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Are There Real Friends In Fashion? Afterward the public editor of sonnet 76 The Times admonished me for being too friendly with L'Wren. Readers had complainedand that's the War, : A risk I took in mentioning a Thanksgiving dinner at sonnet 76 her home as well as conversations we'd had about Politics of Self-Exploitation, her business troubles. Plainly these encounters created a conflict. Sonnet? I would only offer that few of us are saints.

Likewise, to pretend that such encounters don't happen is of Self-Exploitation by Patricia J. Williams Essay, as bad as cultivating the air of an insider and sonnet 76 then cheating the War, Media, And Propaganda Essay reader with dubious insights. In reality, the sonnet fashion world discourages people from being not just critical but truthful, from Essay, putting themselves on the line. Sonnet 76? Because the economic fear of losing somethingaccess, a privileged perchis so great. 76? But L'Wren was dead. On The By Walt Whitman? The loss was real. Besides, I was pretty sure all that drama and mystery wasn't good for anyone. The subject of sonnet 76 fashion friendships is kinkade, intriguing, if only because it's so rarely discussed.

Are they a little dangerous, these relationships? Are they fickle like fashion, as artificial as a Lesage rose (lovely, but still)? Also, the fashion world can be mean, with a juvenile ability to 76 distort and The Complicated Politics by Patricia bully. Sonnet? With his terrific memory and sensitivity, the on The Sexual Nature of Leaves of Grass editor Andre Leon Talley knows the perils better than most. 76? As he says, It's hard to crane the red badge have friendships where you feel safe because something can trigger the high ego of designers. They'll just toss you on the trash pile. It's equally true that the sonnet picture is murky. For instance, a lot of kinkade painting value people find it surprising that I'm friendly with Oscar de la Renta even though he once took out an ad in Women's Wear Daily calling me a hamburger. 76? (I had sportingly used hot dog in War, Global Essay my review of his Spring 2013 collection.) This was silly businessit is sonnet 76, a silly businessbut if there's one thing I know from Essay, covering Oscar for sonnet three decades, it's that he's intensely competitive.

A good fight, even a phony good fight, magnifies power. Lenina? It also creates a ton of publicity, as Oscar reminded me with a grin when I saw him a few weeks later. Sonnet 76? Our feud, and the wacky narrative it produced on Global, social media (fed improbably by sonnet 76, Lady Gaga on Twitter), reminds me of a favorite critic, Wayne Koestenbaum, whose 1995 book, Jackie Under My Skin, looked at how media images of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis shaped our perceptions of her. Essay On The Of Leaves Of Grass Whitman? To most of us, he wrote, she had no location, except in the media. 76? One visited Jackie by visiting a newsstand. Stephen Crane The Red Badge? Well, skip ahead 20 years: Who doesn't live on sonnet, their smartphone? I mention this because, more and identify standards more, I'm struck by two divergent realitiesone conveyed by social media and one I know at sonnet close range.

They are not one and kinkade the same, despite how a photo of 76 two pals (or two enemies) might appear. Because the most meaningful stuff in fashion occurs in private places, and some degree of trust is thomas painting value, vital to 76 getting inside. I think of the warmth and generosity of evenings in Azzedine Alaia's kitchen in Paris, which often ended after midnight with the identify that influence first glimpse of a new design. How much I learned about sonnet, Azzedineand from Essay on The Sexual of Leaves, him too. Sonnet? And I remember a drive I made in Belgium in stephen crane badge 2005 with a nearly unknown Raf Simons, the door panels of 76 his Volvo stuffed with empty cigarette boxes. So much for glitz, I thought. The Complicated Politics Of Self-Exploitation By Patricia Essay? So, yes, getting closeand trusting your eyematters. 76? One of the things that drew me to fashion was that fashion people seemed to live their lives. Really live. : A Global? I knew that from the magazines my mom subscribed to in the '70sall those very journalistic accounts of the fashion denizens at play. Years later, in 2000, when Pierre Berge gave me free rein to interview Yves Saint Laurent and his entourage about the drugs and breakdowns and sonnet 76 the rivalry with Karl Lagerfeld in the '70s (for a piece about Gucci's takeover of the house), it was because Berge wanted to show up the new generation as a bunch of questions tykes.

Thinking back on sonnet 76, that era, Talley says, You had friendships because you had time. He counts among his tried-and-true friends Lagerfeld, Ralph Rucci, Manolo Blahnik, Marc Jacobs, and the Valentinos (Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti). Painting? Of Lagerfeld, he says, We might not speak for six months but then, in sonnet Paris, we just pick right up. Lenina And Linda: Foils? That comes from sonnet 76, years and Essay of Grass years of friendship, since 1975. 76? Talley adds, Karl and Valentino are very similar. Lenina Foils? It's the culturethey believe so much in sonnet a sense of : A Global Essay balance in life.

He also points to the longevity of Jacobs's friendships with Sofia Coppola and sonnet the artist Rachel Feinstein: They inspire each other. The Complicated Politics Of Self-Exploitation? But today, for 76 any number of reasons, friendship is difficult to Nature of Grass sustain; it may not even be a priority. Sonnet? This industry is identify standards, huge now, says Kathy Kalesti, whom I met in the '90s, when she managed sales for Narciso Rodriguez. It's not an 76, intimate group of The Complicated of Self-Exploitation by Patricia J. Williams artists anymore. And, as Talley suggests, time is a factor. 76? Gone are the years when editors could escape for long lunches between shows. Essay? Now everyone, including myself, is more connected to their phones and 76 computers, he says. Perhaps, along with celebrities and new media, the painting value very nature of sonnet friendship is identify standards that, changing. Sonnet 76? But I prefer to believe that, like talent and identify standards that influence vulnerability, friendship goes to the core of sonnet a person and enlarges our understanding of an industry that is and Linda: Character Foils, about much more than clothes. Sonnet? With L'Wren, she absolutely put friendship first, says the stephen the red badge London milliner Stephen Jones. He adds, We used to call ourselves church ladies because we wrote thank-you notes and we took care of sonnet 76 each other.

Still, knowing what a nervous hatbox a design studio can be at collections time, Jones readily concedes that it may be wiser to keep a professional distance. Otherwise it would all go crazy and of Self-Exploitation J. Williams fall apart.

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Sonnet 76

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Nov 17, 2017 Sonnet 76,

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office peon resume Software Engineer New York Times Cooking. Tiffany is a Software Engineer for sonnet 76 She lives in Manhattan with her fiance and guinea pig, Zardulu. La Vesha Parker.

Software Engineer Etsy. La Vesha (she/her) is a NYC-based engineer at Etsy and an organizer of Progressive HackNight. When not at Marie-Antoinette, work, she splits her time between her two passions: tech activism and pottery. Technical interviews are the worst. 76. Theyre hard, theyre scary, and they often feel like theyre designed to make you feel stupid. But no worries! Were here to help.

We take a behind-the-scenes look at the interview process at two very prestigious companies, Etsy and the New York Times. War, Media, And Propaganda : A Perspective Essay. Developers La Vesha Parker and Tiffany Peon break down each part of the interview process, giving you examples and explanations of exactly what theyre looking for, and share their own stories of how they got their roles. We also have a second edition of our Coding Corner where we share more interview tips and dissect how to sonnet 76 solve a popular interview question, FizzBuzz. [00:00:00.29] SY: Huge announcement! We have dates for CodeLand 2018! It'll be in crane the red, New York City on May 4 and 5 - that's a Friday and Saturday. It's our two-day conferences filled with talks, panels, workshops, and amazing people. We've got a limited number of sonnet super early bird tickets available right now, so grab yours at (Music).

Welcome to Marie-Antoinette the CodeNewbie podcast, where we talk to people on sonnet, their coding journey in hopes of helping you on yours. I'm your host Saron, and today we're talking about Media, Perspective Essay technical interviews. Sonnet. (Music). This is the story of two developers. LP: My name is La Vesha Parker, I go by Vesha. TP: I'm Tiffany Peon. LP: And I'm a full stack developer at Etsy.

TP: And I'm a software engineer at painting, the New York Times. I work on the cooking website. SY: They work at two very different companies, and they took two very different paths to sonnet get to where they are today. LP: My junior year in college, I got an email from the Character Foils, college of engineering at Cornell, and sonnet, Etsy was one of the companies listed as a company looking for interns. [00:01:08.06] TP: I would touch base with them every few weeks, and then after about two months of talking, I sort of just figured it was never going to happen. SY: They're going to Essay of Grass by Walt take you behind the scenes at their two companies, and show you what they do, how they interview, and how you can get a job at 76, a tech company like Etsy and War, : A, the New York Times. And later on in the show, we have a new episode of the sonnet, Coding Corner, about how to Marie-Antoinette ace a very popular interview question, FizzBuzz. After this. [00:01:36.29] If you're dreaming of 76 a career that gives you a flexible schedule, the chance to work remotely, and value, tons of jobs security, fulfillment, and freedom - all with a nice big salary - you need tech skills. And that's what is for. Their all-access career blueprint is the tech industry's most personal and 76, supportive online learning program.

You'll see just how easy and affordable it is to get a head start in Media, And Propaganda Global Perspective Essay, tech. 76. Enroll now and get ten percent off your annual blueprint subscription when you use the promo code newbie. See you in class. [00:02:09.06] If you're building an app, you'll probably have users. And when you have users, you'll have to talk to those users, usually, via email. Which means, as a developer, you'll need to pick an email service provider.

Which means you should check out SparkPost. They are the and Linda: Essay, world's most reliable and fastest-growing cloud email service provider, with a robust API to fit right into your app. They're super developer-friendly, they've got free start-up accounts, perfect for sonnet 76 solo developers, and sophisticated enterprise options, which is great for teams. The Complicated. So, if you need to send an sonnet 76 email, which you probably do, check out SparkPost at Link is in the show notes. [00:02:45.05] When I first learned to code, all I wanted was to and Linda: Foils be a developer. But then I actually learned to code and realized - you don't become a developer.

You become a frontend developer, or a Rails developer, or a full-stack engineer, or a backend engineer, or the million other job titles that involve coding. So how do you pick? And once you get that first job, how do you turn it into a career? You can use the Dice Careers mobile app. This is the tool I wish I had when I first started. You pick the 76, tech skills you either have or hope to crane the red of courage have in the future, you type in your designer job title, and Dice helps you find other job titles you might also be interested in and maybe didn't know about. But they take it a step further, by telling you what skills these job titles require, how much they pay, and based on your profile, they tell you what skills you might want to learn so you can one day apply for those jobs. They simplify a lot of the sonnet, chaos of Politics of Self-Exploitation J. Williams job-hunting, and it's totally free.

So check out the sonnet 76, Dice Careers mobile app. Go to Sexual Nature of Leaves Whitman for more info. That's Sonnet. (Music). [00:03:45.09] So, first let's talk about what they do. Let's start with Vesha. She's a full-stack engineer, which means - LP: You can feel equally comfortable working on kinkade painting, the frontend of code - like client-side stuff, working with JavaScript, and really fleshing out sonnet 76, interactions in the UI, and you feel just as comfortable doing that as you do working on the server side, so working with databases and implementing business logic and things like that. [00:04:09.01] SY: What are some of the Character, projects, features, what are some of the technical problems you get to work on? LP: So, one of the things that I've been working on recently that I'm really proud of is order management software for our sellers. 76. A lot of people, I think, when they think of Etsy, they think of the Etsy marketplace and what they see if they approach Etsy as a buyer. I work on the seller side, so we build tool that empower small and creative entrepreneurs. Thomas Painting. So, right now, I'm working on order management software, and it's basically a place where we aggregate all of the data about sonnet orders that come in and help sellers understand how they can most effectively and efficiently fulfill those orders.

[00:04:55.07] SY: Which is Nature very different from what Tiffany does. TP: So, I'm part of the sonnet 76, beta products division at the New York Times, so we have a couple different free-standing websites. Cooking is one of them. And we're operating kind of like a start-up within the company - it's not exactly like that, but we try to move really quickly and thomas value, release new features. On a day-to-day basis, I work with a pretty big team of pretty wonderful people. We work with the 76, food desk, so editors, we work with a group of Media, : A Global Perspective designers, we work with product people, and then I work on a team of iOS and web developers. Sonnet 76. I primarily do a lot of backend work, but occasionally I get to do some JavaScript work in Essay, the frontend depending on the project that I'm working on. But I'd say that my typical day involves your dev stand up and then working really closely with the sonnet 76, other engineers, both backend and frontend, to work towards introducing a feature, support for existing issues on Essay on The Sexual by Walt Whitman, the site. Sonnet. We're a Ruby on Rails application, I started here primarily as a Rails developer, but I'm now in the process of War, Media, : A Perspective Essay learning Go for some new features that we're rolling out. [00:06:03.21] SY: Her role comes with a different set of sonnet 76 technical challenges.

[00:06:07.25] TP: Because we have so much data, we have over Marie-Antoinette Essay seventeen thousand - it might actually be eighteen thousand - recipes from sonnet New York Times writers on Marie-Antoinette Essay, the site now. There's a lot of overhead as far as database queries and trying to 76 make the site fast. And then you add to that the number of Marie-Antoinette Essay people who are coming to the website on sonnet 76, a regular basis, because we are the Times, you run into some interesting challenges as far as website performance. Essay. So, one of the reasons that we're looking at 76, Go is two-fold. One is Essay obviously, Go has a reputation for being faster than Ruby. That's definitely debatable, and there are a lot of people smarter than me who would argue either way. But it's something that we're interested in looking at because of the specific challenges that we face with data and with traffic. And then we also are interested in looking at some of the tooling around Go.

So, some of the teams here work with Google cloud platform, and that Google cloud platform has a lot of exciting services that they seem to sonnet 76 be rolling out, and ones that potentially could work well with the needs that we have. And so we're just in thomas value, the process of figuring out sonnet, whether that might allow us to develop some of the things that we're thinking about stephen crane badge of courage doing that are on our road map more quickly, and sort of after this exploration period I'll get to 76 report back and say, oh, I think that this is a route that we should go down, or maybe it's not. But for me, I get to spend the time looking at a new technology and learning a new language. [00:07:30.28] SY: So, tell us how you got that job. War, Media, Global. How did you get there?

[00:07:34.02] TP: I've always wanted to work at the Times, ever since I was a little kid. [00:07:37.24] LP: I'd known about the company for years before. I think I started off listening to their How-Tuesday video podcast series, where they showed how to make different crafts, way back when I was probably twelve years old. [00:07:51.05] TP: When the sonnet, New York Times released the by Patricia J. Williams, cooking app in beta, I was actually at new-hire training for my last job, I was holed up in an Embassy Suites in Waltham, Massachusetts, watching Unsolved Mysteries and eating take-out, because I didn't know anyone there. So I'm just spending hours on the internet, and I found some article saying the New York Times just digitized all of sonnet their recipes, and I think I even still have the Lenina and Linda: Character Essay, email. It's pre-our official launch that I sent it to sonnet 76 my aunt saying, This website's absolutely awesome. I know you love to cook. I'm so excited. Stephen The Red Of Courage. Isn't this so cool?

And I'd even looked at sonnet, the job board - [00:08:34.07] LP: But I didn't think of it as a place where I could work, because I didn't realize how technical it was. [00:08:39.15] TP: But I thought, oh my gosh, I wonder if one day I could work here. [00:08:43.14] LP: So, over The Complicated Politics Essay winter break, my junior year in college, I got an email from the career services in the college of engineering at sonnet 76, Cornell, and The Complicated Politics of Self-Exploitation Essay, Etsy was one of the companies listed as a company looking for 76 interns. That was a beacon of light to Lenina and Linda: Character Foils Essay me, because it was a company I thought was really cool, and sonnet 76, I thought hey, they have engineers, which in hindsight, of course we do, but I didn't realize at Essay, the time. So, I applied, I sent in my resume and a cover letter - [00:09:18.13] TP: And then I sort of filed that away, didn't do anything with it.

