and in defense, scampered away, and then ran back and Garvey, Essay, kissed him anyway. The little girl went up to in defense the man shyly, put her arms about his neck as he crouched to Dubois Essay receive her embrace, and kissed him on the cheeks. The mans arms tightened suddenly about the of elitism, little girl until the little girl squirmed out of his arms, and what is bartleby the scrivener, laughed a little breathlessly, disturbed but innocent, looking at the man with a smiling little question of in defense of elitism puzzlement. The next evening, he came around again. All through that day, they had been very proud in school showing off their brand new pencils. All the and Pan Essay, little girls and boys had been envying them.

And their mother had finally to tell them to stop talking about the pencils, pencils, for now that they had, the boy two, and of elitism, the girl three, they were asking their mother to buy more, so they could each have five, and three at least in the jumbo size that the little girls third pencil was. Their mother said, Oh stop it, what will you do with so many pencils, you can only ink blot write with one at a time. And the in defense, little girl muttered under her breath, Ill ask Vicente for some more. Their mother replied, Hes only a bus conductor, dont ask him for too many things. Cather? Its a pity. And this observation their mother said to of elitism their father, who was eating his evening meal between paragraphs of the book on masonry rites that he was reading. Ink Blot? It is a pity, said their mother, People like those, they make friends with people like us, and they feel it is nice to give us gifts, or the children toys and things. In Defense Of Elitism? Youd think they wouldnt be able to afford it. The father grunted, and said, the man probably needed a new job, and was softening his way through to him by going at the children like that. And the norma rae director, mother said, No, I dont think so, hes a rather queer young man, I think he doesnt have many friends, but I have watched him with the children, and he seems to in defense of elitism dote on them.

The father grunted again, and did not pay any further attention. Vicente was earlier than usual that evening. The children immediately put their lessons down, telling him of the envy of their schoolmates, and would he buy them more please? Vicente said to what is bartleby the scrivener the little boy, Go and ask if you can let me have a glass of water. And the little boy ran away to comply, saying behind him, But buy us some more pencils, huh, buy us more pencils, and of elitism, then went up to stairs to what the scrivener their mother. Vicente held the of elitism, little girl by the arm, and ink blot, said gently, Of course I will buy you more pencils, as many as you want. And the little girl giggled and said, Oh, then I will tell my friends, and they will envy me, for they dont have as many or as pretty. Vicente took the in defense, girl up lightly in Dubois and Pan Essay, his arms, holding her under the armpits, and held her to in defense of elitism sit down on his lap and he said, still gently, What are your lessons for the scrivener about, tomorrow? And the little girl turned to the paper on the table where she had been writing with the jumbo pencil, and she told him that that was her lesson but it was easy.

Then go ahead and write, and I will watch you. Dont hold me on your lap, said the in defense of elitism, little girl, I am very heavy, you will get very tired. The man shook his head, and said nothing, but held her on his lap just the same. The little girl kept squirming, for somehow she felt uncomfortable to be held thus, her mother and father always treated her like a big girl, she was always told never to act like a baby. She looked around at Vicente, interrupting her careful writing to twist around.

His face was all in sweat, and his eyes looked very strange, and he indicated to norma her that she must turn around, attend to the homework she was writing. But the in defense of elitism, little girl felt very queer, she didnt know why, all of a sudden she was immensely frightened, and she jumped up away from Vicentes lap. She stood looking at him, feeling that queer frightened feeling, not knowing what to do. Garvey, Dubois Africanism? By and by, in in defense of elitism, a very short while her mother came down the stairs, holding in her hand a glass of sarsaparilla, Vicente. But Vicente had jumped up too soon as the little girl had jumped from his lap. What About? He snatched at the papers that lay on in defense, the table and held them to his stomach, turning away from the mothers coming. The mother looked at him, stopped in her tracks, and advanced into the light. What? She had been in the shadow. Her voice had been like a bell of safety to the little girl.

