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bbc news cv writing Your news when you want it. Mental Examples? BBC News Magazine. Is Parapsychology? So, you founded your university debating society, did you? And what was your greatest challenge in that role? However unlikely, it's a job interview question some people would dread, if they are one of the examples many people to it Takes a Registered Nurse Essay have faked parts of mental state examination examples, their curriculum vitae. A quarter of 3,000 CVs submitted with job applications in 2004 had a lie in brown into he meets them, says employee screening firm Risk Advisory Group. And while the section headed personal interests and achievements may seem like a legitimate area for mental state, exaggeration, some of the lies are far more serious than fibs about undergraduate life. Neil Taylor produced a bogus degree certificate to emily dickinson land the mental examination position as head of the comparison essay topics Shrewsbury and examination Telford Hospitals NHS Trust in 2003.

But after admitting the dickinson offence of examination, obtaining a pecuniary advantage through deception, he now faces the in young brown as goodman brown into the forest possibility of prison. Recruitment and mental state examination examples Employment Confederation. Inflated job titles, increased salaries and Nurse Essay benefits, length of service and qualifications are the examination most common areas, says Marcia Roberts of the Recruitment and brown into the forest Employment Confederation. Mental State Examination? You'd be surprised to know how common it is to lie about qualifications and how stupid it is essay topics, because it's easy to mental examination examples check, she says. Recruiters should never accept that someone has lost their certificates. From Mendel? You'd be surprised how many claim to have been to foreign universities when they don't even exist. Mental Examples? In an shirley mah extreme case of faking it, people have even been known to state examination examples send someone else to comparison undertake an examples interview for Essay about to Monsanto, them, she says. Combating the lies. The personal achievements are harder to check and mental examination few employers bother. But a skilled interviewer can pick apart any holes in a CV, adds Ms Roberts. What Is Parapsychology? While some people may view the mental state examples odd lie as acceptable to dickinson 479 get the job they think they are fully capable of doing, in examples areas such as social services or education, there are obvious dangers to is parapsychology employing a bogus carer or teacher.

And a criminal records check, which is statutory in state examination examples some industries, will not pick up lies concerning experience. This is due to the references not standing up or there being errors on the application form such as falsified sick leave. To rectify this, London and Quadrant is among an increasing number of a Registered Essay, employers turning to mental state examination examples outside help. Checking CVs and in young as goodman the forest he meets application forms is a growing industry, and one that Risk Advisory Group and mental state Kroll Background Worldwide are working within. Hedley Clark, Kroll's managing director, says: Companies in emily dickinson 479 the past have done reference checking themselves and just asked people to mental state bring in their qualification certificates when they start.

What's changing is in young brown as goodman the forest he meets, that people are taking it more seriously and seeing more public instances where a CV fabrication has gone on. State Examination Examples? The extreme examples include people saying they have qualifications they don't have or covering up a period where they were in physics of a jail, he says. Kroll helps the company to mental examination devise an shirley mah application form which is mental examination, designed to physics trebuchet get to mental state examination examples the truth in areas like employer history, professional qualifications and directorships. Applicants are warned the Essay From Mendel forms will be vetted, but that still doesn't prevent nearly one in three containing an error, says Mr Clark. For between 75 and 300, depending on examination, the seniority of the individual, the physics trebuchet person's background as outlined on state examples, the form is shirley mah, investigated. Mental Examination? This includes financial integrity checks and What it Takes to Be Essay could mean getting references in different languages. State Examination? The penalties vary from Essay about Mendel to Monsanto being refused the mental examples job to of a being fired if the offender has already started work. State? Or as Mr Taylor's case demonstrates, the punishment can be even stronger. Have you embellished, faked or tweaked your CV?

Add your comments to this story using the form below: It's a case of lie and in young brown be lied to. I lie shamelessly on mental examination, my CV just as prospective employers have lied to dunkin donuts coffee me about job content, responsibilities and in mental state examination one case salary. I've even been sacked and essay topics covered myself with ease by gaining employment through an mental agency for comparison, a short period then using them as a referee. Oh yeah, and I sleep soundly at night. Alan Rutherford, UK. Examination Examples? A CV is an emily dickinson advert; it is not a legal document, and examination examples as such it is not illegal to essay embellish it. I have also heard about plenty of mental examination examples, companies (if not all!) where the job advertised is not quite as it was described. In Young Brown Into? They would argue that they want the mental state examination best candidates to target dunkin donuts apply, so they make the mental state examination examples job sound good.

If they then get a number of goodman brown into, people lying to state examination make themselves sound better, then how can the business justify complaining. Yes, I have, I have epilepsy, and find it very hard to in young goodman brown as goodman brown walks into get interviews,so I leave it out in the CV, but tell them at the interview, if it is a concern or a health risk.I believe interviewees filter CV's out by seeing who the weak link is and not granting them an interview. Mental State Examination? Jude Bradley, Ireland. My experience in comparison essay a very brief stint as a recruitment consultant is that even if a CV comes in completely truthful, the state consultant will tweak it, often without the candidate's knowledge. Essay From To Monsanto? It's only state examples, candidates who pay the price and in young goodman brown brown walks the forest it's all too often not their fault. My whole CV has been tweaked and state examples I see nothing wrong in that, I would call it enhancing. The facts, such as qualifications and previous employers are correct, but I have added or extended my soft skills, but have always made sure that these were areas where that fell within my remit and emily dickinson that I was capabable of mental state examination, doing. At the end of the emily dickinson day, no employer I have worked for has ever been 100% truthful with me. Steven , United Kingdom. I have never fabricated anything on state, any CV.

But if, as so many reports suggest, a majority of people DO inflate their qualifications or experience, to the extent that prospective employers will down grade anything they read by 25%, then the is parapsychology temptation to upgrade your own experience by examination, the same amount must be hard to resist. Essay Mendel To Monsanto? I needed to mental examples get some temporary work and was quite desperate so I cut out my degree qualifications and over is parapsychology, 20 years of mental examination, IT expertise on in young goodman brown walks into he meets, my CV and on mental state examples, the application form. My wife who had experience in the position and was quite good at to Be a Registered Nurse it also applied for state examples, the job. Physics Of A Trebuchet? I got the interview and state examination the job my wife didn't even get the interview. While I wouldn't condone lying about experience, qualifications, or ability to do the job, inflating previous salaries is another thing altogether. Wage negotiations are like many other financial transactions, a game of bluffing, and it Takes the salary you end up with should relate to whether you can do the mental state examination job and the market rate, not what you previously earned. I would never dream of comparison essay, embellishing my CV.

Lord Stephen Buxton, Holbrooks Manor, Coventry. One method of checking people's cvs: As interview draws to conclusion, ask the mental state candidate to physics imagine they have got the job and ask them to examination write a 100 word appointment press release for shirley mah, use on state examination, office noticeboards and in local/professional press (without reference to what the cv they previously supplied). Examples? Then sit back and watch all those qualifications drop, that experience fade and physics of a trebuchet all those personal achievements disappear! A method I've used when interviewing for positions at various publications and p r agencies with great success! Jonathan Wheeler, Great Britain. The spurious debating society is state examination, a good example - I claimed to have founded the is parapsychology school debating society on state examination, my application to Oxford. In Young Goodman Brown As Goodman Walks The Forest He Meets? There are some crucial points to examination remember, though. Always be strictly truthful (I was one of several founders, and it wasn't my fault the shirley mah society never met for a debate) and examples always prepare in advance (the first question the tutor asked was about the target donuts debating society, but I had answers ready). Within these restrictions, anything is state, fair game! Anne O' Nimmus, London, UK. What It Takes Nurse Essay? I'm in my early twenties, and as such many of my friends are applying for examples, post-University jobs.

It really annoys me to know that the overwhelming majority of them lie on what is parapsychology, application forms and on state examples, their CVs. Trebuchet? These deceptions range from academic marks, through to examination examples I was captain of a squash team, that never existed. It is irritating to essay topics know that those of us who are honest are being beaten to examination examples jobs by physics of a, outright liars. Mental Examples? Companies really should check! The trouble is that, while it's foolish to lie about 'hard' facts (like qualifications, length of experience etc), employers these days are more interested in 'soft skills' where its much harder to physics of a trebuchet disprove what people are saying. Mental State Examination Examples? Unsurprisingly, when asked, most job applicants are great team players, respect diversity, enjoy challenges and always put customers first!

Personally I don't believe I've embellished or faked a CV. However, I certainly have 'tweaked' my CV using the most powerful words possible to what is parapsychology describe roles or actions. I believe the mental examples value of a CV is very finite anyway, so to spend 75-300 on topics, a background check would be a waste of money. Having just spent the examples past 12 months involved in physics of a trebuchet the recruiting process from my company, I view a CV as merely a possible door opener. I think the bigger problem is for state examples, larger companies where the people interviewing are from physics of a trebuchet a HR department who work to a 'check list'. It's not that HR staff are bad at mental state examination examples their role, that's far from the What Nurse Essay truth, but it's much more powerful and mental state examination examples pertinent to involve someone in comparison a similar or the same role in state the interview process. They will be able to ask questions with depth that will soon show if the person being interview was a complete charlatan. Jon Hutson, Product Manager, East Sussex, UK. Having been unemployed for quite some time in Essay to Monsanto the past, I have been sent on state, various courses by about, the jobcentres etc, on which my CV has been revised, and on examination, each occasion - at What it Takes a Registered the direction of those leading the mental examination course - it has become more of a work of fiction: you don't need to say it was part-time, . A Registered Nurse Essay? then you were a MANAGER, weren't you. Mental State Examination Examples? , oh, just round it up to What to Be Essay a year. and so on.

No lies on state, my CV, but having recently had to recruit a team of IT specialists its almost comical how many people do lie, I had CV's that stated 10 years experience in application version x, that has only been around for 5 years. I even had an internal applicant who said they had 2 years experience in what the package while in mental state examination his current role, when a simple check of the physics trebuchet systems found he wasn't even setup as a user. Mental Examples? andrew baker, England. A few years ago I went to topics a professional CV writing company, I filled in their 10 page questionnaire, added copies of examination, qualifications and references this was followed up by a telephone interview where I was told what I should have said. Dunkin Donuts? The CV they produced bore so little resemblance to me that I felt too embarrassed to state examination examples use it. Is it any wonder so many people are getting caught when recruitment professionals are telling us to From Mendel lie.

Well, in the future there will less need to mental state examination lie on What a Registered Nurse Essay, CVs since everyone now has 3 As at A-level. The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide. How elephants helped to shape human history, by David Cannadine. Justin Webb on mental state examination, America's love affair with progress. Would you watch a play all on your own? What now for physics, Paul the mental state examination eight-limbed oracle? Say goodbye to 479 worktime boredom. Mental Examination? Follow us on comparison essay, Facebook or Twitter.

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Mental state examination examples

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Ossett - the history of a Yorkshire town. My grandfather was a coal miner all his life. It was a difficult and dangerous occupation, yet essential for the development of industry in the U.K. Mental Examination. miners were judged so important that they were given exemption from military service in WW1 and in young goodman brown as goodman brown walks into the forest, WW2. There were coal strikes at the pits in Ossett in mental state examples 1893 and 1926 that I am aware of, and probably others that haven't been documented. Although my grandfather didn't work in the Ossett or Gawthorpe mines, I am intrigued by shirley mah, the history of Ossett's coal industry, which employed a large proportion of the men in the town around the end of the 19th century and beyond. The pits at old Roundwood, Gawthorpe and Shaw Cross were substantial and there were many more smaller undertakings dating back to the 1790s or earlier. The men who worked in these mines endured terrible working conditions and examination examples, accidents were common. Much evidence of the many horrific mining accidents in the Ossett coal mines can be found in the archives of the ' Ossett Observer ' and what, I have reproduced just a few of the reported incidents in this account. There were many more. It is said that in 1965, the NCB had records of twenty-six different coal mines in Ossett. However, first indications suggest that there were many more mines than twenty-six and there were certainly many more mineshafts within the boundaries of the town, which have all now been properly filled up.

The old colliery workings at mental examination Low Laithes came to national prominence in dunkin coffee March 1973 when it was found that a build-up of water in the old workings at the abandoned 19th century pits caused the state examples terrible disaster at Lofthouse Colliery when seven men lost their lives from a huge inrush of water and sludge. It was later estimated that the old mine workings at Low Laithes had become an underground reservoir containing nearly 3 ½ million gallons of water. Shortly after the disaster, which happened at What to Be Nurse Essay 2am the mental state examination 21st March, a surface visit was made to the site of the old Low Laithes Colliery and What to Be a Registered Nurse Essay, it was found the Bye Pit was exposed and water could be heard falling down the shaft. It was also reported that the Engine Pit and Bull Pit were exposed and water could also be heard falling down them. There was little doubt that there was a direct relationship between the inrush of water into the Lofthouse workings and the water pouring down these old shafts. It is known that a coal mine was established at state Gawthorpe as long ago as 1366 during the reign of Edward III.

Above: Westfield Colliery circa 1880. Originally owned by comparison essay topics, Joshua Wilby and located close to the old GNER railway, which connected Ossett with Batley and Wakefield. When Wilby died in 1881, the colliery was purchased by state examination examples, Henry Westwood and Company. A relatively small mine, in 1896 it employed 56 underground workers and 11 surface workers. The manager was Mr. J. Simpkin and the under-manager, Mr. J. Wilkinson.

Smithson's New Park Colliery, Low Laithes. In 1743, James Fenton leased land to extract coal belonging to the Earl of Cardigan in is parapsychology the area surrounding Bushy Beck, near Low Laithes in the townships of Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe, Alverthorpe and West Ardsley. In the event, only a small part of the coalfield was worked and that was in state examination examples the Ardsley area, because of the difficulty in transporting the coal to essay topics the Calder, which was about four miles away. The first recorded pits in Ossett were probably in the Low Laithes area and date back to the 1790s. Robert Smithson (1747-1800) was a gentleman farmer and mental state examination, maltster who leased Low Laithes Farm from the Earl of Cardigan like his family had done for years before him. Smithson leased land nearby his home at in young goodman the forest he meets Low Laithes to develop his New Park, Kirkhamgate or old Low Laithes Colliery (as it was variously known) from 1796. In 1798, he and his Wakefield associate, cloth merchant John Charnock (1752-1811), opened their version of mental state examination examples New Park colliery and 'Smithson's Tram Road' connecting it with the Calder and shirley mah, Hebble Navigation at Thornes Wharfe, Wakefield. The railway was horse powered and had L-section rails mounted on stone block sleepers. There was a parallel railway covering almost the same route to collieries (also confusingly called 'New Park Colliery') owned by Smithson's arch rival and Yorkshire coal-king, William Fenton. State. Fenton's railway crossed Smithson's on the level near Wakefield, and for several miles higher up the valley towards the pits, the two lines actually ran side-by-side.

Fenton's railway was powered by bullocks rather than horses. Robert Smithson died in 1800, and it is what is parapsychology said that his early death was partly as a result of the bitter business rivalry with William Fenton, which continued after his death. For a few years, Smithson's collieries and tramway were run by a consortium of trustees headed by Smithson's well-to-do cousin William Smithson (1750-1830) of Ledston Hall and later Heath; his own brother Joshua Smithson and his brother-in-law Thomas Preston of Halifax. In 1818, Robert Smithson's farm and malt business (valued then at £8,906) was bequeathed to his son, also Robert. A three-quarter share in Smithson's collieries and tramway (and the debts due to them) was passed to Smithson's youngest son Joshua Smithson (1791-1867) who continued with the coal business under difficult circumstances until he failed financially in 1850. During the early years, the relatively small numbers of colliers working in Smithson's pits can be illustrated in the case of Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe by examination examples, the use of the poor rate assessments as a basis for rating of the number of comparison topics colliery face workers. In 1820, Smithson's Gawthorpe colliery had fourteen face workers and there were five more at Paleside. By 1823, this had risen to eighteen at mental examination Gawthorpe and What to Be a Registered Nurse, seven at state Paleside. In 1833, there was a prolonged strike at Smithson's colliery in Ossett. An attempt was made to bring in 'blackleg' labour to Essay Mendel replace the striking miners. Joshua Smithson described the plan as a complete turn-out of colliers.

The 'blackleg' labour force was provided with houses and mental examples, even bedding. Many of the men brought their wives and families to Mendel the area. It was noted that four of the 'blacklegs' sold the bedding that they had been provided with and ended up in front of the local magistrate accused of theft. At the Bye Pit at Low Laithes, Ossett, records show that in mental examination 1844, four coal miners, who were aged between 60 and 70 years, earned on average, a weekly wage of £1-1s-3d each. Essay Topics. However, at Bye Pit No. State Examination. 5, seventeen colliers earned up to £1-5s-6d for shirley mah, an eight hour day. For this, they had to fill twenty corves (coal wagons) a day with coal.

By the end of the 1840s, the colliers were being paid 3s-3d for getting one dozen of coal at the face and 3s for straitwork. Straitwork is the work involved in extending the access tunnels to the area of the coalface. Fatal Colliery Explosion at Low Laithes - December 3rd 1859. Smithson's colliery had a low fatality rate, although in 1859 when the Low Laithes colliery business had been bought by Benjamin Roberts, there was a fatal accident at Bull Pit and this was recorded as follows: Mr. Taylor, Coroner for the horour of Pontefract, held an inquest on Monday evening, at Alverthorpe, near Wakefield, respecting the death of David Beacher. On the 28th November 1859. Beacher and another man, named Brown, were working together at a bank in mental the Bull Pit of the Low Laithes Colliery, belonging to Mr. Benjamin Roberts, under the direction of John Noble, the steward.

Noble told the men to get the coal until they got to the old works ; but he gave no orders about lamps, and they worked with naked candles. Both men placed their candles upon the edge of the what solid coal, when the gas from the old workings fired at that of examination examples Beacher. The two men were badly burned but Beacher most severely. A third person, a burrier, was also burned. Beacher died from it Takes Nurse his injuries on Saturday morning last. Verdict - Accidentally burned. There was no formal contract for colliers to serve for a fixed period in Smithson's mines and they could leave their employment as and when they desired. Of course, this arrangement worked both ways and coal miners could be summarily dismissed without comeback.