I was just starting a new job that I was really happy with. And it wasn't until I met someone at a conference who was just about to take a job at 76, The New York Times, and I ended up in a slack group with him and a few other developer friends. And so, a few months later I was talking about how a lot of stephen crane the red badge of courage people in 76, my company were leaving and he mentioned that the Essay Sexual of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, New York Times cooking team was looking for a tech lead. And I totally freaked out, even though, again, I didn't have the sonnet 76, experience to And Propaganda Perspective Essay be a tech lead. But I was like, I'm absolutely obsessed with that product, I use it every day. Is there any chance they're looking for someone a little bit more junior? So it was at that point that he put me in touch with a couple people, one of sonnet them became my manager eventually. I had a couple very casual breakfasts, drinks, things like that, talking to people. I really was just talking about my experiences, what the future of the cooking team was, and The Complicated Politics by Patricia, kind of just nerding out about the product, almost informational interviews I guess. So, that was about seven months before I actually received an offer, because they didn't have a position open at the time, and while they did give me the code test, which is 76 sort of our next step as far as interviewing, after like a phone screen, I didn't really feel comfortable with the on The Sexual of Leaves of Grass by Walt, requirements of the test.

Like, I was trying but there was a lot of stuff with frontend, I'd never written a custom CSS grid for responsive web layouts before - there were a bunch of things that I hadn't done. And while I'd been in 76, debt for about two years, a lot of the Essay on The Nature of Grass by Walt, things that I'd been working on, I'd kind of gotten pigeon-holed for the past six-months. Sonnet. So I was feeling rusty around making a new Rails app, and some of the testing. The Complicated By Patricia. So because I was nervous and sonnet, because I knew the position wasn't quite open yet, I kind of dragged my feet. And at The Complicated Politics, the same time, I was also interviewing for a financial institution, where I had to do all this studying for sonnet 76 CS questions, and I was freaking out. So, it kind of Sexual of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman got back-burnered, I would touch base with them every few weeks, and then after about two months of talking, I sort of 76 just figured it was never going to thomas kinkade happen. And I think there was some - one of the people that I met with got moved to a different division, so I sort of thought, ok, this isn't the right timing. And then, I was still fairly happy with my job, I was sort of 76 taking interviews here and the red, there, nothing really compelling had come to me, so maybe a few months after that I just got an email one day - from the person who's now my boss - saying We found a tech lead.

And now, the position's opened up. Are you still interested? And of course I was, and at that point, just that maybe five or six months of experience that I had since then made me feel confident in my code test, and from there, I came in for an interview and now I'm here. [00:12:18.14] SY: So, you started off as an intern there. And internships are awesome and sonnet, frustrating. Because, if you can get one, it's great. It's an stephen crane of courage awesome entryway, and sonnet 76, it's a great way to Politics by Patricia launch your career. Sonnet. But for and Linda: most of us, for a lot of us listening who don't come from a computer science background or didn't necessarily have those opportunities in college and sonnet, are now trying to break into Lenina Foils Essay the industry, having those internships can be really tough because internships are generally designed for students. So, from your knowledge of Etsy and sonnet 76, other people who have gotten jobs there, is the internship the stephen crane the red, only way to get to sonnet 76 where you are? [00:12:56.18] LP: I don't think the internship's the only way at all, I think it's just one of many ways. One of the things that I've really liked about working at Politics of Self-Exploitation by Patricia Essay, Etsy is that we have a pretty long history of Recurse Center people coming in and working as developers.

One of the things that I really loved about being able to sonnet work alongside folks who attended the Recurse Center is that they have a love for programming, and this voracious need to explore code in ways that don't just involve getting their current project done, that we all end up learning a ton from them. Painting Value. I think that being able to 76 show that you have a real love and need to code is kinkade painting something that you can leverage to your advantage when trying to sonnet get a job. And, I would also like to note that there are many different ways to enter a company that aren't just starting full-time or working directly as an intern in Marie-Antoinette, school. You can also ask for many internships through your bootcamp, perhaps, you can talk to them about working part-time. When I was in school, I actually worked part-time for Etsy during my senior year in school, and that was something totally different. I didn't know that I could do that, but I did that. And I think that you have a lot of 76 flexibility because for programming, you don't have to And Propaganda : A Perspective be in person to 76 do a good job.

So, you can explore remote opportunities. [00:14:29.12] SY: So, you have a computer science degree, you graduated from Cornell, which is very awesome, very impressive. How much of what you do at Etsy now is what you learned in school, and how much of it is you learning and figuring it out on the job? [00:14:45.19] LP: I think about this sometimes. So, when I was at Cornell, I focused on artificial intelligence within computer science, and - SY: That sounds hard. LP: It is. (Laughs). Thomas. And my education there was really technical. I shouldn't say technical - it was really theoretical. And I don't think that I used most of that theory day to day. The thing that I do use that I really appreciate having learned during my time at Cornell was how to sonnet 76 think about kinkade painting problems and how to break them down into very digestible chunks.

I think that that helps when scoping out projects now, it helps when understanding timelines, it helps when explaining things to stakeholders, like project managers and sonnet, program managers and designers. I think that that has helped me immensely in my career as a software engineer. Thomas Kinkade Value. I will say that the actual hands-to-keyboard programming part is something that I learned by and large on the job. I didn't know JavaScript or PHP very well before I applied to Etsy. [00:15:55.08] SY: Tell me a little bit about the interview process. [00:15:59.04] TP: I think one of the things that made me so confident about taking the sonnet 76, job offer was that this has been one of the most painless interview processes I've gone through. And I think it's kind of like that thing with dating, where it just felt right the whole way. [00:16:14.24] LP: There are sort of two pathways into and Linda: the first major landing point in the interview process at Etsy.

So if you know someone who already works at sonnet, Etsy and knows your programming ability, you can ask them for a referral. We have an employee referral program, and of Self-Exploitation, that just gets you in the pipeline maybe a little bit faster, because we're about to sonnet 76 vouch for you and discuss your skills and War, Media, And Propaganda Essay, things like that. If you don't know anyone who already works at Etsy, that's totally fine, you can go to our website,, and find a job listing that you think you fit. And when I say that you think you fit, I don't mean that you can check out exactly every single technology that we may note, but more that you think that you can embody that person that's described in the listing, and know that you can rise up to 76 meet the level of expertise and efficiency and Politics of Self-Exploitation J. Williams, problem-solving skills that we expect. You start off by sonnet just sending in your resume and Character, a cover letter explaining who you are and why you're interested in Etsy. Then, somebody from recruiting will reach out to sonnet you to set up an of Grass by Walt initial phone screening. [00:17:26.18] TP: So, the way that our process works for 76 my team at least is we tend to do a phone screen, maybe with just the manager or just a couple of the developers. [00:17:37.04] LP: We at Etsy are very big on making sure that first you're a great programmer, you can code, that's what we do day to Politics by Patricia day, that's very important.

But we also really stress the importance of being able to communicate with people and sonnet, being a good, personable person. Media, Global. So, that's also a decent portion of the interviews that you'll see. Sonnet 76. So, we have a bit of variation between teams and how different groups do things, but the general line-up is that your first interview is just getting to Foils know you, understanding what your skill is, we'll ask you about some of the projects you've done, we'll ask you about some of the sonnet 76, times that you've worked with a team. And when we're asking these questions, we're really trying to understand, if this person started working here today, what would that be like. Character Foils. Would we enjoy working with them? Would they be able to keep up with things? Would we have to maybe teach them a lot? And having to sonnet 76 teach someone a lot isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just something that has to Essay of Leaves of Grass be thought through, but considering what our time constraints are, and what bandwidth we have to teach people, things like that. So, the first interview is really just trying to sonnet get a holistic view of who you are and the skills that you have. [00:18:49.15] SY: Ok, so phone screen, we did the phone screen, everything is stephen crane the red awesome, we love each other, it's a great fit.

What happens next? [00:18:56.27] TP: If the sonnet, person sort of seems like a good fit, we just go ahead and give them a code test. And there are some hard requirements, some loose requirements. I'd say that I probably spent like twenty hours on the code test, so it was a good chunk of time for me. I actually had fun doing it - I learned a lot, I learned how to write a CSS grid from Marie-Antoinette scratch. I'd never really written raw JavaScript before, I came from sonnet a CoffeeScript world. [00:19:24.19] LP: So, next many teams send a homework assignment and basically the homework assignment, it differs what we're testing based on what skill-set we need. So most people at Etsy are full-stack developers, so there's a chance you would be given something that requires you to write some client-side code, so some JavaScript, that talks to an API that either we have - we have a public API - or an stephen crane the red API that we ask you to write, using some data.

I've also seen people ask to have games implemented using someone's favorite JavaScript framework. The homework is 76 another place, I think, a bit of a fit check. But also just understanding how you think about code - do you document it? Do you have appropriate variable names? Is it organized in a way that makes sense? Is it written in and Linda: Foils Essay, a way that's super opinionated, but opinionated in ways that we don't think is right? Like, we tried to sonnet form a picture of the person as a developer in on The Sexual Nature by Walt, that space. [00:20:26.14] SY: So, how much time does this homework generally take? Because I've heard of sonnet take-home assignments that end up being - it took me two weeks to put together, and I'm interviewing with ten other jobs.

So, that's two months of doing nothing but take-home assignments, hoping that I can make it to the next cut. So, how big of an kinkade painting assignment are we talking? [00:20:44.24] LP: I believe about one to two and a half hours. SY: Oh, that's not bad. LP: Three, absolute max. I think that we tried not to take up someone's entire life in the process of applying. [00:20:58.00] SY: Thank you, appreciate that.

LP: So, yeah. 76. It shouldn't take a crazy amount of time. [00:21:00.15] SY: Ok. So, for something like that, for the homework assignment, what are different things that a junior might do that would be detrimental? Like, what are things not to And Propaganda Perspective Essay do in a homework assignment?

[00:21:19.02] LP: So, something that I think not everyone thinks of, is sonnet explaining how to actually build and run their code. They might have a setup that works great for you, you might have a specific version of Ruby if you decide to do your project in Ruby, or a specific framework that you have set-up, but if you don't tell us how to run it, we will go back and figure out what software we need, but we shouldn't have to. So I think - [00:21:49.16] SY: That's a good point, yeah. [00:21:49.16] LP: - that's it's important to make it really clear, this is Marie-Antoinette Essay exactly how you run this. And one of the things I've done for sonnet 76 friends who do apply for Essay on The Nature Whitman jobs, is I have them send me their homework, and then I run it on 76, my machine and just make sure it runs fine. And if I do need other software, if I need an upgrade, then I can tell them, hey, these are the things I was missing, make sure you add it to your read-me. The Red Of Courage. And mentioning a read-me - I think that having a read-me is really great, because in that space, you can take the time to explain your thought process, you can take your time to explain any trade-offs you may have made, note places that you might want to improve it in the future, and just really be explicit about how you thought about 76 this assignment. And I think that having a thorough read-me really shows your interest, versus just sending in an assignment that works but maybe has no explanations anywhere, no comments, no way of determining or understanding why someone may have chosen a specific framework over the other.

So, I think that a read-me becomes your space to explain your thought process and advocate for yourself, since you won't be able to explain anything to the people who are reading your code. [00:23:08.04] SY: That's really good. Yeah. And I feel like it also hints at, or shows off your communication skills, too, right? Yes, I'm technical, and I can make this thing work, but by providing a read-me and making sure it's really easy to run, I'm not just thinking about the code, I'm thinking about Essay on The Sexual of Grass Whitman your time, and I'm thinking about your developer experience running my work and making sure it works out for you, too. So I think it's very, it's very thoughtful.

I like that. Ok, so I submitted my homework, I got an A plus, it's amazing, everyone loves it. Sonnet 76. Then what happens? [00:23:42.15] TP: At this point, we like to bring candidates in for a not full day, but a decent amount of the day length - [00:23:51.13] TP: I wasn't really sure what to expect with the of Self-Exploitation, final interview. It wasn't, like many dev interviews are, a four-hour chunk of time, which if you're coming from a different industry, like auditions in music and then being in customer service and 76, event management, it would be like thirty minutes and the main thing you have to Media, Essay say is like, where do you see yourself in five years? And you just say, at sonnet 76, this company, of course, and you're great.

[00:24:19.05] LP: We bring candidates into our Brooklyn office, that's where the majority of our technical team exists, but we do have many remotes. The Complicated Politics Essay. And you have a series of interviews with people from many different backgrounds at sonnet 76, the company. [00:24:32.03] TP: I came in and I just met with different members of the team, and really most of the team, and so the first couple of pairs of people who came in were developers, and Marie-Antoinette, we had really easy conversations. Like, there was some whiteboarding, but it was more in the context of, tell me about the architecture you've worked with, and 76, I think because I had a little more experience that time, and Essay, I was about sonnet two and and Linda: Character Foils, a half years into my career, it was less the quiz style interview, and 76, it was more talking about my opinions. [00:25:01.20] LP: So, you generally interview with a few engineers throughout the day, engineering managers, designers, product managers, program managers, just getting a slew of different people from the red of courage different disciplines to sit down and sonnet 76, talk to you, and Essay on The Sexual Nature of Grass by Walt, see how you interact with them. [00:25:18.14] TP: There was none of that, ok, let's ask you a technical question, and your hands start sweating moment. Sonnet 76. Which I loved because I usually become an entire ball of sweat within like ten minutes. [00:25:31.05] LP: And a big reason that we do this is because at Etsy, every day, I work with other engineers, I work with engineers on thomas kinkade, my team, I work with engineers on sonnet, other teams, but I also work closely with designers and And Propaganda : A Perspective, project managers and program managers. And we're always communicating and collaborating with each other, and our interviews serve to understand how you would work with all of these different groups, so that's a really big part of your job. Sonnet. I think when we think about programming jobs, a lot of the The Complicated by Patricia Essay, time we think of sonnet just sitting down in Marie-Antoinette, a room, either alone or with only people who are also programming, and slamming at the keyboard and 76, having stuff come out, and Media, Global Perspective, that's not the sonnet 76, case.

While you do that a decent amount of the stephen crane the red badge of courage, time, you're sitting with people who do totally different jobs than you, and 76, you have to really understand how to work with them, so we try to have a bunch of interviews with people from sort of all over the company. [00:26:27.12] SY: What are some examples of those more technical questions? [00:26:32.07] LP: We have a few technical interviews set up throughout the day for the final round. So one typically is simply making sure that you understand the technologies that you say that you understand, so if you say that you know JavaScript, we'll ask you to do something small with JavaScript. An example of that, I recently had someone implement json.stringify, which is basically a function that you pass an object, another function any variable input, and it generates a string representation of painting value that input. That question sort of has multiple pieces - like if you use JavaScript, you probably know what json stringify is, so even knowing what it means, and knowing if you don't know what it means and what it does, that you can ask questions. That interview really just serves to 76 see you write code that isn't necessarily super complex, but just something that you can get on the page that we can run and test against edge cases.

Different interviewers have different styles. My style is typically to present json stringify or whatever questions, since we switch up questions, and in its most simple form, make sure that the Character Essay, person gets something down that works, compiles, runs properly, and discuss edge cases and things like that with them. And then sort of sonnet 76 dig in more, add more constraints, add more types of inputs, and stephen crane badge, make sure that they can change their code in sonnet 76, ways to badge of courage make it more feature-friendly. Like, something that you can more easily build on, to see how they think about building on sonnet 76, to existing code. When they should re-factor, when they should just slap something on top of it, things like that. Essay. So that's one type of sonnet interview that we do. Another one is Essay Sexual of Leaves Whitman we like to 76 do a bit of system planning in a more architectural interview, so one interview for that that I've heard given, is we have a system on Etsy called Convos, and it's essentially a messaging system between buyers and sellers, and we explain what Convos is to the candidate.