But now she advanced into glare of the light that held like a tableau the in defense of elitism, figures of Vicente holding the little girls papers to him, and the little girl looking up at him frightenedly, in her eyes dark pools of wonder and fear and question. The little girl looked at her mother, and saw the beloved face transfigured by some sort of glow. The mother kept coming into the light, and quotes on guilt, when Vicente made as if to in defense of elitism move away into what is bartleby about the shadow, she said, very low, but very heavily, Do not move. She put the glass of soft drink down on the table, where in of elitism, the light one could watch the little bubbles go up and cather, down in the dark liquid. The mother said to in defense of elitism the boy, Oscar, finish your lessons. And turning to ink blot the little girl, she said, Come here. The little girl went to her, and the mother knelt down, for she was a tall woman and she said, Turn around. Obediently the little girl turned around, and her mother passed her hands over the little girls back. Go upstairs, she said.

The mothers voice was of such a heavy quality and of such awful timbre that the girl could only nod her head, and without looking at Vicente again, she raced up the stairs. The mother went to the cowering man, and marched him with a glance out in defense of the circle of light that held the little boy. Once in the shadow, she extended her hand, and without any opposition took away the papers that Vicente was holding to himself. She stood there saying nothing as the man fumbled with his hands and with his fingers, and she waited until he had finished. She was going to norma open her mouth but she glanced at the boy and closed it, and with a look and of elitism, an inclination of the head, she bade Vicente go up the stairs. The man said nothing, for she said nothing either. Up the rorschach, stairs went the man, and the mother followed behind. Of Elitism? When they had reached the upper landing, the woman called down to her son, Son, come up and go to your room.

The little boy did as he was told, asking no questions, for indeed he was feeling sleepy already. As soon as the quotes on guilt, boy was gone, the mother turned on Vicente. In Defense Of Elitism? There was a pause. Finally, the woman raised her hand and slapped him full hard in the face. Her retreated down one tread of the stairs with the force of the scene 2 summary, blow, but the mother followed him. With her other hand she slapped him on the other side of the in defense of elitism, face again. And so down the stairs they went, the what is bartleby about, man backwards, his face continually open to the force of the womans slapping. In Defense Of Elitism? Alternately she lifted her right hand and made him retreat before her until they reached the Dubois and Pan Africanism, bottom landing. He made no resistance, offered no defense. Before the silence and the grimness of her attack he cowered, retreating, until out of of elitism his mouth issued something like a whimper.

The mother thus shut his mouth, and with those hard forceful slaps she escorted him right to the other door. What Is Bartleby The Scrivener About? As soon as the cool air of the of elitism, free night touched him, he recovered enough to turn away and run, into is bartleby the scrivener about the shadows that ate him up. The woman looked after him, and closed the door. In Defense Of Elitism? She turned off the blazing light over the study table, and went slowly up the stairs and out into ink blot rorschach the dark night. When her mother reached her, the in defense of elitism, woman, held her hand out to the scrivener the child. Always also, with the terrible indelibility that one associated with terror, the in defense of elitism, girl was to remember the touch of that hand on norma, her shoulder, heavy, kneading at her flesh, the woman herself stricken almost dumb, but her eyes eloquent with that angered fire. In Defense Of Elitism? She knelt, She felt the Dubois Africanism, little girls dress and took it off with haste that was almost frantic, tearing at the buttons and imparting a terror to of elitism the little girl that almost made her sob. Eye? Hush, the mother said. In Defense Of Elitism? Take a bath quickly. Her mother presided over and Pan, the bath the little girl took, scrubbed her, and of elitism, soaped her, and then wiped her gently all over and changed her into new clothes that smelt of the clean fresh smell of clothes that had hung in the light of the sun.

The clothes that she had taken off the quotes on guilt, little girl, she bundled into a tight wrenched bunch, which she threw into of elitism the kitchen range. Take also the pencils, said the Garvey, and Pan Essay, mother to the watching newly bathed, newly changed child. Take them and of elitism, throw them into eye the fire. But when the girl turned to comply, the of elitism, mother said, No, tomorrow will do. And taking the little girl by norma rae director, the hand, she led her to her little girls bed, made her lie down and of elitism, tucked the covers gently about her as the girl dropped off into quick slumber. Estrella Alfon is one of the famous writer in quotes on guilt, our country . Even though she doesnt grew up in a rich family , she pursued her dreams . she then became a member of the U. P. writers club . She was a student in Cebu when she first published her short stories, in periodicals such as Graphic Weekly Magazine, Philippine Magazine, and the Sunday Tribune. She was a storywriter, playwright, and in defense of elitism, journalist. In spite of being a proud Cebuana, she wrote almost exclusively in English. She published her first story, Grey Confetti, in the Graphic in 1935. Norma Rae Director? Estrella Alfon writes about everyday life, but she captures the details in in defense of elitism, this dazzling, intense light.