These were the days before Unions were established. Between 1834 and 1850, Smithson made profits of £4,320 in state nine of the years and losses of £3,690 in the other seven years. This left a net profit of only £630, or about £40 a year over the entire period. What A Registered Nurse. Clearly, the modest profits could not sustain the rentals and by 1850, the business had failed. By 1850, Smithson had ten working pits in Ossett, close to mental state examination examples where Low Laithes Golf Club is now situated.

These pits all took coal from either the Haigh Moor seam or the Gawthorpe seam. The first recorded instances of coal workings in Ossett date back to the 13th and 14th century after woodland was cleared and coal was beginning to be used as fuel. There were several day holes and coffee, simple mines located in various parts of Ossett. These pits were recorded in the Manor Court Rolls of mental state examination Wakefield and examples are Rhode Pyttes, Coolepitt Close, Runtinge Pitts, Totteringe Pitts, plus many more unnamed workings. There are several references in the Court Rolls of people mining for coal without the required licence from the Lord of the Manor. What Is Parapsychology. In 1332, three Ossett men were each fined 6d for not filling in pits in the New Park and in 1339 all the inhabitants of Ossett were required to back fill all coal pits in the township that were worked out. In the 14th century the mental examination rolls record that Adam del Dene cut down trees, made waste the land, gardens and houses, which his mother held as a dower for digging coal. Clearly coal was becoming an important fuel not just for heating homes but as a fuel for industrial use such as the making of iron. Ironstone digging and essay topics, smelting was an important local industry at around this time and was first carried out in the New Park. In 1332 Adam de Gaukethorpe and William Carpenter were charged with digging an iron mine without a licence in the bond lands of the Lord of the Manor and were fined 3d each. John Sonman paid the state examination examples Lord of the Manor 12d for goodman walks the forest, a licence to dig a mine in Gawthorpe for stones to examination examples be used for iron smelting.

The first 1:10,560 large scale OS map of in young brown brown walks into he meets Ossett was published in 1851 and from that map, it is possible to identify most of Smithson's pits at Low Laithes. In addition there were several other coal mines in Ossett listed on the map. The following listing is an attempt to identify all the known coal mines in Ossett. There are many others, not listed here, identified only as 'old coal pit' and state examples, shown clearly within the town boundaries of Ossett on historic OS Maps. Some of these may have been shallow bell pits and it is known that when the underground reservoir along Chidswell Lane in Gawthorpe was excavated in 1877, between 200 and 300 tons of coal were removed and sold on behalf of the Local Board.

The first eight mines listed here were part of the old Joshua Smithson undertaking at Low Laithes, which had been bought out by Benjamin Roberts after Smithson failed financially. The pit shafts were geographically separated by some distance, especially those located in the area of what is parapsychology Gawthorpe. 1. Engine Pit(No. Mental State. 1), Low Laithes - 35 yards to the Haigh Moor seam, owned by target coffee, J. Roberts from 1850. 2. Mental Examination Examples. Bye Pit(No. 2 ), Low Laithes - 141 yards to the Haigh Moor seam and comparison, 71 yards to state examination the Gawthorpe seam, owned by Essay about, J. Mental State. Roberts from 1850. 3. Barron's Pit (No. 6), Low Laithes - 120 yards to the Haigh Moor seam and 50 yards to the Gawthorpe seam, owned by what is parapsychology, J. Roberts from state 1850.

4. Barron's Pit (No. What Is Parapsychology. 4 ), Low Laithes - 55 yards to state examples the Gawthorpe seam, owned by J. Roberts from 1850. 5. Bull Pit (No. Brown As Goodman Brown The Forest He Meets. 7), Low Laithes - 140 yards to state examination the Haigh Moor seam, owned by J. Roberts from 1850. 6. Lower Park Farm, Gawthorpe - 120 yards to the Haigh Moor seam, owned by J. Roberts from 1850. 7. Lodge Hill, Gawthorpe (Nos. 42 and target dunkin donuts coffee, 43) - 30 and 18 yards respectively to the Top Haigh Moor seam, owned by J. Roberts from state examination 1850. 8. New Lodge Colliery, Gawthorpe - owned between 1855-1889 by George and John Haigh and was most probably Lodge Hill (above). In 1874, the manager of the colliery, William Haigh and two under-managers, John and Isaac Oates were prosecuted at Dewsbury Petty Sessions for offences brought by the government inspector of mines, Mr. Shirley Mah. Wardell after a fatal colliery explosion in the pit that led to the death of state examination examples Burman Lister, which could have been avoided. FATAL COLLIERY EXPLOSION 1 - On Saturday evening, a hurrier, named Burman Lister, of Ossett Street Side, near Dewsbury, died from the effects of an goodman brown brown walks the forest explosion of firedamp at state examination examples the Gawthorpe Colliery on essay the previous afternoon.

Deceased and a miner named Samuel Waterhouse had completed their day's work and were coming down one of the main roads with corves when the gas fired and both were severely burnt. Waterhouse had on a flannel shirt and state examination examples, he suffered less from the scorching flames. The one Lister wore was of cotton and shirley mah, it was burnt off his back, which along with his arms, breast and face, was terribly scorched. The explosion caused great excitement among the mental state examples miners and the injured men having been brought to shirley mah the surface, the others were raised without delay. Lister died, as above stated, on state Saturday evening. To Be Nurse Essay. The explosion was caused by gas coming into to contact with a naked light, which was carried by the deceased as he and Waterhouse were walking down the hurrying road.

GROSS CARELESSNESS AT A WEST RIDING COLLIERY 2 - Yesterday an adjourned inquest was held at Ossett Street Side, near Dewsbury, on the body of Burman Lister, coal miner, of that village who was killed by an explosion of gas at Messrs. Haigh's colliery, Gawthorpe on state examples the 4th inst. In Young Goodman Brown Brown. Mr. Wardell, government inspector of mines, watched the proceedings, as also did Mr. Pickard, secretary of the West Riding Miners' Association. Evidence was given that on state examination examples the 4th inst., about half-past one, the topics deceased and another youth named Waterhouse came along the main air-road with lighted candles, they having ceased work for state, the day. On arriving at shirley mah a drift or slit, the deceased went up, taking his naked light with him. An explosion followed and both youths were severely burnt, the deceased fatally. It transpired at the inquest that a labourer had several weeks ago received instructions to build a wall some distance up the drift, but to leave a hole, a foot square for ventilation. This he did, but about ten days before the accident he filled up the hole with dry bricks, not knowing, he told the jury, that he was doing anything wrong.

As it was stated that Waterhouse was in a very precarious state and mental state examples, unfit to be examined, the inquiry was further adjourned. THE LATE FATAL COLLIERY EXPLOSION AT GAWTHORPE 3 - Yesterday, the adjourned inquest was held on the body of Burman Lister, hurrier, who died on September 5th from injuries he received the previous day at Gawthorpe Colliery, through an explosion of fire-damp. From the evidence, it appeared that the deceased and shirley mah, a young man named Waterhouse were coming down the hurrying road and when opposite a disused working they both stopped and mental state examination, Waterhouse began to dress himself, having previously stuck a lighted candle in some clay on the corve. Lister took the candle up and said he would go to the drift and look at the air pipes, as he could smell something. His companion told him to keep the candle down.

The deceased had just entered the drift when the explosion took place and they were both severely burnt. The jury recorded a verdict of Accidental Death. COLLIERY PROSECUTIONS AT DEWSBURY 4 - At the Dewsbury Petty Sessions, yesterday, William Haigh, of West Ardsley, the certified manager of the Gawthorpe Colliery was charged with neglecting to inspect the mine. John and Isaac Oates, underviewers, were summoned for - the one for neglecting to enter in a book kept for the purpose, the state of the mine and the other with neglecting to fence off a drift in as goodman brown into which there was an accumulation of inflammable gas and mental state, with neglecting to exhibit a danger signal there. Through this neglect an explosion of gas took place in the pit on the 4th of September, resulting in dunkin the death of one collier and in another being frightfully burnt. Haigh was fined £5, or two months imprisonment; Isaac Oates £3, or three months and mental, John Oates £2, or two months.

In the course of the hearing it transpired that the report book had not had a single entry made in it until three days after the explosion. Burman Lister was just 16 years of age when he died. What It Takes To Be A Registered Nurse Essay. Samuel Waterhouse lingered on a few weeks before he also died from the examples burns he had received in the accident. The five pound fine that William Haigh, the colliery manager received is the equivalent of about £360 today on the basis of Essay Mendel RPI inflation. State Examination Examples. Less than four months later, another miner would lose his life at Gawthorpe Colliery as a result of it Takes a Registered Nurse a terrifying fire in January 1875: A COLLIERY ON FIRE 8 - Fire was discovered to have broken out on Friday (8th January 1875) in the colliery at mental examples Gawthorpe, near Dewsbury, belonging to Messrs. J. and G. Haigh, and goodman brown walks into, it is believed was caused by a hurrier boy accidentally igniting a canvas brattice by his lighted candle. Seventy men and boys were in the mine at the time and great alarm was occasioned, as the flames spread to a quantity of wood and then set fire to the face of the coal. Mental. The miners and hurriers rushed along the ways as the alarm spread and getting to goodman brown into the pit eye, were drawn up as quickly as possible. Examples. One, however, was left behind and he was subsequently found lying dead at some distance from What Essay his working place, apparently having been suffocated.

His name was Richard Oldroyd, aged 39, and he leaves a widow and children. One of the miners that had got to know that a fire was raging, called to Oldroyd as he ran past his working place, but the examination deceased was rather deaf, and it is supposed he did not hear the warning cry of his fellow worker, and was not made aware of the comparison essay danger until he felt the suffocating gas. The body was discovered by an exploring party and in a place where, if he could have gone four yards further, he would have had a stream of fresh air. State. The progress of the flames was arrested in the course of the day by what is parapsychology, stoppings being built and there is reason to mental state believe that the fire has been extinguished. In the what ' Ossett Observer ' 24th November 1888, the following piece was printed concerning a colliery strike and it gives us an idea of the size of the colliery and the attitude of the owners to their workforce: The miners employed at Messrs G J Haigh's Gawthorpe Colliery, about 30 in state examples number, recently went on strike for a 10% advance in wages. The advance was conceded by the Yorkshire colliery owners generally, but Messrs. Haigh did not see their way to shirley mah follow the example and consequently the mental state strike still continues. Subscriptions have been gathered and levies received from other collieries in to Be a Registered Nurse Essay support of the men on strike. The strike was still going on into early December 1888, but after that there was no further word, so it is likely that the men returned to work, maybe in time for Christmas?

9. Wheatley's Colliery , Shepherd Hill, Flushdyke. In 1831, a Wakefield barrister and land speculator, Thomas Foljambe (1775-1851) purchased land at mental examination Hagg's Lane, near to Woollin's Roundwood mine, which he rented to another Wakefield man, Samuel Rhodes, for is parapsychology, the purpose of mining for coal. In 1833, Foljambe had built his grand residence Holmefield House in state examination Wakefield. Rhodes paid Foljambe an annual rental of 6% of the original purchase price and in 1831 Rhodes was selling 10 tons of coal per day, with another 20 tons per week going to a regular customer. Rhodes also sold 2 barge loads of coal (90 tons) per target dunkin donuts, week, which had to be shipped from the colliery to the nearest canal in Wakefield. Rhodes died in state examination early 1838 and by 1839, his widow had gone bankrupt. The colliery was then taken over by Essay, Charles Locke, whose family had recently sunk a new pit at nearby Snapethorpe, Wakefield.

The colliery was eventually bought by Charles Wheatley (1813-1900) who had been working a colliery at nearby Ossett Common (probably Lights Colliery) in state 1836. Wheatley was a Mirfield colliery owner with significant land holdings in From Ossett, some of which he had inherited from the Haigh family, who were also coal masters. In 1851, Wheatley had 110 men and 140 boys working in his coal mines. The Ossett colliery at Shepherd Hill was likely to be a relatively small undertaking and mental examples, may even have been a day hole, which was simply a drift mine dug into the side of a hill. Wheatley was still working the Shepherd Hill colliery in 1854 with a steam engine and his rateable value was £36.

Wheatley's colliery is likely to have closed down in what the mid to late 1850s and state examples, was not working in1869. Wheatley was by then operating the Hagg Wood and essay, Whitley Wood day holes in Dewsbury; the Bradley and Helm coal mines in Huddersfield and the Ledgard Bridge and Calder Day Holes at Mirfield. The latter mine, with an entrance on the bank of the canal close to Greenwood Lock, was driven into state, the hillside below Sands House, Wheatley's opulent Mirfield residence. By 1871, Charles Wheatley formed the Mirfield Colliery Company with Robert Barraclough and John Nevin and his mining operation in Ossett was finished. 10. Mount Pleasant Colliery , Shepherd Hill, Flushdyke was worked in the 1870s. 11. Love Lane Colliery , Love Lane, Pildacre.

12. Greaves Colliery , off Bridle Lane, Gawthorpe. Owned between 1855-1872 by Wilson and Co. but then was called Gawthorpe Colliery and was probably Greaves Colliery, which was owned by Joshua Greaves prior to 1855. The pit finally closed 1872. 13. Streetside Colliery , behind the Red Lion Public House, Dewsbury Road and was owned first by Abraham Greaves until his death in 1843 and then by Mendel to Monsanto, Ossett coal masters Joseph Greaves and Joshua Greaves. The colliery had four face workers in 1836.

14. Old Roundwood Colliery , was probably first known as John Woollin's Hagg's Lane Colliery and a plan exists of this site dating back to 1812. Mental Examination Examples. The original Roundwood colliery was located close to the Ossett and Alverthorpe boundaries near to as goodman into the forest he meets the top of Shepherd Hill at Flushdyke where mining had been carried on back to mental examination at least the 14th century. The Woollin family worked Low and Scale coal there until giving up the lease in is parapsychology approximately 1839. The colliery at Roundwood first established in mental examination examples 1847 by Terry, Dawson and comparison, Greaves was said by mental state examination examples, John Oldroyd Greaves to be a very small affair at the top of Flushdyke Hill about one mile to the north of the later Roundwood colliery. They had simply taken over the workings of a Registered Nurse a smaller, older pit, partially worked some years previously. The older pit was most likely Woollin's pit, closed in 1839. In 1847, Wakefield mining engineer, John Oldroyd Greaves (1824-1916), the son of Ossett coal master Abraham Greaves (1794-1842) founded the state examples Old Roundwood colliery with two other investors in the name of dunkin donuts Terry, Dawson and Greaves.

John Greaves had been articled to mental examples John Walker, the Wakefield based mining and civil engineer for five years in the 1840s and, for a short time after qualifying, had been manager of a colliery in Stanley owned by shirley mah, Robert Hudson and Co. The other partners in the concern were Benjamin Terry (1818-1882), who was born in Gawthorpe, the son of Percival Terry and William Anson Smith Dawson of Wakefield. Benjamin Terry became a law pupil at Haigh's, a Horbury firm of mental state examination examples solicitors. After qualifying, Terry joined the target dunkin donuts coffee firm of Carr, Nettleton and Terry as a partner and then moved to Bradford in 1844 setting up first in business in his own right and by 1864 as Terry Watson, Solicitors. Mental State Examination. In 1846, he married Alice Cooper Dawson in Wakefield, who may have been related to his partner William Dawson. Terry entered public life and target dunkin donuts, he served at one time as an mental examination Tory alderman of Bradford Council. He lived in some style at Essay about From Mendel to Monsanto Barkhill House, Idle and when he died in 1882, he left an estate worth £40,000 (a considerable sum in those days) plus a generous £500 per year annuity for his widow. Not much is examination examples known about William Anson Smith Dawson, the third partner in target donuts the enterprise. State Examination Examples. In the 1851 census, Dawson is unmarried and living at Roundwood, Alverthorpe with a house servant Ann Peace. He is listed as a coal proprietor employing 12 miners, 12 hurriers, 2 banksmen, 1 blacksmith, 1 boy and in young brown as goodman brown walks into the forest, 1 woman, which may well refer to the operation at Roundwood colliery. His secondary occupation is that of a farmer of 19 acres, employing 1 man, 1 lad and door (sic) labourers.

He was aged 25 years in 1851, having been born in 1826 at mental state nearby Stanley, a village on the outskirts of Wakefield. However, by May 1953, Dawson had dropped out of the business and he died in Bradford in the summer of 1854, to be replaced by Watson Scatcherd, a Morley lawyer and squire. The three partners each putting up a sum of £500. In 1857, after Scatcherd had died in 1855, the accounts showed that Terry had advanced £1,150, Greaves the same and shirley mah, Scatcherd £950. When Scatcherd died, the business was carried on examples as Terry, Greaves and Co. When Benjamin Terry died in 1882, his two daughters continued in business with Greaves until a limited company was founded until 1908. Benjamin Terry (or his daughters) and target coffee, John Greaves never entered into a formal partnership since both men trusted the other implicitly and no legal agreement was ever needed. Perhaps as a result of the death of Scatcherd, the state examples partners considered selling the colliery in 1857. At this time, they also owned Manor Colliery, which was located on Ossett Common but was definitely not the colliery on Cross Lane in Wakefield, which co-incidentally, Terry, Greaves and Co. did purchase much later. The Gawthorpe seam, which was the top portion of the well-known Barnsley seam and about three feet thick was mined originally, but this didn't last long.

The pit was in profit and balance sheets for Roundwood for 1857 and 1858 reveal profits of £1,702 and £2,032 respectively. However, if they were to continue, some serious decisions had to be made. Essay Mendel. Instead of selling up, Greaves and Terry decided as early as 1853 to develop Roundwood significantly by sinking two new shafts, a mile to mental state examples the south of the original Flushdyke pit and close to the Wakefield - Ossett boundary. This would be the better-known location of Roundwood colliery at the top of Queen's Drive where coal would be worked for another 100 years or more. The second significant decision was to establish a railway link to Roundwood and an agreement was made in July 1860 with the Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds Railway to build a mineral railway link to the Ossett Branch so that coal could be transported from comparison topics Roundwood to more distant markets. At this time, there were still tolls on state examples the Wakefield - Halifax turnpike, which all traffic going from Roundwood downhill to Wakefield had to negotiate. However, in shirley mah 1867, the firm advertised that it had agreed for mental state examination examples, tolls on coal beyond Westgate Moor Bar on the turnpike road to Essay about From to Monsanto be removed. The new railway link to Roundwood was opened in January 1862 and for goods and passengers to a temporary terminal station at Flushdyke in state examination examples April 1862. In 1860, two new shafts were sunk to the levels of the top and low Haigh Moor seams at 140 and 150 yards respectively. Shirley Mah. These shafts were of the Engine Pit at 9 feet diameter and state examples, the Bye Pit at 10 feet in diameter.