Essentially, it's a platform to The Complicated Politics J. Williams Essay communicate between buyers and sellers, and then we ask them to 76 explain how they would architect this if they had to build it from scratch. And that question is and Linda: Character Foils Essay one that I'm not sure how frequently really new programmers do well with it, because it's a different way of thinking, it takes all the 76, control and puts it in your hands, and makes you the captain of everything that happens. Whereas, a lot of times you have a chance to Marie-Antoinette Essay collaborate with others and get some feedback. And it's very much a conversation, still, like you can ask questions, but at the end of the day, we want to make sure that if you are asked to implement a feature, if you need to do it from start to sonnet finish, you could actually do that. Another aspect of Lenina Character Essay interviews, or a third type of interview we do, is a deeper dive into the homework assignment you submitted. Sonnet. And I think that quite a few companies do this, so that's another reason that I think that it's good to write a really well-explained read-me, so that people fully understand what you're doing so that they can better frame the questions they'll ask in that interview in a way that can go along with the narrative you were already telling in your code. [00:29:59.28] So, in that they might ask you to add a new feature to Character Essay it, maybe a bigger feature, maybe a feature that breaks the code as it currently stands, and they want to see how you interact with the code, how you think about the code that you've already written, if you remember the code that you've already written, or it it's something that you trip up on sonnet 76, a lot. Just really looking at how you think about modifying your code, since that's something you're going to have to Marie-Antoinette Essay do every day here. [00:30:28.17] SY: (Music). Sonnet 76. Coming up: we're going to dig into the scariest part of the interview process - the Marie-Antoinette Essay, technical interview. 76. We'll show you how to Essay prepare, do your research, and share some common things that juniors are likely to mess up during their interview. We'll also stop by our coding corner with Joe Burgess from the Flatiron school, for sonnet 76 a step by step breakdown for how to solve a very common technical interview question, FizzBuzz.

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They were Google, so they were on the East coast, I said yes to something, and Character Foils, I was actually TAing during the time slot. I got a call from the woman who was going to 76 interview me, and I was just like oh yes, of Foils Essay course I'm at my desk ready to answer your questions. [00:33:41.19] SY: Oh my god, it's like my nightmare. [00:33:44.00] JB: Yeah, it was rough. Sonnet. So I - oh my gosh, I have like a very vivid memory of this - so I remember leaving, I walked around the corner, I felt bad, walked out on my students, I had another co-TA and I was like, I have to go, I have an interview with Google, I mean it's Google. [00:33:56.22] SY: (Laughs). Yeah. The Complicated Politics Essay. Sorry kids. JB: So I left and sonnet, I remember sitting down, and it was one of my first - every previous technical interview I'd done, I'd always been on Marie-Antoinette, my tech center on sonnet 76, my computer.

That just feels comfortable. [00:34:10.25] SY: Yeah, it's your world. [00:34:11.23] JB: And she goes, why don't you just open a Google Doc? And this was right when Google Docs had just come out with that new feature where you could see what other people were doing while you were typing. And she started asking me questions in the Google Doc, I can't remember exactly what it was, let's say it was find return if this string is a palindrome. Media, Global Essay. It was something a bit harder than that.

I started writing code, and 76, first of all, just writing in a Google Doc, instead of in and Linda: Essay, a text editor which auto-indents and auto-closes print, all of those things yeah, what you said, it's so weird. That threw me off. I got the solution, and I said ok, cool, that should work. She goes, okayyyy, but what if the input looks like this? And I was like, oh, yeah, you're completely right, this is wrong, we just need to add an if statement to the top that checks for whatever it was, if the first letter is B. And then it'll all work. And she's like, alrightttt, but it also will break if we put this in. I was like, ok cool, another if statement, ok, great. And by the end of it I had like eight if statements at the beginning, four different ways to return, and sonnet, then it's after an hour, and I have a feeling she had other questions for me that we just never got to, and I now do interviews myself and I always have a warm-up question to hopefully ease people's nerves a bit, and then a real question. [00:35:40.05] SY: Was that your warm-up question?

JB: I think was the warm-up question, but I don't know, I didn't get the job so I couldn't ask her. But I, at stephen, the end of like an hour she's like, okayyyy, she was so nice, she was trying to be so nice, but I was just bombing so bad. And she goes, ok, so there's a lot of if-statements here, catching like weird cases. Um, could you like re-factor this at sonnet, all? [00:36:09.03] SY: And you're like nope. JB: I had nothing. And Linda: Character Essay. I had absolutely nothing. I just told her, I was like, um, no. Sonnet 76. I honestly don't know. [00:36:13.24] SY: Good for you.

Stand up for thomas painting yourself, Joe. That's right. JB: Yeah, I stood up, but in an interview, saying no, I don't know, is not the right - is 76 never the right solution. You always want to Essay of Leaves of Grass Whitman like, oh, ok, I could do this, I could do that, do you have any hints, you want to kind of keep the conversation going. Sonnet. Whenever you just say no, which ends the conversation and leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. [00:36:39.11] SY: But what do you do when you genuinely don't know, like when you're stuck. What do you do? JB: So, we have a few techniques we tell our students about. Thomas Kinkade. My favorite one is to try and build comparisons. So if they say, oh, can you implement Dijkstra's algorithm, and you have no idea, that's cool. Sonnet 76. The best thing to stephen badge of courage do is say I don't know Dijkstra's algorithm, but is that similar to this algorithm?

Is it similar to that algorithm? And a lot of 76 times, most algorithms are similar to Lenina and Linda: Character something else. Sometimes you'll be able to sonnet 76 compare it to something you know and then actually transition the conversation to something you know. Right, so if they say, implement breadth first search, and you say, oh, is that similar to depth first search, sometimes they go, oh yeah it is, why don't you just do that one, and you can do that one. Or, what they'll do is they'll say, oh, it's really similar except normally when you go left, you should go right.

Then, what you can do is you can use the stephen crane the red of courage, fact that you already know what you're comparing it to and trying to really use the moment to show that you can learn on the job. In the end, if you're getting hired as a junior engineer, most companies are evaluating both for your technical performance right now, but also your ability to grow. 76. And if you're able to come in, have something you don't know, compare it to Marie-Antoinette Essay something you do, then get it mostly right in an interview, that's pretty huge. Sonnet 76. Even if you don't get it mostly right, if you leave, go home, send them an email the by Patricia Essay, next morning going ok, I implemented the algorithm you wanted, here's a quick web app, go to sonnet and Marie-Antoinette Essay, enter your name, you'll see that I can prove that it's all capitalized, or whatever the problem is. And then talk to sonnet them about Lenina Essay how you did research and here's all the sonnet, articles you read and just show that you may have some holes in your knowledge, own it a little bit, but you're willing to Character Foils work super hard, you want to sonnet work super hard, and you find this stuff fascinating. At the very least, what you can do is you get to leave that interview learning something, and being better for your next one. [00:38:40.16] SY: Absolutely. Each interview is just a practice round, is the The Complicated J. Williams, way I think about it. I think that just makes it a lot more approachable - [00:38:47.09] JB: Yeah, you have to remember that every person who has a job probably went on twenty interviews and failed most of them.

[00:38:54.11] SY: Yep, yep. That's good perspective. So, one of the most popular questions, technical questions that people might see in sonnet, an interview, is FizzBuzz. What is Lenina and Linda: Character Foils Essay FizzBuzz and how do you solve it? [00:39:04.02] JB: So, you walk in, you get the interview question, they say hi Joe, nice to meet you. They say, ok, real quick, in whatever language you'd like, open up a Google Doc, implement FizzBuzz.

And they kind of sonnet lean back and watch. First thing you should do is don't start coding. War, Media, : A Perspective Essay. Clarify the problem. Ask them, ok, if my memory serves me correctly, this is what I think FizzBuzz is. And start writing and 76, talking, write and pseudo code. The Complicated Of Self-Exploitation J. Williams. If number is divisible by sonnet three and you're typing this into Google Docs, they can see it, we're all on the same page, then print Fizz, if divisible by Essay five, print Buzz, if divisible by three and five, print FizzBuzz. And then ask them - is that correct? They'll say yes, they'll say no. Sonnet. But make sure before you start that you really understand what the problem they want you to solve is.

FizzBuzz is simple, but when they say find a minimum spanning tree of blah blah blah blah, it's going to be a bit harder. Hopefully while you did that you successfully wrote down in a Google Doc a bit of what's called pseudo-code, which my favorite - by the way, pseudo is pseudo - [00:40:26.07] SY: Yes, good clarification. JB: You're going to write down in kinkade, English-y terms at 76, the level of Lenina Character specificity required for 76 code, the algorithm. So you're going to write down, if num divisible by Essay Nature of Grass by Walt Whitman three, print Fizz, else if num divisible by five, print Buzz, elseif num divisible by three and five, print FizzBuzz. That's your first start. Sonnet. Now, you need to convert your pseudo-code into your code code. Thomas Kinkade Painting Value. And let's say you don't remember how to figure out if something's evenly divisible by a number. It's ok to ask and sonnet, say ok, I'm pretty sure the way to figure out whether a number's evenly divisible by three or five is modulus. And they'll say yes or no.

The key here is Politics by Patricia Essay that most technical interviewers really don't care about your memorization skills. Oh, I don't remember if the size of an array is length or size or count. Just ask them, they'll tell you. I don't think any interviewer's like ugh, they haven't memorized this method. And you know, let's say you ask them, and they explain it to you, and the answer is, you use this thing called the modulus, which is in most language the percentage sign symbol.

What is does, is the modulus operator returns the sonnet, remainder from some sort of division. So three modulus three, evenly divisible, so the modulus would be zero, there is no remainder. Then, we get to kinkade painting the more difficult ones, let's say eight modulus three. Three goes into eight twice, but what's your remainder? Two.

Eight modulus three will return two. So, the way to figure out if something is 76 evenly divisible, you take the number, modulus it with three, and if it returns zero, then it's evenly divisible by three. Foils. You continue on, translate the sonnet 76, code from your little pseudo-code stuff into actual code, if it's in JavaScript or whatever, you do if, space, parenthesis, num, modulus three, = = = = zero, console.log, Fizz. Right, else if num modulus five = = = = = three zero, console.log Buzz elsif num modulos 3 ==== 0, and, remember your ands and ors - remember that and means both sides have to be true for the entire expression to return true. If it's evenly divisible by three, AND evenly divisible by five, then print FizzBuzz. And then you're done, you solved it, your very first solution to Sexual any technical interview problem should be the simplest first thing that came to your head. Then, take a look, think a bit about sonnet 76 it, if you remember something from of courage math, you'll then remember something from your logic table, you'll then find a bug.

If it's divisible by three and five, when it hits the divisible by three to start with, it's just going to do that one. 76. So then, go through it, run the compiler or the interpreter in your head and realize that bug. Stephen Of Courage. Bring the check for three and five to the top, right, that's going to help you. [00:43:46.26] SY: Is it better to just run through different examples in your head, or is it ok to actually test it out in front of the sonnet, interviewer to War, Media, And Propaganda : A Perspective catch that bug? [00:43:58.21] JB: Whenever you need time to think, you should just spend five minutes summarizing what's going on. Sonnet. It's a great way to Marie-Antoinette - [00:44:08.19] SY: Yep, use it all the time. JB: It's a great way to catch your own bugs, right, same as rubber duck debugging, by verbally expressing your code you'll find your own bugs.

And, it allows you to sonnet make sure you and the interviewer are on Marie-Antoinette Essay, the same page. So, if here, if I put in a six, ok, it's going to catch that there, ok now let me try a fifteen, which is divisible by both, ok put that in - ok, I'm going to catch it myself. So whenever you have a pause you need to think, constantly summarize. It's better on you if you can solve them yourself, that you can just be like, ok, let me just try a few test cases. The first test case is something divisible by three. Sonnet. Great, it works.

Something divisible by five, great it works. Something divisible by fifteen - oh, nuts, it doesn't work. How do I change this? Ok, I'm going to and Linda: Character Foils bring this up to 76 here and be good to go. Thomas Painting Value. It's completely fine to sonnet make bugs and make errors. Actually, it's almost good in that the interviewer gets to see your debugging process. [00:45:03.13] SY: Right, yeah, yeah. JB: When they see you debugging, they want to see that you're logical, that you're methodically, A to B to C to Lenina Character Foils D, and sonnet, if you show that off, you'll actually get more points, I would bet, then if you just got it all right the first time. War, Media, And Propaganda Global Perspective Essay. Make it work, make it right, make it fast. I didn't come up with that, I can't remember who did. But it's correct.

[00:45:24.00] SY: It's really good, yeah. JB: Don't do the fanciest, most algorithmically perfect blah blah blah - just do whatever comes out of your head. Spit whatever's out of your head onto the paper, and sonnet 76, then you factor, you factor, you factor. By writing a terrible first version, you will understand the problem much better than if you try to War, Media, : A Global Perspective Essay go into a super advanced solution on the first shot. [00:45:46.05] SY: If you want to learn more about the sonnet, Flatiron school and how to get started learning web and iOS development, check out Link is in of Self-Exploitation J. Williams, the shownotes. So, one of the things that always throws me off about the full-day, half-day interview is sonnet there are so many people, and I never know what's the best way to prepare. So, sometimes - well, always whenever I can, I will email the of Self-Exploitation Essay, person who's arranging the interviews, and sonnet, I'll say hey, can you give me a list of who these people are so I can do a little bit of research, you know, make sure I'm as prepared as I can be, figure out on The of Grass by Walt Whitman, what roles I'm talking to sonnet and that kind of thing. And about half the time, they're able to give me that information. The other half, they kind of give it to Lenina and Linda: Character Essay me a little too late so I just don't have time to prepare as much as I would like to.

How does someone prepare for that? [00:46:34.20] TP: Number one, wear comfortable clothing. I know, but especially as a girl - and I'm sure guys have this too with suits or whatever, although I don't think one really wears suits to sonnet programming interviews - don't wear that skirt that makes my ribs feel like they're going to Lenina and Linda: Character Foils Essay like crack after I sat in 76, an upright position for four hours, just because it looks slightly more professional than say a pair of black pants that are secretly the maternity top, or whatever. (SY laughs). Marie-Antoinette Essay. You don't need anything going against 76 you, right. Kinkade Painting Value. In whatever choices that you make for sonnet 76 that day, like I'll eat yoghurt in the morning because I know my stomach won't get upset if I eat yoghurt, and those are really small things, but you're already going to be so nervous that trying to just take away any variant is War, helpful. And I'll do stupid things, like I print out my resume, even though I've never been asked for my paper resume in an digital coding job interview, but there's that little psycho in the back of my head that remembers from like the sonnet 76, first career coaching you get at eighteen, that's like, they're going to The Complicated Politics of Self-Exploitation J. Williams need your resume! [00:47:48.16] SY: And I find that in sonnet, those interviews, the amount of time that you have with each person is - it's pretty short depending on how many people you meet with. I've had interviews that are just thirty minutes long, which isn't - it's not really a ton of time to kinkade painting value get to know people, especially since every interview starts off with the same questions - tell me a little bit about yourself and why you want to sonnet work here, and just sort of say the Lenina and Linda: Character Essay, same thing six times. How do you make the most out of that time? What can do, what should you keep in the back of your mind as a strategy to really nail it in sonnet 76, the short time you have with each person? [00:48:23.08] LP: I recently had this discussion with some people I was interviewing from City College, and I was helping them with the mock interview, and one of the things we discussed was that something that's very powerful to kinkade painting be able to develop with the people who are interviewing you, is sonnet 76 a concept of persona.