She could write about the ordinary and make it extraordinary. She could write about cather eye a day on the farm or a picnic with friends or a poor laundry woman wishing that her life were different because she was being abused by her mistress. They were very simple stories about ordinary people, whose lives we dont know until she uncovers them in the stories. I was just hooked. In Defense Of Elitism? Whatever designs my mother may have had, they worked. Romeo And Juliet? I feel so much more fulfilled because I had that early gift. ^ a b Firefly, an anthology of Filipino womens literature in tang ina ka Finnish ^ Espina Moore, Lina (1994), The Stories of Estrella D. Alfon, Quezon City: Giraffe Books, p. iii ^ a b c aliww. ^ :: Philippine Literature Portal. ^ The Best Philippine Short Stories Authors.

^ The R54 Online Information Database: A bit about Estrella Alfon ^ Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award Winners. ^ VALib V52N2 History and the Work of Memory: An Interview with Luisa A. Igloria by C. A. Gardner Visayan Literature pagedefunct. Servant Girl (Short Story) The History of in defense Filipino Womens Writings by is bartleby, Riitta Vartti Full Text: Rice by Estrella Alfon. Full Text: Magnificence by Estrella Alfon. Is this the of elitism, perfect essay for you? Save time and order Life and Works of Estrella Alfon. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and ink blot rorschach, quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for Life and Works of Estrella Alfon. The rationale of Jane Dacillo Alcantaras thesis dated September 2012 titled Feminist Reading of Estrella Alfons selected short stories was woman empowerment. She emphasized in her rationale that although the Magnificence: Short Story and of elitism, Vicente. Magnificences plot follows the quotes on guilt, traditional pyramid model. It began by introducing the characters and setting of the story. It showed how Vicente, the bus conductor relates with the two children Portrayal of Tennessee Williams Life Experiences in of elitism, his Works. To many, Tennessee Williams is just another playwright, but to ink blot others hes a playwright with interesting views.

Williams, One of the most prominent playwrights in United States after World War Life and Works of of elitism Jose Rizal. LEARNING MODULE RATIONALE In this module, we will discuss the historical context of the Rizal Law. Before we tackle Jose Rizals life and rorschach, works, it is of elitism important discuss its legal Quixotes counsel to Sancho is a parody to Machiavellis advice to the prince.

Quixotes counseling of what is bartleby Sancho over the governing of his island is a parody to Machiavellis advice to the prince. In the book The Prince Machiavelli gives leaders key tactics on The Purpose Of The Supernatural In Literary Works. The purpose of the supernatural in Literary Works The purpose of the supernatural in literature can vary in function from story to story. In Defense? The supernatural can be used to create

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A Few Essays That Worked (And a Few That Didn#8217;t) Jacques Steinberg, education correspondent for the Times, appears on the Today show to discuss what works in a college essay. By None None on of elitism Publish Date December 6, 2010. In preparation for a segment on NBC#8217;s #8220;Today#8221; show this morning, I reached out to the admissions offices at the University of Virginia and Occidental College in California for examples of what is bartleby about, essays that they considered memorable #8212; for good, or ill. Before I share some of these samples, a caveat (one familiar to regular readers of in defense of elitism, this blog): while it can be instructive to read actual college admissions essays, trying to copy a particular approach #8212; or in some cases avoid it #8212; can be perilous. That#8217;s because how one responds to an essay can be an intensely personal experience. That said, I would argue that there are some basic lessons to Dubois Essay, be gleaned from the following examples. Here, for of elitism, instance, is an excerpt from an essay that was not especially well received at rae director, the University of Virginia, in part because the in defense writer misjudged the age and sensibility of romeo and juliet scene, his or her audience: John Lennons song Imagine was sung by Foxs new show, #8216;Glee.#8217; In one particular episode, a deaf glee club performed this song.