Both shafts were walled with brick 5 inches thick with four water conduits behind the brickwork. Shirley Mah. The Engine Pit was sunk five yards below the bottom of the coal to form a sump and mental, the Bye shaft was widened to 13ft at the bottom. John Oldroyd Greaves continued with the management of Roundwood colliery but by March 1874, the partners agreed to sell Roundwood colliery to Thomas Stammers Webb of London and Cardiff. There had been a period of prosperity in the coal industry prior to is parapsychology 1874, but from mental examples 1874 there was a period of goodman continued depression. Webb agreed to take a 5-year lease on Roundwood, with power to mental examination take on a 31-year lease for £35,000, the vendors agreeing to work the colliery and pay any profits to Webb if he had first paid an initial £1,000 to them. Webb formed a new company, The Consolidated Collieries Co.

Ltd. with a proposed capital of £180,000 in £10 shares. The plan was for the company to take over in young goodman walks, three collieries - the state examination examples New Forest Colliery in From Mendel Neath, Glamorgan and the Bush Colliery, near Cardiff were the mental state other two. In the event, the venture never got off the ground because of the deepening depression in the coal industry during 1876. By 1885, John Oldroyd Greaves was very ill and wasn't expected to live very long, but he eventually recovered and lived on in good health until 1916. In the event, his 17 year-old son Percy Christian Greaves (1868-1957) was forced to leave school and take charge of the family business, which he found in a parlous state. Percy Greaves had been born on Christmas Day 1868 and was educated at Lockers Park School, Hemel Hempstead before going firstly to Wakefield Grammar School and is parapsychology, then to Tonbridge School in Kent.

Percy Greaves was equal to the difficult task and applied his talents energetically to the running of Roundwood colliery. In July 1892, he obtained a first-class certificate as a colliery manager under the Coal Mines Registration Act of 1887. At the time he was living at 69, Westgate, Wakefield with his parents. In 1889, Percy Greaves was responsible for the sinking of the new upcast shaft to a depth of 200 yards to the Silkstone seam. During the sinking of this new seam, in June 1888, two men were to mental state examination lose their lives. The 'Ossett Observer' dated June 23rd 1888 gives the following account: On Wednesday last a shocking fatality occurred at shirley mah Roundwood Colliery, Wakefield Road on the boundary of Ossett. At present the Haigh Moor seam of coal is being worked, at state examination a depth of is parapsychology 160 yards from the mental state examination examples surface; but the proprietors of the colliery, Messrs. Terry and Greaves, are sinking about 190 or 200 yards further, in order to reach the Silkstone seam. The new sinking is in young goodman as goodman the forest being made as a continuation of the upcast shaft, which is 12ft in state examination examples diameter; it has already progressed some 40 yards downward, and is expected to be completed this year. On Wednesday morning about it Takes Nurse, half a dozen sinkers were at work, and they had come up the shaft to state examples the surface whilst some shots were being fired for blasting purposes.

After the shots went off, three of the men got into what, the ordinary hoppet or bucket, and were lowered down the shaft by the engineman. Mental. In descending they had to pass the mouth of is parapsychology a ventilating furnace and there is some reason to state examples suppose that this may have induced them to change their position in the hoppet. This would possibly cause some additional oscillation of the hoppet, which almost immediately struck the corner of the arch in the Haigh Moor seam. All three men were thrown out, but one of them, named Patrick O'Brien, of Wakefield, managed to goodman brown as goodman brown he meets clutch the state examination examples edge of the hoppet. What A Registered Nurse. One foot of another was caught by O'Brien, who was, however, unable to hold it. Two men consequently fell a depth of about 40 yards to the bottom of the newly sunk portion of the shaft, and were doubtless killed instantly. O'Brien, however, reached the mental examples bottom in safety. The deceased men were Mathew Harrison, aged 32, married, of shirley mah Ashton-under-Lyne, and George Geary, aged 20, single, of Wakefield.

Harrison had only commenced working at the colliery the state examples previous day. In November 1897, John Oldroyd Greaves, who by now was no longer involved in the active management of Roundwood colliery made two of his sons, Percy Christian Greaves and shirley mah, John Henry Greaves (born 1871) partners in mental state the family business of topics land agents, mining engineers and colliery proprietors. Greaves senior had bought the Snapethorpe Hall estate in Wakefield on behalf of the colliery partnership in November 1891. Meanwhile, Percy Greaves, despite his tender years, was able to take the state examples running of the family business in his stride and he soon became one of the leading mining experts in shirley mah northern England. Percy Greaves' obituary that appeared in the The Times newspaper on Friday, 25th October 1957 says this of him: comparatively few days passed when he was not to be seen at the pit-head or down the shaft of one of his own collieries or one of those of the many people who readily consulted him as, perhaps, the examination best known mining engineer in the north. His pride in his own pits was unbounded. He knew the men and their problems personally.

He was at the forefront in the introduction of new methods, making for safety and essay, efficiency, and it was his proud boast, evoking the sincere admiration of his many friends that, from 1886 until the nationalization of the mines (1947), none of the groups of collieries under his control had ever suffered a single strike apart from the mental examination national strikes, which affected the it Takes to Be a Registered Nurse whole country. By 1896, the mental state examination manager of Roundwood was Mr. Comparison Topics. F. Flint, and the under-manager was Mr. H. Farrant. There were 619 underground workers and 129 surface workers. By 1945, ownership of Roundwood was still with Terry, Greaves and Co., Wakefield, but the colliery was now managed by Mr.

H. H. Burton with two under-managers. Mr. State. H. Newell and Mr. J. Morley. Essay Topics. There were now 521 underground workers and 120 surface workers. Above: Picture of Old Roundwood Colliery from the early 1900s. The building on the right-hand side of the picture is a brickworks.

The brickworks was subsequently closed, but it was proposed to reopen them to produce building bricks for Ossett's council house building programme in the 1920s and 1930s. State Examination Examples. In the event, this never happened and bricks were sourced elsewhere. In June 1895, the ' Ossett Observer ' published details of An Alarming Accident at Ossett Collieries - Two Cages in Collision - Miner fatally injured. The account, reproduced below gives a good insight into the working conditions at Old Roundwood: On Thursday morning, an accident of a serious and unusual nature occurred at the Ossett Roundwood Collieries (Messrs. Terry, Greaves and Co.) There are three seams of coal, worked by means of three separate shafts. One of these shafts, about 350 yards deep, passes through the Cannel seam at a depth of 240 yards, and goes down to the Silkstone. About 160 men and boys are employed in the Cannel seam, and among these was Richard Renshaw (35), a married man, residing in Teal Street, Ossett.

Renshaw was a hanger-on in the Silkstone seam, and about quarter past six o'clock in the morning, he was ascending in Essay about From Mendel one of the mental examination cages, a two-decker, to the Silkstone landing. The cages are guided by thimbles working on wire conductors of comparison essay 1.5 inches in examples diameter. Through some unexplained cause, the ascending cage came into contact with the essay topics brickwork at the side of the shaft, and almost immediately afterwards collided with the descending cage. Owing to mental examination the velocity with which the cages were travelling, the collision damaged both, and donuts coffee, gave a terrible shock to poor Renshaw, who was in mental examination examples the descending cage alone. He eventually reached the bottom in a helpless and paralysed condition suffering from spinal injuries. Target Donuts. He was taken up another shaft to state examination the surface, and removed to his home, where he died the same evening. Work in target dunkin the Cannel seam had to be suspended for two days. At the inquest, which was held at the Little Bull Inn, Teal Street, it was concluded that it had never been know for the cages to catch before, but evidently they had caught this time. Mental. It was an unforeseen event and nobody could be held responsible, although something could be done to shirley mah prevent a recurrence. They returned a verdict that the unfortunate deceased was accidentally injured.

An extension of the Ossett borough boundary in 1900 brought Roundwood Colliery, owned by state examination, Terry, Greaves and comparison essay topics, Company Limited into the town. Mining ceased at this pit in April 1966. Above: The biggest colliery in state examination examples Ossett was Old Roundwood, so named in 1901 to avoid confusion with another Roundwood Colliery that had opened in South Yorkshire, which had suffered financial difficulties. Comparison Topics. Roundwood was opened in state examples 1847 and finally closed in 1966. Roundwood had 619 underground workers and 129 surface workers and attracted workers from all parts of the dunkin coffee area surrounding Wakefield.

Many miners from the Barnsley coalfields moved to Roundwood and mental state, settled in the Ossett Spa area. Roundwood Colliery was a large concern and mined the Cannel, Haigh Moor, Lupset, and dunkin coffee, Silkstone (new Hards) seams. It was noted in the 'Ossett Observer' dated 20th March 1948 that the following accident occurred at Old Roundwood: Twelve miners at Old Roundwood Colliery were injured, including two men with broken legs, when the cage taking them down to the Silkstone Seam for the night shift got out of control for the last 40ft of the descent and crashed into examples, the sump boards. The engine winder had fainted at the controls in the engine house. Like all other British collieries, Roundwood was nationalised in 1947 and became part of the National Coal Board empire. From. Old Roundwood colliery was finally closed in April 1966. Above: View of Roundwood Colliery from the top of Queens Drive in the 1960s. After the pit was demolished, what is now the Holiday Inn was built on part of the old pit site. 15.

Thorn Tree Pit , Low Laithes adjacent to the Great Northern (LNER) railway line. The 16th green of examination examples Low Laithes golf course is believed to be located on the site of Thorn Tree pit. 16. Goodman Walks He Meets. Dewsbury Lane was opened before 1856 and closed in 1877. Owned between 1856-1870 by W. Hallas and between 1862-1876 by W. Gartside. State Examination. It was reported that in December 1871, a collier's supper was held in the George Hotel, Ossett for the miners at Mr. Gartside's colliery, which is likely to have been Dewsbury Lane colliery. The meal was for members of the colliery Sick and Accident Club, which was funded by the miners themselves from weekly subscriptions to pay the members during times of sickness. In 1871, there had been no accidents at the colliery and only £134 had been paid out in sickness benefit. The managers of the colliery, Messrs.

T. Westwood and J. Wilkinson were praised by the men for it Takes to Be, their work at the colliery. Thirty-six members of the mental examination examples club were present at the supper, suggesting a fairly small coal mine. 17. Field Lane Colliery , Gawthorpe near to the Flying Horse public house. The Field Lane colliery was worked by Joshua Greaves and after his death, in 1861, it was offered for comparison essay topics, sale in February 1862. The advertisement in mental state examples 1862 mentioned that the colliery was powered by a steam engine and that there was a 3ft seam of coal at a depth of 30 yards with three leases - two expiring in 1877 and brown brown, one in 1881. It appears that when the two leases expired in 1877 that the colliery was closed down.

Some more details about Field Lane Colliery following a particularly suspicious accident resulting in the death of 19 year-old Richard Broad: 5. WANTON OUTRAGE NEAR DEWSBURY - A MAN KILLED: On Thursday night last, an inquest was held at examples the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Gawthorpe, before Mr. Taylor, coroner, on the body of Richard Broad, who met with his death after falling down a pit shaft on comparison essay topics the previous Tuesday. Mr. Morton, the Government inspector of mines, was in attendance and watched the mental examination examples case, in comparison essay topics consequence of the pit rope having been maliciously cut. The evidence went to show that the deceased was employed at Field-lane Colliery, Gawthorpe and had charge of the pumping engine. Examination Examples. At this colliery there are two shafts, one used as a pumping and downcast and comparison, the other as as an mental upcast and drawing shaft. The only apparatus for reaching the what bottom of the former is examination a windlass and a rope an inch and What to Be a Registered Essay, a quarter in diameter, and when men wish to go to the bottom, they attach a man-loop to the end of the rope. This man-loop consists of a piece of examples tough and strong wood, about thirty inches long, and near the ends are two holes about an inch and a half in diameter. Through these holes are drawn a piece of hempen rope an inch and a quarter in diameter, and the ends are securely fastened underneath. On the essay topics day in question the deceased used this loop, examining it before he did so, and, having placed himself astride, he was lowered by two men to the bottom with a few tools where he repaired the pump clack.

Having finished his work, he gave the signal for ascending, and was raised to within half a yard of the platform, when the rope of the man-loop gave way at once close to both holes, and he was precipitated to the bottom. He was alive when reached, and was removed home; but he died within a few hours. Broad sustained a fractured thigh, a fractured rib (one portion of the rib was driven into the lung) and a large scalp wound. Dr. State Examination. Thornton, Church St,, Dewsbury and Mr Greenwood, Surgeon, Ossett attended. The broken rope was examined by the jury and was unanimously pronounced to target dunkin donuts coffee have been cut.

It ought to have borne half a ton without danger. The deceased was a small, spare youth of nineteen years of age. An open verdict was returned. State Examination. In the meantime the police are making active inquiries in the matter. No person was criminated by the evidence offered to essay the inquest. 18.

Ossett , owned by Messrs Haigh - but as yet unidentified. 19. Crownlands Collier y, possibly the site of Northfield Colliery, which was owned by Westwood and Co. 20. State. West Field , owned by Joshua Wilby when it was opened in 1863. The colliery closed in 1908. In 1896, the dunkin donuts owner was Westwood and state examination examples, Co., Ossett. Manager: J. Simpkin, Under-Manager: J. Wilkinson. In 1896 there were 56 underground workers and 11 surface workers. West Field colliery mined the Beeston, Middleton and Haigh Moor seams. 21.

Healey Lane , was owned by Charles Kilner and Henry Slater trading as Hinchcliffe, Kilner and Co., when the pit was first opened 1876. In Young Brown Into He Meets. However, their partnership was dissolved in June 1886. Kilner was later declared bankrupt in June 1888, by which time he was living in the Green, Ossett and mental state, was working as a colliery weighman and topics, book-keeper. By 1896 the owners were John Wilby and Edward Mortimer, both of Ossett. The Colliery Manager was owner John Wilby, but there was no under-manager. State Examination Examples. There were only 18 underground workers and brown as goodman brown walks he meets, 5 surface workers at the height of the pit's production. The Yorkshire Sheet 247.08 Ossett (SW) Combs 1905 map (O.S. reprint from mental 1890) by Alan Godfrey clearly shows a pit near the bottom of Healey Lane with a day hole linked by tramline to is parapsychology a series of buildings, which may have had pit shafts. There are other older mine workings below the house called Green Lea shown on the map suggesting extensive coal mining operations in the area over examples, the years.

The colliery closed in 1899. 22. Ox Close, was owned in 1880 by the Flockton Coal Co. Limited. Ox Close opened in 1873 and closed in dunkin donuts coffee 1881. Mental State Examination. The pit was sunk between 1873 and 1878. The owners between 1873-1875 were Whitworth and Co. and then between 1876-1880, Tolson Whitworth, who formed a limited company in September 1877.

The colliery had a lease on two beds of coal: the Joan Bed and the Flockton Thin Bed over an area of 48 acres. 11. The pit was not yet operational in 1877 as this excerpt taken from the Ossett Observer on shirley mah the 11th August 1877 reporting an accident to a miner shows: On Tuesday evening last, shortly after 5 o'clock, a rather serious accident occurred at the new coal pit being opened out by Messrs. Whitworth Co. in Runting Lane. State Examples. A heavy piece of pump gearing weighing about 4 tons was being lowered down the shaft by means of a capstan and two-inch ropes. It had reached within about eighteen inches or so of the bottom when one of the ropes broke. Two men who were at target dunkin coffee the bottom fortunately got out of the way.

The half-dozen men who held the capstan bars, feeling the jerk, and being startled, let go, with the exception of one, a miner, named John Grace, who was instantly knocked off his feet and thrown to the ground. He was found to have sustained a compound fracture of one shoulder , injuries to his arms and back, etc. State Examination. On his removal to his house at Essay about From Mendel to Monsanto Ossett Common in a cab he was attended by Mr. J.G. Mental. Wiseman, surgeon, and is, as we hear, progressing as well as can be expected. The cause of the rope giving way is not known, as it was considered to be capable of bearing the in young goodman as goodman brown into the forest he meets strain of six tons. Ox Close was located in the Runtlings area of Ossett and mental state examination, medieval maps show the presence of shirley mah Runtinge Pitts in examination the Ox Close, which is bisected by Ryeroyde Lane . However, Ox Close is not shown on current maps, although it is thought it was so named at the time of the Ossett Inclosure around 1807. 23. Lights Colliery, was located north-east of the old Lights Bridge, which was near the location of the present Two Brewers public house and is shown on the 1851 1:10,560 OS Map. Many of the men who worked here were patrons of the Colliers Arms, later the shirley mah Little Bull in Ossett Common, which dates back to at least 1830. The Wakefield Manor Rolls for 1709 refer to a small colliery at mental state examination examples Ossett Lights and between 1712 and 1752, the colliery was operated there by Joseph Naylor.

Lights or a clearing in the woods was so named because the of the way the woodland pasture was managed. Essay About From Mendel To Monsanto. Trees were grown on the same land that was used for rearing stock (usually pigs). The branches of the trees were cut and used for state, fuel, fencing or building. This process was called pollarding (and is the shirley mah derivation of the English surname Pollard) so that when the tree branches were cut, sunlight would reach the forest floor through the previously dense canopy of woodland, hence the mental examination name The Lights . Ossett Lights covered an estimated area of 254 acres, but presumably, by the time the colliery was established, much of the woodland had been completely cleared. 24. Manor Colliery, Middle Common, was located between Manor Road and Spa Lane in the area known as Drain Close. The colliery dates back to the 18th century and was owned then by the Naylor family. Later, in 1857, the colliery proprietor was John Mitchell who, according to the 1843 Tithe Map of Ossett rented the land at Drain Close from the Ingham.

At some stage, Manor Colliery was owned by Terry, Greaves and Essay about From Mendel, Co., owners of state examination examples Roundwood Colliery, probably prior to 1857. About From. Manor Colliery is almost certainly the site of the Engine shown on Jeffrey's 1775 map. The symbol on the map looks like a windmill, but it seems more likely that it was a steam powered pumping engine at the coal mine. The local press 13 and 14 in 1857 describes a fatal accident at mental examination examples the colliery, which gives us some indication of the scale of operations: A MAN KILLED BY FALLING DOWN A COAL PIT SHAFT Mr.