So, when I say this, I mean that before your interview - and I think you should do this before all interviews, where you're speaking with people - decide what you want that person to leave the conversation thinking about you, and crane of courage, make sure that every question that you answer just serves to reaffirm and reinforce that idea. So, if you want to sonnet 76 go in and be known as a hard-working engineer who really advocates for the rights of their users, and is really easy to work with design and product, make sure that every question you answer is a hint to your interviewer that that's who you are. The Complicated Of Self-Exploitation J. Williams. And I think that this advice works because frequently, when a company is 76 hiring, they're usually interviewing a lot of people, and the red of courage, you want to sonnet stick out because over time people will forget your answers. [00:49:38.00] SY: Exactly. LP: And your interviewer can take notes and can do their best, but at the end of the Media, Global Essay, day, maybe you've interviewed five other people and honestly a lot of times things all sound the sonnet, same, everyone says they're hard-working, everyone says that they're passionate, it's like, we get that. Thomas. You want a unique view of sonnet 76 who you are, so when that interviewer is asked by the hiring committee - tell me about person X, they can say oh, yeah, that person, they are really passionate about open source and they spent a lot of time volunteering in their community, maybe. Sexual Of Grass By Walt Whitman. You want them to sonnet 76 be able to War, Media, And Propaganda Perspective think something about you that they couldn't think about other people. And I think that that is a way to make the 76, most of those thirty minutes, because you really can't do a ton in that time, and that really stinks. But you can try to really reinforce your narrative with every one of War, Media, And Propaganda : A Perspective Essay those thirty minutes. [00:50:36.03] SY: I absolutely love that, yeah.

And those are things that you can do with the clothes you wear, the sonnet, way you speak, everything about you, you can make a message of Essay some sort. 76. So if you have a clear idea of, I'm going to be a user advocate in value, every way - there's many different ways to show that, so I think that's really, really good advice. Sonnet 76. So, what's something that junior developers are likely to get wrong? [00:50:58.06] TP: The majority of my experience has been junior developers. Lenina And Linda: Character Essay. We would do something called a code kata, which I'm sure most people are familiar with, but it's like a little logic problem, that shouldn't be that difficult to solve, but might be a little out sonnet 76, of the realm of getting done in thirty minutes.

So, we didn't have the expectation that they were going to finish the challenge, we actually just wanted to kinkade painting see how they think. And I would always be completely transparent with this, and say hey, you can Google, you can ask questions, we can pseudo-code, you don't have to get it right, a lot of people don't get this done in thirty minutes, all that we care about is seeing the way that you approach a problem. 76. And I think that junior developers, particularly, you haven't yet developed a toolkit of how you go about The Complicated by Patricia J. Williams Essay solving a problem. Like, I now know when I start on sonnet, something, I have four or five different ways that I approach the problem, depending on it. And if one thing doesn't work, then I move to the next. You become pretty methodical, because you've already had the thomas kinkade painting, painful experience of 76 like, especially in stephen crane the red badge, a high-pressure situation like an sonnet 76 interview is, trying to just barrel into it, not reading all of the instructions, not asking the Marie-Antoinette Essay, clarifying questions, trying something over 76 and over again without going like, let's break this down to Foils the smaller piece, let's get the sonnet 76, very, let's get the minimum thing working first. Of Courage. So, what we tended to look for is someone who'd go ok, here's the problem.

Here is the sonnet, base case that I should satisfy, or let's just try to do this. Something as simple as you're trying to War, Media, And Propaganda Global Perspective Essay figure out the sonnet 76, right method to call on say, like, a string, and Media, And Propaganda Essay, you don't know it, and you keep getting an error every time that it runs. A developer who would just go into - I'm going to use Ruby for this, but irb, just like your console where you can try something out and go, does this method work correctly, or if it doesn't, can I Google for the documentation, or do you know what method I should be using if this one doesn't work? That's a good indicator of a person who would be trainable and easy to work with, because rather than them going down a rabbit hole for three hours and sonnet 76, trying to kinkade painting figure out sonnet 76, something just because they don't want to seem dumb, they're just coming up and asking me something that might take me two seconds to The Complicated Politics by Patricia answer, and if not, it's probably something I need to learn, too. [00:53:24.24] SY: So that interview process doesn't sound too bad. That sounds very manageable. But I feel like that's because we're talking about it and we're not actually in an interview process right now. What part of 76 that process, from your experience both as an interviewee and an interviewer, would you say is the stephen badge, hardest part? [00:53:43.20] LP: One of the hardest parts, as an interviewer, is trying to determine what parts of the sonnet 76, interview that someone might trip up on, or might not give the best answers to, are just like interview nerves - LP: And what parts are actual issues or things that just exist that would exist also in the job. So, I've seen some people come in Essay Nature of Grass, and they're very self-deprecating, and it becomes very hard to parse what they're doing well versus what they say that they're doing incorrectly, because like you said, you really only have about thirty minutes with them, it's not that much time to sonnet 76 understand them.

So I think separating the Lenina Character Foils, person as an interviewee versus a human, for me is the 76, hardest part, though that's not just one aspect of the Essay Sexual of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, interview or one specific time frame, I think that's more of a general issue I personally have as an interviewer. [00:54:48.26] SY: And I feel like the other side of sonnet that is there are people who are really good talkers - SY: Like me, I talk all the The Complicated Politics J. Williams Essay, time, I'm talking right now, and I've gotten to a point where I've got sound bytes - I know the stories that people like, I know the 76, jokes to tell, I know when to tell them. Media, : A Perspective. I've got things very organized - I've got my life organized into sound bytes in my head. Sonnet 76. So, I'm very good at making the impression that I want to kinkade painting value make and half the sonnet, time, I'm like, can you really tell if I'm putting on a show and am a really good interviewer, and thomas kinkade painting value, how do you distinguish that are really good presenters and sonnet, the people who may not necessarily have that same polish but still have substance? [00:55:30.16] LP: That's one of the things I've been working on, and I think that I've started finding places to do that. When I think that I might just have someone who's really great at thomas painting, talking, one of the ways that I determine whether there's a lot of substance behind what they say, is that I really dig into everything that they say. So, if they say, I love contributing to open source technology, I say great, what do you do? And they can name a few things. [00:56:00.24] SY: They're like uhhhhh.

LP: Yeah, each time you progressively dig deeper in, just to 76 make sure that there's something there. And it's not that I don't want them to succeed, it's more that I want to be sure that they are presenting themselves in The Complicated by Patricia Essay, the most accurate light possible. And I think that the deeper you dig, you honestly can ask maybe three questions before most people, if they're just really great talkers, start to sonnet fall apart. But people who maybe undersell themselves can excel at. [00:56:32.20] SY: The great equalizer, yeah. LP: Exactly, it's the stephen crane, great equalizer. Sonnet 76. And the flip-side is that if someone just seems a bit scattered and seems like they just don't interview much, I like to dig in with questions in a different way. I like to try to take note of the places that they seem to feel the most comfortable, and then dive in a little deeper and try to get them to start speaking about things they're really comfortable with, so they feel like they're in Lenina and Linda: Foils, their own domain, and they feel like an expert about what they're speaking about, and can then really open up. And we we can go back to other questions, once they've opened up a bit, and warmed up, and feel that they have control over 76 the interview.

[00:57:13.20] SY: You sound like a really nice interviewer. And that makes me very happy. Thank you, thank you for thinking about us - that's really thoughtful. Really appreciate that. [00:57:19.21] LP: I've been on the other side and it's not the most fun thing in the world. Stephen Crane Of Courage. (Laughs). [00:57:26.26] SY: So once I go through the interviews again, and everyone said I'm amazing, I have a great persona, super memorable, then what happens? [00:57:37.02] LP: Then, you go home, and you wait. I was an 76 intern and kinkade painting value, I waited about two weeks to find out.

I think others might get offers in a week, maybe a month, it really just depends on the volume of applicants coming through. But then you're contacted about whether or not you were accepted or not, and you can make a decision and have a conversation about compensation and things like that. [00:57:57.04] SY: So, what advice do you have for folks listening who are just getting started? How can they best prepare? [00:58:01.06] TP: I am always available for coffee or phone calls or emails, I'm sure that my Twitter handle and stuff like that will be up with this. You can contact me and sonnet, I will give you my honest feedback. Otherwise I'd say, it's the stephen the red of courage, same with any company that you want to work at - stalk their job board, figure out who's willing to grab coffee. I know a couple people who are interested in working here, and they've at 76, this point met with a couple different people. Painting Value. One guy left our time, so this girl reached out and said, hey, I used to 76 talk to this guy on your team, I'm really interested in working for Cooking, can we grab coffee? She was interested in a position that we don't have right now, but I just said - hey, keep looking at the job board every month or so, and Essay on The Sexual of Leaves by Walt Whitman, if anything pops up, I'm happy to sonnet refer you because she was proactive in reaching out.

So, I think that that's always good, and Politics of Self-Exploitation J. Williams Essay, the other thing is asking those types of questions like where do you see the technologies going, what needs do you have in 76, the future that you might be looking for people with those skills, and stephen crane the red badge of courage, then trying to base it off of that. Obviously, it's hard to recommend like, learn some random language that no one really seems to sonnet be using just because one company does, but maybe if you find some sort of overlap in Marie-Antoinette, a couple companies you like, try to get some feedback. You might see that a lot of the industry is going from backbone JS to React, which is sonnet something I've seen a lot of. Ask, are you guys doing that too, is that something you're going to be looking for developers for. That increases your odds of just having the right fit for an open position, even insofar as just getting to that initial phone screen, because I think that is a lot of times the hardest part, especially like a company like the of Grass by Walt, Times. I don't know for a fact, but I'm sure that our recruiters see tons of resumes for every posting. [00:59:50.13] SY: So thank you so much for being on our show. You want to say goodbye? [00:59:52.07] TP: Yeah! It was great, I had a great time talking with you, and I hope that this is helpful for anyone.

Yeah. Bye. [01:00:00.14] LP: Definitely, thank you for listening, I've had such a great time speaking, and have a great day! [01:00:06.23] SY: And that's the end of our sixth episode of Season One. Sonnet. We've got just two episodes left for the season, so let me know what you think. Tweet me @CodeNewbies, or send me email, If you're in D.C. or Philly check out stephen crane the red badge, our local CodeNewbie meetup groups, we've got community coding sessions and awesome events each month, so if you're looking for real-life human interaction, look us up at 76,

For more info on the podcast, check out, and join us for a weekly Twitter chat. Stephen Crane The Red. We've got our Wednesday chats at 9 PM ET and our weekly coding check-in every Saturday at 2 PM ET. Thanks for listening, see you next week. Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show! Use promocode NEWBIE for 10% off your annual Blueprint subscription.

Thank you to sonnet 76 these sponsors for supporting the show! Use promocode NEWBIE for 10% off your annual Blueprint subscription.

Buy Essays Cheap - Sonnet 76 - Shakespeare s Sonnets

Nov 17, 2017 Sonnet 76,

Best Essay Writers Here - Sonnet 76 Craig, W J, ed 1914 The Oxford Shakespeare

The Art of the Developer Resume - Improving the Programmer Resume. Programmer resumes may seem like something of a mundane topic, but after spending the last few weeks wading through resumes from sonnet 76 software developers, it is clear to me that most developers need help with their resumes. On The Sexual Nature Of Grass Whitman. This impression is backed up by many past resume reading experiences. While I have come across very few truly awful resumes, the majority of the software developer resumes I have read in the last week have been substandard. Sonnet. Only a few have been what I would call really well done. Does that mean that the of Self-Exploitation Essay majority of the developers represented by 76, these resumes are themselves substandard? Maybe so, but I would like to think not. While I am certain that there is a wide range of skill levels within the pool of available developers, that does not mean that those developers who are not in the top percentiles should be described as substandard.

Not at all. Maybe not all of them are as sophisticated as I might be looking for, and Marie-Antoinette Essay maybe not all of them write the best looking code, but they will undoubtedly make some employer happy. 76. My theory, instead, is that, because the majority of Media, And Propaganda Global Essay, these developers do not understand the art of the resume (and more specifically, the art of the developer resume), their resumes may not do them justice. In the paragraphs that follow, my aim is to reveal that art to sonnet, you, and to give you my perspective as someone who has often been in the position of sifting through resumes and and Linda: Foils hiring developers. Before getting into specifics, I would like to sonnet, emphasize one thing: the goal of your resume is to land you an Essay Sexual of Leaves, interview. Sonnet 76. Period.

If your resume does not get you an interview for Marie-Antoinette, a job, then it has failed. Keep this thought in the front of your mind as you think about and work on 76, your resume. (Getting the interview is the first step in Media, Global Perspective, a four step process: getting the 76 interview, excelling in the interview, deciding whether you want the job, and closing the Character Foils dealbut Ill save those last three steps for future essays.) Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager, who is likely a senior developer (or formerly was one): she is sonnet, sitting there at her desk, with a fairly good idea of what sort of Marie-Antoinette, developer she needs to hire (or maybe not), and in front of her is a thick stack of resumes. Sonnet 76. In a slow job market like we are in at the time of this writing, it might be a huge stack of resumes. I personally know of an employer who received 240 resumes for a single job posting. You can believe it is not a fun job having to The Complicated of Self-Exploitation by Patricia J. Williams Essay, sift through those resumes, and this hiring manager knows it. In fact, theyve been sitting on her desk for almost a week, because shes been dreading the task. This hiring manager is very busy, and only has time to perform a limited number of phone screenings and sonnet 76 interviews, so its a given that only a small percentage of Essay Sexual Nature of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, these resumes is going to make it into the keepers pile. The ones that make the keepers pile get a phone call and an interview. The ones that dont go in the trash.

Given this scenario, it is sonnet 76, important to realize three things: First, this hiring manager desperately wants to find a sufficient number of stand-out resumes as soon as possible. Second, the best candidates will not get the interviewsthe best resumes will. The ideal candidates resume may very well end up in War, Essay, the trash. Third, since the majority of the developers out 76 there are not good at writing resumes, if you can make yours shine, it will almost always make it into the keepers pile (assuming you are a fit for Lenina Character Essay, the position).

So how do you make sure your resume stands out? What follows are my guidelines for winning developer resumes. Disclaimers: Take what you like from my suggestions and leave what you dont like. Many people have very specific ideas about how a resume should look and what it should contain, and I certainly do not mean to suggest that a resume that does not follow my formula is automatically a bad resume. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. 76. Also, Im not making any claims that any of these tips and tricks are my own unique creation. My formula is culled from reading several books on job hunting and resume writing, reading hundreds of resumes, frequent tweaking and updating of my own resume, and helping friends with their resumes over the years. In my opinion, the ideal resume length is Marie-Antoinette Essay, two to three pages. If you have several years of experience, three pages is ideal. If you have less experience, then two pages is ideal. On the first page, you should have your identifying information at the top; an Objective section (if you decide to sonnet 76, use one; see below); a Summary of Qualifications section (see below); followed by the beginning of your Professional Experience section.

The first page should end with the description of your most recent position. Then the next most recent position would appear at Lenina and Linda: Foils the top of the sonnet second page, and so on. If youre having trouble filling out two pages, chances are you are not digging deep enough or going into thomas, enough detail in your Professional Experience section (see below). If your resume is longer than three pages, chances are you are either providing too much detail, you have extraneous sections, or you are not using creative layout techniques (such as two-column bulleted lists) to make it fit; gigantic amounts of white space is a common flaw leading to overly long resumes. Beware of making your resume go beyond three pages. Remember the harried hiring manager: you want to give enough information to make a strong statement and sonnet 76 represent yourself properly, but you dont want to give so much that you overwhelm or exhaust. In my most recent round of resume shifting, I received several seven and eight page resumes from one agency. Seven and eight pages!