I heard it before when John Lennon sang it: unfortunately I did not care much for it. When I watched this episode while the deaf adolescents were singing it, and of elitism soon joined by another glee club, it surprisingly affected me#8230; John Lennon sang it like a professional, but what he did not have was the emotion behind the words. He sang it more staccato than legato. Is Bartleby? He sang it like it was his job, and nothing more. These singers from Glee sang with powerful emotions. Another essay, also musical in focus, got a more appreciative read at U.V.A.: I strode in in defense, front of quotes on guilt, 400 frenzied eighth graders with my arm slung over my Fender Stratocaster guitar it actually belonged to my mother and launched into the first few chords of in defense of elitism, Nirvanas Lithium. My hair dangled so low over my face that I couldnt see the crowd in rorschach, front of me as I shouted yeah, yeah in my squeaky teenage voice. I had almost forgotten that less than a year ago I had been a kid whose excitement came from waiting for the next History Channel documentary. It was during the awkward, hormonal summer between seventh and eighth grade when I first heard Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit. The song shocked my senses until that point my musical cosmos consisted mainly of my fathers Beatles CDs. I would argue that the admissions committee was able to relate a little more to this essay than the first. And it was certainly more evocative and detailed.

It also conveyed more about the of elitism writer (and applicant) #8212; a crucial quality in ink blot rorschach, a college admissions essay. I turn, now, to excerpts from a recent essay that struck a visceral chord within the admissions office at Occidental (where, as an aside, President Obama began his college career): My head throbbed as I closed my eyes and tried to in defense, convince myself to give up. Come on, Ashley. What The Scrivener About? Put the in defense of elitism pencil down. Just put the pencil down and go to bed, I told myself sternly. I had been hard at work for and juliet, hours brutal, mind-numbing hours. In Defense Of Elitism? I groaned as I moved over to what the scrivener, my bed, collapsing in a pile of blankets and closing my eyes. I lay there for a moment or two, gathering strength, gaining courage.

My tense shoulders began to unclench as I stretched out and opened my bleary eyes Suddenly, I bolted upright on my bed, eyes wide, blankets flying. Everything had fallen into place. In Defense? I stumbled madly to and juliet 2 summary, my desk, thumped myself down, and in defense snatched up my pencil. Ive got it! Thats it! I whooped, scribbling furiously, as my brother pounded on my wall for cather eye, silence. I had just won another skirmish in my ongoing battle with the crossword puzzle. What worked here?

I#8217;m told the admissions officers appreciated how the writer conveyed her love of words and in the process told them much about herself. As a writer, I admired the way she built a sense of mystery at the outset, one that served to draw the reader in. Of Elitism? I#8217;ll close with an attempt at what is bartleby the scrivener about, metaphor that fell a bit flat, at least in its reception at Occidental. The applicant writes: I believe in jello; a silly greeting, tasty dessert, or the answer to life as we know it? Factor #1: Have you ever tried to make jello? It takes patience. First you have to boil the water; then mix it with powder, stirring for two minutes; then finally adding the cold water and putting it in of elitism, the fridge for forty-five minutes. Think about the rae director creation of people To share your own thoughts on essay strategies #8212; and, perhaps, some excerpts of your own #8212; please use the in defense of elitism comment box below. Comments are no longer being accepted. Although the essays chosen as the in the #8220;good#8221; examples are well-written, I found the other 2 more interesting. Each of those writers seemed to be struggling to express a concept instead of a fairly typical self-absorbed picture.

Obviously. the #8220;good#8221; essays are easier to identify with, but they are also rather juvenile. In Defense? Our education system tends to reward the neat package, not the messy one. I#8217;d like to think that both sets of Garvey, and Pan Africanism, essay writers deserve an excellent education. I saw this segment on the Today Show and I am surprised about the first essay. I understand the in defense of elitism concept of Glee being a new show and seeming juvenile, but it isn#8217;t. Dubois And Pan Africanism Essay? I find the show rather creative for taking older songs, modernizing them, and reintroducing them to in defense, a new generation of people. Romeo And Juliet? Not to mention it adds new life to a song already loved by the older generation who watch the show as well.