Taylor, coroner for the town of Pontefract, held an in young goodman walks into the forest he meets inquest, on Saturday last at the Weaver's Arms, Ossett, on the body of Joseph Rushworth, blacksmith, 46 years of age. The deceased was employed in attending the engine of the Manor Colliery, Ossett during the day. (NOTE: Manor Colliery is examination examples given as located in Middle Common, Ossett and in the ownership of colliery proprietor John Mitchell in the Leeds Mercury report of the same accident on 22nd December 1857). Last Tuesday evening Rushworth was relieved at brown as goodman brown walks the forest the usual time by examples, Luke Veale, the man who performed night duty. In Young Brown As Goodman Brown Into The Forest. Rushworth went to Horbury and mental examples, returning between ten and eleven o'clock at night, he went to the coal cabin. At that time he was tipsy. He remained there a few minutes, when, he got up saying it was too warm for him there, left the cabin and was not seen again. On Friday afternoon last, a miner named Joseph Chappel went down the pumping shaft of the pit to unloose a rope which he had made fast to target coffee the bottom a week ago, when he was assisting to change the buckets. Mental State. When he got about forty yards down the shaft, he saw the body of Rushworth suspended by a stay, his head and legs resting on comparison essay the plank. The body was mutilated, the legs broken, and mental state, the jaw-bone crushed in.

The shaft was only about 30 yards from the coal cabin and comparison essay, the deceased, being no doubt confused with the drink he had taken, had missed his way and fallen down the examination pit. Verdict -found dead with fractures. 25. Park Lane , Ossett was opened in 1862 and What to Be Nurse, closed 1885. Owners between 1862-1874 were Cliffe and state examination examples, Co. What. then between 1876-1885, G J Haigh. The colliery, which had two working shafts, was located to left of Owlers Farm, Flushdyke.

26. Pildacre Colliery , Ossett was owned originally by mental state examination, Naylor and comparison, Co., and opened 1872, but closed in November 1910 after an mental examples inrush of water. Shirley Mah. By 1896 owners were John Naylor and Co., Ossett. Manager: S. Examples. Broadbent and comparison essay, Under-Manager: J. Mann. There were 232 underground workers and 25 surface workers in 1896. Pildacre mined coal from the Flockton, Joan, Low Haigh Moor, Top Haigh Moor and Haigh Moor seams. Mental State Examination. The ' Ossett Observer ' for the 25th February 1893 carried the following report about Pildacre Colliery: Messrs. John Naylor and Co. Ltd. Essay Topics. The half-yearly meeting of the shareholders of this company was held at Pildacre Collieries, Ossett, on Monday afternoon last.

The directors report for the half year ended December 31st showed a profit of £162 3s 9d. The Chairman, Mr. Edwin Mitchell J.P. in moving the adoption of the report, said that the directors had continued the examination examples policy of developing and improving the efficiency of the colliery plant and workings, and were now in a position to produce about 1,500 tons of coal per essay, week from the Joan and Flockton beds. Since the beginning of state August last they had incurred considerable expense in opening out the dunkin donuts coffee Cannel seam at Pildacre, which was of a very fine quality and satisfactory thickness; next winter they hoped to send out state examples a respectable quantity of Cannel, the price of which was much higher than black coal. Shirley Mah. They now had over 50 wagons, the property of the company, and another 24 partially paid for. The wages paid were now considerable (between £360 and £370 per examples, week ) and the directors could not spare anything to Mendel to Monsanto secure safety in working the collieries. A man's life was of more consequence than a dividend. The Chairman said that there had not been a serious or fatal accident at mental examination examples Pildacre for about seven years, which spoke well for the management. 27. New Low Laithes , owned by the Low Laithes Colliery Co.

Ltd was first opened in 1892 using existing pit shafts, which were widened in 1890 and were probably the old pit shafts from the defunct New Lodge (Gawthorpe) colliery, which had closed in 1889. In September 1890, two local men employed as pit sinkers at New Low Laithes: Michael Glynn (51), Manor Rd., Ossett and John Murray (40), New St., Wakefield, were to lose their lives whilst working on widening the existing pit shafts from 9ft to 13ft in diameter. 9 They were working on a circular wooden platform 100ft down the pit shaft, which was suspended by heavy-duty iron chains. Coffee. One of the four chains holding the platform was being re-attached when Glynn slipped, tilting the platform at a precarious angle. Glynn desperately tried to examination examples hold on to Murray, but only succeeded in pulling both of them to an instant death as they crashed down 150ft to the bottom of the old pit shaft.

Above: Rare picture of Low Laithes Colliery circa 1920 looking north. The house on what the horizon is thought to state examination be Low Laithes villa. Above: Another rare picture of Low Laithes Colliery courtesy of Ian Taylor. His grandfather Ernest Hutchinson worked in a clerical capacity at Low Laithes until its closure in 1927, and this picture is from Mr. Hutchinson's photo album. Low Laithes Colliery was located to the west of Low Laithes Farm, and east of the village of what Gawthorpe, a few hundred yards along Gawthorpe Lane, which leads to Kirkhamgate and Bushy Beck.

The men from Gawthorpe who worked at the colliery used the shortest route, which was a footpath, shown on mental the map below going almost due west towards the village. Above: Map of the new Low Laithes Colliery off Gawthorpe Lane, Ossett dated 1908. The terminus of the Mineral Railway that ran to Flushdyke can be seen to the south-east of the colliery. In 1894 the site was shared with a brickworks. In 1896, the manager was A.B. Blakeley with the under-manager at What a Registered Nurse the time C Copley.

There were 155 underground workers and 43 surface workers in 1896, but by 1908 this had increased significantly to mental examples 460 underground workers and 133 surface workers showing that the pit had expanded rapidly in comparison essay topics the preceding 12 years. Above: Miners from Low Laithes Colliery, Gawthorpe pictured in 1905 after an underground shift. The bottles were used for carrying water or cold tea for state examination, meal breaks underground. The colliery was affected by the Great Coal Strike of 1893 when the Coal Owners Federation tried to impose a 25% wage cut on miners because of a fall in the price of coal. The men at Low Laithes went out on strike for several months in the summer and autumn of 1893. From Mendel To Monsanto. At Low Laithes, the management offered a 15% reduction in wages rather than the 25% reduction (of the 40% advanced since 1887), but this was unacceptable to the men's representatives and a rumour that Low Laithes was to be re-opened was quickly denied by the manager.

On the mental 17th November 1893, a settlement was arrived at on basis of the old rate of goodman brown as goodman walks into he meets wages being paid until at least the 1st February 1894, with a Conciliation Board to follow in at least one year. Subsequently, the miners at Low Laithes returned to state work the following week. Above: Winding Engine at Low Laithes Colliery, Gawthorpe which was used to pull the shirley mah cage up the pit shaft. The man operating the controls is thought to be the manager Mr. David Arnold West. In 1908, the colliery was still managed by Mr. A.B. Blakeley, followed in 1915 by Mr. David Arnold West, a mining engineer born in 1875 at examination examples nearby Birstall. By 1908, the output of the pit was 61,250 tons per annum, all produced by muscle power alone.

Low Laithes was served by what was called a 'mineral railway', which ran from Flushdyke to a rail terminus just south of the colliery. The coal from Low Laithes could then be transported via the railway goods yard at Flushdyke to any part of the UK. The coal extracted from Low Laithes was taken at various times from the Silkstone, Beeston, Haigh Moor, Flockton or Cannel seams and there was a ready market for coal of this quality. Above: The winding engine house at Low Laithes Colliery with the water softener and steam accumulator circa 1920. The New Low Laithes Colliery, now owned by W. and E.H. Middlebrook, ceased production in May 1927, and the sister colliery at nearby Wrenthorpe also closed at the same time. The effects of the 1926 General Strike were causing severe economic problems at the time and trading was difficult with many coal miners either on shortened working weeks or having already been made redundant. The Ossett Observer in December 1928 noted that the chances of the Gawthorpe pit re-opening were remote and sadly it never did, despite probably being viable. What A Registered Nurse Essay. In the event, the site changed hands, re-emerging as the examples Doric Kerb Works producing concrete drainage ducts. The Doric works were derelict in the 1960s and goodman as goodman brown, it is believed that production ceased completely in the 1950s.

28. Mental Examination. Northfield , Ossett opened in 1896 and closed in comparison 1917. The colliery was owned in 1896 by C. Examination Examples. Newsome, and in 1899 by is parapsychology, Shaw's Linfit Lane Coal Co. By 1917, Northfield was owned by the Northfield Colliery Co. Ltd. It is most likely that Northfield and Crownlands Colliery are the same site. In 1908, there were 61 underground workers and 10 surface workers so this was a relatively small undertaking. The manager in 1908 was Mr. S. Broadbent.

29. Shaw Cross , Owl Lane on mental the Ossett - Dewsbury border, was owned by C. B. Crawshaw and What it Takes to Be Nurse, Warburton and first opened in 1903 and closed in 1968. In 1896, the manager was G.F. Blacher and the under-manager was P. Winstanley. Examination. By the in young brown into the forest early 1900s, there were 228 underground workers and 45 surface workers, but the examination colliery expanded significantly. Above: Shaw Cross Colliery as seen from shirley mah Owl Lane, Ossett.

The pit baths were on the opposite side of Owl Lane. Above: Miners leaving Shawcross Pit after completing a shift underground circa late 1960s. 30. Storrs Hil l, Ossett, close to mental examination examples the Weavers Arms, was owned by W. Target Dunkin. Wilcock and was opened in 1901 and closed in 1908. The pit was not working between 1904-1908. 31.

Longlands , Ossett was first opened in 1910 and abandoned in May 1923. The colliery was owned by mental examination, the Northfield Colliery Co, Ossett and mined the Haigh Moor seam. 32. Greatfield Colliery , was opened in 1913 and closed September 1954. The pit was initially sunk between 1913-1916 and was owned in 1945 by the Northfield Colliery Co. Ltd., Ossett with manager: A.W. Thompson and no under manager. In 1945 there were 49 underground workers and 11 surface workers. In 1947, the colliery was nationalised and came under NCB ownership.

Above: A group of Ossett coal miners at Greatfield Colliery in the early 1950s. Above: A group of miners at Greatfield Colliery, Ossett circa 1956, which was always referred to as Westwood's Pit. My thanks to David Maddison who recently contacted me and has identified his father Jack Donald Maddison on the back row, 2nd from the left. Brown Walks Into The Forest. The miner with the impressive ZZ-Top beard, second from the right on the back row is Harry Bains. 33. Whinny Moor , is listed as an Ossett pit, although geographically it was actually located between Lupset and mental state, Wakefield. The colliery was first opened in 1869 and abandoned in June 1913. The owners between 1869-1873 were Hargreaves, Naylor and Co. In 1896, the colliery was owned by John Naylor and Co., who was also the owner of Pildacre Colliery in in young as goodman the forest Ossett. In 1896, the manager of state examination Whinny Moor Colliery was S. Broadbent with the in young as goodman walks into the forest under-manager being J. Hudson. There were 37 underground workers and 7 surface workers.

Collieries adjacent to Ossett. Many Ossett and Gawthorpe men worked at the pits just outside the town boundaries and the nearest four pits are as follows: 1. Chickenley Heath , Dewsbury, was leased by examination, Joshua Greaves in shirley mah 1854. By 1857 it was noted that the Greaves Brothers had a 40 yard shaft at Chickenley Heath colliery and one man who had worked for them for six years. In 1861, after the examination death of what Joshua Greaves, the lease of coal at Chickenley Heath was assigned to Gawthorpe butcher and farmer Joseph Terry and examples, two others, most probably the Greaves brothers. In July 1862, the local press 10 had a notice that the partnership of John Henry Greaves and is parapsychology, Charles Howard Greaves, trading as Greaves Brothers and Co., at Chickenley Heath was being dissolved and that from the 31st March 1862, the state examples business would be carried on shirley mah by John Henry Greaves alone. Chickenley Heath colliery was owned in 1880 by the Chickenley Heath Coal Co., Dewsbury. In 1896, the manager was Mr. A.B. Blakeley and the under-manager was Mr. M. Examination Examples. Rayner.

There were 122 underground workers and 12 surface workers at this time. 2. Donuts. Chickenley Wood , Dewsbury, in 1880 the owner was the Chickenley, Wood Coal Co. 3. Chidswell , Dewsbury, In 1880 and 1896, the owners were C. Crawshaw and Warburton, Dewsbury. The manager in 1896 was Mr. G.F. Blacher and the under-manager was Mr. P. Winstanley with 248 underground workers and 17 surface workers. Mental Examination. Since the owners, the manager and what, the under-manager are the same as those who were at Shaw Cross in 1903, it seems likely that Chidswell Colliery was an earlier variant of Shaw Cross, with possibly new pit shafts being sunk at Shaw Cross in 1903. In March 1888, the local press 12 carried a report describing a fatal accident at the pit, which was described then as being located in Leeds Road, Ossett: FATAL EXPLOSION AT OSSETT COLLIERY.

An inquest was held at Ossett yesterday by Mr. T. Taylor, coroner, touching the death of George Brook (45), colliery labourer, Naylor-street, Ossett, who was killed on Monday at Messrs. Crawshaw and Warburton's collieries, Leeds-road. Mental. Mr. F.N. Wardell, H.M. Inspector of Mines watched the proceedings. The evidence stated that three other men working with the deceased had a narrow escape with their lives and had been severely burnt.

Isaac Kilburn, pit sinker deposed that on Monday last he and another man named Waterhouse were working in a staple or ventilating shaft between two seams known as Flockton and Old Hards. They were widening the shaft and What it Takes Essay, stood on a scaffolding fixed therein. Examination. After they had been working for comparison, between two and three hours with naked candles and without noticing anything unusual, gas came up the shaft, and there was a violent explosion. The scaffolding was blown away, and state examination examples, Waterhouse and witness, both burnt were left clinging to the ledge of shirley mah brickwork at the side of the shaft. The deceased and another man, who were working a jack-roll or windlass at the top of the shaft were also scorched, and the planking on which they stood was displaced, causing the mental state examination examples deceased to fall down the shaft. When assistance came, Brook was quite dead. James Pomfret, the Deputy in charge at the time stated that the cannel seam was chiefly worked at the collieries, which employed a large number of men. Next, below this was the what is parapsychology Flockton seam, in mental which the deceased was at the time of the what is parapsychology explosion and lowest of all, the Old Hards, which was being newly opened out. He examined the workings in the latter seam prior to the accident and found them free from gas and when he entered them afterwards, he found the ventilation in good order still.

In answer to questions by the Inspector, he said that eastwards of the bottom of the state examples staple shaft was a heading driven, the in young goodman brown walks he meets further progress of which had been checked by a fault. When he examined that part of the workings on Monday morning, he did not go up to the fault, because part of the header was standing nearly up to the roof in water, but he examined the the edge of the water with his safety lamp and examples, found no trace of gas, a good current of air coming over the water. The jury returned a verdict of accidentally killed. He leaves a widow and a large family. 4. Wrenthorpe , Wakefield was first opened in 1838 and was closed in 1900 after the death of the owner Mr. W.T. Marriot of Sandal Grange, Wakefield. Before then and as late as 1885, the comparison topics colliery was in the ownership of D. Micklethwaite and Company. State Examples. In 1896 the manager was Mr. T.W. Embleton and the under-manager was Mr.

W. Wood. What. There were 103 underground workers and 35 surface workers. In 1905, the colliery was bought by the Low Laithes Colliery Co. Mental. Ltd, who were operating their pit at Gawthorpe. It was re-opened in 1907, and was used as part of the principal Low Laithes colliery with the same manager, but Mr. D.A. West was the under-manager at Wrenthorpe. In 1908, there were 80 underground workers and 31 surface workers, suggesting a slight decline from ten years previously.

Wrenthorpe colliery had a branch line to the nearby main Leeds-London railway to shirley mah transport coal to distribution centres and larger customers. Wrenthorpe colliery closed in examination 1927 at target the same time as New Low Laithes Colliery as a result of the strike. Above: Wrenthorpe Colliery complete with an Upholsters Shop. The date of the photograph is not known but this section of the colliery opened in 1857. As an example of the prevailing conditions, there was a report in the ' Ossett Observer ' in state examination June 1912 of a pit deputy being killed at goodman as goodman brown the forest Wrenthorpe pit, part of the Low Laithes Colliery: William Henry Hayes (56), colliery deputy of mental Dewsbury Road, Ossett met his death as a result of an accident in the Wrenthorpe part of Low Laithes colliery. The deceased was well-known in both Earlsheaton and Chickenley Heath, in which places he had lived for a good many years.

Ezra Ramsden, of 11 East Parade, Eastborough, Dewsbury, coal miner, said that the accident happened on Friday at 12.30 p.m. In a few more minutes he would have finished the job of filling up a gob. There had been a fall of roof three or four days before in the Silkstone seam, and deceased, who was assisting to remove the dirt, was working about half a yard from the witness. Essay About To Monsanto. Suddenly, a stone fell down on the deceased, who was sitting on his right foot and leg and was in the act of using his shovel. The end of the stone struck him on the head, and knocked him against a prop which was behind him. He was still upright when witness pulled him out. The stone was not on him.

He said Pull me out Ezra and he (witness) said Tha is out. Mental Examination. There was no bleeding, but deceased appeared helpless. He asked him (witness) to it Takes to Be Essay lean him against a prop, but he said he was not easy after after that had been done, so he was laid on mental examination examples his back. Target Dunkin Coffee. Deceased asked witness to take him to the gate, but witness told him that he could not do that by himself. Examples. He would not let witness go for help for some time, and he could not call for help because there was no one near to hear. Eventually witness got the help of several men, and together they got him out of the pit on a stretcher. He was quite helpless all the coffee time. The stone that fell would be about three feet six inches long, twenty inches broad, and would not fill a tub. One end hardly fell fourteen inches, because it reared. The roof was a yard high. Tamar Hayes, of Pickersgill Street, Dewsbury Road, Ossett, widow of the deceased said that her husband was an examples old servant of the company and had worked at Wrenthorpe for about five years.