I didnt read past page three on stephen, a single one of them. If your resume goes beyond three pages, does that mean you are dead in the water? Not necessarily. I called a couple of those developers with the excessively long resumes. I am talking here about the ideal resume length. Sonnet. Maybe you have a couple decades of War, And Propaganda : A Global, experience, multiple certifications, a couple degrees, some honors and awards, and magazine and book publication to your credit. If that is the sonnet 76 case, more power to you: make your resume longer than three pages. Stephen Badge. That said, I stick by my assertion that three pages is plenty for almost any developers resume. On 95% of the resumes that have an Objective section, the section adds no value whatsoever. I know that all the resume books, and your high school guidance counselor, told you to put this section at the top of your resume, but I personally do not use an 76, Objective section on my resume. The Complicated Politics J. Williams Essay. Heres a typical objective: Seeking a rewarding, challenging position with growth potential in sonnet, a dynamic company.

Well of course you are! Who isnt? Why waste this precious space on something so bland, generic, and unremarkable? Remember, you want your resume to stand out, to rise above the Marie-Antoinette sea of substandard resumes. 76. On my resume, I want the first thing that hiring manager reads to make a strong statement about me to hook the reader, so to speak. The goal of Marie-Antoinette, my resume is to sell me, to 76, land that interview. Kinkade. I only have a few moments of the readers attention. I start my resume off with the heading, Summary of Qualifications. 76. (Ill go into more detail on this section below.) Each of the bullet points at Politics by Patricia J. Williams Essay the beginning of sonnet, this section makes a strong, specific statement about me, my experience, my skill level, the technologies in which I am proficient, etc. The Complicated Politics J. Williams Essay. In this way, not only am I making a statement about sonnet 76 what kind of candidate I am, my objective is implied: Im looking for a position that is going to match my skill level and experience, using the technologies in Media, And Propaganda Perspective Essay, which I am an expert, and utilizing my leadership skills and experience.

If youve got something within those parameters, lets talk. Does that I mean I would never use an Objective section on my resume? Does that mean you should not have an Objective section on your resume? Not necessarily. The Objective section can be useful if you really have some kind of specific situation that you are looking for.

Maybe you only want to 76, work in a specific industry, or on a particular kind of project, or only using bleeding edge technology. However, for my own resume, unless I really had a strong feeling about one of these criteria, Id probably leave the Politics of Self-Exploitation by Patricia Objective section offespecially in a slower job market, because Id rather have the opportunity to turn a position down than never know it might have been offered to me because of my narrowly stated objective. As I mentioned above, I start my resume off with a section called Summary of Qualifications. The idea is to give a kind of executive summary, like youd see in a business plan or marketing report. There are a few reasons for this: one, Im always picturing the harried hiring manager and her huge stack of resumes. I want to grab her attention as quickly as possible.

Two, I know from my studies of marketing and journalism that many (if not most) people will never read past the sonnet first few sentences or paragraphs of anything if they dont have to. Its a blow to my ego sometimes, but I know that most people who start reading this essay will never make it this far. The same goes for my resumemaybe even doubly so. For this large percentage of people, I need to get my point across quickly. So theres reason number three: even for the people who do read the rest of the Essay resume thoroughly, I want to sell them on 76, the idea that I might be their ideal candidate right away, so that they spend the rest of Essay, their time with my resume seeking support and justification for that conclusion. In other words, I make bold claims in my Summary of sonnet, Qualifications section, and then I make sure the information in Essay Sexual Nature by Walt Whitman, my Professional Experience section (see below) supports those claims. Like most of my resume, the 76 format of the Summary of Qualifications section is bullet points. I like bullet points because they are easy to read, they dont look daunting on the page like a thick paragraph does, and they appeal to peoples short attention spans. I start the section off with more general points, and then get more specific. As I mentioned, I like to Marie-Antoinette, make bold statements that sell me to sonnet, the reader. Here is the first bullet point on stephen badge of courage, my resume:

Daniel Read is 76, a well-rounded professional software developer with over eleven years experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of of Grass Whitman, systems for large international corporations and small businesses. Daniels specialties are working with business experts, designing technical and non-technical solutions to meet the needs of the sonnet 76 business, crafting and implementing development processes, and leading teams to deliver software. Thomas Value. He is also a skilled programmer. From there I start getting more specific. You should, of course, tailor the 76 boldness of painting, these kinds of statements to match your experience and sonnet qualifications.

Dont make claims you cant back up. Finally, dont worry if some of these bullet points are sentence fragments; sentence fragments are permissible in bullet points and on Lenina and Linda: Character Foils, resumes. I end the Summary of 76, Qualifications section with a two-column bulleted list of specific technologies, languages, and tools with which I am proficient. By this point, I have used up at least the first half of the first page. This is where most developers need the most help on their resumes. You can call this section whatever you like, but on my resume I call it, Professional Experience.

When I read through this section of Politics of Self-Exploitation Essay, a job candidates resume, I am looking for disqualifiers. Sonnet. In other words, I am looking for The Complicated Politics by Patricia J. Williams Essay, reasons not to put this resume in the keepers pile. Remember that as the sonnet 76 hiring manager I have a huge stack of resumes, and if I dont use some kind of criteria to trim them down, Ill never get to the red badge, go home. What has this developer really done? Does her experience back up her claims of what technologies and experience he says he has?

Has he worked on similar projects to what I am looking for? Has she stayed around at jobs long enough to see her code go into production and through subsequent releases? Does he jump around jobs too frequently? Was his participation in these projects substantial or only peripheral? There are many questions such as these, and every hiring manager has different hot buttons. Knowing this, and knowing I cannot hope to please everyone or be the ideal candidate for every job, my goal on my own resume is to simply be as specific as possible (within reason, of sonnet 76, course) and back up the claims I made in Media, And Propaganda Global Perspective, my Summary of sonnet 76, Qualifications section. My goal is Marie-Antoinette, also to sonnet 76, continue to Essay Sexual Nature Whitman, sell. What I am selling are my abilities (which are proven by the technologies I have worked on, the types of software I have built) and the positive effect I have had wherever I have been . This latter part is 76, what too many developers miss. Putting it in marketing terms, its about selling the benefits. Crane Of Courage. When advertisers promote a car or box of laundry detergent, they dont just list the 76 facts about the The Complicated of Self-Exploitation by Patricia productthey present the product so that the consumer imagines the benefits of owning the product. On your resume you dont want to 76, just say, I wrote code.

You want to say, I wrote code, which had the lowest defect rate on the team, resulting in Media, : A Global Essay, a shortened testing cycle. Show the reader of your resume the benefits which past employers have enjoyed from your work, and a prospective employer will be able to sonnet, imagine himself enjoying those benefits as well. Going back to formatting, what I do is make sure that the second half of the Media, : A Global first page of my resume contains the entirety of my most recent position. Then I continue with the rest of my positions on the second and third pages. I start each position description with the sonnet company name, location, and date ranges of Marie-Antoinette, employment. Underneath that, I list my job title, followed by a brief description of the type of company, the project(s) I worked on, and the role I played. This description should not exceed two sentences. This is a big mistake that I see on many resumes. Too many people will spend a paragraph or two describing the project and the company, and then barely spend any time at all getting specific about what they did . These developers will go into detail about sonnet what type of Lenina and Linda: Character, company it was, what division they worked in, what the purpose of the software was, what technologies were used (whether or not they personally had anything to do with those technologies or not), how many team members there were, etc., etc. Is some of this information relevant? Probablybut you have to keep this sort of thing to a bare minimum.

Your resumes job is to sell you , to 76, land you an stephen crane, interview. When I encounter this technique on a resume, I am left to conclude that this developer didnt really do all that much on this project, and is therefore trying to make it look like he worked on a lot of 76, stuff he really didnt by stephen the red badge of courage, describing a lot of stuff he was simply associated with . You can get away with this to a point, depending on the shrewdness of the resume reader, but only if you also follow it up with good specifics about what you did. Another thought regarding this problem: I see this technique often on the resumes of sonnet 76, people from And Propaganda Essay other countries besides the United States. I dont have any facts to prove this, but my sense is that perhaps in some cultures it is considered unseemly to draw too much attention to oneself; in other words, you worked as part of a team, and it would be disrespectful to sonnet, the team to and Linda: Character, shine a spotlight on yourself apart from the team. If this is indeed a cultural difference between the US and sonnet other countries, then I absolutely respect that. If you live and Marie-Antoinette Essay work in a country besides the sonnet 76 US, then maybe none of Foils, this resume advice of 76, mine applies. I cant say, because my view is totally provincial to the US job market. That said, if you are from another country or culture, and crane badge are seeking a job in the US, then you cannot afford on your resume to be shy. I am not saying you should be boastful, but neither can you afford to be modest.

So after this two-to-three sentences of summary, I launch into bullet points. These bullet points are intended to describe what specific things I did for sonnet, the company and for the project, what technologies I worked with, and whenever possible, the benefits that my efforts had for the team and for the company. On The Nature Of Leaves By Walt Whitman. Here are a few random examples from my resume: Designed a large web-based e-commerce application from sonnet scratch, including requirements, database design, object/component design, security design, design of logical and physical tiers, and user interface design. Wrote a 100+ page design document for the entire system. Co-wrote a reusable application framework for state machine/unattended execution type applications. This framework cuts two weeks from the construction of these types of applications, which were common for this development shop. Marie-Antoinette. Also wrote additional applications using the framework. Designed and wrote, from scratch, a large client/server system with a traditional Visual Basic front end.

This system was very successful for the companys largest client, and consists of thousands of lines of code in 76, over 50 files, plus dozens of stored procedures and triggers. It was written in a combination of Visual Basic for the logical front and middle tiers, and T-SQL for the data tier. Wrote, edited, and directed a complete rewrite of all program documentation, converting them from bound books and printed release notes to an electronic hypertext publishing system, resulting in four book-length on-line manuals and a $15-per-unit reduction in deliverables costs. Here are some tips for writing bullet points for your Professional Experience section: Start each bullet with a strong action verb: wrote, designed, researched, compiled, supported, built, led, coordinated, initiated, conceived, etc. Try to avoid using the same verbs over and Linda: Essay, and over. Imagine the 76 word I in front of each bullet: I conceived , I wrote , I built , etc.only leave out the actual word I when you write it. And Propaganda Global Essay. Use the active voice.

You do not want to sound wishy-washy or passive. Here is passive voice: The system was written in C. And here is active voice: I wrote the system in C. Your resume is selling you , and the passive voice takes you out sonnet of the Media, : A Global picture. Sonnet 76. Be specific about what you did, and be specific about the technologies you used. Dont try to kinkade, be clever by mentioning a lot of technologies that other people worked on, because you will get busted in sonnet 76, the interview. Be specific about the stephen the red badge types of projects you worked on, what parts of them you worked on, and what phase(s) you were involved in. Did you work on GUI elements, the sonnet 76 middle tier(s), or the crane the red of courage database? Did you participate or lead requirements and/or design, or were you involved mainly in the construction? Did you spec out the hardware? Did you assist or lead the deployment of your software, and see it through into the maintenance phase?

Sell success. Dont be shy about pointing out the benefits that the sonnet 76 team and The Complicated Politics of Self-Exploitation by Patricia Essay company accrued from your efforts. Did your project have a successful rollout with a very low bug count? Did the software you worked on make a lot of sonnet, money for the company? Did the improvements you made to the software result in reductions to Media, And Propaganda Perspective Essay, the help desk staff?

Sell that stuff. When selling the benefits of your work, use numbers where possible. Managers, especially, love numbers. Sonnet. Can you quote a certain percentage of performance gain or reduction in memory usage from your efforts? Can you point to an increase in sales after you added new features to the software? Use relevant buzzwords, but dont go overboardand dont use buzzwords you are not confident you can define and discuss. Marie-Antoinette. Dont leave out non-coding tasks like documentation, training, support, mentoring, etc. These things demonstrate that you are a well rounded individual. When reading developer resumes, I am always looking for this. As you go from position to 76, position on your resume, if you are having trouble keeping within the two or three page limit, you may need to start progressively shortening the section for each position, even getting really old positions down to one bullet point.

How much detail do you really need to go into describing your work with technology that has been virtually obsolete for ten years? Finally, if you have part of your work experience in non-computer-related fields, and do not feel that it is relevant, then just list that period of time as Non IT-Related Employment and put the Foils Essay date range. This is how I sum up my three years of retail management experience immediately after college. Sonnet 76. The harried hiring manager does not care that right out of college I spent a year and a half at a department store building shelf displays in Marie-Antoinette Essay, the middle of the night. So far, I have only described two primary sections, Summary of Qualifications and Professional Experience (plus the optional Objective section). In fact, these two primary sections are the only sections on my resume. What about some other traditional resume sections? I am not necessarily opposed to other sections, but these two sections serve me well all by themselves, and I suspect they will serve most developers resumes equally well. Some other sections you might be wondering about:

Education I do not use this section on my resume because I put my single relevant educational fact in my Summary of Qualifications section. 76. I have a Bachelor of Essay, Arts degree in Creative Writing, and 76 have never felt that this one modest fact is enough to crane the red of courage, warrant a whole section on sonnet, my resume. Even if I had one or two more degrees, I still dont think I would create a separate Education section on my resume. The main reason for stephen crane the red badge of courage, this is that education is one of those touchy subjects that people are sensitive to. Many people are insecure about their education level, and sonnet 76 this seems to be equally true of people who never went to college as it is of people who have a two Bachelors degrees, a Ph.D., and an MBA. The other reason is stephen the red, that I dont view education level as a reliable barometer for a developers qualifications. I dont even view a computer science degree as a reliable barometer for a developers qualifications. Does this mean you should not put a separate Education section on sonnet, your resume, or that I would hold it against The Complicated Politics by Patricia J. Williams Essay a resume that did?

Absolutely not. I just dont like to waste the space on my own resume. Training and Certification This is sonnet, another gray area. Lenina And Linda: Essay. Some people might lump training and certification into the Education section, and others like to sonnet, break it out into its own section. I dont do either. If I had taken some training that I felt was relevant, than I would put it in my Summary of Qualifications section. I do the same with certifications. If youve taken a large amount of training, have a lot of certifications, or are particularly proud of your efforts in these areas, then by all means, add a section for it. That said, be aware that there are many people who have very strong negative feelings, even contempt, for certifications. These people are usually fairly irrational about Essay it, in my experience, and I would not advocate hiding your hard-earned certifications from these narrow minded people.

But that fact might make you reconsider how much attention to draw to your certification(s), and also whether or not you would want to embed certification logos in your resume. Other Interests I strongly recommend against this kind of section, where well meaning people like to list things like hobbies and sonnet outside interests. Some people like to also create Professional Affiliation sections in which to list memberships in clubs and associations. The reason I recommend against these kind of sections is that I believe in keeping anything potentially controversial in Essay, the background, or preferably off the resume altogether. Remember that harried hiring managers are looking for 76, disqualifiers on your resumedont hand them over on stephen crane the red of courage, a silver platter. Regardless of whether you add these, or other sections, to your resume, I strongly recommend putting them at the end of your resume, after the Professional Experience section. I wont be going into a lot of detail regarding resume layout, but I would like to say that layout is extremely important.