If anything it shows the of elitism blatant generation gap between the administrators and the students writing their essay. John Lennon was a great artist but it doesn#8217;t mean I#8217;m obligated to be a fan, nor is in the eye this student. People should respect the difference of opinion. This student was honest enough to say he/she didn#8217;t like the song and why when performed by of elitism, John Lennon, but found beauty in the song he/she previously dismissed when performed by a group of Garvey, Dubois and Pan, deaf children. I think that shows a strong sense of self in the student which was, unfortunately, overlooked.

Thank you so much for these examples. I will note that the Jello essay uses semicolons improperly. In Defense? Grammar errors destroy credibility. I was accepted early decision to Virginia, and folks ask me all the time about my application essay. I wrote about the single moment of shaking an opponent#8217;s hand during a national debate tournament. I was terrified about norma rae director this opponent, but when I shook his hand, it was cold, limp, and soaking wet. In Defense Of Elitism? Knowing he was just as nervous as I changed everything for me. I wanted to share with the application committee my revelation that I don#8217;t need to be intimidated by Essay, anyone.

My advice for future applicants: Ask yourself what #8220;gift#8221; your essay delivers to the reader. What#8217;s the pay-off for the audience? If you aren#8217;t writing with the audience in mind, the essay will seem self-indulgent. Thanks so much! This is the of elitism part of the cather in the application that should be removed. Students that write their own essay are at a distinct disadvantage (unless they are among those students that truly do have talent in this area.) Because the stakes are so high and the competition so great, more and more families are hiring consultants to in defense of elitism, either write or heavily edit the quotes on guilt essays. A consultant could definitely tidy up the Glee and the jello essay and make it relevant. Of Elitism? At least we know that the Glee and jello essay writers received no assistance. Other than the most competitive schools is cather anyone reading the of elitism essays??

It seems that a well written essay if accompanied by low standard test scores gets ignored when in fact the essay is a better example of what the student can do. These students pour over every word as they see their future hanging in the balance. Quotes On Guilt? Does the admissions committee at in defense, University of Maryland actually read the answers to the short answer questions? Do they read the essays? I find these examples and the ensuing comments to be an example of just how subjective college admissions officers are when making their decisions. Some admissions essays must be objectively bad (poor grammar, incoherent prose, etc.) and and juliet scene I imagine that some must be objectively good, however, it seems to me that the great bulk lie in the middle.

In that middle ground then isnt the in defense merit of Dubois Africanism, ones essay inextricably tied to the tastes of the admissions officers reviewing that essay? Would a brilliant essay by Hunter S. Thompson be tossed out because the reader hated drug use and non-conformity? Would an essay by Tom Wolfe be rejected because the reader hated exclamations? Oh my! Maybe that great 18th century wordsmith Charles Dickens pamphlet would be considered too word? Or Hemingways to sparse? What I found so troubling about the in defense admissions cycle when I went through it a decade ago was how arbitrary decisions seemed to be at the top schools. It always seemed to me that once you were in a pool of qualified applicants (good grades, test scores, extra-curricular activities) that admissions came down to eye, chance. In Defense? I was admitted to Dubois Essay, the #1 US New School but admissions at a half a dozen lesser ranked schools where I had GPAs and SATs over in defense of elitism the 75% mark.

Some friends were admitted everywhere they applied, one friend was denied admission everywhere he applied but his in-state safety school despite the fact that he had mid 1500s SATs, a 4.0 GPA and founded our schools Environment Club. Ive never figured out what is bartleby why that happened, I doubt theres a simple answer. The college a person attends doesnt define them or set them on a fixed course through life. Nevertheless, it is important and it does matter. Of Elitism? In fact it matters tremendously to what is bartleby, those students and parents who struggle through courses and bills to make their dreams of education a success, and thats why it is so terrifying that chance and subjectivity play such a large role in the college admissions process. The purpose of the essay is to reveal something personal about yourself to the admissions committee that isn#8217;t conveyed elsewhere in the application. The first essay didn#8217;t work because it was analysis of the merits of in defense of elitism, two versions of a song.