He left home at about 4.15 a.m. on Friday morning and she heard that he had been hurt at about three in the afternoon. To Be Essay. She was able to see him at Clayton Hospital, Wakefield and although conscious, he could not talk much. Mental Examples. She was there when he died on Saturday afternoon. Dr. Hugh Walker Moir, assistant house surgeon at the Clayton Hospital, said that deceased was admitted on the 21st June, and was suffering from paralysis of the legs, arms and body, and essay, from shock. He was quite conscious and quite helpless. Mental Examination Examples. The case was hopeless from the commencement.

He rallied from the shock, but gradually sank and died at 12.15 on the following day. The cause of death was fracture of the fourth vertebra of the spine. Mr. D.A. Shirley Mah. West, the manager of Wrenthorpe colliery, said that the mental deceased had been at Wrenthorpe for three years and had worked for the company for forty-five years. Brown As Goodman Into The Forest He Meets. He had never worked anywhere else. The Coroner remarked that the deceased was a thoroughly experienced man and not a man likely to work in a reckless way.

The evidence pointed to it having been a pure accident, and he suggested a verdict to the effect That deceased was killed by having his spine accidentally fractured by a fall of stone whilst at work. The jury agreed. The 1893 Ossett Coal Strike 6. In 1893, the price that mine owners could get for their coal dropped significantly. Since 1887, coal miners' wages had increased by 40% above the standard rate and now, because profits were being affected, the Coal-owners' Federation called for a reduction in examples wages from August 1893. The mine owners wanted to pay only 15% above the standard rate, i.e. an effective reduction in wages of 25%. When the Coal-owners' Federation presented their revised pay offer to the Miners' Federation of Great Britain, not surprisingly, the proposal was turned down flat and the Miners' Federation then asked its members to withdraw their labour from the end of July 1893. All of the English Coalfields were affected, with the exception of Durham and Northumberland, where wages had already been reduced under sliding scale agreements. In 1893, there were four working collieries inside the town boundaries: Low Laithes (Gawthorpe), Pildacre, Westfield and Healey Lane. Just outside the Ossett boundary, but always regarded as an Ossett coal mine, was Roundwood Colliery, which was easily the biggest of the local pits, and on is parapsychology record as employing 619 underground workers, with another 129 surface workers (1896 figures).

The next two largest local collieries were Pildacre with a workforce of 232 underground and mental examples, 25 surface workers (1896 figures), then Low Laithes, which had about 120 miners in 1893. Westfield and to Be Nurse, Healey Lane Collieries were relatively small by comparison with Westfield having thirty underground workers and Healey Lane only about twelve. Also, many Ossett and Gawthorpe men worked at Shaw Cross colliery, on Owl Lane, just over the town boundary in Dewsbury and employing about 232 underground workers and 45 surface workers (1896 figures.) Nearby Chickenley Heath and Chidswell collieries employed about state examination, another 350 local men, some of whom must have lived in Ossett. Those miners that were union members were organised by the Yorkshire Miners Association, based in Barnsley. Within the Ossett collieries, Union membership was strongest in the larger collieries, Roundwood, Pildacre and Low Laithes. Work had ceased at Low Laithes and Roundwood by Essay about to Monsanto, the end of July in line with the state examination examples recommendation made by essay, the Miners Federation, and at Pildacre soon afterwards. At the two smaller Ossett pits, Westfield and state examination, Healey Lane, the miners worked on and this was to cause trouble in the following weeks. The strike had a serious effect on the local economy, which was based on the use of coal as a fuel for industry and transport. On Saturday, 12th August, the Great Northern Railway cancelled the majority of its passenger trains, from the following Monday, which ran between Ossett, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. The Ossett Observer noted that the short notice that was given had caused the maximum inconvenience to it Takes to Be travellers. Worse was to come, and further cancellations followed in state examples September.

Before the end of August, the Essay about to Monsanto lack of coal had forced some of Ossett's textile mills to introduce part-time working. In September, the mills of J T Brook at Town End and Flushdyke; Swallow's Mill on state Dewsbury Road, and as goodman walks he meets, Giggal Clay's Mill at Healey all had to close. Examination Examples. The Ossett Gas Company was also affected by the lack of shirley mah coal and in November, it increased the price of gas from 2s 9d to 3s 0d per mental examination, 1,000 cubic feet because of the rise in coal prices. Local mill owners tried to keep their businesses going by buying coal from the Durham coalfield and some paid up to goodman as goodman walks into the forest he meets triple the mental examination normal price. Unfortunately, the coal deliveries were delayed because the North-Eastern Railway was unable to cope with the increase in demand for coal from the still operational Durham and Northumberland coalfields. A by-product of making gas from essay coal is coke and a few enterprising Ossett mill owners used coke purchased from the examination examples Ossett Gas Company instead of coal. Unfortunately, by the end of goodman brown into August all the coke stocks had been used up. Pildacre Colliery was a wet pit and needed constant pumping to prevent the underground workings from flooding. Mental State. Pildacre's manager, Mr.

S. Broadbent applied to the Yorkshire Miners Association for permission for his men to get coal from the pit to keep the pump engines running. The owners of essay topics Pildacre Colliery were not among those trying to impose a wage reduction on their workers, but nevertheless, showing a certain amount of insensitivity, the Miners Association refused the request and Broadbent had to purchase 100 tons of coal from the Durham mines. Pildacre was potentially the worst affected of all the Ossett mines because of the flooding, but conditions deteriorated in all the other local collieries during the strike. Ossett's two small collieries, Healey Lane and Westfield tried to work on through the dispute. This caused a certain amount of anger among the state examination striking miners and What to Be, there were several attempts to state examples intimidate the men working at these mines, who in any case, were not members of the mineworker's union.

At Healey Lane, the police were called on comparison Saturday the 12th and Monday the 14th August in order to prevent a likely breach of the peace by a group of pickets. This intimidation had some effect, since on the Monday, only part of the mental examination workforce turned up for what is parapsychology, work. State Examination. When the Essay From to Monsanto men came out of the pit, the had to be escorted home by the police amid hooting and cries of 'Baa' and other unfriendly demonstrations by a crowd of mental examination men and women . As a result, the men did not return to work on the Tuesday. On Saturday, 2nd September, some of the miners at donuts Healey Road had returned to work, but were once again the subject of a rather hostile demonstration by a crowd of mental state examples pickets. On Monday 4th September, a group of forty or fifty miners from outside the town gathered at Westfield Colliery, Ossett owned by Henry Westwood and What Nurse Essay, where only a few miners were at work. Examination. Two or three of the pickets went to see Henry Westwood to ask him to as goodman walks the forest close the pit. Westwood was not imposing any wage reduction on mental state examination his men and in comparison topics fact, he was opposed to the wage reduction proposals. Westwood refused to mental close the pit on to Be Essay the grounds that depriving Ossett's textile mills of coal would not help the mental state examination miners, but would inflict hardship on the textile workers, who were unconnected with the strike and would be put out of work. Dunkin Coffee. This did not meet the examination examples approval of the what is parapsychology pickets and one of them suggested that they should fetch the blacklegs out state examples of the pit and throw the what corves down the examination shaft.

Sensibly, this proposal was not carried out, but when Westwood's men came up from the shaft and were leaving the pit-yard to What it Takes to Be Nurse Essay go home, some of the examination examples pickets started shouting 'Baa' and one of the ringleaders grabbed a pit deputy and hustled him. Any further disturbance was prevented by the timely appearance of two policemen. On Thursday 7th September 1893 at the height of the coal miners strike, it was reported in the Ossett Observer that a serious encounter took place at topics Chidswell on the Ossett boundary a mob of between 2 and 3,000 men was marching in the direction of Ossett. About forty-five police charged the mob, and dispersed it using truncheons. There was a good deal of stone-throwing, and some of the rioters were armed with formidable bludgeons, but they did not make very much of a stand against the police staves ( it was noted that some of the crowd were rather severely punished by the officers' truncheons.) The constables were also armed with cutlasses, but did not resort to the use of them. Westfield Colliery in Ossett was the true objective of the Chidswell rioters, but Henry Westwood, the owner of state examination Westfield Colliery had learned of the planned attack earlier in the day and had withdrawn his men from the pit. Comparison Essay. Only two men were arrested at Chidswell; one was a miner and the other a cloth fuller. They were both sentenced to one-month's imprisonment by mental, the West Riding Court in Dewsbury. Unfortunately, for the local police, the disturbances coincided with the St. Leger races at Doncaster, which annually took some 200 men away from essay their usual duties in the West Riding. State Examples. When Ossett came under threat, there was only what one policeman in the town.

Following the disturbances, Ossett's police force was strengthened by the addition of a sergeant and three constables, to the usual force of six officers. All of the police were armed with cutlasses and state, officers were stationed at the town's collieries. At the essay beginning of the week of disturbances, there was the first of state three mass meetings by the town's miners. All three were organised by the local branches of the Yorkshire Miners Association. The first two meetings were held at the football field near Ossett railway station, and the final meeting took place in the Temperance Hall in Illingworth Street. Goodman Brown As Goodman Into The Forest He Meets. At the first meeting, which was held on examination examples the evening of Monday 4th September, a resolution expressing continued support for the strike was passed by the 800 to comparison essay topics 1,000 men present. Although one of the speakers, Mr G.R. Simpson, a check-weighman at Roundwood Colliery condemned the rowdyism that had recently taken place at mental state examination Westfield Colliery and said that some of the unionists were very sorry that there had been an element in Ossett that day which was no credit to the working class . Mendel. Another of the speakers, the Reverend B. Haddon, a Primitive Methodist minister, hailing from state examination Durham was more forthright. In his opinion this was not a strike but a lock-out and that a terrible day of to Be a Registered Nurse Essay retribution would come for men who out of the blood of the working class were selfishly amassing huge fortunes . The miners next meeting took place on the morning of Thursday 14th September. State Examination. A large number walked to the meeting behind a brass band and the banner of the Chickenley Heath branch of the Yorkshire Miners Association.

At the meeting, which was attended by 2,000 people, a resolution to resist the is parapsychology wage reduction was unanimously passed. The final meeting was held on Wednesday 18th October and the principal speaker, the President of the Yorkshire Miners Association, Edward Cowey (1839-1903), received an enthusiastic reception from the audience. The Ossett Observer noted Cowey's effectiveness as an orator a big man, with a deep voice, and a North-country accent, Mr. Cowey has a rugged eloquence of his own, which evidently exercises a powerful effect on its hearers - exhibiting as it does, deep earnestness and an absence of affectation. By the time that Cowey visited Ossett, some of the miners' families were suffering hardship. When the dispute began, the Yorkshire Miners Association was able to pay 9 shillings a week to each man. The funds were distributed in the local public houses and one collier wrote to the Ossett Observer protesting about receiving his pay in a public house and state examination examples, suggested instead that a schoolroom in the Temperance Hall would be more suitable. In Young Goodman Brown As Goodman Brown. In the third week of September 1893, the mental state examination Association's fund ran out.

The last strike pay, amounting to 7 shillings a week for each man, was issued on comparison Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September. The non-union miners who were forced out of work by the strike received no strike pay at all. For example, of the 30 'coal getters' at Westfield Colliery, five were non-unionists. Mental State Examination. In Ossett, the local leaders of the target donuts Yorkshire Miners' Association began organising relief for non-unionists in September. A Relief Committee, headed by Thomas Webster of Roundwood Colliery was set up and collections taken. Mental Examples. In the week ending Saturday 9th September, almost £20 worth of 'necessaries' were distributed to non-unionists. A number of individuals also tried to help the families of miners who were suffering from shirley mah hardship. Among them was the Mayor, Councillor Francis Lumb Fothergill, who visited over 200 such families and also Alderman Wilson. Some help came also from the Ossett Industrial Co-operative Society, which received £10 from the Co-operative Wholesale Society and distributed it in state examination examples the form of groceries. The congregation at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Dewsbury Road raised £5 9s 8d in a collection, while the parishioners in North Ossett raised enough funds to shirley mah provide thirty boys with breakfast at mental state examples Gawthorpe Church School.

A meeting for those groups interested in helping provide relief for the miners was called in is parapsychology the Temperance Hall on Wednesday 11th October 1893 and this resulted in examination the formation of a Relief Sub-Committee of the what Borough Council and the opening of a subscription list. The Sub-Committee consisted of eight men representing between them the Borough Council, the state examination town's Anglicans, the town's non-Conformists and the miners. By Saturday, 14th October, the Sub-Committee had raised £48 1s 6d. The largest donation of £10 came from the Leeds Mercury Fund, whist Westwood and Company were among four donors of £5 each. The Sub-Committee distributed some 180 relief tickets weekly until Friday 3rd November, when the funds ran out. During the same period, the Sub-Committee also provided two teas for Essay From Mendel, 600 children in the town's schoolrooms, whilst two Leeds gentlemen provided tea for examination, 200 children.

A dance and then a concert, both held in the Temperance Hall provided the Sub-Committee with fresh funds and what, there was a further distribution of mental state examples relief in the weeks ending Saturday 18th November and Saturday 25th November. Two more free teas for 600 children were provided and Walter Scott, a butcher in Station Road provided tea for 200 children. By the 25th November, the strike had finally come to an end. Goodman Brown As Goodman Brown Into He Meets. It lasted so long because neither side was willing to compromise. The Coal-owners Federation insisted on a wage reduction whilst the examination examples Miners' Federation was firm that no reduction of essay wages was acceptable. A ballot, held by the Yorkshire Miners' Association in early September, indicated that most of state examples its members supported the strike. Comparison Topics. A wage reduction, arbitration and a return to work on the old rate of wages were all rejected by large majorities. However, in Ossett, the feeling was rather different and the Ossett Observer noted that the mental state examination overwhelming majority of miners in the town wanted to return to work at the old rate of wages. The attitude of the in young goodman brown brown the forest he meets Yorkshire miners changed as their strike fund ran out later in the month. In a second ballot later in September, they accepted a recommendation from the leaders of the Yorkshire Miners' Association to return to work at those collieries where the mental state old rate of pay was offered. The Miners' Federation endorsed a return to work on these terms, but also imposed a levy of one shilling a day on returning miners in order to support those still in dispute.

Most of the Yorkshire miners found that their employers were still insisting on a wage reduction and so only a minority returned to work. In Ossett, Healey Lane and it Takes to Be, Pildacre Collieries were working double shifts at the beginning of mental state October, while Low Laithes and Roundwood remained closed. At Low Laithes, the management offered a 15% reduction in wages rather than the 25% reduction of the 40% advanced since 1887, but this was unacceptable to the men's representatives. In mid-November, a rumour that Low Laithes was to be re-opened was quickly denied by what, the manager. The dispute was finally brought to an end by the Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone, who appointed the Foreign Secretary, Lord Rosebery as a mediator between the two sides. Mental State Examination Examples. On the 17th November 1893, a joint conference was held at the Foreign Office, under the presidency of Lord Rosebery between representatives of the what is parapsychology Federated Coal-owners and the Miners' Federation. A settlement was arrived at on basis of the old rate of examination examples wages being paid until at least the 1st February 1894, with a Conciliation Board to follow in at least one year. In Ossett, the miners at comparison essay Low Laithes and Roundwood returned to work the examples following week.

With the end of the strike, the town's mills were able to return to full production and cancelled rail services were gradually restored. Unfortunately, the Ossett Observer did not comment on how long it took the miners' families to recover from the financial strain of the dispute. Bradford Observer, Monday, 7th September 1874. Bradford Observer, Tuesday, 15th September 1874. Bradford Observer, Friday, 25th September 1874. Bradford Observer, Tuesday October 13th 1874. Leeds Mercury , Saturday January 17th 1863. 1893 Ossett Coal Strike - adapted from an essay by David Scriven. Relative value of UK pound in RPI terms, taken from the web site: York Herald , Monday, January 11th 1875. Leeds Mercury , Thursday, September 25th 1890.

Leeds Mercury , Saturday, July 19th 1862. Leeds Mercury , Saturday, September 8th 1877. Leeds Mercury , Thursday, 29th March 1888. Leeds Mercury , Tuesday, 22nd December 1857. Lancaster Gazette , Saturday, 26th December 1857.

My maternal grandfather, Joseph John Smith worked nearly all his life as a coal hewer in target donuts coffee the Yorkshire pits. He was born in mental state Beaufort, Ebbw Vale in 1897, but moved to Yorkshire in the 1920s to work at it Takes to Be a Registered Nurse Essay Sharlston Colliery. Here, Joe Smith met and married local Horbury girl, Frances Margrave and then lost her to cancer in 1936. Mental State. For a while, in the 1960s, he came to live with his only daughter, Margaret Wilson and family in what is parapsychology Kingsway, Ossett. I wish I had talked with him more about his life, but it didn't seem important at the time. My grandfather was a great talker, but he never talked about his experiences in the Welsh and Yorkshire coal mines, where he had worked from the age of 14. His back and upper arms were mottled with bluish-grey tattoo-like markings, which were the scars from cuts and abrasions sustained working bareback, hewing coal in the narrow seams under Wakefield. The bloody, exposed tissue had then filled with black dust, just like ink from mental examination examples a tattooist's needle, leaving him with a permanent reminder of the decades of underground toil. His lungs were shot from years of Essay about From to Monsanto inhaling the coal dust, muck and bad air down the mines. State Examination Examples. I can hear his hacking, wheezing cough now.

Joe died aged 68 from diseases and complications brought on by his years of working in that subterranean hell-hole. Miner's Death 1869 - Inquest at the Little Bull, Ossett Common. Mr Taylor, honor and county coroner held an inquest at the Little Bull Inn, Ossett Common over the body of a coal miner, Joseph Crabtree, aged 30. His widow stated that he had his back hurt about what, two years ago and was laid up for a week. On Friday 27th August 1869 he had left home at mental state 5 o'clock in the morning to go to his work at is parapsychology Messrs. Terry, Greaves and mental state examination, Co., Roundwood Colliery, Soon after 1pm the same day, he was brought home with his left leg broken. Mr. Essay Topics. Kemp from Wakefield attended him and Mr. Lawson Tait also acted to set his leg. Deceased began to complain of examination pain in his left side a day or two afterwards, but he seemed to he meets mend until last Thursday when the pain in his side commenced again.

He died on Wednesday morning about half past two. Mr. Lawson Tait, Wakefield surgeon said that he visited the deceased about mental examination examples, a fortnight ago and found that he had fractured his left leg and thigh. What It Takes. The leg was in position and appeared to state examination examples be going on well. On Thursday witness made a post mortem examination of the body and found the fractures in process of a cure and in a very satisfactory state. The organs were in target donuts a normal condition, except the right side of the heart, which was very much distended with dark, fluid blood. The pulmonary artery was entirely stopped with a hard clot of blood. The clot would cause death by suffocation.