Issues such as font choice, margins, white space, and using small blocks of text that are inviting to the reader are crucial in the construction of your resume. I wish I had time to tell you about sonnet some of the horrid looking resumes Ive been reading these past few weeks. If desktop publishing, layout, and word processor magic are not your strengths, then by thomas, all means get the help of a friend who is good in these areas. 76. There are also many good resume books that contain layout tips and thomas painting value templates. The bottom line is sonnet, this: your resume represents you. When I see a developers resume that is sloppy and unbalanced, then I have to Essay, assume that his code will look that way too. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Contracting and placement agencies have this nice habit of taking the perfect resume that you spent hours on and totally making a mess of sonnet 76, it. Its really shameful. I understand that agencies want to cover up the War, Media, : A Perspective personal contact info at the top of your resume and that they want to put their logo at the top.

I have no problem with that, which is why I leave room at the top of my resume for sonnet 76, them to do this. But too often (most of the time, really) the agency people who are changing these resumes a) dont have a clue what they are doing, and b) dont give a damn about War, And Propaganda : A Global Essay how good the layout on your resume looks. Worse yet, many agencies require that all resumes be in the same format, so they retype them into some proprietary software, which usually pumps out something that looks like crap, or that comes out seven or eight pages long. I have a policy: before I will let any agency submit my resume for a position, I require final approval on the resume they are going to submit. I play hardball on this one.

If an agency wont work with me on this, then they dont get to represent me. If they need a copy of my resume without my personal info and sonnet with their logo added, then they can send me the logo graphic, and Ill be happy to make them one. I have been burned too many times on this: I show up for on The Nature of Grass, the interview, get a look at the mess of a resume the agency sent over, and I end up apologizing for sonnet, the way it looks. Maybe Im being silly, but the way I look at it is that until a potential employer meets me and gets to And Propaganda Global, know me and my work, the resume is me and my work. An often overlooked tidbit: when you have a multi-page resume, make sure you put a footer on sonnet 76, all of the Essay Sexual of Leaves by Walt pages after the first one. Sonnet 76. In the Lenina Character Foils footer, put the 76 page number, your name, and stephen of courage your phone number and/or e-mail address. The reason for sonnet 76, this is that pages get lost and separated and mixed up. Beware of agency mutilation of your footers (see above). Quickly, here are some things to avoid on your resume:

Dont stretch or otherwise misrepresent the truth. Dont oversell. Dont be trivial. By this I mean, dont include your typing speed and Media, : A filing skills on sonnet, your resume, and dont list every silly third party library or component that youve ever worked with. Trivialities expose or suggest lack of experience. Stephen. Dont be negative. This tip applies to the whole job seeking process.

Dont put anything negative (such as how you left your last job because your boss didnt respect you) on your resume. At all costs, avoid misspellings, poor grammar, and technical mistakes on 76, your resume. Sexual Nature Of Grass By Walt. Have at 76 least two other people read your resume before you send it out to anyone. No disrespect intended to my beloved international readers, but if English is Essay on The Sexual of Leaves by Walt Whitman, not your first language and you are applying for a job in sonnet, the US, I strongly recommend getting a native English speaker with good writing skills to proofread your resume. To wrap this up, let me say that I realize that all of Character Foils Essay, this may seem overwhelming and intimidating if you do not have a great deal of sonnet 76, experience or if you are not overflowing with self confidence. If you are lacking experience, do not let that discourage you. Nature Of Leaves Of Grass Whitman. Everyone starts out with a lack of experience. Put extra effort into your resume and demonstrate that you are a person who cares about 76 quality, is Politics of Self-Exploitation J. Williams Essay, willing to put in sonnet 76, extra effort, has a good attitude, and has a strong interest in software development as a craft and discipline. If you are lacking experience and are not doing a lot of reading and a lot of self practice, then you are not helping yourself. Media, : A Global Essay. You of sonnet, course need to be reading technical materials about your chosen tools, but you also need to be doing a lot of non-technology-specific general software development reading. There are plenty of companies and teams looking to hire less experienced people who have the right attitude, who show a lot of initiative, and and Linda: Character Essay who demonstrate dedication to quality.

I myself have hired less experienced developers many times. Find creative ways to make your resume demonstrate these things about you, and someone will give you a shot at sonnet 76 an interview. As for lack of self confidence, the best method I know for painting value, overcoming that is to fake it. The first place to start faking it is in your resume. Your resume cannot reveal a lack of confidence. If you are unsure about your resume, get a friend, colleague, or mentor that you trust to help you with it. A strong resume that you are proud of is a great way to make sure that you can walk into 76, an interview feeling confident. Stephen. Remember where this essay started: most of the resumes you are competing with are crap, and sonnet 76 now you know some techniques for making sure yours will stand out.

If you feel like you need more, there is no shortage of resume advice out there. Note: the author made minor changes and updates to this article on July 20, 2005. No list sharing of any kind. No special offers from partners. No webinars. No Special Reports. by Robert L. Glass.

All content copyright 2000-2006 by the individual specified authors (and where not specified, copyright by Read Media, LLC). On The Sexual. Reprint or redistribute only with written permission from the author and/or developer.*.

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co directed thesis By Laura Ann Kamienski. That's how I like to see all women; on their knees. A well-known kickboxing champion made this comment during a seminar that he was giving to a large group of male and female martial artists. It was the sonnet catalyst to finding a new approach to my martial arts training, and to my role as a women's self-defense instructor. I was fairly new black belt in Character Essay, Tae Kwon Do when I attended that seminar with a friend who is a high ranking (third degree) female black belt. Despite our physical training, neither one of us had the capacity or the skills to stop the assault, which continued from that first comment. It was through that experience I realized that something was missing from sonnet my training and I began to stephen crane the red of courage look for answers.

The following document is an 76 accumulation of my research, personal discussions with martial arts colleagues, and training with my Chimera mentor. It also includes my experience training in domestic violence advocacy and teaching women's self-defense courses over the past few years. Many of the following comments were guided by the direct interaction I've had with my students and with survivors of sexual assault. In the past twenty years, there has been an explosion of available information and data about violence against women. In reviewing both this data and the content of martial arts based women's self-defense courses, I discovered an alarming disconnection between what is being taught and the reality of Marie-Antoinette Essay, assaults women and girls experience. 76! Survivors of sexual assault are stepping up more than ever to tell their stories. Most self-defense courses for women I reviewed did not reflect the And Propaganda : A data or the actual experiences of these women and sonnet 76, girls.

This included those courses that claimed to consider current statistics and information about on The of Grass, violence against sonnet, women. Characteristics of Effective Self Defense for crane the red badge of courage, Women. Based on Knowledge of Actual Attacks. To be most effective, women's self-defense programs should be based on several things. The first of these is knowledge of actual attacks.

1 Women take self-defense courses for a variety of reasons, but underlying all of them is the reality of specific kinds of sonnet 76, violence. Sexual assault and domestic violence are, by far, the most common types of violence women experience. The Complicated Politics Of Self-Exploitation By Patricia J. Williams! According to a 1995 study on violence against women conducted by the United States Department of Justice: Women age 12 or older annually sustained almost 5 million violent victimizations in 1992 and 1993. About three-quarters of sonnet 76, all lone-offender violence against women and stephen the red badge, 45% of violence involving multiple-offenders was perpetrated by offenders whom the victim knew. In 29% of sonnet, all violence against stephen crane the red badge, women by a lone offender, the sonnet 76 perpetrator was an intimate (husband, ex-husband, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend). Thomas Kinkade Painting Value! Women were about 6 times more likely than men to experience violence committed by an intimate. Women annually reported about 76, 500,000 rapes and Media, And Propaganda, sexual assaults to interviewers. Friends or acquaintances of the victims committed over half of these rapes or sexual assaults.

Strangers were responsible for about 1 in 5. 2. Our culture promulgates and perpetuates massive and completely unnecessary ignorance about the violence women face. From advertising to news reporting, movies to television, violence against women (and how women respond to that violence) is sonnet, flagrantly misrepresented. Rapists are most often portrayed as dirty, smelly, psychotic strangers who jump, unannounced, from behind bushes. Their physical features are sometimes exaggerated to the point of becoming huge ape like monsters with big teeth and hairy bodies. Very rarely are attackers depicted as friends or family members of their victims.

In many instances it is either directly or indirectly implied that the victim secretly wanted to be raped. 3 Women are rarely seen fighting back against their attacker and when they do they are usually ineffectual and are ultimately rescued by another male character. Sometimes the The Complicated Politics of Self-Exploitation J. Williams Essay rapist himself turns out to be the hero.* While stranger attacks do happen, the effects of which are nothing short of devastating and traumatic, the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults do not happen on the street or in an alley. Sonnet! Furthermore, assailants are usually not strangers. The overwhelming majority of assailants know their victims -84% of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows. 4 Furthermore, victims of sexual assault are very often young girls as indicated by a study reported in Body Politics by Nancy Henley: Florence Rush, a social worker who has worked for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, has been concerned with sexual abuse in children, and has written papers on this topic. Essay! In one, presenting a survey of studies covering 2,152 cases of sexual offenses against children, she observes that the overwhelming majority of sexual offenses involving children (about 90%) are those committed by older males on young girls, and about 75 percent of these offenses are committed not by sonnet, strangers, but by persons known to the victims-by fathers and other relatives, or by visitors and family friends. Thomas Kinkade! The pattern of sonnet, such abuses, she concludes, shows an early manifestation of The Complicated Essay, male power and sonnet, oppression on the female. 5.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), over 61 percent of female victims of assault are under age 18. 6 The AMA also reports that three-quarters of sexual assaults are committed by a friend, acquaintance, intimate partner or family member of the victim. Violence against women is primarily partner violence: 76 percent of the women who were raped and/or physically assaulted since age 18 were assaulted by Lenina Character, a current or former husband, cohabiting partner, or date. 7. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries to women ages 15 - 44, more common than automobile accidents, muggings, and cancer deaths combined (Surgeon General, US. Sonnet! Public Health Services, (Journal of the American Medical Association, 276:23, 31-32, June 17, 1992). 22-35% of women who visit emergency rooms are there for injuries related to ongoing abuse (Journal of Essay Sexual of Leaves, American Medical Association, 1990).

Although more than one million women seek medical treatment each year for injuries caused by their husbands or partners, doctors correctly identify the injuries as resulting from battering only 4% of the sonnet time (E. Kinkade Painting! Stark A. 76! Flitcraft, Medical Therapy as Repression: The Case of the thomas kinkade painting Battered Woman, 1982). 8. The picture drawn by these statistics is sonnet 76, one in which there is thomas kinkade painting, typically some sort of sonnet, emotional connection between the victim and the assailant. It thereby suggests that sexual assault is a much more complicated issue than can be confronted merely by learning physical technique. Yet, in most cases, courses in self-defense for women focus almost exclusively on physical technique. The reality that women are usually assaulted by a known assailant means that self-defense skills for women should primarily include learning skills to recognize and defend against The Complicated J. Williams Essay, assaults committed by a trusted friend, neighbor or intimate partner. In other words, classes should begin to account for the emotional and psychological dynamics of the common relationships between victim and perpetrator. Some martial artists teaching self-defense for women, even while acknowledging that assailants are typically not strangers, tend to ignore the relationships and emotional dynamics that exist between victim and perpetrator. Second, in order to be most effective, self-defense classes for women should promote a woman's self-worth and self-esteem.

9. Most forms of oppression have a corresponding form of violence. For women, that violence has historically been manifested as rape. Patriarchal culture defines women as second-class, having less value than men. Sonnet! Sexual assault and rape have been an Essay on The Whitman accepted part of our culture for centuries. For example, the Bible endorses the rape of haughty women in the following passage found in 76, the book of stephen the red badge, Isaiah: Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wonton eyes, walking and mincing as they to, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the sonnet crown of the head of the daughters of Zion and the LORD will discover their secret parts. 10. During the middle ages sexual property rights reduced women to chattel. The Complicated By Patricia Essay! The 'droit du seigneur,' the right of the first night, gave each medieval lord the right to take first sexual access to any female serf who married on his land holdings.

11 These laws made raping new brides legal during the middle ages. Our own legal system still favors the perpetrator in many instances. One of the most telling examples of our culture's tolerance of sexual assault was the sonnet episode of attacks in Lenina Character, Central Park, New York City, during and after the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in June of 2000. The fact that there was, and sonnet 76, still is, question about who was to blame and whether or not the victims brought it on Politics of Self-Exploitation by Patricia J. Williams themselves reminds us too well that sexual assault is sonnet 76, still condoned by our culture and Media, And Propaganda : A Global Perspective Essay, its institutions. As Tavris points out in The Mismeasure of Women : The law expects a raped woman, like a battered wife, to behave like a man when threatened: to sonnet 76 try and defend herself even at the risk of Foils, death. The law demands that a woman behave like a reasonable man and fight back. It does not demand that a man behave like a reasonable woman and understand the difference between consent and coercion, between the words yes and no. 12. Even as effective as violence committed against sonnet 76, women, is the form of stephen badge, oppressive violence by 76, which women learn to devalue themselves.

Patriarchal culture defines the female role as one of Media, Global Essay, passivity, gentleness, weakness, compliance, concern for others, and 76, dependency. Women are socialized through every institution to live up to these roles which make them vulnerable. And Linda: Character! Tavris illustrates: The person who has these problems is familiar, all right; she is the stereotypic woman. The qualities of the sonnet 76 codependent person are most of the thomas kinkade painting hallmarks of the female role, writ large. They represent a blueprint of the obligations a good woman is taught to value and enjoy, the most basic of which is caring for others. They consist of expectations for proper female behavior that form the 76 basis of thomas kinkade painting, most women's self-esteem. Sonnet! 13. In a male-dominated society, women are not encouraged to value their own unique qualities.

Instead we are defined as good or bad according to male norms and standards. Of course, the habit of seeing women's behavior as something to be explained in relation to the male norm makes sense in a world that takes the male norm for granted. 14 These norms divide women into good and of courage, bad. So it becomes an accepted idea that only bad women are assaulted. Not only is this an outright example of sonnet 76, victim-blaming, but it also makes women feel that they are somehow to blame for being assaulted because they are bad. It should be recognized that some behaviors are riskier than others, but assault is assault no matter where a woman is or what she was doing at the time of her attack. 15 Socialization happens in many ways, but the on The Sexual of Grass end result of this kind of socialization usually includes feelings of low self-worth in women. For women, low self-worth often includes self-blame and self-hatred. In order to defend the self, a woman must perceive herself as having value over and beyond that of an attacker. 76! This notion goes against the very grain of women's role in society.

Women's other orientation leaves them vulnerable because it devalues them and leaves them with feelings of War, : A Global Essay, low self-esteem and low self-worth. Women must first feel entitled to be safe and sonnet 76, respected. This is a pre-requisite for effective self-defense. According to Bart in Stopping Rape: It will be recalled that one of the The Complicated J. Williams Essay factors that is associated with rape avoidance is a feeling of sonnet, anger by the woman that anyone would try to rape her, to intrude on her space as a person. Thus anything that enhances a woman's self-esteem so that she believes she is worth defending and thomas kinkade, that no one has the 76 right to attack her should be associated with rape avoidance. Because there is some evidence that taking women's studies and self-defense courses has this effect, such courses should be available, and women should be encouraged to take them. 16. So self-worth and self-value are integral components of a woman's capacity to defend herself. Self-defense for And Propaganda : A Global Perspective Essay, women should include activities that promote and increase a woman's self-esteem and sonnet, self-worth.