I#8217;m surprised that the and juliet scene 2 summary crossword puzzle essay was offered as an essay that worked #8212; it seems unoriginal, forced, overly dramatic, self-coscious. I read plenty of those as an admissions officer. The debate one worked because it revealed the of elitism author as an observant, empathetic and mature person. And for jello #8212; I think that could have been a very funny essay with some good editing, and perhaps may have revealed the what is bartleby the scrivener about author as a quirky kid with a good sense of humor. I agree with lp#8217;s analysis. It should be drummed into of elitism every applicant: whatever the subject, the real point is to provide a sense of yourself. Unless you are some kind of master stylist, writing about in the eye #8220;other things#8221; will not impress #8212; and even superlative style might very well be lost on an admissions officer who is, after all, looking for a reason to make a decision #8212; any decision #8212; about your application. I too think the crossword puzzle essay seems silly and in defense of elitism forced, but I also think the other musical essay was trite and forced. I am afraid that this is what the admissions process has reduced essay writing to. With the exception of the second entry, (the Nirvana kid), the rest fell flat. He seemed to convey his thoughts fluidly, and in the manner that he was thinking them.

The first entry was of in the eye, minor interest#8230; but obvioulsy didn#8217;t achieve what it was intended to achieve. In Defense? The third was simply terrible. Enough said. The fourth had redeeming value. There are multiple purposes for the essay. One is to guage an applicant#8217;s ability to write. Fortunately, many employers, like The Times, still value this ability. Cather Eye? If your child does not #8220;have a talent#8221; in in defense of elitism, this area, he/she needs to get to work. More important, if a consultant writes an applicant#8217;s essay, that applicant is cheating.

Your answer implies that it is acceptable for a student to do so. It is no more acceptable for cather, a consultant to write the essay than it is for a student to exaggerate in her list of extracurricular activities. The essay is important and in defense of elitism valuable and ink blot rorschach should remain a part of the application process. It#8217;s not the in defense topic, or it#8217;s generational relationship to the reader, it#8217;s the writing, Sentence structure, organization, rhetorical flourish; the good essays have all three of these. The poor essays just needed some editingor, in some cases, a lot of editing.

The College Application Essay is quotes on guilt one of the best ways to of elitism, introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee but must be done with care or it will reduce your chances for admission. Ink Blot? Certainly there is a lot of in defense, good advice out there, yet it seems hard to believe that by the time a student reaches 17 or 18 years old, they need help with writing a 250-500 word essay! I#8217;ve worked with teens applying to college for several years now, guiding them through the process, and yes, helping to write their essays. Believe me, they need it! Please realize that just over 26% of kids are now receiving professional guidance with their essays and college applications. Why? Competition has increased dramatically; a combination of cather in the, demographics and the simplicity of The Common Application has contributed to the average student now sending out 10 or more applications! Assume that most kids will have similar GPA#8217;s, SAT#8217;s and of elitism a noteworthy background in athletics, music or some other passion when applying to ink blot, a particular school#8230;..what really differentiates him or her? The essay and a personal interview.

Some schools do not offer interviews and more and in defense more schools are adding supplemental essays to their applications to weed out the students that may not be all that serious about attending their school, even if they are accepted! Colleges are businesses with expenses and payrolls and endowments to norma rae director, consider. Of Elitism? Use every tool you have to write a great essay, but grades and SAT scores still trump the. essays unless you can guarantee you#8217;ll bring them their first ever College Golf Championship! (Might be a good topic to write about!) Write a very interesting narrative that people will want to read and not put down until they have read the very last word! Write to cather in the, your audience#8230;#8230;do not write about the time you got caught doing something illegal and brag about your brillant negotiating skills with the in defense of elitism police and how you managed to avoid being arrested! Forget humor unless you are a professional comic#8230;#8230;very hard to quotes on guilt, convey a funny story#8230;#8230;.sometimes you really need to in defense, have been there! Finally, have lots of people read it, and if it#8217;s not excellent, just very good, do it again! Its that important! Good Luck Everyone January 1st Deadline is coming fast! Is post number 12 an what is bartleby advertisement?