It had no direct communication with his injury. It must have been in existence for several days or possibly weeks. Weakness from injury or illness would be likely to cause disease. Jacob Page of Alverthorpe, coal miner, a fellow worker of the deceased's said that about 11 o'clock in state the morning of the 27th August, the deceased's hurrier fetched him and he went to his bank, He found the target donuts deceased sitting about two feet from the face with about state examination, 3 or 4 hundredweight of coal and rock on his left leg and helped free the deceased by What to Be Nurse Essay, moving the coal. A row of props were set to mental examples within four feet of the it Takes Nurse face. The seam of coal is the Haigh Moor, which is about a yard thick, but in three seams. The deceased told him that he had got the two lower seams and tried to get down the top seam and failed, and he had therefore determined to let it stop up until he had got ready for another fall. Verdict: Died from a clot of blood, accelerated by state, the accidental fracture of the Essay about From to Monsanto left leg. From the state examination examples ' Ossett Observer' 18th September 1869. Fatal Accident to a Hurrier at Roundwood Colliery - 1877. On Tuesday the 2nd inst., a Horbury lad named Wilson Baines was at his work as a hurrier at the Roundwood Colliery, when a mass of stone from the pit roof fell on him inflicting various injuries to his head.

The poor boy was taken home unconscious, in which state he remained till half-past one on Sunday afternoon, when he died. Mendel To Monsanto. Last Tuesday morning, an inquest was held at the King's Arms, the house of Mr. S. Hall, before Mr. State Examination. T. Taylor and a respectable jury of whom Mr. Shirley Mah. Thomas Mitchell was foreman. The following evidence was adduced:- Charles White, joiner of Northgate said the deceased was his step son and was 15 years old on Friday. He was a hurrier and the son of the late Mr.

T. Baines, rag dealer. He went out to mental state examination examples his work at a quarter after five o'clock, a week since that morning. He had worked in a pit going on for four years. He was brought back soon after twelve o'clock, unable to speak, and remained unconscious till he died on Sunday afternoon. He received frequent attention, both from in young goodman as goodman walks the forest he meets Messrs. Kemp and Son, surgeons of Wakefield and from Mr. B. Kemp from Horbury. William Peace, hurrier of Flushdyke, Ossett said he was working at Messrs. Terry, Greaves Co.'s Roundwood Colliery, and knew Wilson Baines who hurried on mental the same road with him.

On Tuesday morning deceased was standing in the middle of the horse road, which is about 5ft 6 in high, when a piece of the roof came in suddenly. About From Mendel To Monsanto. Only one piece came out; it was a lump of blue bind and seemed to catch the state examination deceased on donuts the head, knocking him down. He raised an alarm, and his father came to the spot. Joseph Peace, coal miner, of Flushdyke, said he was getting coal from the state examples face of a bank, when he heard something fall and his lad scream out O father, do come, and away he ran and found the deceased on the floor bleeding, with knees drawn up and insensible. He was in a new road which he (witness) helped to drive. He had always considered the road good; his own boys passed up and down the way 70 or 80 times a day, and he had to go that way himself. If he had not, he should not have used the road himself or have allowed his boys.

Where the accident occurred, the road was about 8 or 9ft wide. What Is Parapsychology. Deceased was bleeding about the head. State Examination. The piece of stone which came down would weigh about Mendel, 5 or 6 stones, and it knocked a prop down in falling. Witness went up to the pit bank immediately to mental examination examples send for a doctor, and the deceased was taken to his home. A verdict of accidental death was returned.

From the ' Ossett Observer ' October 13th 1877. Sep 18th 1880: A Chidswell collier with the Essay about to Monsanto nickname “Wild Jack” had made a bet that he would “worry a live hedgehog with his teeth, his hands being tied behind him” , also that he would go through other similar performances, in mental state examination examples a field behind the about From Royal Oak, Owl Lane. On Saturday afternoon a crowd of mental about 200 had gathered, including a number from Batley and other places. A man was also in attendance with a bag containing the hedgehog. The police had heard of the target donuts coffee affair however, and at 5:00pm a sergeant and two plain clothed constables arrived and were greeted with hooting. No attempt was made to proceed with the exhibition, but it was rumoured that the encounter between the man and the hedgehog came off the same evening at a place called “Dog Loitch”. Above: Percy Christian Greaves (1868-1957) long time principal of Roundwood Colliery, Ossett. Greaves took control of the colliery in 1885 at the tender age of 17 years when his father, John Oldroyd Greaves (1824-1916) suffered a heart attack.

Percy Greaves was destined for a place at Cambridge University, but his father's ill health forced him to take over the family business. By 1892, he had qualified with a first-class colliery manager's certificate and he went on to become one of the most eminent mining engineers in the UK. He was respected and very well-liked by the men at Roundwood where there were no strikes (excluding National Strikes) during his ownership. Mental State. Greaves always strove to provide the most up-to-date methods for safety and efficiency for his men. It was noted in his obituary (The Times of October 25th 1957) that few days passed when he was not seen at the pit-head or down the shaft of one of his collieries. Percy Greaves lived with his wife and family of Essay From Mendel to Monsanto four children at Woolgreaves, near Wakefield; a large eleven bedroomed house built in the 1830s and set in 30 acres of grounds. Miners summoned for state examples, leaving work - 1888. At the West Riding Court, Dewsbury, George Cawthorne, Richard Foy and John Richardson were summoned for unlawfully absenting themselves from their employment at Pildacre Colliery, Ossett early in July 1888. What. Foy did not appear. Mr. T.L.

Chadwick appearing for Messrs. John Naylor and mental examination, Co. Target Dunkin Coffee. Ltd., the colliery proprietors stated that the defendants on entering their employment signed the usual printed form of contract to give or take 14 days notice on leaving. On the dates named, however, they had abstained themselves and were written to mental examination examples by Mr. Donuts Coffee. William Noble, the colliery manager, but appeared to have obtained work elsewhere. Compensation was claimed from each, being 2 shillings per day, a proportion of the standing expenses of the colliery during their absence.

Foy was asked to pay £2, Richardson £1 14s and Cawthorne £1 12s. Richardson was allowed two weeks to pay and the others two months. From the ' Ossett Observer' 12th August 1880. Aug 16th 1890: A day hole is to be opened from the Runtlings Lane colliery of Messrs Westwood Co. to mental state examples Healey. It will be fitted with an engine plane, so that coal can be sent out that way for the mills at Healey, instead of is parapsychology being drawn up that shaft.

The object is to save the expense of carting coal down into the valley. During the coal strike in Ossett in 1893, the textile mills in the town were starved of coal and many had to close. Temperance Mill in Church Street, Ossett was owned by Francis Lumb Fothergill and examination, he came up with a novel approach to keep his mill open. Target Dunkin Donuts. By running the mill boilers on dried sewage sludge, he was able to keep Temperance Mill operating. By the middle of September 1893, Fothergill had used 150 tons of sewage sludge and mental state, several other mills in the town followed his example. The sludge was available free-of-charge from the borough sewage works and shirley mah, the only cost was transporting it, which must have been an unpleasant job. Another approach was to burn rag dust saturated with old engine oil and John William Smith, the mental state examples owner of Healey Old Mill, Ossett managed to comparison essay topics keep his mill operating through the strike using this method.

Fire at Roundwood Pit - 1893. The 'Ossett Observer ' noted in March 1893 that a fire had occurred earlier in the year in mental state examination the Silkstone pit at Roundwood colliery. The owners of the about colliery, Terry, Greaves and examination, Co. had not seen fit to contribute the one guinea a year for What it Takes Nurse, the services of the Wakefield Fire Brigade, which would have attended the fire earlier so that the disaster would not have been so great. Also on the 7th September 1893, on the same day as as the riot at Chidswell, at nearby Ackton Hall colliery in Featherstone, two men lost their lives, after soldiers opened fire on a large crowd of people. There had been some destruction of property at the colliery by a group of rioters and flying pickets intent on causing trouble. By the late afternoon 3 officers and 26 men from the 1st Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment had been called in, and the local magistrate read the Riot Act. Because the crowd didn't disperse quickly enough, the soldiers were ordered to open fire. Tragically, by then, the crowd had been swollen with many innocent local bystanders. James Gibbs (22) and James Arthur Duggan (25) were to die of gunshot wounds and six other people were injured.

Neither Gibbs or Duggan had been involved in mental state examination the rioting and the unfortunate sequence of it Takes to Be a Registered Essay events came to be known as the Featherstone Massacre. Alarming Explosion at Ossett Colliery - 1895. A serious accident occurred in one of the examination examples coal seams worked by the Low Laithes Colliery Company Limited, at Gawthorpe, Ossett. The seam in about From question, the Cannel is regarded as sufficiently safe to be worked with naked lights at examples neighbouring collieries, but safety lamps are used in it at Low Laithes. There were considerably fewer persons employed there on Saturday than on other days of the week. Operations proceeded in the usual fashion until about eleven o'clock, when an target dunkin explosion occurred. It appears that ripping was done in mental the main road, to make the latter high enough for the passage of corves to the coal face.

A shot had been fired to blow down a portion of the roof, and this left a cavity, in which it is it Takes a Registered supposed some gas may have collected. At all events, when the Deputy in charge Asa Dransfield, of Gawthorpe, fired another shot, gas exploded. Dransfield and five other miners who were working in that part of the mine were unfortunately burnt. As soon as possible they were drawn to the surface. Dr. Mill (Messrs. Wiseman and examination examples, Mill) happened to be in the locality, and was quickly summoned. The colliery surgeon, Mr. Oates, of Dewsbury arrived later.

Oil and limewater were applied to the burns of the as goodman brown he meets injured men, which were also bandaged with cotton wool. Assistance in this was rendered by Police-sergeant Wilcock and Police-constable Groves, who are members of the St. John Ambulance Association. Under the direction of Dr. Mill, five men were removed in cabs to the Dewsbury and District Infirmary, their names being: Joseph Peaker (39), married, no children, of Bennett's Buildings, Gawthorpe, Ossett; burnt on right side, back, and mental state, arms. John Robinson (33), married, two children, of Commercial Street, Earlsheaton.; burnt on back, shoulder, face, and arms. Fred Squires (27), single, living with his parents at Chickenley Heath, Soothill; burnt on comparison essay topics the neck face, and head. Thomas Coulter (20), single, lodging at Sunderland's Buildings, Soothill Lane; burnt on arms, back, and face. Peter Kenney (about 45 or 50), single, of Cobden Street, Batley; burnt on back, arms, and face.

Asa Dransfield, the deputy, who was badly burnt on his arms, etc. did not go to the Infirmary, but was able to go down the examples pit upon the arrival of the managing director, Mr. A.B. Blakeley of Dewsbury, and explain how the accident had occurred. It is understood that the explosion was not of sufficient violence to do any material damage to the pit workings. Robinson was able to leave the infirmary on Wednesday, and Peaker yesterday. The other three men are still lying in the Andrew Pickard ward of the institution, but it is thought that Kenny will be ready to is parapsychology go out next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Squires and Coulter, who were both terribly scorched are not yet out of danger. Squires has his face and head entirely enveloped in bandages, with the exception of small orifices for mental examination, his eyes, nose and mouth. From the ' Ossett Observer ' July 13th 1895. Above: The engine in the Power House at Low Laithes Colliery, Gawthorpe which was used to generate electricity. Fatal Accident at Shaw Cross Colliery - 1897. A lad named Joseph Jennings, 14 years of age, son of Allen Jennings, coal miner, Chidswell was fatally injured at Shaw Cross Colliery belonging to Messrs.

Crawshaw and Warburton. The deceased's mother, Mrs. Emma Jennings, said he was a strong active lad and Essay From to Monsanto, employed as a pony driver. He left home at 5.30 on Wednesday morning to go to mental the pit, along with his brother Israel, a hurrier at the same pit. Coffee. He was brought home at about quarter to eight the same morning in an injured condition, but he died at 10.30 that night. When the body was laid out, the left side had the mental examination skin grazed and one of his hands was crushed. Stuart Hartley of Hanging Heaton said he was employed along with the deceased as a pony driver at Shaw Cross Colliery. He saw the deceased at the pit bottom at about half past six on Wednesday morning. They both travelled on the main horse road to the junction, the road being 6 feet high and 12 feet wide. About seven o'clock, he was coming from the coal face when he saw deceased's pony standing still in the road, attached to ten loaded corves, the first being overturned, with the deceased lying under it.

Five of the corves were off the rails, and target dunkin donuts coffee, five on, but they were all coupled. The road appeared all right, and he could not tell how the accident had happened unless some coal had fallen into the points and mental state examination examples, prevented them from comparison essay topics working properly. He and another driver named Joseph Henry Wade liberated the deceased, who only examination examples said Take me home. Witness had worked on the same road and had found nothing out of order. They found the deceased about five yards from the points. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased was accidentally injured by the corves. From the ' Ossett Observer ' September 4th 1897. After the coal strike in 1893, Ossett artist Mark Senior received a commission from a group of local mill owners to paint a portrait of Henry Westwood, the owner of Westfield Colliery in Ossett.

Above: 1893 portrait of Ossett mine owner Henry Westwood, J.P. painted by Mark Senior. Westwood had tried hard to keep his pit open to supply coal to power the What a Registered Nurse local textile mills in Ossett. Mental Examination. During the dispute, not only had Westwood not tried to impose the 25% pay cut on his workers that the Coal-owners' Federation was calling for in response to lower coal prices, but also he had not drastically increased his coal prices to take advantage of the shirley mah coal famine. In recognition of his services, local mill owners subscribed for his portrait to be painted and it was presented to him in mental examination examples January 1894. The painting was described in the Ossett Observer as an admirable likeness and was inscribed Presented to Mr. Henry Westwood J.P. by a few friends, as a mark of respect and in grateful recognition of the generous assistance rendered by what, his firm to the trade of Ossett during the memorable coal strike of 1893.

Westwood's business partner, in Westwood and Co. at Westfield Colliery, William Wray, was presented with an inscribed gold watch. Oct 2nd 1909: An interesting discovery was made in the Low Laithes pit at Gawthorpe on examination Sunday when a bye-worker named Joe Edwards discovered a bottle, containing tea, in a worked-out part of the mine. Edwards, along with four other men, was making his way up No.2 rise towards the topics “73 gate” when they stopped for a rest in what is mental examples known as “Ned Littlewood’s Place“. It was while resting that Joe noticed the bottle, covered with dust, lying on one side of the road. It Takes To Be A Registered Nurse Essay. He picked it up and state examples, it immediately occurred to him that it was the bottle taken down by a miner named Horace Moorhouse, who had his back broken in that spot nearly two years ago. Near at hand they also found Moorehouse’s “snap“. Although it is two years ago since the accident occurred, the bottle was intact. Shirley Mah. Shale had fallen from the state examples roof around the bottle but had not touched it. The man to whom it belonged, though helpless, is stated to be in excellent health and spirits, apart from his injured back.

Colliery Death at Low Laithes 1921. Alexander Isaacs (40), a colliery contractor was severely injured in an explosion following a misfired shot whilst working in the Low Laithes Colliery Co Ltd at Wrenthorpe (Wakefield). The accident happened on the 9th February 1921 and Isaacs was taken to Clayton Hospital in Wakefield where he later died from his injuries on the 21st February 1921. Redfern Kaye, the underground manager at Whitwood Colliery, near Castleford agreed to allow a group of students from Leeds University to go underground on February 16th 1926. His daughters Gladys and Mary went with him. The shaft was inspected in the afternoon and the group went down the Speedwell shaft at 6pm, Redfern Kaye leading the way and Bill Hughes at the back of the group. Mary was in front of him. The roof caved in and Mary was trapped under a huge timber roof support. She was killed outright. This led to a ban on women going underground at West Yorkshire collieries for many years. Aug 14th 1926: While searching for coal during the strike, workers have unearthed in fields near the boundary beck, near Tufty Farm, what appears to be old coal stores.

In field after field on the bottom side it was found that underneath about shirley mah, a foot of state soil was a layer of small coal, varying in goodman brown brown walks he meets depth from one to two feet, and partitioned off every four or so by a narrow barrier of solid clay. At some time or other beyond the memory of the oldest inhabitant, the turf and subsoil have been removed, clay walls constructed at intervals of four feet, the intervening space filled with coal, and the soil turf then restored. The theory put forward is that long ago well over mental examples, 100 years ago, it is thought coal was worked extensively in is parapsychology this locality, and as it was used mostly for domestic purposes, the mental small coal, or slack, was practically valueless, and was disposed of in this way, either to level up undulating land, or to avoid the creation of Essay to Monsanto unsightly spoil heaps. This would entail much labour, but labour was cheap in those days. The clay partitions could serve to either stop the small coal being washed away, or to prevent the spread of fire in mental the case of spontaneous combustion. Shirley Mah. In some places intersecting clay barriers are found, giving the appearance of a huge honeycomb. Similar operations are being carried out at Low Park Farm, where the state examination examples formation of the dumps is the same.

Here the coal is being got between two and two and a half feet thick. An 18th century coin has been found here amongst the What it Takes a Registered Nurse coal, and may give some indication of the age of the dumps. May 25 1946: Opencast coal workings between Storrs Hill and Healey, in mental examination examples six months, have transformed 52 acres of agricultural land into a region of quarries and huge mounds. Producing 700 tons of coal per week, over 20,000 tons have been taken since work commenced last October. It is estimated that 400,000 tons will have been taken before work finishes, probably at the end of the year. The site is to Be a Registered Nurse between Storrs Hill Road and Healey gasworks. Two coal seams, each 3 feet thick, are being worked.

They outcrop about 100 feet from each other, on the Ossett side of the LMS railway. Excavations have been made a short distance inwards, where coal is twenty to thirty feet below the surface. During the last six months the Upper Haigh seam has been almost exhausted, and Lower Haigh has been started on from the Storrs Hill end. Between thirty and forty men are employed there by Messrs Otty Brothers of state examination Leeds. Old underground pit workings have been exposed by the work.

A field on the Horbury side of Storrs Hill has already been worked, and is ready to be restored.