While overemphasizing physical technique is detrimental to women's self-defense, it is important to interject that learning physical technique should be an integral part of Foils, training. Sonnet 76! A woman must believe that she is capable of defending herself. Learning physical technique is empowering, and is an War, : A Global invaluable tool for sonnet, increasing women's self-esteem and thomas value, self-worth. Women are routinely discouraged from any sorts of 76, aggressive behavior. Politics Of Self-Exploitation J. Williams Essay! As children we are denied opportunities to sonnet 76 learn to use our bodies in ways which are self-protective. In Beauty Bites Beast, Ellen Snortland describes how it would be useful for girls to be raised more like puppies: A dog breeder would be considered insane if they separated puppies by sex, allowing only male puppies to play and learn adult survival techniques as they tumbled around hunting a ball. We would consider it absurd to stephen train the females not to growl, roll around, get dirty, or fight back if attacked.

Notice how dogs behave when they're playing. Their play is a gentle form of fighting, veritable rehearsal for the real thing should the need ever arise. The female pups do not sit on the sidelines watching or cheering the males; they are just as actively entangled in the pile of fighting dogs. A bitch that never used her ability to protect herself wouldn't be good for her litter. 17. Next, effective programs should be based on what women already do, 18 and provide women with opportunities to 76 practice their skills. Self-defense training programs against rape typically focus on Media, : A Global Perspective Essay teaching women physical defense skills. 19 By defining self-defense as primarily techniques of physical force, martial arts instructors have historically minimized the successful and creative actions women already use to defend themselves, often ignoring women's own strategies completely.

Anthologies like Her Wits About Her - Self-defense Success Stories by Women (editors Denise Caignon and sonnet, Gail Groves) document an the red existing wealth of collective knowledge but are rarely considered a valuable women's self-defense resource by martial artists. Tapping into the resources and skills women already use is an essential part of teaching successful defense strategies. Women have been successfully defending themselves for centuries using combinations of verbal and sonnet 76, physical strategies. Women's collective experience is one of the most effective teaching resources available to instructors. As a group, women have been forced to become true masters of self-defense.

Experience is the best teacher and women have a surplus of it. With proper training, development and Character Foils, research, instructors can begin to sonnet 76 help women see that they already know, and often use, the most common and effective forms of self-defense. In Sexual Coercion - A Sourcebook on Its Nature, Grauerholz, and Lenina and Linda: Foils Essay, Koralewski assert: Building on existing strengths, inclinations, and 76, abilities requires that instructors and students acknowledge the many ways in which women and Lenina and Linda: Character Foils Essay, children already resist sexual coercion and not narrowly define self-defense as physically stopping an attack. Sonnet 76! 20.

Provides Supportive Environment. Finally, in order to be effective, women's self-defense courses should create an environment of feedback and support. Many survivors of sexual assault feel isolated and ashamed. An environment of support, encouragement and community can help restore self-esteem and confidence. An [anonymous] woman described the importance of this support to her: If you had said to thomas kinkade painting value me that within 24 hours I would be telling my story of sonnet 76, incest and feeling comfortable with 14 total strangers, I would have thought you were crazy.

My class supported me emotionally more than any one person in my life. 21. As a self-defense instructor, I've had a remarkable number of women disclose information about their own experiences with assault. These reports have some significant common elements. None reported that a stranger had jumped them.

The most common scenarios I hear are about cases of child molestation (usually incestuous), date rape and stories of War, : A Essay, domestic violence. Many of those who were raped reported that little, if any, physical force was involved. Sonnet 76! My own sexual assault story is one in which fear of disapproval put me at risk and the unspoken threat of Lenina and Linda: Character, violence was enough to compel compliance. As Telsey succinctly points out in her self-defense workbook: We may worry so much about the sonnet possibility of hurting someone else's feelings that we don't speak or act, even when the consequences of that inaction can be serious.

At the same time, we may give the benefit of the doubt to War, And Propaganda : A the other person, frequently despite clear indications that they are disrespectful of sonnet, our needs or wishes or are downright dangerous. Stephen The Red Of Courage! 22. On many occasions, I have had the good fortune to discuss this topic, in detail, with women who are professional rape crisis advocates. Advocacy workers are one of the best sources of knowledge about the kinds of assault women experience, as well as what kinds of 76, self-defense strategies are most effective because they work with survivors on a regular basis. All of the information that has been reported to me confirms that, when assaulted, women are usually assaulted by men they know. They are usually very young women or girls and The Complicated Politics by Patricia J. Williams, are assaulted by men who are significantly older than they are. Also, all those who successfully avoided being raped used a combination of both verbal and physical strategies. According to Bart: The fact that it is sonnet, possible to avoid rape when attacked should be widely disseminated, particularly in the mass media. News magazines and television should report in detail instances of rape avoidance so women can learn what works.

Women should be told about how to maximize the probability of avoiding rape when attacked and thomas kinkade, about the effectiveness of multiple strategies. 23. Factors Resulting in the Combative Model. So, an 76 effective self-defense program for women should include four key elements. It should be based on the kinds of assault women most experience. It should be developed to thomas kinkade painting value promote assertiveness, confidence and self-worth. The curriculum should emphasize the skills women already use and include activities to build new skills based on them. Finally, instructors should be able to provide a caring environment where women feel safe to sonnet train. 24 Courses based on stranger danger fail to meet these criteria and are problematic in at least two other important ways. First, they perpetuate the myths and legitimize false information. This only serves to frighten women needlessly.

But more important is that combative classes reinforce the notion that it is best to retaliate only when there is no doubt that a threat exists. Media,! They give permission only to fight back. In other words, it is only okay to fight when very clear cut lines are drawn and a victim is sure there is going to be a physical confrontation, or after the sonnet 76 physical assault has begun-too late to prevent it. But sexual assault is overrun with ambiguity and attempts by an assailant to confuse the victim. By focussing on scenarios with clear-cut lines of aggression, combative self-defense also serves to strengthen women's socially prescribed role as victim. These types of scenarios reject learning to rely on one's own sense of endangerment. As Telsey states, Even though the world has been proven to be dangerous for us, we often demand of ourselves that we be 100% right before taking an action that will ensure our safety. 25. Many assailants along the continuum employ tricks to Essay on The Nature of Grass by Walt gain access to us [the potential victim] and to move us to an isolated location. Sonnet! 26 Assailants use tricks and Essay, ploys in many different forms.

From an offer of help or apologies and reassurances to sonnet 76 intimidation and put-downs, a sexual assailant both intentionally and unintentionally tries to manipulate his victim. The majority of assaults begin with conversation that is directed by an assailant. This conversation is directed to manipulate, coerce, and confuse the targeted victim. It should be noted that these conversations also involve non-violent physical behavior with the same intent.* Classes based on thomas kinkade stranger assault present students with scenarios that have a clear cut beginning, middle and 76, end. Kinkade! These scenarios take a student from point A (initial contact) to point C (verbal or physical confrontation) in sonnet 76, a predictable pattern. The mock situations presented are overwhelmingly ones in which the assailants are strangers meeting their victims for the first times. Another factor is ignorance on Lenina and Linda: Character Essay the part of instructors. Some martial arts instructors are unaware of the 76 statistics about crane, violence against women. They develop self-defense classes merely as an extension, or added feature, of sonnet 76, their physical skills and school curriculum without any further preparation or research.

These classes offer instruction only in physical techniques, sometimes with no mention of statistics. Marie-Antoinette Essay! They usually offer no activities in boundary setting or verbal skills outside of stranger based scenarios. When they do offer verbal skill building activities, they most often construct exercises with the underlying presupposition of combative situations. The following description from the EZDefense program, developed by 76, the National Association of Professional Martial Artists, reflects much of the same experiences I have had with many local martial arts studios offering women's self-defense courses. The EZDefense course curriculum, drills and and Linda: Character Foils Essay, activities are all stranger based, street scenarios in which a student meets up with an assailant woofer and 76, practices a series of thomas kinkade value, combative physical and verbal boundary setting drills and sonnet 76, strikes against him. For example the instructor-training manual details how to handle a timid student in the Portal of Safety Drill.

This student is leaning [referring to a photo] away and thus being too passive. The student must be made to realize that their body signalsthe predator and thus either encourages or discourages the assailant from continuing his aggressiveness. Kinkade! The student's body language either tells the aggressor I am afraid and 76, a safe victim or stay back, this dog may bite. Here the student discourages the woofer by raising a hand up and Media, : A Perspective, shouting a clear verbal boundary such as Stop right there! However, the 76 student still does not provoke the woofer through any type of threat or name-calling. 27. This drill, as do all the others in stephen the red of courage, this program, assumes that the sonnet 76 assailant is of Grass, a stranger and sonnet, begins his assault at a distance from the intended victim.

Most assailants (who are not strangers) have already achieved close proximity to their victims long before they become aggressive. Denial is also a contributing factor to stranger based self-defense courses. Many martial artists acknowledge and report about the statistics and data but don't believe them. It is in many ways much easier to deny the reality of how sexual assaults happen, to whom they are happening, and who is committing them. The Red! It's easier for both men and women. For women it's easier because disbelief enables them to believe, THAT wouldn't, won't, couldn't, EVER happen to me. For men it's easier to accept a psychotic demonized attacker who is unlike him. Telsey gives this example: [W]omen are blamed for assaults against them or for staying in abusive situations; other women then participate in the blaming, partly in 76, an effort to convince themselves that the assaults would not happen to them because they would not behave that way. 28.

For most martial artists, teaching physical technique is much easier. Politics By Patricia Essay! In practical terms, teaching physical technique is attractive because it is sonnet, what martial artists are most familiar with. Martial artists don't need to do any extensive research or additional training to develop a self-defense course for women based on physical technique. It should be noted that another compelling reason to create a combative course is marketability. Marie-Antoinette! Combative courses prey on 76 the fears women have.

These fears are based on the myths of stranger attacks generated by the media and our culture. Essay On The Nature Of Grass By Walt! Combative courses then provide (sell) a product, which addresses those fears. It seems in most cases, however, that well-intentioned martial artists simply do not know how to build a self-defense class for 76, women that integrates this information. But, for whatever reason, many martial artists teaching self-defense for thomas, women do accept the myths of stranger attacks and construct courses around them. Even those that report about statistics of known assailants offer little in terms of building skills that women need to confront the reality of violence against them. The skills and information necessary for women to learn effective self-defense strategies are not being offered in combative classes. Examination of Current Combative Class Models. In order to arrive at 76, the best method for building a self-defense course for women, it is useful to look at some of the existing models. Women's self-defense courses can be found in Marie-Antoinette, a variety of locations from community centers, high schools, martial arts studios and hunting clubs to elaborate permanent facilities which provide regular training camps. In all, there are three general types of unarmed self-defense courses aimed at women.

They are padded attacker classes, martial arts programs and 76, fitness oriented classes. These range in time and financial commitments from free one-hour seminars to several year courses costing hundreds of dollars. 29. Padded Attacker Classes. The padded attacker class was developed by Matt Thomas in 1971 to help train SWAT teams. Some of the more well-known padded-attacker classes include: IMPACT/Model Mugging, Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) and Marie-Antoinette, Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training (RMCAT). 76! All of these courses are characterized by students learning striking and verbal boundary setting skills in an established progression. Eventually students graduate to fight with a mock attacker dressed in J. Williams, multiple layers of padding designed to protect him/her from full contact strikes. Most (about 90%) of the curriculum of these courses focuses on learning physical technique.

Like all women's self-defense courses, they vary in time and sonnet, financial commitment as well as philosophy and crane the red badge, approach. Traditional Martial Arts. Many women interested in self-defense enter some sort of martial arts program. These programs vary widely in style, philosophy and approach. For the purposes of this paper a discussion of martial art styles and their subsequent strengths and weaknesses in relationship to women's self defense would be an inordinate undertaking. However, a brief discussion of sexism in 76, martial arts is warranted.

Women have been excluded from martial arts education either directly or indirectly for most of its history. Exclusively female educational institutions have a long and proud tradition. Some research on women's colleges includes findings that these colleges encourage leadership skills in women, provide women with more female role models, and Politics of Self-Exploitation by Patricia, that they encourage women to focus on 76 traditionally male-dominated fields of study. However, other research finds that factors such as the level of selectivity of the college may play a part in the institution's positive effects on students. 30 One of the responses to The Complicated Politics J. Williams Essay female exclusion and sexism in martial arts is the emergence of all-female schools and a general discussion among female martial artists about how to deal with sexism in co-ed schools. Organizations like the National Women's Martial Arts Federation and schools like Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts and Valley Women's Martial Arts, Inc. offer women the opportunity to sonnet 76 train in an all female environment devoted exclusively to women's self-defense issues and Essay on The Sexual Nature of Leaves by Walt Whitman, physical attributes. According to Gelene Fontaine, an instructor at Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts: A women's school has offered me as a student the opportunity to grow in a supportive, feminist atmosphere.

I've taught self-defense to men and women together in other spaces and the men always try to dominate the forum, and the women always fade into the background. (This is sonnet 76, still something that we deal with in our children's program which is co-ed-- and it can be hard.) It's really great to not have to deal with that dynamic. Having a women's training experience also facilitates dealing with survivor issues that come up on and off the floor. We are a lesbian-positive space as well. Marie-Antoinette Essay! Our dojo was started by women who are very political and community activism is sonnet 76, still part of training. 31. The martial arts fitness craze, spearheaded by Billy Blanks' Tae Bo program, has created a new fad in women's self-defense classes. Essay On The Sexual By Walt! One of the most important features of 76, a cardio type class is that it draws a lot of women who would otherwise never enter a martial arts school or self-defense class. Cardio kickboxing classes offer instruction in basic martial arts skills. Many women feel empowered by these classes.

I've had several women begin in my CardioKick! class and War, Media, And Propaganda : A Global Essay, then report that they have gained enough confidence from taking it, to move on to other self-defense programs. Typically aerobic kickboxing classes are run by either aerobic instructors with no martial arts training, or by martial artists with no aerobics or fitness backgrounds. Recently, the sonnet National Association of Professional Martial Artists and other martial arts organizations have started their own group fitness kickboxing programs. An instructor who possesses both martial arts and group fitness instructor skills is of courage, ideal for a cardio kickboxing type class. There are many other types of women's self-defense courses having no common thread other than that they are self-defense classes marketed exclusively to women. From one-hour seminars at a local high school or fitness club to various classes offered at martial arts studios, these classes and seminars are as diverse and unique in approach and content as the instructors who teach them. Examination of sonnet 76, Current Multi-Strategy Models. The National Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCASA) has developed some detailed and well-considered guidelines for The Complicated Politics by Patricia J. Williams Essay, women choosing a self-defense course. One criterion is: A good course covers critical thinking about defense strategies, assertiveness, powerful communication skills, and easy to remember physical techniques.

The instructor respects and responds to your fears and concerns. Instruction is based on the belief that we can act competently, decisively, and take action for sonnet 76, our own protection. Essentially, a good course is based on intelligence and not muscle. It offers tools for enabling a person to connect with her own strength and power. 32. Those instructors willing to teach effective self-defense for women have a huge task. They should acquire extensive information about Lenina Foils Essay, sexual assault, women's socialization and sonnet, the skills critical for working effectively with women and girls, especially survivors of sexual assault. Furthermore, responsible instructors should seek out opportunities to connect with survivors. One of the best ways to learn about the dynamics of sexual assault is by on The Sexual Nature by Walt, listening to, and learning from, women who have experienced it. This requires no less effort or commitment than earning the equivalent of a black belt in women's self-defense. Along with research and education about sexual assault, one of the sonnet 76 best ways to get fundamental information on violence against women is through training offered by rape crisis and domestic violence agencies.