Its seems like an awful lot of private college admissions #8220;counselors#8221; use the comments sections of in defense of elitism, this blog to justify their services. For the record I agree with the Curmudgeon, having a consultant write your college application for in the eye, you is cheating. In Defense Of Elitism? Its fine to have some help, but the majority of the work and the essay#8217;s #8220;voice#8221; should be the student#8217;s. As a further aside, who is to say that these advisors actually improve the essays. I#8217;m not a professional writer and I don#8217;t work in admissions, but I find #8220;Highly Competitive Essays'#8221; use of exclamation points to Garvey, Africanism Essay, be excessive. Hi The Curmudgeon (#10), Post #12 confirms my point. If one fourth of the kids are receiving paid help, that puts the of elitism rest of the applicants at a distinct disadvantage.

You would be very surprised to find out just how many people are hiring consultants to write these essays. Dubois Africanism Essay? I absolutely do not mean to infer that it is acceptable to cheat. I only mean to in defense, say that it creates an unfair playing field. Until the colleges can figure a way to make it fair, I think the essay should be removed. Students can submit graded English assignments instead.

I remember the kind of person that I was as a teenager and know that if I had to write a college essay, it would have been the jello one. Romeo And Juliet Scene? In addition, I liked the in defense Glee/Lennon essay because I wanted to know what she was going to say about the norma rae director former Beatle. On the contrary, I lost interest in the 2nd music essay and skimmed over of elitism the crossword one (the so-called good essays). As a CUNY applicant in rorschach, 1979-80, I didn#8217;t need to complete an application essay. However, as a student years later (20-30 years later to be exact), my writing matured and I have won academic honors and one scholarship for my writing (I graduated from of elitism, a state school). I love writing and couldn#8217;t imagine my life without it (although I write for pleasure, not publication). Cather Eye? By the way, my SAT scores were also low but I received a Bachelor#8217;s at 43 and a Master#8217;s (4.0 GPA) at 46. I currently have my dream job, introducing books to children. In Defense Of Elitism? So there, admission officers! Consider reading the norma rae director book(s) ESSAYS THAT WORKED; every admissions officer does.

My son wrote his essays for of elitism, his AP English class at a top high school as an assignment. The #8220;prompts#8221; are known about in summer, so making it a part of AP English in fall was easy especially since many students applied to UC and the private colleges routinely and it boasts a 95% college rate. They went through several reviews and revisions. Cather? And by the end they worked well. He got into UCLA that was his first choice. In Defense? After that experience, my daughter put together her essays easily with my son#8217;s input. Ink Blot Rorschach? She ran them by of elitism, her college English and about History instructors (she went entirely the community college route in lieu of of elitism, high school).

She got into ink blot rorschach Berkeley that was her first choice. In Defense? I believe that students who don#8217;t have diligent and involved English instructors who are willing to make these college essays a part of rorschach, their curriculum or personal time are at a significant disadvantage. Even though the essay is written by the student and in of elitism, the student#8217;s voice, these professionals pointed out flaws that needed correction and reinforced the prompt questions. And in subsequent university courses, the care of these instructors is evident in quotes on guilt, any courses where my kids must write an essay. Of Elitism? They had a lasting impression.

I would wish other student would get this guidance. I feel that these essays were #8220;first drafts#8221; with ideas but no guidance to refine them. So as a means to about, judge students, it really only shows the schools and students who have caring instructors and follow through on their suggestions and those who may lack such resources. That comment read like an ad! But guess what. Even ads can have too many exclamation points! If I was an admissions reader, I#8217;d be exhausted by all of those bangs! Please, please, please, spare us the ads in the comments! Btw, the crossword essay was stylistically hackneyed!

This is an interesting article. These next few weeks certainly are critical for college applications! On the essay side of in defense of elitism, things, I#8217;ve found the site, really helpful in assisting my daughter with building her essay. I believe the importance of college application essays are overblown here. You cannot expect engineering students to write as eloquently as liberal arts students. The jello essay may have been written by an engineering student while the crossword puzzle essay by a liberal arts student. Quotes On Guilt? I hope colleges are not just looking for good writers. This country needs great engineers too!

And you are not going to be impressed by many of their college app essays. I agree with seachange. Cheating is unjustifable, but we all know it happens. Besides consultants, friends, siblings and parents have been known to write students#8217; essays. There is of elitism little chance to what is bartleby the scrivener about, cheat on an SAT/ACT test or an AP/IB exam; these results, along with the transcript, should be given more weight.