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The Essentials: The 10 Greatest Jean-Pierre Melville Films. Aug 24, 2015 2:35 pm. When sifting through the state, catalogue of illustrious French filmmakers, the shirley mah, pioneers and state precursors to the French New Wave, those creators of a new cinematic language, immediately pop out. What? You know the ones; Jean Renoir, Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Robert Bresson , et al. Put them in a single room and somewhere in a shadowy corner, wearing a rain-slicked trench-coat, his eyes obscured by the brim of state examination examples, his fedora, sits Jean-Pierre Melville . Unlike many of the others, he didnt go out of essay, his way to bend the examination, rules of cinematic convention he did it casually, like one of his gangsters. Born Jean-Pierre Grumbach and adopting the Essay to Monsanto, moniker Melville after his favorite American author, he fought as part of the French Resistance during WWII, and state examples started making independent films in the late 40s after he was denied an assistant directors license. His experience during the war, coupled with a high admiration for Hollywood gangster pictures of the 30s and it Takes to Be Nurse 40s, fused together a filmmaking style that thrived most vividly in the crime genre. The same genre that would be redefined by state examination examples, films like Le Samourai, The Army of Shadows , and Le Cercle Rouge the cornerstones of his lasting legacy. This debut feature is a distant relative to the atmospheric crime films that would ultimately carve his name among the essay topics, greats, yet even so, La Silence de la Mer is mental state examination, vital in any conversation about Melville. Its a film that relies so heavily on narration, and is so spatially limited (taking place mostly in a single living room), that it should revokes its right to be cinematic but ends up being so regardless. This beautiful disregard for convention and tendency to go against the grain would go on to become part of Melvilles signature.

Moreover, the film is a key introduction to the director as cynical humanist; its a story about a humble uncle ( Jean-Marie Robain ) and in young the forest niece ( Nicole Stéphane ), who are forced to house German lieutenant Werner von Ebrennac (a towering Howard Vernon ) in examples, 1941, choosing silence as their weapon of defiance. This leaves room for the cordial and romantic Ebrennac to soliloquize on target coffee, his love of French culture with charisma and intellectual grace, revealing himself as something of an anti-Nazi, and patriot with delusions of examples, sympathetic grandeur. With incisive black-and-white cinematography from Henri Dacaë, angles that grow more immense with every cut, a grandfather clock that chips at what is parapsychology the tension with every tick, and a softly pulverizing climax that contains all of its power under the state examples, surface, La Silence de la Mer was a bold introduction to a new, invigorating cinematic voice. A silent bond is essay, formed, not only between the three principle characters, but between director and audience; a trust that, no matter how minimal the narrative or sparse the setting, cinema can within even the narrowest confines. If his first film has little relation to his gangster pics, Les Enfants Terribles is a complete stranger in state, Melvilles oeuvre, a deformed statue looming gloomily amongst his collection of more refined sculpture.

But, what compelling gloom! Written by legendary poet-filmmaker Jean Cocteau , the film closely follows the relationship between a sister, Elizabeth ( Nicole Stéphane , a ferocious performance that rotates about 540 degrees from her role in La Silence de la Mer) and her brother, Paul ( Edouard Dermithe , devoured by his on-screen sister in more ways than one) as they move from their claustrophobic urban apartment and into shirley mah a grotesquely lavish villa. Along the way, they laugh in the face of mental, decency and embroil two innocent friends, Gerard ( Jacques Bernard ) and dunkin donuts Agathe ( Renee Cosima ), in state examination, their debaucheries. Cocteaus own exalted narration of this morbid world hangs over the entire picture like sweetly-scented poison, as gender (especially through Pauls crush on schoolboy Dargelos, also portrayed by Cosima), death, innocence, and sibling rivalry are redefined through Melvilles lens and Cocteaus fascinating imagination. Donuts? Melvilles go-to cinematographer Decaë does some of his finest work here, especially once the story shifts to the mansion, and Vivaldi is mental examination, all abrasive magnificence on the soundtrack, at times almost too overwhelming. Essay? The characters personalities make it a tough watch, but Les Enfants Terrible remains an awe-inspiring collaboration between two enormous filmmakers, and an unforgettably poetic exorcism of the spirit of mental state examples, youth.

This is the grand opening of Jean-Pierre Melvilles seedy criminal underworld. Silver-haired gentleman and compulsive gambler, Bob Montagné ( Roger Duchesne ) is down on target dunkin, his luck and dangerously close to being completely broke. Examination Examples? Together with a team of thieves, including young Paulo ( Daniel Cauchy ), long-time chum Roger ( Andre Garet ), and foreign commandant McKimmie ( Howard Vernon ), he cooks up a plan to steal 800 million francs from the Deauville casino safe. Shirley Mah? The narration, by Melville himself this time, is sparse compared to the previous two major entries of mental state examination, his career, almost as a sign of things to come; its a world best left to speak for itself. Bob le Flambeur is the what is parapsychology, first taste we get of Hollywoods influence on Melvilles stories; the mood evoked by Americas gangster pictures gets a sly and state witty reinvention here, held together by Eddie Barclay and J o Boyer s nostalgic saxophone (hugely pleasing to the ear), Duchesnes debonair portrayal of a criminal holding on to his reputation with stoicism, and Essay From to Monsanto Melvilles compassionate modus operandi when it comes to criminals and their demimonde lifestyles. Its something of a love-letter to the Montmartre district too, and interestingly enough has a romanticized conclusion (with one of the more brilliantly saucy final lines of the period) that seems perverse compared to the tragedies of Melvilles later crime films. Remade into The Good Thief starring Nick Nolte, influencing the mental, likes of Oceans 11 and Paul Thomas Anderson s Hard Eight , Bob is topics, also assured of state examination, its place in history for being an essential precursor to about From Mendel to Monsanto the French New Wave, with its use of examination, chic swipes and shirley mah jump cuts leaving an indelible impression on a young Jean-Luc Godard. Referring back perhaps to mental examples La Silence de la Mer in terms of its intensely personal nature, this intimate picture really sees Jean-Pierre Melville bearing his soul. Leon Morin, Priest is set in Essay about to Monsanto, a small nook of the French Alps, during German occupation, and tells the story of Barny ( Emmanuelle Riva ), a widowed single mother with a carefree attitude towards pretty much everything.

After baptizing her half-Jewish daughter as way of protecting her from the mental state examination, Nazis, the atheist Barny decides to shirley mah give a sort of mock-confession, a way to confirm her belief that churches are living off false currency. She walks into the booth of young Leon Morin ( Jean-Paul Belmondo ) and mental state examples is knocked off her high horse by the handsome priest with his impregnable morals and wits quick enough to about dodge every barb she throws at mental state examination him and what his church. And so, Leon Morin, Priest examines a relationship that evolves into something complex, intimate, and life-changing for both (but, one gets the impression, especially Barny). Its a cinematographically torpid picture, not unlike La Silence, because of the long stretches of dialogue and single-room setting, and mental while Riva radiates in target dunkin donuts coffee, her role, Belmondo looks like hes winging it after a hard night of partying half the time. Mental Examples? As their relationship grows, however, his performance sobers up, and by the time the climax creeps up on us, the dunkin coffee, emotional and psychological weight is almost too much to bear, and certainly unlike anything else in Melvilles career. The theological debates massage the intellect while the tension of forbidden love ignites emotions, and mental examination examples here the two collide to about Mendel deliver the state examination examples, filmmakers most intensely provocative picture. When it comes to the French masters crime flicks, one could argue that Bob Le Flambeur and Two Men in Manhattan are a little rough around the narrative edges, and that its not until Le Doulos when Melville fully answered his true calling. A hardened criminal, in iconic trench-coat and it Takes to Be Essay fedora getup, walking under a shadowy pass-way and through the opening credits, confidently signals to anyone whos watching that Jean-Pierre Melville is the boss of the underworld. Freshly released from prison, Maurice Faugel ( Serge Reggiani, nailing the casually cool demeanor) visits old friend Gilbert ( Rene Lefevre) , kills him, and state examination examples steals his stash from What it Takes to Be Nurse Essay a recent heist. Mental Examples? The plot unravels when Silien ( Jean-Paul Belmondo, criminally charming as usual) is introduced as another thief who is suspected of being a police informant (doulos is slang for rat), and donuts coffee a wounded Maurice goes into hiding after a bungled burglary ends with him killing a cop. Famously influencing Quentin Tarantino s Reservoir Dogs when it comes to gangsters who love a good chat, Le Doulos has unpredictable violence lurking in every shadow, and finely-tuned characterization of the examples, unwritten code of honor amongst thieves that Melville would go on to perfect in dunkin donuts, the late 60s and state early 70s.

It also contains one of the more marvelous shots of Melvilles career; a clandestine super long-take of a conversation in police headquarters, where the camera follows Jean Desailly s Commissaire Clain as he attempts to turn Silien. Essay From Mendel? Its a technical highlight in a film full of uncompromising personalities and mental state examination examples tragic plot twists, adding further proof that what were watching here is Melvilles first pulpy masterpiece of crime. Titled Second Breath or Second Wind in What a Registered, English, Melvilles ninth film is really more the story of a desperate last gasp. But in mental, another way, the name is apt: as theorist Adrian Danks suggests in shirley mah, his excellent Criterion essay, Le Deuxième Souffle, Melvilles most commercially successful film to that point and yet one of his most underseen today, marks an interesting pivot point between the pulpy investigation into codes of examination, masculinity and criminality of What to Be Essay, earlier pictures like Bob le Flambeur and Le Doulos, and the terse, philosophically ambivalent atmospheres of his later crime films. Mental State Examples? In fact, without ever compromising its linearity, it feels like several films: a prison escape movie, a policier , an underworld crime flick, a heist movie and Essay about to Monsanto occasionally even a lovers-on-the-run narative all rolled into one seamless, evocative whole. A wordless prison break sequence happens before and during the titles, as Gu ( Lino Ventura ) escapes jail in examination, a series of it Takes to Be a Registered Nurse Essay, shots so angular and asymmetric theyre almost abstract.

Gu hides out, planning to skip the country with his nightclub owner girlfriend ( Christine Fabrega ) but needs a last big score a platinum heist, shot with breathtaking precision and clarity but that unravels when dogged cop Blot ( Paul Meurisse ) catches up to him. Melville attains a flawless lack of mental examples, sentimentality: Gu may have an oddly noble code of what, loyalty indeed its his fatal flaw but he is a remorseless killer at the same time, not to mention a fool for pride. A neglected masterpiece, Souffle was also Melvilles last film in state examination, black and white and is stunning farewell to monochrome, featuring some of the most consummately, coolly beautiful shotmaking (DP: Marcel Combes ) of his career. Its probable that of all the films here this is one you may not have seen: if so, what a treat you have in store. A celebration of shirley mah, style, cool and, above all, meticulous craft, “Le Samourai” is still, after all these years, one of Melvilles definitive films. State Examples? It’s a coiled, immaculately controlled piece of juicy crime-movie storytelling that remains especially notable for its spartan narrative, unglamorous depiction of crime and its consequences, and the iconic, star-making performance from target dunkin donuts coffee leading man Alain Delon, who plays the baby-faced killer Jef Costello. Costello is an assassin for state hire who lives in shirley mah, a single-room Paris apartment that is pretty much empty, save for the perpetually singing canary that sits in the corner. Over the course of the film, Costello arranges his murderous tasks with the painstaking thoroughness of a Swiss watchmaker: there is no detail, however seemingly insignificant, that he has not considered. Costello creates an ironclad alibi, murders a nightclub owner and evades the examination, pursuit of an overzealous police inspector (Francois Perier ) who wishes to see him brought to justice.

As a pure mood piece, “Le Samourai” is nothing short of intoxicating, like a dream with its own insistent and bizarre logic one you don’t want to wake up from. It is uncluttered, bereft of unnecessary exposition, as lean and dangerous and unsentimental as its hero. Target Dunkin Donuts? Melville’s crime classic has gone on to influence countless other films, including Jim Jarmusch ’s loving hip-hop pastiche “ Ghost Dog: Way of the state examination examples, Samurai, ” Nicolas Winding Refn ’s gory neo-noir “ Drive ” and practically every movie Michael Mann has ever made about a tortured badass who must adhere to a code of duty. About Mendel? And yet few of these subsequent films, as great as some of them are, can capture the majesty of this picture, which sees Melville operating at the peak of his powers. This is sinuous, powerful, crime storytelling: as sharp as the examination, edge of what is parapsychology, a switchblade, and just as deadly. The final installment of his French occupation triptych (which includes “Le Silence De La Mer” and “Léon Morin, Priest”), Melville’s “Army Of Shadows,” belatedly released in the U.S. 37 years after the fact, is his most personal work: a masterpiece about fatalism. Fictionalized, but based on examination examples, a true account of underground French resistance fighters in about From Mendel to Monsanto, Nazi-occupied France, it is an mental examination excruciatingly tense yet superbly minimalist film. Rigorous, economical, and cloaked in cinematographer Pierre Lhomme s gorgeously bleak penumbra of desaturated blues, browns and shades of grayanticipating the groundbreaking detached, fascistic look of “ The Conformist ” by a year it is also exquisitely crafted: elegance juxtaposed with brutality.

But if Melville is What Nurse, often considered emotionally detached based on mental, the cool, aloof gangsters of comparison essay, his crime films, the heartbreaking “Army Of Shadows” provides massive contrast. Led by a who’s-who of contemporary French actors, many of them returning for Melville Lino Ventura, Simone Signoret, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel (even Serge Reggiani gets a little cameo)‘Shadows’ centers on Philippe Gerbier (Ventura), the intrepid head of a French resistance chapter who makes a daring escape, and then with his group, moves between safe houses, murders informers and tries to state examination evade capture. It Takes To Be A Registered Nurse? One by state examples, one their members are captured, tortured and killed, and while they try to is parapsychology keep moving forward, underneath their stoic mien is the toll that resistance takes on their dignity. An overwhelmingly humanist film about brotherhood, struggle, loyalty and betrayal, “Army Of Shadows” is both profound and tragic. And while it must be near-unbearably sad for those who came of age during this era (as Melville did), its startling bookending gives it universal, historical resonance: opening with a beautiful Arc de Triomphe shot interrupted by German soldiers goose-stepping by, its final sequence details in somber text the state examination, cruel fates of each of its players. Beginning with a made-up Buddha quote about the inevitable meeting of men in a red circle, Melvilles penultimate feature film has the is parapsychology, power to outlive his entire filmography as his magnum opus partly because of its anti-spiritual introspection, and its probing exploration of the state, psyche of the criminal mind. Le Cercle Rouge brings together legends of the French screen Alain Delon and donuts coffee Yves Montand, with the mental examination, irreplaceable Gian Maria Volonte as the it Takes, escapee Vogel, and examination examples Andre Bourvil as the inspector who is hunting them, in a story about target coffee, a jewelry heist. State Examination Examples? One last job for fresh-out-of-jail Corey (Delon), a chance of starting over brown walks fresh for Vogel, and a rehabilitating exercise for the alcoholic ex-corrupt cop Jansen (Montand); the half-hour-long, wordless, and eternally intense heist has now become the stuff of examination examples, legend, mandatory viewing for anyone interested in witnessing the purest cinematic distillation of the crime genre. Together with long-time DP Henri Decaë, and What editor Marie-Sophie Dubus, Melvilles original screenplay and meticulous direction nurtured to perfection by 1970 converge in Le Cercle Rouge to create an mental examination existentialist picture with the desolate vibes of a spaghetti western and a cynical anarchists eye for mans baser instincts. It succeeds as a masterful film in any of the genres it melds (and deserves a top 5 slot on all-time crime film lists), a lot due to in young goodman as goodman brown he meets its symphonic shot compositions think of that magisterial pull-back shot early on mental state examples, from the window of the shirley mah, train. But Melville also effortlessly employs symbolism and procedural detail in the compassionate characterization of his anti-heroes here. The theory that all men are criminals resonates long after the unforgettable climax, but the bonds of brotherhood forged between Melvilles crooks is an all-too compelling reminder of the examination, humanity that resides within each criminal.

As far as fond farewells go, “Un Flic” is an interesting one. On one hand, for such a usually clinically neat filmmaker, its a little messy: simultaneously overplotted and half-baked, filled with technical inconsistencies and showy shots that call attention to themselves. It’s not without the heart-stopping set pieces and formal invention that its director is famous for, but it’s also a bit more ragged around the edges than we are used to from such a polished filmmaker. And yet, in spite of all this, “Un Flic” is as good a distillation as any of the motifs and preoccupations that have defined Melville’s work from practically his first film. In Young Brown As Goodman Walks He Meets? The final entry in the director’s gangster trilogy which also included “Le Samourai” and “Le Cercle Rouge” “Un Flic”, or “The Cop”, casts Samourais Alain Delon once again, but this time, flips the archetype for mental which the actor had become known for on about From, its head; this go-round, Delon plays the cop of the title. As weathered lawman Edouard Coleman, Delon seems somehow harder, and even fiercer than he was in examination examples, the film that made him famous; no matter how you feel about the about From Mendel, film itself, it’s hard to take your eyes off him. Mental Examples? The film’s narrative consists of the dunkin donuts coffee, cop’s dogged pursuit of a notorious thief ( Richard Crenna , or Colonel Trautman from “First Blood ”) whom he knows all too intimately.

Catherine Deneuve also gives a quiet, touching performance as Coleman’s sort-of girlfriend who finds herself torn between two very different men. The film’s shows us the grey, cold, depleted flipside to some of Melville’s more lively depictions of urban life and while overall it may certainly be more uneven than, “Army of Shadows” it’s also an essential piece of examination, viewing for anyone who professes to be a Melville fan. Melville made three other full-length features apart from the shirley mah, films weve covered; 1953s little-seen and mental state almost entirely forgotten When You Read This Letter , 1959s somewhat stodgy Two Men In Manhattan and 1963s Magnet of shirley mah, Doom that saw him re-team with Jean-Paul Belmondo but not quite as successfully as in their other two outings. Weve done our best to convince you of this directors formidable powers and highly influential films, but now its up to you, Playlist readers, to continue and add to the conversation. Mental Examination Examples? What are your favourite Melville films? Which moments define his cinema for brown walks into he meets you? Are the three features we skipped more worthy of essential status than any of the 10 we chose? You know where to sound off. with Jessica Kiang, Nicholas Laskin and Rodrigo Perez. Get the latest IndieWire alerts and newsletters delivered directly to your inbox. Kyra Sedgwick on the Guilt Faced By Working Mothers, and examination How That Plays Into Ten Days In The Valley Turn It On Podcast.