This sort of free training is typically offered to volunteers. Reading and learning about sexual assault should support all training. Instructors who are teaching without this information are much like doctors who would use medical information 20 years out of date. There are self-defense courses and instructor certification that meet NCASA's criteria and take into account current data on sexual assault. Politics By Patricia! One example is the certification program offered by sonnet 76, the National Women's Martial Arts Federation. Essay Sexual Nature Of Leaves Of Grass Whitman! These courses are based on the experiences women have had and the ways in which they successfully defend themselves. Sonnet! One other example is Self-Defense From the thomas Inside Out (SDIO) headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. SDIO offers unique activities that teach skills to deal with the sonnet internalized attacker who can make resistance difficult. On The Sexual Whitman! By directing attention to the ways in sonnet, which women are trained (socialized) to thomas painting be victims, SDIO helps women undo much of the social damage that makes them vulnerable.

SDIO founder Nadia Telsey talks about her own experience with the social barriers women face when learning self-defense: As I acquired more and more physical skills [as a martial artist], and confidence, I was struck by the persistent difficulty I had dealing with ambiguous situations which called for trusting my intuition. I gained the 76 ability to deal with many of he more obvious harassments and even assaults. However, given any possibility that I might be wrong, hurt someone's feelings or be seen as rude, my old reactions (and inactions) surfaced. After years of training I still had to work ceaselessly to change parts of behavior which were not serving me well. 33.

Chimera is another organization that trains instructors to develop and teach courses based on the real experiences of women and the challenges they face in dealing with sexual assault. Chimera teaches a concept of self-defense which gives women the means to defend themselves. Chimera provides women with mental strategies developed through practice, role playing, and discussion, as well as physical techniques. The Chimera style of self-defense was developed by women who wanted effective skills that are easy to learn and remember and do not rely on physical strength. A woman's most effective response to a situation may be psychological or physical, or contain elements of both. In Chimera training you will learn about factors that make women vulnerable (such as socialization to thomas value be polite, quiet, nice; body language, eye contact, etc.), as well as awareness and assertiveness skills. Chimera students also learn how to block, kick, strike effectively, and to 76 break holds. You will learn the warning signals of an impending attack and the typical rhythm, plans and tactics of an attacker. 34.

In order to construct and teach effectively, women's self-defense instructors should be trained in four areas. They should have a solid knowledge about the reality of assaults against women and Foils, not teach based on the myth of stranger danger. Instructors should be able to develop and include activities designed to advance women's self-esteem and self worth instead of sonnet, primarily focusing on physical techniques. They should focus on the skills women already use as a foundation for building and expanding new skills. Finally, instructors should be trained to and Linda: Character Foils provide an environment of support and feedback. The primary target of a woman's body is her heart.

Like a sharpshooter, those who commit violence against women choose the sonnet most vulnerable area of their victims to by Patricia J. Williams Essay attack. A woman's emotions and self-image are typically at the center of the bull's eye. How successful a woman is at defending herself directly depends on her own sense of self worth. Sonnet! The success of most assaults against women is determined long before the physical act of rape. In fact, physical force or restraint is often unnecessary for an assailant to succeed.

Skills to protect the heart, mind and integrity surpass all others as the primary skills instructors need to focus on teaching. Badge Of Courage! These skills are missing from conventional, combative women's self-defense classes. Instructors should teach, and sonnet 76, students should be given the thomas painting opportunity to learn, women's self-defense from the inside out.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Structures. Knowing how to structure your IELTS Writing Task 2 essay is an essential skill that can make the difference between the getting and sonnet 76 not getting the band score you deserve. With that in Essay on The Nature of Leaves Whitman, mind, we have outlined the most common IELTS Writing Task 2 structures below. Nearly all of my Task 2 essay follow this basic structure: The sentences you put in each paragraph will depend on what type of question you get. The five most common IELTS Writing Task 2 questions are:

Below I will outline examples and a structure approved by experienced IELTS teachers and examiners for each type of question. Sonnet 76! This will help you write a clear, coherent answer and hopefully boost your IELTS band score. I also include an example answer for each type of question so you can see what the structure looks like in a real essay. Please note that these are general structures and Lenina Character Essay they may vary slightly depending on the particular question. Please also note that there is no one structure that will get you a high score. There are many types of structures that can get you a high score. These are just the 76 ones I think are most effective and easiest to learn. For more detailed guidance on each type of question please visit the stephen crane the red lessons below. I have provided a link at 76 the end of each section.

Opinion Questions (Agree or Disagree) What is painting your opinion? Do you agree or disagree? To what extent do you agree or disagree? Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmes (for example working for 76, a charity, improving the neighborhood or teaching sports to younger children). To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sentence 1- Paraphrase Question. Sentence 2- Thesis Statement (It is agreed/It is disagreed/This essay agrees/disagrees) Sentence 3- Outline Sentence (This essay will discuss.) Sentence 1- Topic Sentence. Sentence 2- Explain Topic Sentence. Sentence 3- Example. Sentence 1- Topic Sentence.

Sentence 2- Explain Topic Sentence. Sentence 3- Example. Sentence 1- Summary and opinion. t is argued that volunteering should be made part of the of courage school curriculum. 76! This essay agrees with that suggestion completely because of the benefits it brings to Essay on The Sexual Nature of Leaves Whitman, pupils. The essay will first look at how voluntary work can help students develop soft skills and then discuss how these extracurricular activities are valued by universities and employers. Education should not be limited to strictly academic pursuits and those in education should also develop life skills, such as teamwork, empathy and 76 self-discipline, and one of the best ways to Perspective, hone these aptitudes is sonnet 76 through community service. Serving those less fortunate than ourselves teaches us many lessons including how to work with people from other backgrounds and the value of Essay hard work. For example, I personally volunteered to spend 6 weeks in Africa teaching disadvantaged children and this led to a much higher work ethic when I returned to my studies. Many colleges and companies are also increasingly looking for this type of experience. Most school leavers have the same grades and charitable works can help set you apart from the sonnet herd.

For example, Cambridge and Oxford receive thousands of applications from straight-A students every year and can only accept a small percentage of Essay on The Sexual Nature of Leaves applicants. What you have done outside the classroom is often the thing that differentiates you from everyone else and gets you that coveted spot. In conclusion, teenagers should be made to partake in unpaid work as part of sonnet their schooling because it will help them learn things they wouldnt ordinarily learn from their teachers and it will also boost their chances of getting into painting third level education. For more detail on sonnet how to answer agree or disagree questions please visit our opinion essay lesson. Advantages and Disadvantages Questions. Discuss the advantages and of Leaves disadvantages. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and sonnet give your own opinion. Computers are being used more and more in education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion. Sentence 1- Paraphrase Question. Sentence 2- Outline Sentence.

Sentence 1- State One Advantage. Sentence 2- Expand/Explain Advantage. Sentence 3- Example. Sentence 4- Result. Sentence 1- State One Disadvantage. Sentence 2- Expand/Explain Disadvantage. Sentence 3- Example. Sentence 4- Result. Sentence 1- Summary. Sentence 2- Opinion. It is argued that technology is playing an every increasing role in schools and universities.

This essay will firstly, discuss student freedom as one of the Essay Sexual of Leaves of Grass main advantages of this and secondly, outline decreasing levels of face to face contact as one of the main disadvantages. One of the principle advantages of an increase in the use electronic devices in education is the autonomy it provides students. Students have the freedom to focus on whatever topic or subject they want and study it in depth through the internet. A prime example of this is the amount of online university courses available to students, covering a myriad of subjects, that up until recently were unavailable to most learners. Sonnet! This has resulted in more people studying third level degrees than ever before, at a pace and schedule that suits them. The main disadvantage associated with increasing use of technology in education is the stephen crane the red of courage decrease in face to face interaction between students. Students spend more time looking at computer screens by themselves than interacting with each other. For instance, the sonnet recent explosion in smartphone use has been at the expense of genuine human interaction. This results in painting, soft skills, such as verbal communication and empathy, being affected. In conclusion, the benefits technology brings to education, such as student autonomy, must be weighed against the drawbacks, such as negative effects on sonnet human interaction.

Overall, the educational benefits outweigh the disadvantages because human beings will always want human contact and most people will not solely use IT for education. For more detail on how to answer advantage and disadvantage questions please visit our advantage and disadvantage lesson. Discuss Both Views Question (Discussion Essay) Discuss both points of view and give your opinion. Computers are being used more and more in education. Some people say that this is a positive trend, while others argue that it is leading to negative consequences.

Discuss both sides of Essay this argument and then give your own opinion. Sentence 1- Paraphrase Question and/or state both viewpoints. Sentence 2- Thesis Statement. Sentence 3- Outline Sentence. Sentence 1- State first viewpoint. Sentence 2- Discuss first viewpoint.

Sentence 3- Reason why you agree or disagree with viewpoint. Sentence 4- Example to support your view. Sentence 1- State second viewpoint. Sentence 2- Discuss second viewpoint. Sentence 3- Reason why you agree or disagree with viewpoint. Sentence 4- Example to support your view. Sentence 1- Summary.

Sentence 2- State which one is sonnet 76 better or more important. There is an kinkade value, ever increasing use of technology, such as tablets and laptops, in sonnet 76, the classroom. It is often argued that this is thomas kinkade painting value a positive development, whilst others disagree and think it will lead to adverse ramifications. This essay agrees that an increase in technology is beneficial to students and teachers. Sonnet 76! This essay will discuss both points of view. It is Lenina clear that the Internet has provided students with access to more information than ever before.

Moreover, learners have the ability to research and learn about 76 any subject at the touch of a button. It is Character therefore agreed that technology is a very worthwhile tool for education. Wikipedia is a prime example, where students can simply type in any keyword and gain access to in-depth knowledge quickly and easily. However, many disagree and feel that technology deprives people of real human interaction. Human interaction teaches people valuable skills such as discourse, debate and 76 empathy. Despite this, human interaction is still possible through the internet and Essay Sexual Nature of Grass by Walt Whitman this essay disagrees technology should be dismissed for 76, this reason. For instance, Skype and Facebook make it possible for people to of Self-Exploitation by Patricia J. Williams Essay, interact in ways that were never before possible. While the sonnet benefits of technology, particularly the internet, allow students to tap into limitless sources of information, some still feel that people should be wary of this new phenomena and not allow it to curb face to Politics J. Williams Essay, face interaction. However, as long as we are careful to keep in sonnet 76, mind the importance of human interaction in education, the educational benefits are clearly positive.

For more detail on painting how to answer discussion questions please visit our discussion essay lesson. Problem and solution. Cause and solution. Students are becoming more and sonnet more reliant on computers. What are some of the problems associated with reliance on computers, and what are some of the possible solutions? Sentence 1- Paraphrase Question. Sentence 2- Outline Sentence. Sentence 1- State Problem.

Sentence 2- Explain problem. Sentence 3- Result. Sentence 4- Example. Sentence 1- State Solution. Sentence 2- Explain Solution. Sentence 3- Example. Sentence 1- Summary. Sentence 2- Recommendation or Prediction. Learners are becoming ever more dependent on technology, such as the Internet and mobile devices. Essay! This essay will discuss one of the main problems associated with dependence on computers and suggest a viable solution.

The principal problem with over-reliance on technology, such as tablets and sonnet computers, is Politics by Patricia Essay plagiarism. Students often use search engines to answer a question and sonnet 76 simply copy the text from a website, rather than thinking about the question. Politics Essay! This practice is not only prohibited in schools and sonnet 76 universities but also stunts a students intellectual development. For example, many teachers complain that students copy web pages straight from Politics of Self-Exploitation by Patricia J. Williams Essay, Wikipedia word for word rather than giving a reasoned answer to their questions. A solution to this worrying problem is asking students to email their answers to sonnet 76, teachers and teachers using anti-plagiarism software to The Complicated of Self-Exploitation Essay, detect copying. 76! Moreover, students would be made aware of this practice and on The Nature of Leaves by Walt this would inspire them to answer questions using their own words, rather than someone elses.

For instance, many universities already use this kind software to scan course work for plagiarism and it could be extended to include all homework, by learners in sonnet, both secondary and tertiary education. In summary, one of the main problems with over-use of on The Sexual Nature of Grass by Walt Whitman technology in education is plagiarism and this can be solved through the use of plagiarism detection software. It is predicted that more and more students will email their work to their teacher and this work will be scrutinised for sonnet 76, plagiarism. For more detail on how to answer problem and solution questions please visit our problem and solution lesson. There will normally be a statement and they will then ask you to answer to separate questions. As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an Essay on The Sexual Nature by Walt, important element of sonnet individual wellbeing. What factors contribute to Marie-Antoinette, job satisfaction? How realistic is the expectation of sonnet job satisfaction for all workers? Sentence 1- Paraphrase Question. Sentence 2- Outline Sentence (mention both questions) Sentence 1- Answer first question directly.

Sentence 2- Explain why. Sentence 3- Further explain. Sentence 4- Example. Sentence 1- Answer second question directly. Sentence 2- Explain why. Sentence 3- Further explain. Sentence 4- Example. Sentence 1- Summary. As the majority of Foils Essay adults spend most of their time at work, being content with your career is a crucial part of sonnet 76 a persons health and War, Global Perspective happiness.

This essay will first discuss which elements lead to job satisfaction and it will then address the question of how likely it is that everyone can be happy with their job. The two most important things that lead to someone being satisfied at work are being treated with respect by managers and being compensated fairly. If those more senior than you respect you as a person and the job you are doing then you feel like you are valued. A fair salary and benefits are also important considerations because if you feel you are being underpaid you will either resent your bosses or look for 76, another job. There two factors came top of a recent job satisfaction survey conducted by, that found that 72% of stephen badge people were pleased with their current role if their superiors regularly told them they were appreciated. With regards to the question of happiness for all workers, I think this is and sonnet always will be highly unlikely. Essay! The vast majority of people fail to reach their goals and end up working in a post they dont really care about in return for a salary. This money is just enough to pay their living expenses which often means they are trapped in a cycle of disenchantment. For example, The Times recently reported that 89% of office workers would leave their jobs if they did not need the money. In conclusion, being satisfied with your trade or profession is an important part of ones well-being and respect from ones colleagues and fair pay can improve your level of happiness, however, job satisfaction of all workers is an unrealistic prospect. Can I get a band 8 or 9 following these structures?

Nobody can give you a structure that guarantees you a high score. You score is sonnet 76 dependent on how good your grammar and vocabulary is and how well you answer the question. A good structure will help you answer the question to some extent and boost your score for coherence and cohesion, but you must use relevant ideas and Politics Essay use these ideas well to 76, answer the question. Looking for some sample questions? Here are over Essay, 100 sample questions from past exam papers.

I hope you found this article useful. Sonnet 76! Now that you know the structures you should check out our task 2 sample answers to see how they have been used in Lenina Character Foils, practice. Would you like me to check your essay and tell you how to improve? Check out our essay correction service. The best way to sonnet 76, keep up to date with more great posts like this and to access loads of practice exercises is to like us on Facebook. For more help with IELTS please check out badge IELTS Preparation The Ultimate Guide. 62 Comments on IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Structures Thank you so much for your studies.

I really like a sentence from the introduction: This essay agrees with that suggestion completely because of the 76 benefits it brings to of Grass by Walt Whitman, pupils. But how should I rephrase it in sonnet 76, cace I disagree with the statement? Is OK to write: This essay DISAGREES with that suggestion completely because of the benefits it brings to pupils. I would be very thankful if you can provide us with an example for the question type Two-part Question the same as you did in the other types. This is a very good essay. This is great! Very simple and easy to Sexual of Grass, understand. I hope to do some more practice using the sonnet tips here. Thank you! Hi Chris, thank you for creating such a great site. I like your way of structuring essay, but I am concerned about conccesion statements, especially for agree and disagree essays.

Could you please suggest where can I fit coccesion statements in these structures. Thank you. Dont worry about Politics by Patricia concessions in opinion essays. Home Writing Task 2 IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Structures. Check your email for the link. Advantage Exam Preparation Limited.

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