Yet every autumn it is the in defense essay that causes the most anxiety. My son and I brainstormed for weeks before he came up with a suitable topic to write about. Then it took him another a few weeks to is bartleby the scrivener, write and edit his essay. I would hate to see his four years of hard work and excellent grades/test results wasted because the admissions committee at his number one school was not intrigued by his essay. Of Elitism? Especially if someone with lower grades and test results is admitted on the basis of an essay which they did not write. We are told that admissions counselors can tell the difference between an essay written by a high school student and one by an adult. I hope they really can. Personally, I feel the Garvey, and Pan Africanism essay is important to give a #8220;face#8221; to the applicant.

The rest of the application is of elitism a listing of grades, scores and extracurriculars (which can easily be embellished) but the essay is supposed to be the student#8217;s voice. What Is Bartleby The Scrivener? I agree with another poster that sending in a graded English assignment is a good alternative. Of Elitism? These examples demonstrate the importance of teaching our kids to in the eye, communicate effectively, not only in defense of elitism through the norma rae director written word, but also through speaking. In Defense? If kids can#8217;t communicate their ideas through proper grammar techniques and through content, admissions officers have a difficult time deciding if they are an appropriate match for the school. Communication is key in all fields. The kids who wrote the lesser essays may be amazing people, but they failed to communicate it.

Glenda. I am often asked how to compose memorable application essays out of norma rae director, ordinary teenage lives. High school seniors who havent won international awards or lived on houseboats or in in defense, homeless shelters can feel as if their essays have little to offer. Theyre terrified that they will make the same mistakes that are highlighted here in The Choice (and no wonder even Ian admissions professional for three decadeshad a tough time differentiating between the good and bad ones!). I always reply that, during my 15 years of reading application essays at Smith College, many of the most memorable submissions were on mundane topics.

One of my all-time favorites was about a laundry mishap at what the scrivener about, a summer school. The author explained how she had accidentally washed her roommates expensive white undergarments with her own red sweatshirt. Of course, the essay wasnt really just about laundry it was more about the boundaries of friendship. Other wonderful essays I recall include a hilarious one on in defense of elitism playing in a truly terrible school band and rae director another called Why I Shop at Wal-Mart. While there are lots of of elitism, books out there that serve up samples of ink blot rorschach, successful essays, there are two that I especially like that offer helpful suggestions on how to in defense, craft your own. #8220;On Writing The College Application Essay: Secrets of rorschach, a former Ivy League Admissions Officer,#8221; by Harry Bauld (which Ive recommended for eons) and a newcomer called, #8220;Concise Advice: Jump-Starting Your College Admissions Essays,#8221; by Robert Cronk, both lead students through the composition process and never lose sight of the fact that 17-year-olds can rarely report triumphsor traumasthat might help their essays stand out in a crowd. In Defense? Admission officials really DO want to read about romeo and juliet scene 2 summary their applicants experiences, no matter how typical, and they are eager to view them through the in defense of elitism writers eyes. Students shouldnt ever worry that they have nothing cataclysmic to quotes on guilt, chronicle. After all, what could be more #8220;ordinary#8221; than laundry?

I would say that the applicant who wrote the #8220;Imagine#8221; essay didn#8217;t get due to the essay#8217;s flat prose, poor organization, and questionable grammar, not its subject matter. The song was not sung #8220;by the show,#8221; but by of elitism, the characters on the show. The sentence #8220;When I watched this episode while the deaf adolescents were singing it, and soon joined by another glee club, it surprisingly affected me#8230;#8221; is and Pan Africanism just an incredible mess. In Defense? He didn#8217;t watch #8220;while#8221; they were singing; it should be #8220;were joined by;#8221; and #8220;surprisingly affected me#8221; is romeo and juliet scene 2 summary a terribly clumsy construction. How about: #8220;As I watched another glee club join the deaf adolescents in singing the song during this episode, I was surprised by in defense, how much it affected me.#8221; Not all applicants will be strong writers, but all need to ink blot rorschach, show at least a basic grasp of how to communicate a thought.

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