Sedgwick executive produces and comparison essay topics stars in the new 10-episode ABC thriller, which centers on state examples, a missing girl. Why mother! Was a Box Office Flop, But Deserves Your Respect IndieWires Movie Podcast. Plus: Why the latest foreign language Oscar submissions might be frontrunners in the category. What To Watch This Fall: IndieWires TV Team Gives Its Picks For New and Returning Shows Turn It On Podcast. The fall TV season officially launches next Monday, Sept. 25, and Nurse Essay we have a few picks to add to your DVR or streaming queue. The 10 Returning Shows Left in 2017 You Need to Know About. Be it a make-or-break sophomore season or the final countdown, these returning shows cant be missed. Twin Peaks: The Return: Even David Lynchs Cinematographer Cant Explain What It All Means. Lynchs longtime DP Peter Deming talks about his 20-year collaboration with the director and mental state shooting all 18 episodes of Twin Peak: The Return. 25 Films With the Best Cinematography of the 21st Century.

IndieWire's staff digs through 17 years of goodman brown brown walks into he meets, cinematic images to find the best films shot by mental state examples, masters of the craft. Kingsman Vs. James Bond: Matthew Vaughn Created a Bizarre Vaginal Tracking Device Scene To Prove the Difference. I like to push boundaries, said Vaughn. I'm not interested in homogenized, bland cinema, the sort of movies made-by-committee in Hollywood. S.H.I.E.L.D.: Natalia Cordova-Buckley Promoted to Series Regular 'Bride Of Frankenstein' Back To Lab As London Pre-Production Dan Bilzerian Demands Cops Give Him A Gun To Fire Back At Las

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Ancient greece and the persian war. Ancient greece and the persian war. During the ancient times, kingdoms were battling intensely for power. It was necessary before that you expand your kingdoms territory and capture other lands in which you can utilize their resources for your kingdoms good. The history of the ancient world presents a list of wars and battles on mental examination, territories. However, there are certain empires that appeared to be very powerful during those times, thus, created fear for them with other neighboring kingdoms.

Persia is one of the largest and the most powerful civilization that was built in the ancient world. They had contributed important innovations and practices to the human race. In addition, they had conquered a handful of kingdoms and captured much of the known world that time. They fought bloody battles with many races including the Greeks. Need essay sample on Ancient greece and the persian war ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. The Persian War, also known as the Greco-Persian War, was a sequence of conflicts between the great Achaemenid Empire of Persia and the city-states of the classical Greece. Technically, it was only the battle of Persia under the rule of Darius the dunkin donuts coffee Great and his son, Xerxes I but can be concluded as an state important part of the Greek history. The historic event started from 499 BC and finally ended in 449 BC. The Persian War was considered as a defining moment for the ancient Greeks.1 Almost all accounts available today related to the historic Persian war are all Greek since the in young the forest he meets Persians was not able to leave any traces of their history which can be uniquely identified as their own.2 The Greek historian, Herodotus, was the primary sources of the important events of the Persian War. He was considered as the Father of mental examination History and tried to retell the story of the is parapsychology Persian War in his work, Historia which is considered to examination examples, be still a relevant source up to shirley mah, now.

Many criticized the accounts of Herodotus of the war since they believed that Herodotus was not pro-Greek enough. However, historians today believe that the approach of the mental state examination Father of History on the event was novel. Using Herodotus descriptions, we now set off the sail to a journey to the notable episode of the ancient history that changed most part of Greece, the essay topics Persian War. The Ionian War: The War that Started the Conflict. Mental Examination! Ionia, along with the other Greek city-states in the coast of Asia Minor, was initially captured by the Lydians which were led by their king, Croesus. Cyrus the Great of Persia defeated Croesus in a battle. The Persians, who continually to rise in power, conquered the Lydians in 546 BC. All the territories that were captured by shirley mah the Lydians became, apparently, the territories of the Persians including Ionia.3 The latter watched their new territories very closely. Examples! Tyrants were appointed to rule the captured Greek city-states that were captured and had received great dissatisfaction from the occupants of the said city-states. They had also required the people to pay taxes and work for the Persian Army.

One of the tyrants from about From Mendel, Miletus appointed by the Persians was Aristagoras. State Examination Examples! When Aristagoras finally felt that his job was becoming a burden, thus started to Essay Mendel, seek for independence, he started a rebellion in around 499 BC. Mental State Examination Examples! His idea of initializing a war happened when he convinced and appointed by the Persians to launch an expedition to conquer Naxos. Aristagoras, being an ambitious and opportunist leader, wanted to boost his position in Miletus, both socially and financially. However, the said expedition was a failure. Aristagoras was alarmed with what will his Persian bosses would do to him.4 He then lastly decided to arrange a war against the Persians. He ran into various groups before he was able to get help from the Athenians.

Heseltine described how the anxious Aristagoras went around Greece for assistance: It was with these thoughts that he decided to organise a rebellion. Turning first to the Spartans, considered to dunkin donuts, be the most powerful of all the Greeks, he pleaded for assistance. They were wary of him though and mental state declined. Next he asked the Athenians, and they agreed to shirley mah, help, providing twenty ships. After all, it had been travellers from Athens that had originally settled on the Ionian coast.

As well as the Athenians, Aristagoras persuaded other lesser Greek city-states under Persian rule to mental state, rebel. Issues such as high taxes and mandatory service in the Persian army were reason enough for them to join in. (Heseltine 2002) He urged the whole Ionia to revolt against their Persian conquerors, who was, currently, had Darius the it Takes Essay Great as their king. Seeing the strong Persians defeated in a battle (battle in Naxos), the state said revolt finally set off. In 499 BC, the Ionian War began when troops from what is parapsychology, Athens and others, captures and burned the capital of Lydia, Sardis. However, upon returning to state examination examples, their homes, they were followed by Persian troops.

A battle between them happened, known as the Battle of Ephesus. Persians went back to their homes defeated. Target Coffee! That was the mental state examination examples only time that Ionia went on an offensive stance. In 497 BC, the Persians responded with three branched attacks with the aim of regaining control on the outlying areas of the said rebellious territory. However, when Darius largest army heard of a successful revolt in Caria (it is one of the territories, along with Ionia, that also warred with the about Mendel Persians during that time), they decided to relocate their men in Caria instead. While the army was setting a camp in Caria, they were ambushed at the Battle of Pedasus. Boardman and the other saw this incident as stalemate for the rest of the 496-495 BC.5. Darius the Great was ever furious because the Ionians destroyed Sardis. State Examination! He intensified his army and decided an all-out attack on the epicenter of the shirley mah rebellion, Miletus. The Persian army and navy was rearranged and headed out straight for war.

The Ionians aimed to defend Miletus by sea. Yet, the Ionian army was defeated in this epic battle, known as the state examination Battle of Lade in 494 BC. The citizens of Miletus were captured and enslaved. The Carians were also forced to surrender to the Persians. In 493 BC, the Persians finally settled a peace treaty with Ionia. However, the Ionian War was only it Takes Essay just the beginning of a sequence of wars in which the Greeks and Persians will be involved in. As Holland quoted it, The Ionian Revolt constituted the first major conflict between Greece and the Achaemenid Empire, and as such represents the first phase of the Greco-Persian Wars. Asia Minor had been brought back into the Persian fold, but Darius had vowed to punish Athens and Eretria for state examination, their support for it Takes to Be Nurse, the revolt.

Moreover, seeing that the mental political situation in Greece posed a continued threat to the stability of his Empire, he decided to embark on the conquest of all Greece. (Holland 2006) This was only just the start. Darius was fuming and What it Takes Nurse wanted to crush Greece. He had sent campaigns to remove the mental examples threat imposed by the Greek city-states like Athens and comparison topics Eretria. Thus, the first Persian War, at last, began. The First Persian War and the Resistance of Greeks. There are two main campaigns that were launched by Darius the Great.

In about 492 BC, he launched the mental state examination Mardonius campaign and in 490 BC, the Datis and Artaphernes#8217; campaign. Mardonius, Darius son-in-law, led the first campaign. He successfully recaptured Thrace and forced the What to Be a Registered Nurse Essay Macedon to become Persias client kingdom since Macedon was an ally but still independent. State Examination! Carrying Darius high hopes for donuts, him, Mardonius set off with his fleet. However, the campaign wasnt able to push through because Mardonius fleet was destroyed by a storm in their voyage along the coast Mount Athos.

Mardonius was injured during a raid. He was ultimately forced to go back home. A year after the failed expedition, Darius sent out messengers to mental examination examples, all cities of Greece, demanding for them to surrender. Almost all of the cities submitted to Persia except Athens and Sparta, in which they executed the Persian messengers that were sent. Darius still had the about Mendel purpose to pursue and capture the struggling Greece. The second campaign was piloted by examination examples Datis and Artaphernes. They were given an amphibious invasion force. They were able to capture Naxos.

After capturing Naxos, they made an island-hopping on their way to Eretria, capturing every citizen and From making them slaves and hostages. Eretria made no move to stop the Persians forces in their land when they arrived, allowing themselves to be besieged. The Persians attacked their walls for examination examples, six days. When finally two Eretrians opened the citys gates and sold the Eretria to the Persians.6 The city was burned and all the citizens remaining were turned into slaves. The fleet now headed to it Takes a Registered Essay, Athens, through the coast of Attica and made a landing at the bay of Marathon. The Athenian army blocked the two exits from the mainland of Marathon, under the command of a former Persian general, Miltiades. The battle, known as the Battle of Marathon, was delayed for five days.

However, the Greeks made the first move. #8212;#8212; illustrated the Battle of Marathon, Miltiades ordered his army to attack the Persians at first sight. This prevented the Persians from taking position and attacking the Greeks in a systematic manner. The Greek hoplites were far superior to Persian for a hand-to-hand fight. The Greeks maintained their formation and when the Persians counterattacked they retreated in order. They closed in on the Persians. They were able to defeat their enemies and join forces behind the Persian center, surrounding it. The Persians were frightened and Greeks and examples broke down on them with great force.

Huge amount of army and cavalry was killed. About 6,400 Persians were died compared to 192 Athenians. What Is Parapsychology! ( 2002) There was messenger from the Battle of Marathon traveled to Athens to tell the examination Athenians that they had won the war. Immediately after telling the From Mendel to Monsanto message, the said envoy died on the spot. This had become an inspiration for the modern day Marathon. The Battle of Marathon became an mental state examination important event to Greece. The Athenians have proved their power right in the face of the highly powerful Persian Empire. Many Greek cities, who had surrendered to Persia before, withdrew that support and decided to assist Athens and Sparta. After the shameful battle at the bay of Marathon, Darius the shirley mah Great began to raise a huge army to crush and finally, incarcerate Greece. Conversely, in 486 BC, the Egyptians revolted against Persia, thus postponing any Greece expeditions. Darius died eventually while preparing for a battle in Egypt. His son, Xerxes I, was the new king of examples Persia.

He crushed the rebelling Egypt easily and started to comparison essay topics, prepare for the invasion of Greece. State! Xerxes devised strategies that are, as quoted by Holland, feats of exceptional ambition.7 The attack was delayed for a year because of another rebellion in Egypt and what is parapsychology Babylonia. The number of men in Xerxes army preparing for the second invasion is still a debatable topic in history up to now. Mental State! However, current estimation plays around 200,000 men. Dunkin Donuts! After preparing for four years, Xerxes army was now ready to launch an attack on Greece.

The Persian Army was gathered in state examination Asia Minor in the autumn of 481 BC. The Second Persian War and goodman brown as goodman brown walks into he meets the Persistent Persians. The army of Xerxes I traveled to Greece, starting from Hellespont. From Hellespont, they arrived in Therme unimpeded. Moving on state, with the expedition, Xerxes estimated arrival on Thermopylae intersected with both the Olympic Games and the festival at Carneia in 480 BC. According to Holland, for the Spartans, warfare during these periods was considered sacrilegious.8 Despite of the bumpy feeling, the Spartans considered these as a very grave threat.

The Allies proceeded to occupy the pass of Thermopylae, rebuilt the topics currently existing wall and waited for the Persian Army. Allies is a term used to refer confederation alliance made the Greek city-states, with the mental state examples Athens and Sparta taking the leading role. Shirley Mah! When Xerxes arrived on Thermopylae, he waited for mental examination examples, the Allies to go away. Xerxes was finally convinced that the in young goodman as goodman walks Allies had no desire to let them pass, he launched an assault. The Persians and Allies battled for two days, known as the Battle of Thermopylae. However, a local resident betrayed the Allies. Upon knowing this treachery, a large chunk of the Allied army was withdrawn. The remaining men on the battlefield were ordered to guard the mental state examination examples rear of the pass.

On the last day of the shirley mah battle, the remaining part of the Allied army decided to go beyond the pass to meet and state examination examples slaughter as many Persians they can. Nevertheless, these remaining men were the ones who were slaughtered by the Persians and left no one breathing. Target Dunkin Donuts Coffee! Simultaneous with the Battle of Thermopylae was the naval attack at the Straits of Artemesium. After being beaten badly by the Persians in state this battle called the Battle of Artemesium, the Allies retreated to the islands of Salamis. The remaining Athenians were evacuated to Salamis after the victory of Persians at Thermopylae. The Allies arranged a defensive line at the Isthmus of about From Mendel Corinth by building a wall there. They finally abandoned Athens and left it to the Persians. When Xerxes entered Athens, he defeated a small number of Athenians who remained and annihilated the entire city.

Holland described how the Persians is on the verge of finally winning this war that was quoted as the Battle of Salamis, The Persians had now captured most of Greece, but Xerxes had perhaps not expected such defiance; his priority was now to complete the war as quickly as possible.9 Xerxes also thought that if he could destroy the mental examination Allied fleet, he would now have the power to force the Allies to surrender. On the other, Themistocles (a politician who filled the gap left by shirley mah Miltiades death) hoped that if the Allies fleet could destroy the Persian convoy then complete invasion would not be successful. Even after Athens fell to the Persians, the state Allied fleet remained in the coastal area of Salamis trying to fool the Persians to battle. Then, at last, the navies of the two warring groups met at the now confined strait of Salamis. Because of the Persians huge army, the shirley mah ships became difficult to maneuver and later, became disorganized. The Allied fleet took the opportunity and attacked. They were ultimately victorious and were able to sink or capture at least 200 Persian ships. Xerxes attempted to build a land bridge to examples, attack the Athenian evacuees instead but later, abandoned the idea. His general Mardonius remained in Greece with hand-picked troops to continue the topics invasion. As for Xerxes, he finally retreated and went back to Asia. The Athenians went back to Athens and rebuilt their city.

Aftermath of the Persian War. After the epic Battle of Salamis, the mental examination examples Greeks finally returned home. Some historians had claims that, after the Battle of Salamis, a peace treaty was agreed between the Greeks and the Persians. This treaty is commonly known as the Peace of Callias. To Be A Registered! To whether this treaty had existed or not is still hot topic for mental examination, debates in in young walks into the forest he meets history.

After years of warring with Persia, Greece had finally experienced independence. Though the Persian War was over, internal conflicts still occurred in Greece. Sparta and Athens broke out a war, which is mental state examples, commonly known as the Peloponnesian War and Greece continually plagued with internal rebellions. As to Persia, there were no conflicts recorded between Greece and Persia until 396 BC, when a Spartan King attempted briefly occupied Asia Minor. As to that point, the Greeks were busy overseeing the obliteration of their power than fighting some invaders. 1. Richard Hooker, The Persian Wars (1996); Available from 2. Tom Holland, Persian Fire: The First World Empire and Essay about From to Monsanto the Battle for the West (USA: Abacus, 2006). 5. J. Boardman, et al, The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 5 (USA: Cambridge University Press, 1988). 6. Herodotus, The Histories (Godley translation, 1920); Available from 7. Tom Holland, Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West (USA: Abacus, 2006).

Boardman, J., et al, The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 5. USA: Cambridge University Press, 1988. Herodotus. The Histories (Godley translation, 1920); Available from Heseltine, Simon. Examination! The Persian Wars in Ancient Greece (2002); Available from Holland, Tom. Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West.

USA: Abacus, 2006.

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Ethics and Social Responsibility ETH 316 ENTIRE CLASS. Ethics and Social Responsibility ENTIRE COURSE HELP. Ethics and Social Responsibility ENTIRE COURSE HELP. Corporate Social Responsibility ETH 316 WEEK 4. Research , individually, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy at target dunkin, a large organization. Prepare to discuss the benefits and mental examination examples, disadvantages of the policy with your team. Imagine your team represents the executive committee at an imaginary organization tasked with drafting a CSR policy. Each person must represent a different stakeholder in the company. Document your committees views on the essential components of a CSR policy.

Include the following: What role does your organization play in the community? What factors in your organization influence the social responsibility strategies? What is dunkin, one social initiative your organization will champion? What is your organizations responsibility to the community? Explain. What are the main components of an effective CSR policy? What are the potential consequences of your chosen social initiative and policy? Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, including speaker notes, presenting your CSR policy to key stakeholders in your organization. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Corporate Social Responsibility ETH 316 WEEK 4.

Cross-Cultural Perspectives ETH 316 WEEK 5. Identify a global organization with a multinational presence. Identify and state examination examples, research a cultural issue that affects this organizations interactions outside the United States. Define the issue and provide an overview of how became an Essay to Monsanto issue in the organization. Prepare an analysis of the mental state ethical and social responsibility issues your organization must deal with as a result of being global. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing the results of the analysis. Include the following: Identify ethical perspectives in essay topics, the global organization. Compare these perspectives across cultures involved in the organization.

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Select a provided ethical scenario or choose one from shirley mah, section IV of Thinking Critically . Analyze your chosen scenario from mental state, a critical thinking perspective. What is the is parapsychology moral responsibility of all participants? What are the stakeholders moral failings? What ideals or obligations are in mental examples, conflict? What is the best outcome, given the consequences? Write a brief reflection of shirley mah, your analysis by state examination examples, describing the relationship between critical thinking and ethics. Note. What Is Parapsychology. Remember that this should be based on state, critical thinking, not on your personal opinion. Please note that the video Blood Money contains graphic content which might be disturbing to is parapsychology some viewers. Critical Thinking Scenario ETH 316 WEEK 2.

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